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I looked up from the book.

The silence made sound more pronounced, and I mistook every creak of my chair and boom of heavy footsteps above me as someone approaching me. No matter how many Fridays I spent in this isolated library cubicle in the study room of the basement floor, the paranoia of being caught jerked my head up at any sound. I turned my head twice to survey my surroundings, then once more for good measure, checking that all was clear before I returned to my story. I brought my head so close to the book that the tips of my blonde bangs barely brushed the page

Even when the sky was clear, the sea remained tumultuous and full of life. For nauts in any direction, waves could be seen rolling into the horizon, or the large fin of some aquatic life cut effortlessly into the ocean. And yet, for all the wonder it were to settle his thoughts on, Polly’s mind could not shake the alluring vision aboard the Willow’s Bark. He turned his head toward the head of the dining table, past five other ship hands, to find his valiant leader dutily tending to his evening meal.

The past six weeks with Captain Dan had tested Polly’s reservation, for although he was a shy young man, the Captain’s presence often encouraged the boy’s mind to wander. The muscular frame beneath the Captain’s velvet robes, obsidian hair that flowed in waves to broad shoulders, a telling bulge beneath the breeches-before tonight, these parts of the Captain were just a fantasy to distract Polly from raising the mast. Lately, however, Polly was sure that the Captain was avoiding him for his odd glances at that strong torso, or his tendency to lean toward the Captain’s silky voice-he didn’t fathom that he would be sharing his bed with a burly, capable, handsome man of higher stead. However, after the midday bite, Polly had been invited to discuss business with the Captain in his quarters, over a glass of Port following supper-which was soon to be over. If that weren’t enough to send his heart into a frenzy, one of Polly’s shipmates released a menacing chuckle as the Captain walked away, leaving the small, aubern-haired boy to wonder: what sort of business was there to be had?

Polly’s question was quickly answered with one step into his Captain’s room, upon which-

The seat squeaked once more from the shift in my body, and I snapped my head up again. I noticed my heavy breath also resonated through the silence. I attempted to slow my next exhale, but I was so excited that the breath was a rattle. I had been waiting for weeks for Polly to step into his Captain’s clutches! My cotton jacket was becoming almost too warm, even in the still, icy library air. I tugged nervously at its drawstrings while surveying my surroundings again (just in case somebody really was coming), then turned my head down to continue.

-upon which he was whisked inside by strong and sturdy hands.

“My boy,” Captain Dan greeted, taking Polly’s waist by one arm while raising the other to lazily swig a bottle of wine. “You’ve finally arrived!” The Captain was disrobed of all except his pantaloons, and his large, hairy, suntanned torso was also sticky with sweat.

Polly was taken too much aback by his Captain’s familiar touches to respond quickly. He answered sheepishly through a burning face: “Yes, Captain.”

“Here, have a drink,” the Captain suggested, and before Polly could protest, the bottle was brought to his lips and his throat suffered a few gulps. Polly and the Captain stood there for several minutes and drank in silence, the long-haired man’s grip never softening on the smallest part of Polly’s torso. Polly, unsure, was quite frightened; but, he was also very excited, and the second emotion only grew as the soothing effects of the strong liquid began to overcome him and fill his body with warmth.

The Captain finished off the bottle with a large belch, then rolled it onto his floor. He then gave Polly a smile and a flick of his eyebrows. “Well then, I supposed we should get started then.” Captain Dan released his hold on Polly to fall back onto his bed, resting on his elbows. He slowly gave Polly a once over, drinking in the ship hand much more carefully than he drank the wine. Polly shyly averted the Captain’s gaze. Downward, he saw a tent in the Captain’s pants grow larger as the Captain’s eyes took in his small and meaty frame, and his own eyes grew slightly wider as the anxiety of being terribly inexperienced yetişkin porno flickered in his mind.

“Take it off, then,” the Captain said, and playful as it was, it sounded like an order. Polly found his own bashful nature very easy to fight under the warmth of the Port’s liquid spell. Though he fumbled quite a bit, he eventually managed to wriggle free of all clothing-even of his briefs. The Captain meanwhile ripped the remainder of his own clothing from his legs, leaving the large meaty slab that was his hard member exposed, beaming from the black bush on his pelvis like a proud lighthouse.

The Captain grabbed the hand that Polly was using to censor himself, and pulled the young man so that he fell on top of the larger man’s stomach. “Ah, you’re so beautiful,” he sighed as he ran a finger down his worker’s spine. Polly could feel the Captain’s thick cock pushing against his stomach, and he fought between fear and arousal as he was handled in such a way that he could not prevent the Captain from controlling his body. He shuddered.

“Are you scared?” the Captain sounded genuinely concerned.

“I… I’m not sure,” Polly admitted.

“Don’t you worry,” the Captain replied. “I’ll take care of you.” With that, Captain Dan kissed Polly deeply and molded the boy like putty in his arms. He grabbed so hard at Polly’s body that the ship hand could feel the marks left by every touch, and Polly didn’t know whether he was gasping from pain or from pleasure. Every so often fingers would reach up to pinch and tug at the small man’s budding nipples. Eventully, the Captain settled on Polly’s soft and ample bottom, continuously kneading each cheek like dough and pulling them apart, letting go only to slap at them.

Before long, the Captain broke his kiss and flipped the two so that he was on top of Polly, pinning the younger man down with his burly body. He spread the boy’s cheeks apart once more then slipped his dick between them, locking Polly into an embrace with one arm and grabbing Polly’s hip with the opposite hand as he began to grind into the ship hand’s sweetest, most tender spot. The Captain slid his member back and forth in the slit of Polly’s ass, targeting the soft and puckering mound of flesh that formed around his asshole with every inch of his meat. Polly shuddered and whimpered with every pass, and though he felt powerless to the Captain, he relished the man’s harsh touches. Soon, the Captain bucked his hips, and hot, creamy liquid spilled into Polly’s slit.

Quickly, before Polly could register the surprise of the Captain’s orgasm, he was rolled to his side and could feel Captain Dan’s sweaty torso on his back. Two of his limbs were pinned to the bed, while Polly’s exposed leg was wound around the Captain’s thigh, and his exposed arm pinned to his chest by the Captain’s strong grip.

“I suspect this might hurt quite a bit for you, boy,” the Captain whispered into Polly’s ear. And with that, the Captain gathered all the goop into Polly’s tiny hole, and push-.

“Evan.” It was Jacob, and he said my name like a command. I jumped, startled, and quickly slammed my book shut. I looked at the digital clock on the wall, and it confirmed my fears: I had been so engrossed in reading that I had failed to meet Jacob in the parking lot in a timely manner.

“Hi,” I said sheepishly, rising from my cubicle with a bit of a squirm. I was not only discomforted by the warning and annoyed looks from my partner, but I could also feel my growing erection pressing against stiff jeans. I attempted to stifle my short, raspy breathing as I addressed him. “You look nice,” I told him as normally as I could. And he did-even after working all day at his stressful lawyer job, his whispy black hair still looked as neat as it did before he left the house this morning. His clothes fit perfectly around his tall musclar frame, and although he had removed his tie and unbottoned the top button of his shirt, he had the air of a powerful professional-like Captain Dan on the Willow’s Bark.

Jacob deflected my compliment. “You know Fridays are my longest days. I don’t want to leave work just to have to wait for you in-Evan?” He paused mid-speech, his annoyed voice turning confused. I had been avoiding his gaze with my head downturned, which was not unusual for me to do when Jacob was scolding me, but I was also very obviously engrossing youjizz porno myself in his body. He lifted my chin up, suddenly curious to look me in the face.

“You look like you’ve just finished a marathon. Come here.” He snagged me by the bicep, gripping firmly to bring me closer to him. He gave me a slow and detailed once over from the tip of my toes to the ends of my short, blonde hair. It would have been unwise to resist him, but I was still a bit reluctant to be under his scrutiny; my erection wasn’t full but it wasn’t going away either, and his reaction to it surely would not have been good.

His facial expression changed from puzzled, to analytical, to understanding. I could tell he was slowly piecing together my literary experience-or at least could tell that I was quite horny. My breath began to quicken this time in fear. Still grasping my arm, he looked to the paperback romance novel I was clutching and took it with his other hand. After surveying the cover and description, Jacob’s expression became amused. He looked down and I grew embarrassed at his discovery. He seemed to become even more amused, as he let out a soft chuckle.

He pulled me closer and wrapped his large arms around me, pressing my face into his chest: “Ah, so this is why you were late.” My fear gave way as I melted into him and opened my nostrils to the scent of his musky cologne. He kissed the top of my head, then rested his chin there while rocking me gently. Normally, Jacob’s embraces were menacing, or forceful, or threatening, and I would frantically hope to be free of his arms. But as he slid his knee between my legs, I felt like Polly being welcomed by the Captain, and for once in quite a while appreciated my boyfriend’s inescapable hold.

He squeezed me tighter and whispered “Come on, baby,” into my ear, signaling me to start moving. I pressed my erection into his leg and ground my body into his, exhaling with a huff the breath that had been laying heavy on my chest. Jacob rocked against me, too, and every hump generated an electric tingle in my groin that pulsated throughout my body. He dropped a hand to my hip, grabbing to guide me along at his pace, and I buried my face deeper into his chest, biting at his shirt and rubbing my cheek against the stiff, cotton fabric when the sensation felt like too much.

“Evan, what’s gotten into you?” he breathed into my ear, and I could sense the sly smile on his face. I was never one to initiate sex because it was demanded of me whether I submitted or not. In Jacob’s arms I would often feel helpless, but in this moment I was Polly succumbing to the guidance of Captain Dan. I lost myself in the fantasy of Jacob whispering sweet words into my ear as he kept me contained in his embrace.

But Jacob was no Captain Dan. There was selfishness and a lack of concern in his touch. The fantasy began to slip when he pinned me to the wall and began to kiss me not deeply but stubbornly, as if he wished to take up all the space in my mouth. My heart dropped as I realized that I could not exist as Polly in this long-term abusive relationship. I was already preparing myself for a more routinous experience with my boyfriend when he finally went to action. He grabbed hold of my wrists and eventually clutched them behind me with one hand, the other free to creep up my shirt and flick the sensitive buds of flesh on my chest.

I whimpered at the first flick, and he reacted instantaneously by cupping a hand over my mouth, pushing my head into the wall behind me in the process.

“Be. Quiet.”

I knew from the tone of his feverish, whispering voice that even if my breath made a sound, I would have much worse to look forward to than what was now an unenthusiastic sexual encounter in the basement of the public library. I shut my eyes tight and leaned my forehead into his chest, concentrating on being completely silent. With his knee still between my legs, he forced his hand back under my shirt and began pinching and flicking at my nipples. Every time his fingers tweaked either one, I would fight to keep myself collected. Between his fingers and his knee, Jacob was igniting my most sensitive areas. I could not still my heavy breathing even as he tilted my head up to plunge his tongue into my mouth.

After much sucking and smacking, Jacob pulled away from the kiss and whispered the usual into my ear. “I know this youporn porno body like the back of my hand,” he huffed, releasing his hold on my wrists to grab me by the hips and grind me repeatedly on his thigh. I took this as an opportunity to grab his shirt with either hand-I needed something to squeeze, to release myself of all the pent up energy that I could not expel through sound. He unzipped my jeans and shoved them down to my knees before reassuming his position between my thighs. The electric sensation pulsated more heavily throughout my body now that there was only the thin barrier of my briefs between my hard dick and his knee. I let a small whimper escape, to which Jacob shushed me.

“Shhhh. Yeah, I know you like this, baby.” Jacob continued his string of quiet, commanding and humiliating words. “Little slut, you’ll just get it wherever you can, won’t you? That’s right, grind your dick on me.” I buried my face deeper into his chest in shame; Jacob said things like this to me a lot and it felt true every time, even when he was forcing me into it like he was in that moment.

Still, my knees began to quiver from overstimulation. He was now grinding and rocking me at a rapid pace, pushing into me so hard that it felt like the wall could absorb me. Small gasps and then a low moan escaped my lips as a fire was ignited deep in my belly.

“You can’t be quiet, Evan?” With that small warning, Jacob stopped everything and grabbed my shoulders, pushing me down to my knees. “Fine then, I’ll make you shutup.” More quickly than I could even register, he grabbed my neck with one hand and shoved my head into the wall. He then whipped his cock from his trousers and forced it between my surprised lips. I could feel his fat dick fill up my mouth and slide to the adam’s apple, where his hand was forcing me back. He took it out and almost slammed it back in again, causing me to choke as it squeezed into my throat. Jacob fucked my throat as if in a panic, plowing through the coughs and gobs that escaped from me as if my ability to breathe did not matter. He grabbed my hair to keep my head steady, locking me in both grips. I pushed my hands against his thighs in an effort to keep him from going too far in, but it was to no avail. He just kept ramming it in over and over again, plunging his dick down until my lips touched his pelvis. Despite my struggle against Jacob’s enormous cock, my own dick remained hard and achy from being stimulated without any release.

Suddenly, Jacob tossed me to the ground by my hair. He pulled my ass up by the hips then ripped my briefs down and pushed my head into the floor, mounting himself behind me. I fought against his hand to look back at him with pleading eyes; he wasn’t using any lube. Jacob looked me right in the eye and chuckled: “You know you want me to fuck your little hole.” He readied himself at the pucker of my ass, the hole twitching when touched by the head of his cock.

Then, he pushed against my tight rim and, with enough force, manage to poke his head inside. “Aw fuck!” he cried. “I’m gonna fill you up with cum, baby!” Before long, I could feel the warm liquid spill into my hole, trapped inside by the cockhead that was plugging my anus. He fucked me a little as he released his load, never taking his head out as he used my asshole to empty himself completely of cum. I couldn’t help but twitch around his fat cock. “That’s right, suck up every drop of cum.” His load seemed to last for dozens of seconds, oozing further and further into me with every pump.

Jacob removed his dick and replaced it with his fingers as I scrambled upright and faced him. My hole was never lubricated enough to stretch properly and quickly tightened around the width of his two digits. “You better hold on to that cum, Evan. When we get to the car, I’m fucking you with or without it.” He removed his fingers and brought them to my mouth so I could lick them clean. He stood up as I sucked off his fingers. Even when I thought they had been sufficiently clean of cum, I didn’t dare stop until Jacob removed them.

Finally, it was time for me to pull my pants up and leave. My dick, unrelieved, was on the harder side of semi erect, and ached from the sensation of cotton brushing against it as I fixed my clothes. If I positioned myself just right it was unnoticeable, so I squirmed to do so, however uncomfortable. I tried my hardest to trap the cum inside my ass as well, but I could still feel a little leaking onto my briefs. Jacob grabbed me by the waist to lead us out of the library, and my imagination flashed to Polly being swept up by a valiant and understanding Captain Dan. I sulked a bit that I was not as lucky as Polly.

No, I was not that lucky at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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