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She lay staring at the ceiling, listening to the night around her. A fly buzzed on the window and she could hear the faint ticking of a clock, somewhere off in the distance. She tried thinking about other things but she couldn’t because she knew he would come, sometime through the darkness, stealing into her room and into her bed. She had found out his lust for her that evening when they had talked in the parlor. Without her husband, she was vulnerable to his thoughts and actions and she knew he was no one who talked lightly about something and didn’t do anything about it. He had gotten her up to the cabin on a false pretense and now she was trapped, not knowing what to do but knowing that he was going to do something to her, it was just a matter of time until he did.

She had heard the stories of his conquests from various people and especially from her sister, who had been involved with him, many years before. Not wanting to believe them, until that night, she hadn’t and now she was going to find out, just what type of man he was. She felt a little foolish, lying there, listening for him but at the same time, she wanted him in a strange way. Maybe, it was because of her sister but she wasn’t sure, exactly the reason she had let herself be talked into his ruse.

She suddenly, heard the floor outside her room creak and then the door opened. She shut her eyes and tried to breathe deeply but at the same time, she could feel the beating of her heart as it raced against her chest. The covers were pulled up around her neck so it was impossible to see if she was awake or asleep. She waited and listened.

He pulled the covers up and slid under them, wrapping himself around her prone body, his hardness rubbing against her back. She didn’t move as he reached around her, his rough hands on her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. Still not moving, she felt him press himself harder against her and his erection probed at her closed legs. The wet spot he created on the back of her nightgown was growing as he continued rubbing her breasts and nipples. She didn’t want to give in but at the same time, she wanted to know what he felt like, what it was like to have him inside her and what he would say was the real reason he had fooled her into coming up to his cabin.

The thought of her husband ran fleeting through her mind as she started to feel good about his hands and what they were doing to her. Should she give in and let him do whatever he wanted or should she fight him? Would it do any good if she refused his advances? No man, other than her husband, had ever been between her legs. It was exciting to think that another man would want her as much as he seemed to but at the same time, it wasn’t right, that he could take her whenever and wherever he wanted. In a flash, she made up her mind.

She relaxed her body and opened her knees a little to give him access to her wet crack. She could feel him smile as he pressed his hardness further between her legs, rubbing it against her opening, briefly and then up to her clit. She was going to give in to him but on her own terms. He was going to have to work for what he wanted and she wasn’t going to let him realize his goal, readily. She moved back against him and pushed, ever so slightly, against his body, hearing a low moan come from him as she did.

His hands were now, exploring her stomach and hips, reaching for the spot he so much wanted. She didn’t open her legs any further though, making him force them if he was going to get between them and inside her. She almost smiled as she felt his frustration she was causing by making him work so hard. She could feel his breath against her back deepen as his hands pried her legs apart, plunging into her crack, running up and down her wetness, making her close her eyes in excitement.

He was kissing her now, moving down her back, his lips leaving a wet trail down her spine Onwin giriş as he moved towards the bottom of the bed. She felt him spread her cheeks apart and a finger searched for her clit. Because of her arousal, he found it easily and started to rub it and pinch it between two fingers, making her want more. She felt his tongue move over her cheeks and between them, licking softly at her puckered hole then down further, pressing and licking his way to her saturated opening. She couldn’t help herself. She moaned softly as his tongue found her opening and plunged inside her, stretching as far into her as he could, licking and sucking her juices out of her.

He smiled to himself, as he knew he had her. He had wanted her for a long time, even before she had married. He had always thought about her, not just as a conquest, but as a must have since he had lost her sister’s attention. Now, here she was, in bed with him and he planned to take full advantage of it and enjoy making her pay for her sister’s devious departure. He was going to do everything he could to try and keep her but he knew that this moment was the most important one. He had to make her want him and he smiled again as he dipped his tongue into her wetness.

He flipped the edge of her nightgown up her thighs and spread her cheeks wider, leaning down until his eyes were even with her puckered hole. Which one should he use? Maybe both. He would make up his mind but at whose expense. His lips sucked on her juices that were flowing down from her open lips and he raised her ass up in the air, spreading her legs wider as he did. Now she was there for the taking. Should he be gentle or should he do what he wanted and that was fuck her as hard and fast as he could, more than once, he hoped. Seeing her inviting holes open to him, he made a quick decision and moved up and mounted her, thrusting into her cunt with a savage fury, thrusting in and out of her as she softly moaned under him.

He had decided that taking her roughly would make her want him more and as he continued fucking her cunt with savage and frenzied thrusts, his mind was a blur.

Her heat and wetness overwhelmed him and he took a deep breath. He had had many women but never one so cold to him and so aloof. He was going to enjoy this and he concentrated on fucking her, even as she still didn’t move, other than from the hard thrusts of his that made her body move up and down on the bed. After a few more thrusts, he pulled out of her and turned her onto her stomach, instantly probing her ass hole with his head. She seemed to want him in her ass so he plunged into her fully in one enormous thrust, his balls slapping against her skin as he felt his head against the end of her canal.

His thickness spread her open, open more than anyone had ever done. Compared to her husband, he was a giant and she wanted him all the more. She wanted him to fuck her ass as hard as he could so she could feel his thickness, his hardness and above all, his wetness explode inside her, filling her canal with it grotesque grayness. She pushed her ass back against his thrusts and moaned as he continued pounding his hard, thick cock, in and out of her ass hole as if it was a melting pot of juices. He grunted every time his head hit the end of her canal and she felt his cock start to twitch. She knew he was close but before he exploded inside her, he pulled out of her and quickly moved back, turning her over onto her back and straddling her chest, his hard cock, pointing at her mouth, a dribble of come between the skin of his slit. She watched as he thrust his hips towards her face and felt his cock slap across her lips. She wanted to open them but again, he would have to find a way to get her to do it without having to force it.

She knew what he wanted but she wasn’t going to do something she had only done a few times before. He wanted her to suck his cock until he exploded into her oral cavity, sending his load of hot come, streaming down her throat and into her stomach. She looked up at him for the first time and saw the furrows of frustration on his forehead. His eyes were steely and cold as he thrust against her lips again, trying to pry them apart. His determination was very evident but so was hers and she didn’t let him enter her mouth, holding her lips firmly closed as he left a smear of come across them.

She wanted, desperately, to taste him but she knew, as soon as she gave him an indication that she was willing, he would take full advantage of it so she kept her lips locked shut. He tried again. This time he used his hand to open her lips, and his hard, thick cock was inside her mouth, hitting the back of her throat, making her gag, as he started to move in and out of her, wanting to empty his balls down her throat. She let him keep pumping into her and felt his cock twitch again just as it started spewing his come into her. She swallowed as fast as she could but some of it escaped and ran down her chin, pooling on her neck. He grunted loudly when he came and held his cock deep inside her, his balls twitching over and over again as he spewed his seed into her.

She thought about biting down on him but she was now afraid of what he might do after all of this. He pulled his still, hard cock from her mouth and he smiled down at her, not saying a word but moving back down her body and between her legs. He raised them up to his shoulders and plunged into her again, thrusting over and over, in and out of her, mashing their groins together in a hideous sound. She groaned when he came for the second time deep inside her cunt, sending wave after wave of hot, slimy fluid into her.

Was he finished? She marveled at his ability to stay hard after coming in her mouth and now he was pulling his spent cock out of her cunt, leaving a strand of come, trailing down her crack and across her wide open ass hole.

She had never been fucked so hard or so fast. He had her completely. She wanted more but didn’t want to let him see her lust for his hard cock, for the feeling of it pounding her holes and his balls emptying themselves into her depths. There would be another time perhaps. She wondered as she watched him leave her bed and then the door closed, the floor creaked outside it again as he left her for the night.

In the morning, she was at the kitchen counter when he entered. Not looking at him, she didn’t see that he was hard and his erection swayed when he walked. He came up behind her and pushed her forward, bending her hips across the table and thrust into her, filling her cunt with his huge size again. He started fucking her with long, slow thrusts, their skin making that same hideous noise from the night before as he pounded in and out of her wet cunt, throwing her body almost across the table every time he thrust fully into her. He ravaged her as hard as he could and he wanted her to feel him come inside her again, his seed spewing up into her, filling her canal, surrounding his cock with it’s wetness.

He grunted when he came and held himself against her skin, his cock twitching and spurting his come into her over and over again, spilling out along his cock and running down her thighs. She groaned softly when she felt him explode inside her and pushed back, wanting all of him in her, all his come filling her cunt with it’s slimy composition. He finished and slowly pulled out of her, allowing her to stand up. She didn’t move as he moved away from her. She didn’t want to look at him just yet. She wanted to wait and see if he was going to try something else. He moved back towards her and again, pushed her over the table, lifting her gown over her hips and thrusting against her ass hole, entering her in a full thrust, his head hitting the end of her canal, making her groan and wince at the same time. The angle he was thrusting from was painful and she wanted him to stop but he didn’t, pounding her puckered hole was the same fast and furious thrusts he had used the night before.

For the first time in all their fucking, he spoke.

“Fuck, I love your ass. It’s so tight. I love the feel of it around my cock.”

She grinned to herself as he continued fucking her ass hole, thrusting in and out of her slowly and steadily. Soon, she felt his cock twitch and his come spewing up into her again and again. She wanted to make sure he knew she was enjoying being fucked but at the same time, she wanted him to understand that he was only getting her because she wanted it and not because of him. She didn’t make a sound as his cock slid out of her, leaving a come, smeared mess on her, running down her legs to her cunt. She stood up and without turning around, slowly walked out of the kitchen and up to the bathroom.

She didn’t close the door as she opened the shower stall and turned the water on. As she stepped into the hot, streaming water, she felt his hand on her again, his hard cock rubbing against her skin as he got in with her. He didn’t give her time to do anything but bend over, and again, he entered her ass, thrusting fast and furiously, in and out of her. This time, she couldn’t help herself. She groaned loudly from the pleasure of his hard cock inside her ass and he sped up his thrusts, pushing her against the wall over and over again until he came inside her. She groaned again and pushed back against him as he held himself inside her, emptying his balls, deep inside her anal canal. He pulled out and she felt his come start down her legs again.

Quickly, she turned around and looked him straight in the eyes. Without a word, she smiled at him and he looked shocked. This was the first time since he had taken her the night before, she had shown anything towards him and he wasn’t prepared for it. She turned into the water and started to wash herself, dismissing him abruptly. He stepped out of the shower and watched her through the glass, washing herself, dipping fingers between her legs and over her ass, washing him, off her body. He grinned to himself and wondered if she was going to stay or leave.

She had already made up her mind and as she stepped from the shower, she grabbed the nearest towel and wrapped it around herself. Walking past him, she gave him a look, a look of satisfaction, which he took to her wanting more but she didn’t. He watched her disappear into the bedroom and soon she was dressed, with bags packed and heading out the door. She stopped and looked back at him. Without a word, she walked back inside and right up to him, as he stood, leaning against the doorjamb. She reached out and gave his crotch a squeeze as if to say thank you and then turned, walking out the door and into her car.

He watched her car disappear from his view and smiled to himself as he closed the door. Would she come back if he asked her? As she was driving, she could feel wetness starting to gather in her crack. She wiggled her ass against the seat and moaned, not taking her eyes off the road. She would never forget the feeling of him inside her and maybe, just maybe, she would come back but for now, she felt she had made her point. She had let him do whatever he wanted to her but the next time, it would be her that took control and he would have to please her, only the way she wanted him to and not how he wanted. She smiled as she continued wiggling her ass against the seat and her wetness grew, soaking through her panties.

That night, she told her husband all about the night she had just spent up at his cabin. As he mounted her, pushing his hardness into her, making her groan, a vision came to her mind, as her husband fucked her from behind, thrusting long and slow, in and out of her. Maybe, she would have to call her sister.

Revenge could be sweet if one took the time to plan it out. Now that she had been with him, she wanted to go back, but this time, she wouldn’t be alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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