Revenge… Served Hot

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I think that most of us can relate to the feeling of being cheated on. For some people it brings up feelings of inadequacy as they try to determine what they did wrong and how they failed to please their lover. For others it simply causes anger and the desire for revenge. My case was certainly one of the latter.

Jen and I began dating back in our last year of high school. She was a pretty girl; kind of tomboy-ish and a bit big-boned, but still very sexy. She had gorgeous eyes and a sexy voice, but her best physical feature was, without a doubt, her breasts. They were nice and big, probably a D-cup, and remarkably firm and perky despite their size. Her age surely helped them to fight gravity, but she just seemed to be genetically blessed in that area.

We had been together for a few months before we decided to have sex, both of us offering the other our respective virginity. Our first time was, as most first times are, awkward and anti-climactic. It was physically uncomfortable for her, and I didn’t last very long, making it somewhat less than satisfying.

As the months wore on we got better, each of us learning how to please the other and me, of course, learning to last a bit longer. I certainly wouldn’t say the sex was fantastic, but it was definitely satisfying. Jen’s biggest redeeming quality in the bedroom was that she seemed to truly enjoying giving head. Every time we fucked she would precede it with a blowjob, sucking my dick enthusiastically but never letting me cum in her mouth. Unfortunately she wasn’t comfortable with me returning the favor, so it wasn’t until after our relationship ended that I finally learned how to please a woman orally.

About a year into the relationship I could sense that she was starting to get bored with me, and the feeling was entirely mutual. We started to spend more time apart from each other, hanging out with different groups of friends. Jen had one friend in particular that she seemed to be spending a lot of time with, a guy whose name escapes me at the moment. In my heart I knew that she was cheating on me. In fact, I even went so far as to accuse her of it at one point. She, of course, denied it, but the feeling that I was right didn’t go away. Less than a week later we decided to go our separate ways.

We talked a few times after that, but lost touch for quite a while. I heard through a couple of mutual acquaintances that Jen had, in fact, cheated on me, and that she had started to develop a reputation as a bit of a slut.

It was a couple of years later that we bumped into each other again in a night club. She had shed the tomboy look and now looked very sexy in her short skirt and low-cut top. We talked and flirted for hours until the bar closed for the night, at which time I drove her home. One thing led to another and, not surprisingly, we wound up in bed together. We had both improved our sexual skills, so we were easily able to fuck each other into exhaustion.

The next day we spent a while talking. She told me that she and her roommate were, for a while, bringing home a new guy each weekend, but that she had stopped doing that a while ago. She seemed genuinely interested in giving our relationship a second chance, and I told her that I would be happy to do just that.

Of course, truth be told, I still didn’t trust her. In fact, if I were to be perfectly honest with myself, my only motivation in getting back together with her was sex. Oh, and revenge.

For the next couple of months we saw each other at least three times a week, never missing an opportunity to have sex. She hadn’t lost her affinity for sucking dick, so I spent a great deal of our time together with my dick in her mouth. I felt bad that I was basically using her for sex, but I remembered what she had done to me and then I didn’t feel quite so bad. I wanted revenge, and it practically fell into my lap in the form of Shannon.

Shannon was a pretty little thing that I met through some friends. She was very active and kept adana escort herself in phenomenal shape. As soon as I met her I found myself admiring her tight ass and toned thighs, not to mention the look in her eyes; a look that said volumes about her sexuality.

I wound up fucking Shannon later that night on the side of the road on my way to drive her home. During the rest of the drive I found out that she was very uninhibited and enjoyed almost anything to do with sex. When I told her that I was seeing someone she didn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, she actually suggested that the three of us get together at the same time. I dropped her off at home and followed her inside where I fucked her again. We talked several times over the next couple of days, and it was Shannon that suggested how I could get my revenge against Jen.

The following Saturday Jen and I had just returned from dinner and a nice evening walk. As soon as we got in the door we wound up kissing and groping each other, making our way into the bedroom. Within minutes we were both naked and Jen was sitting on the edge of the bed, my cock in her mouth as I stood in front of her. I let her suck it for a minute before pushing her back onto the bed and climbing on top of her. I put my cock between her tits and slid it back and forth for a few minutes, then moved up higher to feed her my cock. As I gently fucked her mouth from on top I reached under one of the pillows and grabbed onto the handcuffs I had placed there earlier. Jen didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary until she felt the steel close around her right wrist. By the time she realized what was happening I had already cuffed her right wrist to the bed frame and closed the other cuffs around her left. She resisted a bit, but was foolish enough to trust me and allow me to cuff her left wrist to the bed as well, leaving her naked and helpless.

“Stay there,” I said. She looked confused as I left the room, but the look of confusion was suddenly combined with fear as I came back in the room with Shannon at my side. She was wearing nothing but a sexy black bra and thong, and as we stood together at the foot of the bed, looking down at Jen, Shannon began stroking my cock.

“This is my new friend Shannon,” I said to Jen. “She’s agreed to help me pay you back for what you did a couple of years ago.”

“What did I do?” Jen asked, innocently.

“You turned into a dirty little cock whore and let someone else fuck you,” I said. The look in her eyes told me that she knew it was true. “So,” I continued, “since you fucked someone else while we were together, I’m going to fuck someone else, and you’re going to watch.” I turned to Shannon and kissed her passionately, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

“I want you to fuck me harder than you ever fucked that stupid bitch,” Shannon said as she pulled her face away from mine. “She doesn’t deserve your big cock.”

“Why don’t you show our dirty slut how a real woman sucks a guy off?” I suggested. Jen was still lying still on the bed, her eyes unable to leave the scene unfolding in front of her. Shannon climbed onto the bed and kneeled next to her, then leaned over her body and put her elbows on the mattress on the other side of Jen’s body, but not before grabbing Jen’s nipples and giving them a twist. I moved to the side of the bed so that my dick was pointing right at Shannon’s face. She grabbed it with one hand and started to lick it from base to tip, rubbing the head all over her face but not taking it into her mouth.

“Okay!” Jen cried. “That’s enough! I’m sorry! I never meant to hurt you!” Shannon looked over at her and smiled before turning back to me and taking my entire cock all the way down her throat. Jen was always an enthusiastic cocksucker, but she had never managed to fit more than five or six inches down her throat, while Shannon was able to take all eight without even the slightest hint of a gag.

“That feels so fucking good adıyaman escort Shannon,” I said as her head bobbed back and forth on my cock. Jen’s eyes were riveted on it as it disappeared into Shannon’s throat and then came almost all the way back out, over and over again. “Get it ready for your pussy baby.” She reached back behind her to undo her bra, letting it fall off her shoulders and letting her tits swing free. Her breasts were about a cup size smaller than Jen’s, but every bit as nice.

“I love your dick so much,” Shannon said to me. “I’d never risk losing this cock like that stupid whore.”

“She can’t help it,” I said. “She’s nothing but a worthless slut.” Jen said nothing, the look on her face conveying every emotion from betrayal to lust. Shannon kept sucking on my cock for a few minutes before pulling away and sitting up.

“I want you to eat my pussy,” she said to me. She climbed over Jen’s body and sat on the edge of the bed in front of me. I quickly pulled her thong down and off and then knelt on the floor in front of her, tossing her thong onto Jen’s face. I dove into her bald pussy hard and fast, devouring her clit as I started to push first one finger, then another into her. “Bitch, you have no idea what you’re missing,” she said, looking over at Jen, who had moved her head so that Shannon’s thong wasn’t on her face any more. Shannon knew that Jen would never let me go down on her and was rubbing it in. It was only a couple of minutes later that Shannon started to cum, crying out obscenities as she arched her back.

“Are you ready to get fucked?” I asked her, pulling my head away. She nodded her head and I stood up, bending my knees just enough to line my cock up with her pussy. Jen stared in shock as I began to inch my cock into Shannon’s wet cunt.

“Stop it!” Jen cried. “You can’t make me watch you fuck her! You’re such a fucking asshole!”

“What’s wrong, bitch?” Shannon asked as my cock slid in and out of her pussy. “Don’t like watching your boyfriend fuck another woman?”

“Please stop!” Jen said. “I can’t take it anymore!” Shannon and I just smiled at each other as I started to fuck her hard. She was lying back against Jen’s naked body, and I couldn’t help but wish there was some way to fuck both of them at the same time. The only sounds in the room were my grunts and Shannon’s moans as we fucked. Jen was still unable to tear her eyes away, choosing to watch every thrust. A couple of minutes later Shannon started to cum, gasping for air and thrashing around underneath me. When she was done cumming I pulled my cock out and Shannon stood up off the bed. She turned away from me and bent over, resting her head on Jen’s stomach, looking up at her with a lustful smile on her face. I stood behind her and put the head of my cock between her pussy lips and then pushed in.

“That feels so fucking good!” I said as I fucked her. “Take that fucking cock, Shannon!” Jen’s gaze was starting to soften, as though she had finally resigned herself to the circumstances and was now starting to relax and enjoy the show.

“Fuck me hard baby!” Shannon cried. “Your dick feels so big inside me!”

“You’re so much better than that cheating bitch underneath you!” I said to her. She reached back and started to rub her clit as I pounded in and out of her. I started to spank her lightly, then harder as I reached up with my other hand and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling back on it.

“I can’t believe I’m watching this!” Jen said. Her voice had gone from anger and disgust to intrigue and surprise as the encounter had rolled on. Her surprise more than doubled, however, when she felt Shannon’s fingers probing the entrance to her pussy.

“She’s fucking soaked!” Shannon said to me. Jen started to squirm as Shannon fingered her pussy in time with my thrusts. “Oh my god!” Shannon said. “I’m cumming again!” I rammed my cock deep into Shannon’s pussy and held it there, waiting for her to finish cumming. afyon escort When her orgasm had finally subsided I pulled out and then grabbed onto her hips. I surprised them both by guiding Shannon on top of Jen so that they were lying face-to-face. The sight of their naked bodies pressed together, the swell of their breasts pressing outward, was almost enough to send me over the edge without any further contact. I got onto the bed, climbing between their legs. Their pussies were only inches apart as I pushed into Shannon. She moaned, burying her face in Jen’s shoulder as I started to fuck her again.

“I’m so fucking wet!” she said, looking right at Jen as she said it. Their faces were inches away from each other, and I wished that I had a better view of the looks in both of their eyes.

“She fucking loves your cock!” Jen said to me, finally giving in and enjoying the situation. I reached down and started to rub Shannon’s clit at first. My hands eventually found their way to Jen’s pussy, fingering it as I fucked Shannon. “I’m sorry I was such a slut!” Jen cried. “I just want to cum so bad!”

“Play your cards right and you just might get my dick inside you, bitch!” I said. “You girls love my fucking dick, don’t you?” Both girls moaned in response and I started spanking Shannon again. I grabbed her hair again as well, this time using my grip to guide her mouth to Jen’s. I watched as they kissed, reluctantly at first, but then getting right into it. “Cum for me, Shannon!” I said.

“Yes baby!” she cried, her mouth separating from Jen’s. “Take my fucking pussy! Make me your slut too!” Seconds later she was screaming out loud as she came hard.

“What do you think, Shannon?” I asked. “Should I fuck this stupid bitch?”

“Fuck yes!” Shannon said. “Do it!” I pulled my cock out of Shannon’s pussy and started to rub it up and down the length of Jen’s pussy.

“Stop teasing me and fuck me already!” Jen said. I smiled and pushed my cock all the way into her pussy, confirming that it was as wet as Shannon had implied. I started fucking her hard, still staring down at the two of them as Shannon remained on top and they kissed some more. “This feels fucking amazing!” Jen cried. I reached down and fingered both of them, alternating between Jen’s clit and Shannon’s pussy.

“You fucking dirty whore!” Shannon said. “Cum for him, bitch!”

I stopped thrusting for a moment, reaching over to my end table. I was just barely able to open the drawer and pull out the key for the handcuffs. I reached up and undid them both, freeing Jen’s hands. She immediately responded by grabbing onto Shannon’s ass with one hand and her head with the other, pulling her even deeper into the kiss.

“His dick is so fucking big!” she said to Shannon as they separated.

“I don’t know how you could cheat on him and his big cock,” Shannon said. “I’d do anything for that hard cock!”

“Holy shit!” Jen cried. “I’m fucking cumming!” I rammed my cock in deep, feeling her pussy pulse around it as her orgasm took over her entire body. It seemed to last forever, finally calming down before I pulled out. I had Shannon roll off of her and then I straddled her chest, pointing my cock at her face as I rubbed it.

“Get ready for my cum, you little whore!” I said.

“Cover her fucking face!” Shannon said, watching in awe. Seconds later my cock exploded, shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum onto Jen’s face. “What a fucking whore!” Shannon said.

“I love this fucking cum!” Jen said as it continued to splash onto her face. “Cover my face baby!” Even I was amazed at how much cum had shot onto her. Her face was practically covered, and she looked sexier than she ever had.

“That felt so fucking good!” I said. “Look at all that cum!” As I climbed off of Jen, Shannon moved on top of her again and began to lick all of my cum off of her face, swallowing it as she went. “You two are so fucking hot!” I said. “I never imagined my revenge would be so hot!” The girls both looked over at me and smiled, then they shared another sexy kiss. Shannon then climbed off of Jen and got off the bed, grabbing for the covers on the floor and then pulling them over us as she got back into bed. Within a few short minutes we were all dozing off, one sexy woman on either side of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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