Rick , Sylvia Ch. 03

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Public Sex

My fingers move to my nipples as your tongue persistently presses against my clit. “Ohhh god please…” the words are hardly audible as ecstasy runs through me.

“Sylvia I have to have you, please just let me fuck you.” I stretch out beneath you, gasping as I feel your hand splay across my abdomen. I pull you down on top of me, my hands moving over your body as our lips meet in a passionate kiss, I bite your lip softly, which elicits a deep groan from you.

You move and kiss my neck, little soft butterfly kisses, making me gasp and my body arch towards you as if begging you to take me. My lips caress your ear as I whisper the words you’ve been waiting for,

“Please Rick, fuck me, slide your hard cock inside my virgin cunt, make me gasp your name as I cum.”

“Ohgodohgodohhhhgoddohgod” is all you can manage to whisper against my breast. I laugh softly but I know what you are feeling, the tight knot in your stomach somewhere between excitement, lust and fear.

Your fingers trace from my lips down over my breasts to my heated pussy.

I spread my legs automatically, slipping my finger into my mouth before sliding it down and right into my dripping wet pussy. Teasing my clit with my finger looking into your eyes as I say in a husky voice

“Fuck your little slut darling, you’ve been waiting to slam your hard cock inside me for so long, do it now, I want you, I can’t wait any more.”

I feel your body shudder and I gasp as your fingers trail down over my body, leaving every inch of me tingling for more. Although in the back of my mind I’m scared you’re going to hurt me but I want you so much I can hardly think.

Your muttering my name over and over as your lips move over my heated skin, your tongue teasing my peaking nipples as your fingers trace over my clit.

My hips start lifting off the bed towards you, begging you silently to fuck me, you are teasing me, paying me back for all the times I have teased you.

Your fingers move from my clit and I moan out at the loss of contact, you start to softly move your finger up and down over my wet pussy, the lightness of your touch is killing me, my breath coming out in short sharp gasps.

I can’t keep your name from my lips; I can’t stand your teasing!

“Rick… Rick please… ”

I feel you smile against my skin as I beg you, I knew that’s what you where waiting for, but I didn’t realise how quick an effect it would have, therefore I am completely unprepared for when you push your fingers deep inside my dripping wet cunt. “Fuccckkk”

The breath is expelled from my body as I gasp out, my body arches towards you, if you were expecting a good reaction I guess you got it!

My hunger for you is driving me insane, I have to have you! I push you back, hissing in you ear as you fall onto the bed beside me

“You want me to fuck you, is görükle escort bayan that it? You want it to be me that slide’s down on your hard cock, letting my cunt consume you? Watching the first cock to be inside me as I push down, watching inch by inch as you enter me… is that it Rick? Is that what you have been waiting for this little slut to do? To make me so damn horny I will show you just how much of a slut I can be?”

I feel your body tremble, I watch as your eyes close, as if the words are too much for you to take, but when your eyes flick open the words you utter are pronounced clearly.

“MY SluT!” You whisper, reminding me, warning me almost. I shiver against you, the statement demanding your ownership of me.

I slowly start to move against you, my fingers teasing your nipples I hear you gasp as my mouth surrounds one of your hard nipples. I smile to myself as I start to move my hips, letting my body move softly against you. I can tell I am causing the desired effect as your breathing becomes rapid, I start to make my movements more deliberate, pushing my wet pussy against your hard cock. My breath catches in my throat each time I move over the length of your shaft.

I am slowly giving us the ultimate torture, our senses are heightened with each movement of my body. You lift your head and capture one of my hard nipples between your teeth. My gasp is involuntary as your teeth graze my sensitive skin. Clearly this contact isn’t enough for you, you pull me down, my body fusing against yours. As our lips connect the hunger, passion and ecstasy we have built up between us is transferred into a hot, steamy kiss.

By this point we are both gasping, our hands are travelling and exploring each other’s bodies, extracting moans from both of us. Your cock is now slick with my wetness.

“Sylvia I have to… please…”

I pull you with me as I shift over so I am laying on my back as I look up at you, I don’t trust myself to say anything but with just one look you know without words what it is that I want.

When I feel your cock pressing against me, its different, the urgency that was there seconds before has now been replaced with something more intimate. You look into my eyes as you push yourself forward, the head of your cock entering me. You must have seen the traces of fear in my eyes because as I look at you your eyes portray something other than lust. I don’t have time to analyse it as your lips are connecting with mine and before I can form another thought, everything is erased from my mind with a kiss that is soft and tender.

Your hips shift forward and with one swift fluid movement you are inside me, pain snatches my body and mind but as soon as it has begun it slowly starts to ebb away. You stay still inside me, gasping for breath at the realisation you have just had your first virgin. altıparmak eskort Before I can take hold of my senses my hips are pushing up against you, not letting either of us catch our breath; I need to feel you moving inside me. I can’t believe how much you are consuming me; the feeling of your hard cock inside me is indescribable.

“Mmmm you’ve finally got your cock sliding into my dripping wet pussy just like you’ve been dreaming about, feels good doesn’t it?

“Goddd yesss!! I can hardly believe it” you sound so incredulous, I pull you down towards me, kissing you, biting your lower lip softly. You gasp as my tongue stud grazes against your lips, I love making you moan, hearing you gasp out at a simple touch or movement, watching your face as you try to contain your feelings, even more when you cant help but show just how turned on you are.

You move your hand over my nipple, capturing the little hard nub between your fingers, I close my eyes in an attempt to gain control. I fail to do so as you start strong steady strokes inside me, I can hear moaning and gasping, it takes me a minute to realise its me, every time you push your throbbing cock inside my dripping wet pussy, I cant stop my body responding to you. My body now moving in rhythm with yours, my hands are drawn to your body, rising up over your ribs, twisting your nipples between my fingers. I love the reaction I am sure to get from doing that, watching as you suck your breath in sharply. This time though you have the advantage, as my fingers manipulate your hard nipples you break our rhythm and suddenly you slam you cock deep inside me, leaving me gasping for breath, my body arching towards you as you withdraw slowly before plunging deeper inside me.

“Ohhgoddd…Rick. Oh…” My head falling back, my eyes closing, my body rocking each time you fuck your cock into me. I need to feel you against me, pulling you down, kissing you hungrily, your rhythm quietens as I begin to kiss you softly, lulling you into a false sense of security. I push you onto your back, making sure no contact is lost between us, straddling your body, you cock buried deep inside me. I lean down and kiss you softly teasing you, pulling away slightly, making you moan in frustration, your body straining to reach mine. I can’t leave you for long though, my lips soon return to yours, my hands gently caressing you, I start to slowly rock my hips causing your cock to throb inside me. The tension between us is electric, our breathing becomes erratic as I start to ride your cock, moving slowly at first, teasingly, painfully slowly.

The teasing soon becomes too much for you, your hands grasp my hips, pulling me into a rhythm that suits you, the rhythm you need. I can feel the tension building inside you and I know you are preparing to make us both cum. I push your hands away from nilüfer escort my body and stop moving, I lean towards you and kiss you, you are gasping, your body begging to cum, your face is contorted with the pressure of stopping yourself from cumming.

“Sylvia! You have to let me cum… I need to. Need to cum inside you! Please honey…” You gasp out as I trace little butterfly kisses down your neck and over your chest. I look up at you, watching emotions flick across your face as I capture your nipple between my teeth grazing your sensitive skin, letting my tongue stud flick across your hard nipple.

You grasp my arms and I look up at you, raising my eyebrow, daring you to contest my control of you. You hold my gaze for a few seconds before releasing me from your grasp. I smile softly up at you;

“I won’t let you wait for long, I promise.”

You look at me in disbelieve but I know I’m not misleading you, even if I wanted to I couldn’t leave it much longer, if I don’t cum soon I’m going to go crazy, I need to feel you cum inside me. Your body arches towards me at the first touch of my mouth on your heated skin, your cock swelling inside me, making us both gasp. I watch as it dawns on you that I need this as much as you, I see it in your eyes a second before you act on it. A slow smile touch’s my lips just before you push me over onto my back.

“I want you like this, ok?” the way you say it, its not really a question but I nod in agreement, your control of me has returned and I love it just as much as I love controlling you. I know you want to cum but I know you want to cum together, so as you start moving inside me I slide my hand down to my pussy, making myself shiver as I let my finger flick across my sensitive clit.

“Cum with me, I want you to fuck me, watch me as I play with my clit, I need to feel you cum inside me…!” all you can do is nod but its enough, I know you probably don’t trust yourself to speak. As you move inside me there’s something happening to me that iv never felt before, its… its like butterflies in my stomach, my breathing is becoming quicker, something twisting inside me. I can hardly talk except to gasp your name each time you thrust your cock deeper inside me.

“Sylvia… ohh god honey im gonna cumm, cum with me, honey please”

Just his words are enough to tip me over the edge, I bite down on my lip before moaning out,

“Ohh god I can’t take it Rick… fuck me”

I can feel your cock swell and throb within me as you start to shoot your hot cum inside me just before my little newly fucked cunt starts to constrict around your pulsating cock as I cum.

Your cock is still inside me as you lay next to me, cradling me in your arms, pulling me close to your body, I’ve finally got you next to me, your body resting next to mine as we both catch our breath, slipping slowly into restful sleep.

END…Or to be continued…?

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This story is dedicated to Rick because I want him now as much as I did the first time I spoke to him.

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