Ride from a Football Player

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(All characters in this story are 18 years or older)

The rain poured down on to the football field as there was 7 minutes left in the final quarter. Our home team was down by 3 and it felt like everyone as there yelling for the quarterback to make one final touchdown to win the game. Actually, everyone WAS probably there. You see, in my home town it was pretty much a crime to skip out on a football game. It didn’t matter there was rain or sun. If you missed one, people suddenly thought you were the antichrist.

Devon Ryder, the senior quarterback, faked a hand-off and ran 63 yards for a touchdown. All of the fans went insane, myself included. You see, I’m a senior too and best friend of the starting running-back, Garret York. So even if it wasn’t “illegal” to miss a game, I never would anyways for his sake. I would always be there for him. That’s what best friends do.

The touchdown was made with 5 minutes on the clock and were able to get the field goal. The panthers (that’d be us) were able to hold the visitors for the remainder of the game. Once again proving that we are the best in the region by maintaining a perfect undefeated record.

I had told Garret before the game that I needed a ride home. My car was in the shop. Again. He had told me that he could so i waited for him to finish up in the locker room and shower after the game. I waited as I watched almost the entire rest of the team job by through the rain and go flirt with the girls waiting for them, but still no Garret.

I heard someone jogging towards me and hoped it was Garret so we could leave. Instead I saw all 6’5″ of the muscled douchbag that is Devon Ryder. The guy thinks he is the hottest shit around. But how could he not when he just played a game like that and had every female with a beating heart chasing after him. Well, every beating heart but mine. It’s not because I’m in love with someone also, just that I have no interest in helping him accomplish his goal of sleeping through the school.

His shaggy black hair was soaked with rain and sweat and it dripped off onto his neck and face. Several drops were clinging to his eyelashes around his deep blue eyes that made you want to stare into them. No matter how much you hated the guy like I did. As he finally reached me, I had taken shelter from the rain under a fairly large tree but some of the water still managed to get through, he stopped jogging and watched me. It was a fairly uncomfortable silence before he finally spoke up.

“You’re Garret’s girl, right?” Devon said to me. The dick. Everyone always assumes that Garret and I are sleeping together. Like its impossible for two people of the opposite sex to just be friends. Best friends actually. Even if I told them all that I was a virgin, I doubt that they would believe it. Garret is just too good looking to not want to fuck. Unless you’re me of course.

“No, I’m not.” I told him. Letting a tinge of bitterness seep into my voice.

“Oh, ok. That makes sense. You’re one of THOSE girls….” He gave me a look like I was something worth being stepped on. Or at least someone well below him. Then I realized he thought the bitterness was because I was mad that I WASN’T dating him. He thought i was one of those sluts that Garret bags n’ tags for one night who follow him around looking for more.

“I’m not a skank. I’m not one of THOSE girls. And I’m not interested in Garret. I’m his best friend. Now. If you don’t mind, I’d like to continue waiting for him in peace.”

“Why would you be waiting for him?”

“Ugh. Because he’s my ride.”

“Then you might want to be looking for another ride. And I’d hurry if I were you, almost everyone is almost gone.”

“What do you mean ‘look for another ride’? Garret is my ride.”

“That’s what I came over here to tell you. Garret left about 10 minutes ago with one of the cheerleaders. I heard him say something abut you, but she convinced him to go with her. I figured you should know.” Devon looked at me with something along the line of pity. I guess I was starting to feel pretty sorry for myself right then too. I had no ride, I was ditched by my best friend, and the guy to tell me all this was someone who didn’t even know my name.

“Fuck! What the hell is wrong with him! He knew I needed a ride!”

“I take it you didn’t see that coming?”

“Well, I mean he’s Garret. He’s always there when I need him.”

“Looks like you need someone else right now. Can you call your parents and see if they can give you a ride?” He looked anxious. Like he didn’t was polite enough not to leave me alone until he knew I had a ride, but I could tell he really wanted to be anywhere but there. So I lied. I took my phone to of my pocket and pretended to call someone who agreed to give me a ride.

“Um, yeah. My dad said he would come and get me. You can leave now.”

“Alright. Sure. I’ll just, uh, leave then.” I don’t know if I’m going crazy, but I could have sworn that he looked disappointed. Crazy, right?

“Great. Avcılar Escort See you later.” I stepped out from under the tree and started walking away in the rain. A quick glance over my shoulder told me that he was already jogging out to his friends in the parking lot. Guess he wasn’t really disappointed after all.

I had been walking for about 25 minutes towards my aunts house. Only 35 more minutes of walking in the pouring rain to go. I was freezing and soaked to the bone. Thank God for waterproof makeup. I was about ready to break into a run for the first building I’d seen in about 15 minutes when I heard a car driving up behind me. The truck pulled up beside me and the window rolled down. The diver leaned forward and yelled over the rain.

“Get in the truck.” Devon Ryder was not happy. A good guess would be that he was angry at me. if he was going to be rude about it, I didn’t really want to get out of the rain that bad anyways.When I made no move to get in the truck he said, “After you told me you had a ride I went with the guys to the after party. Garret was there with that girl so I went to yell at him for ditching you like that. When I told him you had to call your dad for a ride he got furious. I couldn’t understand why. Then he told me. He was going to leave to find you and take you home, but the girl threw a fit so I offered. Will you please get in the truck?”

Garret told him?!? What the fuck! That was my story to tell and I had vowed that I never would. Plus the guy had a wide spread reputation for what he did in that truck. I was kind of scared to go anywhere near it with him inside. “Thanks, but I don’t need your sympathy and I certainly don’t want it.”

“Look. You look like your about to freeze your ass off. Please get in the truck.” That implies that I would have to have an ass to be able to freeze it off. But it was true. I was miserable out here. I sighed and climbed up into the truck. Devon looked over at me and smiled. It became pretty easy to see why so many girls were eager to drop their panties for him. The guy had an amazing “fuck me now” smile. Which I’m sure he practiced in the mirror.

“So what all did Garret tell you?” I had to know what he knew.

“He just said that your parents weren’t around. So I kinda figured out then that you had lied to me and came looking for you. Sorry it took me so long to come for you.” Once again, he sounded like he was only doing something that he felt obligated to do.

There was a silence in the truck as we still sat on the side of the road. Then he spoke again,”so why did you lie to me?”

“You wanted to get out of there. I would have walked anyways, I didn’t have anyone to call for a ride anyways. I didn’t want to make you feel obligated to do anything. Even though that is exactly why your here now.”

“Because I feel obligated? No, that’s not it at all Charlotte…” If I wasn’t confused before, I sure as hell was now. Especially since he knew my name. That was weird.

“Whatever.” He still hadn’t moved the car yet.

“Are you hungry? I’m starving. How does a good burger sound?” Honestly, it sounded pretty freaking amazing. But I really didn’t want to admit it so I stayed quiet. Unfortunately my stomach betrayed me by growling like a ferocious bear. “I guess that answers my question,” he said laughing. I hate to say it, even think it, but he had an amazing laugh. I wanted to hear it more. Which only made me hate myself.

“Yeah, I’m really hungry. I haven’t eaten all day.”

“All day? Why the hell haven’t you eaten?” He turned to look at me and I could see the anger in his eyes. That was something new.

“There’s uh, not much food at my house. I have to go grocery shopping this weekend,” I said. Which was as close to the truth as I was willing to get.

“Well, I’m buying you dinner tonight and you’re gunna eat like a queen.”

“Actually, I eat more like a guy to be honest. I have no table manners at all. You might be embarrassed to eat with me because once I get my hands on the burger its not going to be a pretty sight.”That got him to laugh.

“I like a girl who’s not afraid to eat in front of a guy. You’d be surprised by how many are.”

“I’d doubt they’d mind too much if they were in my position.” I so did not mean to say that out loud.

“What does that mean?” I had been hoping he hadn’t picked up in that.

“I, uh, nothing.” Smooth Char, smooth.

“If you say so,” But the damn guy was smiling. He knew exactly what I meant.

He looked over at me and took a good look at me for the first time and realized exactly how wet I was. Also that I was shaking. He swore and started digging around behind him in the back seat.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“Looking for something.” And with that, he pulled out his football hoodie and handed it to me. I just sat there looking at it like it was something from outer space. Everyone knew he never, and I mean NEVER let a girl wear his precious football hoodie or lettermen’s Avcılar Escort bayan jacket.

“It’s not going to bite you, you know. Your freezing. What kind of gentleman would I be if I didn’t offer you something warm?” His hard muscled body would feel pretty nice wrapped around mine, and that would certainly be warm…. Hold up! Where the fuck did that come from?!?

I took the hoodie and realized that I couldn’t just change in front of him. He realized why I hadn’t put it on yet and said, “I’ll close my eyes. Just change fast.”

I highly doubted that he would keep his word, after all, he was Devon Ryder. But I was freezing and the hoodie looked amazingly comfy. I peeled my soaking T-shirt and tank-top off. I pulled the hoodie on over my bra and shimmied out of my shorts. He handed me a pair of his athletic shorts from the back and I put them on. He finally put the truck in gear and we dove off to get food.

When we got to the bar about twenty minutes later I was finally getting warm, but my hair was still really wet. The bar at the edge of town is the only place that is ever open this late at night. Devon turned to look at me in the parking lot and made bet me that he could make it inside first. I told him that no way could he beat me, so we both jumped out of the truck and ran inside laughing.

We collapsed into a corner table of the bar and he ordered two beers. I told him I’d be right back and I walked back to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and was thankful that the make-up around my light blue eyes wasn’t running. JW attractive would that have been? But my hair, which I had straightened before the game, was mutating into a curly, brown, jungle worthy mane. Why he was even bothering with me, I didn’t know. But I was beginning to enjoy his company. He was charming (of course), funny (no shocker), and really smart (I did not see that one coming). I was kind of going to miss talking to him once he never spoke to me again after tonight.

I walked out of the bathroom and went to the table. Devon had already ordered for me. The guy got me a single cheeseburger. That’s is. I gave him a look and caught the attention of the only waiter.

“I would like to change my order please. I’d like the 1/3 pound bacon cheeseburger with pickles and BBQ sauce please. Thanks”

“Damn! So the girl really does know how to eat. I have to say, I’m quite impressed.” Pretty sure I turned bright red. I’ve never been embarrassed to eat in front of a guy and I sure as hell wasn’t going to start now. No matter how strong my attraction to him was getting.

Once our food was served, we both shut up and dove in. After we were done eating, we both had two more beers and stayed and talked for what felt like hours. We talked about almost everything. Music, movies, books, sports, and we barely ever stopped laughing.

About halfway into our conversation he moved around the table and sat back down next to me on my side. Just him being this close was starting to send electric shocks through my entire body. I couldn’t help but think ‘maybe this guy isn’t as big of a dick as I thought…’.

“So why did you lie to me about the ride? It’s been bothering me. Why wouldn’t your parents just come and get you?” I couldn’t understand why he still cared to much. I normally would have put him off like I had done earlier, but my third beer was getting to me. I guess I’m a bit of a lightweight.

“They died when I was nine.” I covered up my mouth with my hand right away. I’ve never told anyone but Garret that. I saw the shocked look on Devon’s face and I knew it was too late to stop now. “We lived in Southern Tennessee when I was little. We had gone to a horse auction and were on our way home. I refused to leave the new horse and so I rode in a separate truck with one of the guys that worked in our stable. We were driving behind them on the rode. A semi-truck driver going the opposite way fell asleep at the wheel. He swerved and ran right into my parents car. The force of the impact sent them over the cliff. I saw the whole thing.” I had to stop to take a deep breath and calm myself before I started crying.

“After the funeral, I begged the lawyers to let me stay at the ranch with Tom. That was the man who was with me in the car. He was the only person who understood. Who understood what I saw, what I was going through. My Aunt was the only family left in my family, but everyone knew she hated us.Tom tried to get custody of me, because he knew what she was like. The court said that he was too young to care for a nine year old child. He was only twenty. The first thing my aunt did was sell everything. My home, my horses, all of mom and dads things… She dragged me out here to the house that she bought with the money she got from selling everything. She hates me. According to her, my parents ruined her life. I was the only one around to take the blame and she never let me forget it.” Well so much for not crying, my eyes were about to overflow. Devon tightened his arm Escort avcılar around me. An arm that I hadn’t even realized was on me.how did I miss that? Without even realizing it, I leaned I to him and he pulled me closer.

“The summer I moved here, my aunt yelled every day. Sometimes she tried to hit me, but I moved out of her reach. Se was always to drunk to try to catch me. Garret was my closest neighbor, but there were a few acres in-between each house. He had chased a fox into my backyard and heard my aunt yelling. I ran out of the house and plowed straight into him. I was crying and he took me down to the creek by his house and we just sat there for hours. Eventually I told him what I just told you and his parents began inviting me over for dinner and I stayed the night at his house more and more often. I knew that he had told them what my aunt did. She would always eat out and only feed me her leftovers. Punishment for being my parents child I guess. That’s why I was so hungry tonight. I ran out of leftovers yesterday. Anyways I pretty much began to live at his house and my aunt never noticed or cared. The only time I had to be around her was when social services showed up every other six months. The only reason they came was because Tom had made the agent promise to check up on me.” I haven’t heard from Tom in two years, but I heard he got married not too long ago.

“That’s why I was so pissed when you said I was one of THOSE girls. Garret is my best friend. I would never take advantage of him like that and I would never ask him for anything more than friendship. And I lied to you, because besides Garret I have no friends. I had absolutely no one to give me a ride. My aunt would never pick up the phone if I even call her. And Garret’s parents are out of town. I was crashing at his place tonight, but it looks like there’s gunna be another girl in his bed tonight. And yes, before you look at me like that, I am implying that we share a bed. Always. I used tribe too afraid to sleep by myself. I had nightmares all the time about reliving seeing my parents skid off the road. Garret heard me crying one night and made me come into his room with him. I haven’t had them since then. He keeps them away. I love him, but not in the way that people think.”

“Charlotte….. God, I had no idea. Garret is always protective of you, but I never knew why. I always thought that it was because you two were a thing. But then he would go off at parties and bang girls… Wait. Where were you when he was out with the team or at parties?”

“Having dinner with his parents.”

“Really? That’s what you’ve been doing all this time?”

“Why does it matter? It’s not like you care.”

“But I do. More than I ever realized that I did.”

“Then why did you act like you had no clue who I was when you saw me under the tree?”

“I was trying to keep my cool. It took all of my control to keep from kissing you under that tree.” What the fuck was he talking about? “Don’t give me that confused look, it makes me want to do dirtier things to you than just steal a kiss.”

“You wanted to kiss me? But, why? I’m mean, you can go fuck any girl you want.”

“Yeah, I can. But the problem is, those girls aren’t you. Charlotte, I’ve been crazy about you ever since I saw you at one of our football practices our freshman year. You were beautiful, even back then. Then I would hear Garret tell stories about the crazy shit you two had talked each other into and I swear, I don’t think I’ve ever been that jealous of anyone in my life. He got to spend almost all of his time with you. He got you in his bed. Something I had wanted since I first saw you. So I found replacements. Girls wanted me and I wanted sex.”

“Shallow much? You realize that’s using people right?”

“Yeah, I do. But when they are so willing, its kind of hard to say no. I’ve waked to talk to you for a long time, but you are always with Garret and never at parties. I was furious that Garret would just leave you in the rain. You are a million times better than anyone he could have possibly ditched you for.”

“Why tell me this now?” Sweet Jesus, where was this all coming from?

“Once I heard for myself from you that you had always been just friends, I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer. I want you.” I was starting to get hot and he was still holding me tight up against him. I had never felt more drawn to anyone in my life than to him in that moment.

I turned my body around a little bit and tilted my head up to kiss him. He brought his lips down onto mine and moaned. It was the best kiss that I’d ever had. In-fact, it was my first and only kiss.

“I’m sorry, I’m not good at this.” I told him when I pulled back.

“That was amazing, why would you think you weren’t any good? Who over told you that was crazy.”

“Nobody told me that. You would have to kiss somebody first for them to say your bad at it.” I hated admitting it, but for some reason I thought he needed to know.

“Damn baby, you shouldn’t have said that.” He growled and pulled me onto his lap. I could feel his hardening dick pressed into my ass and upper thigh. I shifted how i was sitting and rubbed against it, causing him to groan into my mouth. We made-out in the bar like we were the only ones there. By that time, we were.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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