Right Under My Nose

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Big Tits

The sun shone into my bedroom. I didn’t have the shades pulled close enough together. The light was hitting me right in the eye. I pull the covers up over my head and thought, “Oh Christ, I don’t want to get up.”

However, I thought to myself, “Hey, it’s your sister’s 18th birthday. Get your lazy ass up and start doing something. Here your 19 years old. You’re going off to college in a few months, you might as well get used to it.”

I drug myself out of bed, found some clean clothes and put them on. I headed downstairs to the kitchen where I found my mother.

“Nice to see you up so early.” My mother said, cheerfully.

“Morning mom, where’s dad?”

“Oh, he’s already off to work but he’ll be back in time for Karen’s party,” My mother answered.

I started to grab a box of cereal out of the cupboard. But I was stopped by my mother saying. “Don’t you want me to cook you some eggs? It will only take a few minutes.”

I didn’t want to argue. I just nodded and let her go about her business.

“You can put the bread in the toaster and get a knife and butter ready. I’ll cook these, my mother said.”

I grabbed the margarine, we didn’t actually use butter. I found two slices of whole be bread and put it in the toaster.

And moment later the bread popped up out of the toaster, signaling it was ready. I grabbed the toast and headed over to the kitchen table to butter it. Just after I finished buttering the toast my mother put a plate with two eggs and it in front of me.

“mmmmmm, this is good Mom,” I said.

“Thank you, dear. Oh, Jimmy, after you finish eating. Will you run over to the store and pick out a cake for your sister? I don’t want to bake, my mother asked.

“Sure thing, Mom, no probs,” I said.

After I scarfed down the eggs and toast, and drank, in one gulp the orange juice my mother poured me. I let out a horrendous belch.

“Oh hunny, did you have to do that right at the table?” My mother asked.

“Sorry Mom, I’m on my way right now. And off to the store I headed.

My mother, motherly said, “Here, let me get you some money.”

I wasn’t going to argue.

At the store I picked out a German chocolate cake. I had them put light vanilla icing on it and inscribe “Happy Birthday Karen”, on it. I asked, “how much will this be?”

“Well, I don’t really know, right now. They’ll tell you with the at the register,” said the clerk.

At the checkout, the cashier said, “that’ll be $22.95.”

My eyebrows raised “Well, kind of expensive but I guess, since it’s her 18th birthday it’s worth it, I guess,” I figured.

I threw the cake in the backseat of my real hot ride; a real cherry 1981 Mustang. I headed home. I fumbled around with the selector knob on the radio trying to find a good station. After about 10 seconds I found one and from then on the way home that was really jammin out the tunes.

When I reached the house, I heard. “Hey JT, get over here dude.” It was my friend Mark. He always calls me that, “JT”, it stands for my initials, “James Thompson.”

It was standing up by the garage. With two other dudes that I had never seen before. “Hey man, get over here. We got something to show you,” Mark belted out.

I got out of the car and walked over.

When I reached Mark, the other two guys crowded in, just like in a football huddle.

Mark reached into his front pocket and pulled out a plastic bag. “Hey dude, he whispered real lightly, you take one of these, wait 20 minutes and your dick will get so hard and stay that way for a long time.” He, was of course, talking about the blue pills inside the bag.

“Where did you get those?” Inquisitively, I asked.

“Shhh, not so loud, and nevermind about that,” Mark instructed.

“Hey dude! I don’t need that. My dick gets hard already. I ain’t no old man,” I announced.

Mark gritted his teeth and growled through them. “I know dude, but this will keep it that way for a long time. Shit! One time, I took some and it stayed rock hard for almost all day. You’re supposed to see a doctor if it does Pendik Escort that but, it felt so good, no way was I gunna stop it.”

I took a handful of pills, then we all backed out of the huddle. We started discussing normal things. Things like, cars, girls, new tunes on the radio, favorite rock bands, you know… Regular things.

After about 35 – 40 minutes. Mark announced, “Hey dude it’s been great, I’ll see you around.” Him and the other two guys marched off. “Have fun at your party,” he said with a snicker.

As I walked away, the ominous feeling stuck in my head, “what little did he or I, for that matter, know”!

I sat at my computer wondering what to do until we have Karen’s celebration. Then, it occurred to me. “I’ll try one of those pills I got from Mark.”

I went across the hallway to the bathroom and poured myself a glass of water. I swallow the pill then went back to my room and sat at my computer. Thinking to myself, “let’s see if these things are any good.”

I went over my brochure for Clayton University, where I was going in a few more months. Karen applied for a scholarship there, when she found out I was going. “I doubt whether anything’s going to become of it,” I thought to myself.

After about a minute, nothing… No change. I waited in a minute. Still no change. I waited five more, not a thing. “Well, it looks to me, like Mark got ripped off!” I figured.

Then it occurred to me, possibly… “These things need a little help.” So I clicked my computer to some porn. “Girls with big tits.” always gets me excited.

I clicked on some links. “Oh yes, oh fuck, yes baby… Hey, wait a minute. It’s starting to react and I’m not even into the real good stuff. Just the same old girls at the beginning of the site. The ones I’ve seen hundreds of times before!”

“Oh wow! Oh dude… This can’t be real. It never felt this hard before. This is just great. I figured.”

I then received the biggest shock a teenage boy could ever receive in his life, when he had a raging hard on.

“Oh Jimmy, Jimmy, it’s time to come downstairs and sing Happy Birthday to Karen,” shouted my mother from downstairs.

“Oh God no. Oh not now, Fuck!” What the hell was I going to do with this. The fucker was harder than it’s ever been in my life. “It’s sticking out straight too. I’ll never be able to get my pants zipped up.”

Then, any ingenious thought came to my mind, at least one I thought was ingenious. “I’ll just leave the thing sticking out of my fly and pull my shirt down over it. Nobody will ever notice. Yeah, right!”

I rushed downstairs with the bottom of my T-shirt sticking 5 inches out from my belly. When I got downstairs my dad noticed me and held back a chuckle. Karen, who was sulking on the couch, because her friends weren’t able to come over, burst right out laughing. “At least this brought her out of mood she was in.”

“Now Karen, it’s perfectly natural for a boy Jimmy’s age for that to happen, my mother said strongly. Isn’t that right Frank?”

My dad spoke up. “Yeah, yeah, used to happen to me all the time.”

We all gathered around the table. My mother brought out the cake I had got this morning. There were candles made into the shape of the numerals one and eight stuck into the top of the cake. They were lit up.

“Now let’s sing. Now, Karen make a wish and blow out the candles,” my mother said.

We all joined in and a chorus of “Happy Birthday” Karen, still laughing at the site of my Boner, could not get enough air in her lungs to blowout both candles.

“Well, that’s close enough, announced my mother. It’s time for presents.” She went into the other room and brought out two packages, each wrapped up. “Now this is from your father and I,” she said. Handing her a small box.

Karen tore off the paper and slowly opened the box.

Her eyes lit up as she saw what was inside. “Oh wow! Portable CD player.”

“Now, this is from Jimmy.” In a soft tone, said my mother.

“Yeah, I got you some of that junk music you listen to, I said.”

The Kurtköy Escort smile on Karen’s face was stretching from ear to ear and her eyes were all big and shiny.

“Now wait, we have another surprise for you. We got a phone call this morning from Clayton University. Hunny, your scholarship has been approved. They said, you can start there, right this next semester.”

My sister was jumping for joy. She ran over and hugged my mother, my father. “Oh thanks, Mom, dad.” She even ran over and hugged me. “Thanks jerk,” That’s what she always called me. We both knew she didn’t mean it.

“I don’t want to get too close or that thing will stab me in the belly,” My sister said.

Even my mother had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing at that.

My father announced. “I got a surprise for us too, hunny. My boss asked us both over for drinks, later on tonight.”

“Oh great, we hardly ever go out. What time will they want us?” My mother asked.

“Oh, about in about three or four hours why?” asked my father.

“Well, I got to have time to freshen up and get ready.” my mother said giddily.

“Oh Christ! My father uttered looking up in the air and rolling his eyes.

After supper, I stayed in my chair after eating hoping that my hard on would go down. “Nope, no such luck. I guess this thing is on me for the rest of the day,” I thought to myself. After everyone had gone from the kitchen. I made my way upstairs. While passing my parents bedroom I could hear my dad ask my mother, “What are you doing that for? Nobody’s going to be looking at that.”

“Silly.” My mother giggled, “this is for you when we get back. I know how you like it all freshly shaved.”

“Oh gross! I did not just hear that,” I could hear myself thinking out loud.

I stayed in my room reading hoping my rod would go down. I started thinking of things that I thought would make it go down. Dead kittens, pictures of the starving kids in Africa, my naked grandmother, nothing would work. I thought, maybe, if I thought about my sister that would be a Boner shrinker.

I began thinking. “Whoops, that was a bad idea.” You see, Karen isn’t a real beauty but, she isn’t really that bad looking either. She really isn’t flashy in any kind of way. Not any homecoming queen but she was no dog, either. She is what you would call, a late bloomer. Besides her looks her personality wasn’t a turnoff. Sure, me and her fight once in a while. She calls me jerk and I call her brat but, what brother and sister don’t? My erection became more pronounce. “Will this thing ever go down?”

I began thinking. “I’ve got it! All I have to do is make it cum!”

“All I have to do is turn on the computer to those big tits and whack right off,” I thought. I lubed up my wang and turned the computer to those big natural knockers. I started stroking my Johnson and Bam, I heard my sister come out of her bedroom. “Shit! What if she comes in here?”

Then, I gotten another ingenious idea. I’ll challenge her to a wrestling match. I’m sure to overpower her and then I could rub this stiff baby against her nice soft ass until I exploded. I used to love to do that when we were kids, not the cumming part. That part I didn’t get to but, the dry humping part, I sure loved.

“Hey Karen,” I shouted. “Let’s have a nude wrestling match like we did when we were kids. Loser does the winners chores for the rest of the month.”

I shed my clothes, lubed up my cock, and donned a ski mask. I went out into the hallway, cock sticking out straight and jumped out in front of her bedroom doorway. I landed on my feet with my arms and legs spread wide. “A-ha! I’m the masked avenger.”

The way my sister looked was not helping my hard on at all. With her soft little round butt and large breasts. She should also had a shaved pussy and, oh how I did love shaved pussys. She wore a turban over her head and a veil over her face. “I am the harem girl,” she said.

We started our wrestling match with me grabbing onto one of her hands. I quickly pulled her close to me and maneuvered Maltepe Escort behind her. “Oh shit! I thought. It can’t be this easy.”

I was wrong as wrong can be. She was ready for that maneuver. As I was going behind her, she had hoisted her leg up and bent it at the knee, ready to do a mule kick. When I got behind her she straightened her leg out and nailed me right in the gut.

I fell back and landed right on my ass. “The harem girl cannot be defeated so easily,” she blurted out.

“I’ll try it again from the other way. Only this time, I’ll be ready for her counter attack,” I thought to myself.

I sprung up and grabbed her other arm and went behind her the other way. Only this time, I was ready for her mule kick. I grabbed her foot as it started to extend and flipped it upward. As she fell forward, luckily she landed on the rushed up behind her and put her in a full nelson. She was helpless and there in front of me was my prize right in position, her supple, round, smooth, wonderful ass. Right what I had been waiting for but, right there also was her pussy hole. “Oh God! Oh how I dreamt of jousting that thing for years,” I thought to myself.

I was so conflicted, “with one it is my dream come true. With the other it is what I set out to do.”

“I really wanted to shove it in her and feel what my field sister feels like but, what would our parents say, if they ever found out. They would cut off my college fund. I’d be kicked out of the house, and her too.” The thoughts and ran through my head.

Finally, my primal urges one over. I maneuvered so my erect cock was positioned right at her glistening vagina. I rammed forward and I rammed forward hard.

“Oh All Almighty God! This was the most wonderful pussy I had ever been in in my life. It wasn’t so tight it would squeeze me right out or so loose that it felt like I was fucking a knothole in a tree but, just like it fit me like a glove.” I thought, as my hips started to piston back and forth.

“No! No Jimmy, Don’t…” She shrieked. Don’t, don’t you… Don’t you cum in me,” she said.

“Is that all. Is that all she’s concerned about?” I thought to myself. “Hell, she doesn’t mind that I’m fucking her, only worried that I’ll get her pregnant?”

She’d lessened her resistance and started ramming back at me. She matched my rhythm just perfectly. In fact, when I would move my hips back she would squeeze my dick so tight with her cunt muscles and the thrust back to meet my jabs. I grabbed a hold of her tits and squeezed them firmly. We were fucking like a couple of wild animals.

“Oh God!,” The thoughts would race through my mind. “After all these years. Right here with me. All that wasted time.”

This was just too much for me. “I… I’m…, I’m going to… I can’t stand it.”

“Just don’t, just doon”

She couldn’t finish her sentence. But I knew what she meant and “FUCK IT, there’s no way I’m pulling out of this pussy. NO FUCKING WAY!” I let loose which felt like the biggest load I will ever shot off in my life.

It really had an effect on me. My body went limp. My mind went blank. I think I passed out for a minute. My heart was just raising. I said breathlessly, “Oh God, Oh Jesus, that was just wonderful. I, I, I lu, I love you sis.”

She stayed right still with me for a moment. Then screamed out. “You bastard. You fucking bastard. I told you not to do that!”

“Relax sis. Just relax, I know some people that will fix you up so this never happened,” I tried to reassure her.

“God dammit. I’m not worried about that. I’m on the pill. I started taking it to control my monthly cycles. I wanted my boyfriend to be the first one that came in me, that’s all,” she screamed at me.

After that, all the worries left me. “She was cool with this. This was just too good to be true. What did I ever do to deserve this,” I thought.

I pushed her further up onto the bed with my dick still inside her. When we were both on it. I laid down on my side. She snuggled up against me, begging me to hold her. “We can room together at Clayton. Will you be my roommate?” she asked me. “But we better not do anything like this until we get into college.”

I had to agree with her. No fooling around or our parents might catch us. Now, my mind pondered the question. “Can I stay away from this thing for two more months?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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