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The jungle seemed to be growing thicker, it was difficult for her to follow the path. Vines hung from unseen branches above, she had to constantly push them aside.

Her bare feet padded along the soft green aisle, the showers earlier had left it wet. She looked up, the trees were so thick here, they obscured the sun, giving a twilight look to everything below.

She moved another clump of vines out her way, they too were still wet from the rain. Her thin cotton gown was soaked, it clung to her. Her young body was revealed through it.

A small branch caught on it, the fabric tore. As she examined the rip, she noticed how the jungle seemed different here, more alive.

As the elder women of her village had prepared her, they hinted at things that would happen on the way. ‘This is a special day’ they had told her. ‘You will leave a girl, but return a woman.’

She stepped around yet another group of vines, a few of them grazed over her exposed flesh. She felt a tingle as they slid across her skin.

Her foot caught on a root across the path, she fell face forward, tearing more of the cloth as she did. She landed with a soft thump.

She smelled the thick green carpet below her face. It was sweet and… something else. She inhaled deeply. A warm feeling traveled through her body, and settled between her virgin thighs.

As she rose, more vines brushed over her flesh, adding to the warmth growing in her. A soft ‘mmmmmm’ came from her lips. She had never felt anything like it before.

She pressed on, the vines growing thicker. They seemed to clutch at her gown, creating more tears in the cloth. More of her body was revealed with each, she had to use one hand to hold it up.

The path narrowed, the vines and brush touched her almost constantly. Her skin felt alive. She felt a wetness along with the growing heat.

There was a sudden drop in the path, her footing failed. She tumbled down a small embankment, her gown shredding.

Her fall was stopped by a fallen branch. The greenery was so thick here, she bumped harmlessly against it.

She looked herself over, covered in mud, and nearly naked. She got back to her feet, and found the path again. She moved further along it.

The jungle seemed to close around her even more. Each touch caused a tingle and chills. She noticed her nipples stood straight out. She touched one.

A jolt of pleasure ran through her. She pinched, and did it again. The feeling was incredible!

She let the gown fall, and raised her other hand to her firm breast. She cupped them, the hardness of her nipples pressing into the softness of her palms. She grazed her palms over them.

Her eyes closed as twin paths of pleasure raced to meet in her loins. She felt a trickle along her thigh. Something was happening in her woman flesh.

She stood for a time, letting her hands explore the new sensations her body was giving her. They floated over her tingling flesh, moving lower. Her breathing grew deeper.

She swayed between clumps of vines, they swirled around her. Her fingers grazed her moist slit. She squeezed her thighs around them.

She pressed, and rocked her hips slowly. The heel of her hand found a spot high on her woman flesh. Sparks lit up behind her closed eyes. Her mouth fell open. A soft feminine sound escaped her.

She felt a gentle push from behind. The vines were moving, urging her to continue on the path. One of the elders had said ‘The jungle will be impatient’ She left the gown, and moved on.

The path narrowed even more, her flesh was constantly tickled by brush on both sides. She tried to stop, to give in to the flood of tingles flowing through her.

The vines pushed again, forcing her along the path, as tendrils teased over her wet skin. She had never felt more alive.

She spread her arms wide, and stepped faster down the way. Each step brought new thrills as the greenery slid around her body. Her thighs were soaked with her own juices and the moisture from the the plants licking her flesh.

She began to run, wanting to feel more, more, more! She felt like she was flying, the greenery was a blur around her. She lost herself in a haze of pleasure, wanting it to go on forever.

The jungle ended suddenly. She stopped, wanting to go back in. The jungle had closed behind her, the path was gone.

She found she was in a large clearing. It was a grotto, the jungle surrounded it. There was a large pond, a small waterfall at one end fed it. Sunshine streamed through the canopy of trees. It was beautiful.

She looked at herself, she was a mess. Her feet were covered in mud, as were her knees. Her skin was sticky with the now drying combination of plant dew, and her own perspiration. The water of the pond rippled with an unspoken invitation.

She moved to the water’s edge. It was clear, she could see about three feet down into it. She dipped a toe, testing the temperature. Perfect.

She waded in to her waist, the water felt like soft hands sliding over her escort bayan sensitive skin. She held her breath, and slid under.

A few moments later, she surfaced, the water rolling off and glistening over her body. Each tiny stream left a trail of pleasure in it’s wake.

She used her hands to scrub the mud from herself. With a small smile, she noticed bathing felt a lot nicer than it normally did. She took extra time with her breasts and nipples.

After some time, she was finished. She reached, and squeezed the extra water from her long, dark hair.

She stepped from the water, looking for a place where she could dry herself. She saw a large, flat rock. She could lay on that as she dried.

It was warm from the sun, and smooth on her bottom as she sat. She lay back, and closed her eyes.

The sun was warm, it felt lovely on her skin. Her mind went back to her village, and the events since the last full moon.

The older women had begun to prepare her for this. They had told her, ‘All our females must walk the path. It is your time. You will learn about yourself what we cannot tell you’ They had exchanged knowing smiles among themselves. She was beginning to understand.

The sun caressed her, a small breeze kissed her body. Her hands cupped her breasts, and she ran her palms over her nipples. She found that small circles felt best, and the feeling made her want to feel more.

Her hands moved to her face, tracing her lips. She licked her palm, surprised at the reaction. It tingled all the way through her.

She felt along her neck, her throat, and again to her firm mounds. She let her mind go, as her body took over. Her fingers floated lower, along her sides, across her stomach, and still lower.

Without realizing it, she had moved her legs apart. All these new sensations seemed to guide her to one spot. Her woman flesh. She was wet there.

Her fingers played over and over her thighs, teasing herself. There was an ache growing between them, she would have to touch there soon.

She drew her legs up, and spread them wider. The sun warmed her there even more. She took a breath, and touched her wetness. A small sigh rose, along with her fingers.

She felt around and around her wetness, shocks of delight flowed through her. Her fingers grew slick with her own juices. She found the more she rubbed, the better it felt. Small sounds came from her.

She remembered the spot that had felt better than the others, her hand found it quickly. She stroked it, a feeling like lightning came from it. She moaned.

She stroked it again and again. The more she did, the better it felt. She lost herself as she began to grunt and pant with each stroke, faster and faster.

Her hips jerked into her motions, her sounds echoed around the grotto. Her lips pulled back from her teeth. The urging inside her made her go even faster and harder.

Something was happening inside her, she couldn’t stop if she wanted to. She was pushed to new places inside herself.

A new tingling began to build, it filled her body, but was centered on where she was rubbing. It climbed higher.

Her body took over completely. She thrust against her hand as her fingers worked feverishly. The tingle rose, and rose.

Her entire body arched, and locked. The tingle was unbearable now, something had to give. It did.

She gave a long groan as lightning exploded inside her. Huge waves crashed over her, one after the other. Her body shook with the release.

She panted as it slowly passed. Her fingers had stopped, but she started to slowly stroke herself, enjoying the small waves that still rippled in her.

After a bit, she stopped, and curled into herself. Her hand still caressed gently between her legs. She understood the looks between the elders.

She removed her hand, and sat up. The pond was even more inviting.

She stood on the rock, and saw her reflection. A beautiful woman looked back at her. Pretty face, almond eyes, full lips on a wide mouth. Her dark hair framed her beauty. Full, ripe breasts, with no sign of sagging. Tan nipples, with a nice bud on the tip of each. Flat stomach, gently curving down to where her woman hair began. Strong thighs.

She stepped into the water, swimming easily to the middle of the pond. The water was deeper here, she stood on her toes to keep above it. Below the surface, a small current flowed, playing over her femininity. It felt wonderful.

She had an idea. If a small bit of water felt nice, what would more water feel like? She began swimming to the waterfall.

It was set back slightly, a group of rock ledges forming natural steps to it. The stone was smooth from the water.

She climbed easily onto them. They were slick from the water. A spray of mist was in the air, forming a natural rainbow.

She moved to the edge of the cascade, letting it wash over her body. It was cooler than the pond, her nipples stood to attention. She cupped beneath her breast, and moved her crinkled altıparmak escort bayan peak into the flow.

The sound of falling water was joined by hers as a flood of new tingles filled her. She moved both into the stream.

The water sprayed off her breasts as she held and rubbed them from below. She tilted her head back, droplets coursed on her flushed face.

She moved under the flow, to feel it over her entire body. The warmth between her thighs had returned. She wanted the stream to touch her there.

A ledge formed a spot, just behind the fall. She sat on it, and moved her hips forward. She eased herself under the flow, letting it tickle along her thighs.

She edged forward again, the water touched her where she needed it most. Her hips gave a small jerk as the stream kissed her most tender spot.

She found she could lay back, the rock made a nice natural chair. Her hands were now free, they rose to her breasts.

The non-stop flow caused the tingles to rise much more quickly than her fingers had on the rock. Stronger too, she noticed. Without warning, the lightning ripped through her again. She bucked into the stream as it took her. It barely ebbed, and then exploded again. Her eyes went wide, and then squeezed shut. Her face melted into bliss.

Her arms fell to her sides. She clutched at the smooth stone, as the falling water pushed her higher and higher. She let it take her, floating on a river of pleasure. A storm of lightning and thunder crashed again and again.

Finally, she could take no more. She jerked herself to one side, away from the flow. She panted, her body trembled from the intensity of what had torn from her.

She got to her hands and knees, gasping for breath. The mist still teased over her skin. She ran a hand between her legs, a small flicker raced through her. She wanted more.

She got to one knee and tried to stand. Her hand squeezed her woman flesh, she grunted, and shook as another set of waves washed over her.

A finger had slid inside her, she began to move it in and out. More new tingles rippled. She wanted to push deeper, her fingers were stopped by the last barrier between girl and woman.

For the moment, she was content with this, but a need for something deeper had slowly started to awaken inside her. She felt a slow throb growing that would need to be filled. Her fingers pushed again, she felt a small pain as the tiny wall of flesh inside her stretched.

She stood, her knees and legs still trembling. She began to ease back down the rock ledges. Her foot found a slick spot, she slid on the wet stone. A small patch of plants stopped her.

She had fallen to her hands and knees. The soft carpet of greenery saved her from injury. The water flowed gently over and around her. Her head looked over the ledge, facing the pond.

She tried to stand, her ankle was caught between two rocks. She tried to twist toward it, a small boulder between her legs stopped that. The boulder also pressed into the top of her slit, where the lightning came from.

She was stuck.

She became aware of something behind her, pushing against her woman flesh. She lowered her head, to look between her legs. A stem from the plant was pressed into her. It moved when she did.

She moved her bottom from side to side, and then up and down. The stem stayed put. She couldn’t move forward, and any movement back would push the stem deeper into her.

As she wondered what to do, she noticed how the streams of water played over her. They were less constant here, they fell from one place, and then another. They teased her skin, the throb below started again.

A trickle started high on her bottom, and flowed between her cheeks. It found a new spot she felt pleasure from. It licked over her other opening.

She arched higher, it fell directly on it. The boulder between her legs was pushed a bit more against her special spot. The impact from the falling water caused tiny vibrations in the rock, which pressed on her mound. Within seconds, the water and vibration caused her to throw back her head and moan loudly.

She rocked her hips very slowly between the water on her bottom and the boulder on her front. As the streams of water moved in and away, the vibration of the rock rose and fell. The stem pressed into her, inviting.

She was close to another release, but it seemed every time she should, the water slowed and she moved back from the edge. She wanted to jump. She needed something more to push her over.

The throb inside her had become an aching emptiness that needed to be filled. The water moved closer again. The flow played over her bottom, the vibrations increased. Her need rose, her body tensed, screaming for release.

She grit her teeth, and thrust backward. There was a sharp pain as her girl flesh tore. Her woman flesh took the stem, squeezing around it.

She rocked back and forth, moving it and out of her. Feral screams sounded through the nilüfer eskort grotto. The water fell hard, washing away her virgin blood. The sound of the water rose to a roar, mingling with her sounds as she climbed higher.

She arched, froze, and then she knew what it was to be a woman. She had seen a mountain once, the top of it flew into the sky, and a river of fire flowed out of it. She exploded into the sky. She let herself go into the river of fire.

As she slowly came back, she found herself still thrusting on the stem. Somehow, her ankle had worked itself free.

She collapsed forward, her body trembling. The stem slid out of her. She was sore.

Her skin was cool. The sun had dipped below the trees, it was nearly dark. She knew she couldn’t go back to the village until morning. One of the elders had told her, ‘Look past the falling waters.’

She stood and climbed back up the ledges. She stepped through the waterfall again, washing away the last of the girl in her.

Behind the waterfall was an opening in the rock. She followed it, a large cave was at the end. It was warm here. She would be safe for the night.

The walls glowed softly with a light of their own. She glanced back to the opening, night had fallen. She heard the sounds of the jungle at night.

In the middle of the cave, she found a large, flat rock. The top of it was covered with soft moss. It would make a comfortable place to sleep. She was surprised to see some small fruit trees growing inside here. She looked up, the top of the cave opened to the night sky. The light from the new full moon spilled in.

She was starving, she feasted on the fruit. It was different than the fruit from the village, each bite made her want more.

She ate her fill, and grew sleepy. It had been a long day. She climbed onto the rock, settling into the soft green carpet. It had the same scent as the path.

She warmed, and rolled to her back. The moonlight washed over her. She stretched, and sighed happily. Her hands slid between her legs.

She felt herself, still a bit sore. A small fire started beneath her fingers. Small sounds rose as she gently caressed herself.

With a sigh, she moved her legs apart, letting the moonlight play over her femininity. Her eyes closed as her fingers moved. She felt a small breeze, the cave walls had dimmed.

She felt a wisp float past her, and then another, and another. Her eyes flew open, she was not alone!

Fear rose in her, three spirits floated about her. She gave a shout of terror, and pulled herself into a ball, covering her nakedness as best she could.

One of the spirits moved closer, she cowered in fear and shame. It touched her. She could feel it’s thoughts.

It was filled with love, and happiness. That she had braved the jungle, and found her way here. Few had come this far. She would be rewarded for her sacrifice.

The others drew near, she could feel them too. She lay back, inviting them. She could feel how they admired her beauty, how they longed to join with her.

One touched her forehead, she was filled with feelings older than the stars, and stronger than the sun.

She felt herself lift out of her body. They drew to her, embracing her. She was filled with love and understanding.

They were the spirts that watched over this place. To keep their strength, they needed to join with a young female, untouched, but not a girl. She would allow them to survive. Without hesitation, she agreed.

She was back in her body. The spirits had changed, becoming flesh. Each of them were beautiful.

They stood taller than the biggest warrior from her village, their bodies perfect. She was small compared to them.

They were naked, she looked between one’s legs. His man flesh was large. She blushed. They touched her, she was consumed with the need to join with them, and they with her.

The largest brushed his lips over hers. She pulled him close. She felt hands gliding over her body, her skin came alive.

The hands were replaced by mouths. She moaned, and moved deeper into the kiss. A tongue found her nipple, another along her thighs. She broke the kiss, gasping. Another mouth closed on her other nipple. Streams of fire raged through her body.

The mouth on her thighs, found her wetness. She pushed hard against it. It licked her again and again, she gave a gasp with each. It slid in and out of her.

She reached, her hand found man flesh. It had grown hard. She closed her fingers around it. It filled her hand. She stroked it gently.

She felt a pull from below, she was being opened wider. The tongue moved up like a snake, and settled on the special spot. The mouth sucked as the tongue danced over it. Like the mountain, she erupted. She felt their strength grow.

She knew now that each time she let go, they would be stronger, able to survive. Her pleasure was how they fed. She also knew the more they felt, the more she would be able to release. It was a circle of life.

She pulled the hardness in her hand toward her. She wanted to kiss it, to feel it on her lips, to feel it in her mouth. It moved to her.

Her tongue touched it. Like the fruit, she wanted more. She licked along it, in a rhythm to the tongue licking her. The feelings passed among all four of them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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