Riya and Rudra Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 — A new day

In the morning both of us had no time to pick up things from where we had left them last night. He was getting late for work and so was I. Besides, our sexual attraction was so, that we couldn’t be upset with the other for long. We couldn’t afford it. He looked apologetically at me across the breakfast table and I smiled back. We were back on track again …that’s all it took. Was he mad suggesting I marry someone else? Who could I have so much understanding with? No one.

Thinking of the evening excited me so that I had to change my panties again. Ma was going to visit our farm for a week to check on the renovation and we would be home alone. Over the past 12 years this had happened often. Ma frequently had to visit our farm to keep things running smoothly. But all these times it never felt so pregnant with possibilities. When ma informed us of this over the table our eyes twinkled at each other. I would apply for leave as soon as I reached the university.

In the car I took the seat next to his instead of sitting at the back and smiled my naughty smile. “Hi there stranger.” He chuckled. Stealing a glance at the house he placed a kiss on my full lips and snuck his hand under my blouse to press my boobs then reluctantly diverted his attention to the car. He started ignition.

“So applying for a leave,” he had read my mind.

I sniggered, “You bet I am!”

He eyed me hungrily. “So if I get you pregnant you will keep the baby?”

“Absolutely,” I answered but didn’t look at him. I was amazed that I felt shy of the subject when we had seen each other naked before and this is all I had thought about the past couple of years.

” What about the people that are around us? They will never accept it.”

“I haven’t figured everything out yet. Aur kuch aap bhi socho na …wo baby apka bhi to hoga ( “Why don’t you think of that , isn’t the baby going to be yours too?”) I felt heat rise in my cheeks. I saw a pole rise in his pants to make a tent. I gently squeezed it to its delight, “Down boy! Don’t lose any of that precious cum. I want it buried deep inside me,” I said seductively.

He pushed my hand away. “Stop it,” he smiled. “What are you trying to do to me?”

“Seduce you,” I replied

“Well you don’t have to, I’m already seduced,” he eyed me again. “Do you know anything about inbreeding. I read once that children born through such unions can have genetic disorders.”

“Yes, I’ve heard,” I replied. “But they are very rare in first generation siblings,” I smiled at him. “But ….,” I paused.

“But what?” he asked anxiously.

“But why do you ask, it’s not like we’re related or anything. Besides I have dreamed of this so many times now …. Me bearing your baby, if it doesn’t happen, I’ll die,” my voice echoed the sorrow my heart felt.

He jumped on the breaks and took my face between his hands. “I would never, ever let something like that happen to you …ever. “You know that …you know that? …say yes.”

“Yes, I know.” I pressed my body next to his and placed my head in the nook between his arm and shoulder and closed my eyes. “I know,” and I heard him sigh with relief and start the ignition again.

“What about the people who know us Riya? Everyone here knows, thinks, he corrected himself, we are siblings. What about them? What about ma?”

My heart sank hearing her name come up. I did love mother very much and so hadn’t figured this one out either.

“I don’t know …I just know I want you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.” The words tore through my chest. “I don’t know anything else,” I shook my head in anguish.

He pressed me against himself. “We’ll figure something out baby, don’t worry. But until we haven’t I’ll get you those birth control pills, on my way home today.”

My heart skipped a couple of beats. “Will you penetrate me today?” I asked in a little voice.

“Yes,” he answered resolutely. I smiled inwardly. I knew he wouldn’t, no he couldn’t ever see me in pain. I kissed the side of his rough jaw. He hadn’t shaved in ages. Perhaps I could do something about that.

“Have you thought about me these past few years,” I inquired.

“Babe you’re the only thing I’ve thought about these past few years,” he threw my boobs a sideways glance. “Strutting about in those see through sarees (an Indian dress), wrapped snugly to your supple skin, your milky boobs literally falling out of those body hugging blouses. You did a good job of keeping me awake for nights on end. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve torn those sarees off you, ripped your blouses and petticoats and rammed myself into your virgin cunt,” he threw me another hungry glance.

Copious amounts of juices leaked out of my pussy at this revelation and I began to wheeze. He looked at me now with knowing eyes. “Will you be alright?” he asked. I took an inhaler out of my purse and used it. “Do you want to come to my office today,” he said with concern.

“That, I think will not be a good idea,” I said between breaths. I bent İstanbul Escort against the dashboard to ease my breathing but it just wouldn’t. He placed a warm palm in the middle of my back and it felt like the contact generated electric impulses that were conducted directly by my pussy. It made me cough for air.

“Please don’t touch me right now. I’ll be alright in a bit,” and after ten minutes my breathing began to ease. I closed my eyes and assumed my place back in his arms next to his warm body. I shivered at the warmth his body generated and his arm came around me.

“Let me know if you don’t feel well during the day, I’ll come collect you,” with that he dropped me at the university.

Evening went by in a jiffy. I had moved through classes almost in a trance like state …luckily I do not make friends, which is why I was kept from making small talk and no one was able to prick the bubble I was in.

I was almost thinking of taking a cab to reach home early when he parked his car right in front of me. I can’t explain the smile that broke on my face but I can tell you the way my heart bloomed taking in his handsome face …the mere hint of a dark stubble, his dark eyes glinting back at me like two jets fringed with thick long lashes under winged brows. He had a deep gash on one side of his forehead from an accident he had had a couple of years ago, that lent him a dark, foreboding look. But I loved it, no matter how dark it made him look, I knew I had his heart in the palm of my hands. So to see him first thing at the end of my work day was an answer to all my prayers.

I hopped into the front seat. “How were you today,” he inquired.

“I was on cloud nine,” my eyes twinkled at him.

“How was willy? Did you have to pet him at all today?”

He chuckled. “Ahh don’t ask?”

“Did you get the pills?”

He nodded.

“Should I pop one now?”

“Wait until we get home …okay.”

“Okay master!” He had just turned on the link road that would take us home early. It was a lonely dirt road that few in our direction took. He wanted to be alone with me, the thought gave me tickles down under, so I lifted my leg and sat astride facing him in his lap.

“Whatttttt…….” The car screeched to a halt. “Do you want us to have an accident,” he threw a surprised look at me.

“No,” I said lustfully, “I want to feel willy against my throbbing pussy.” I unzipped his pants and tore my panties away, moved my hips from side to side adjusting my pussy pressing it as much as I could against willy. I heard him moan.

He parked the car under a tree. “Lest we have an accident and people see us in our incestual embrace. That waiting for twelve years has done you a lot of good,” he said then pushed his head back against the seat and for a moment his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

I undid the buttons on his shirt, opened the front of my blouse, “Undo my hook please,” I whispered in his ear and when he did I pressed my naked boobs against his bare chest. The hair on his chest grazing against my soft nipples.

“Do you remember the first time I unhooked your bra?”

“Hmmmm,” I said in a half moan. Willy had hardened so much I was worried it would enter me on its own without help from either me or him.

“We were on the farm do you remember?” I nodded against the side of his neck

“I had worn it on purpose.”


“It was my first time …and I wanted you to know, ma had got two of those for me. I had wanted you to unhook your present.”

“How old were you then?”

“I was in senior year.”

“Hmm you were a late bloomer,” he chuckled. “Look at you now,” he grabbed hold of my ample breasts, “Who would’ve known?” He rubbed his lips against my nipples, biting and sucking on them.

“So tell me , had you liked my bra?”

“The material was very soft but not as soft as your baby breasts! He planted a loving kiss on them one at a time. “I prefer them bare though.”

“That’s exactly why I always kept them bare whenever we were home together, so you could play with them every chance you got.”

“I remember it clearly. You rubbed your hand against my boobs, felt the whole outline of my bra and then you whispered into my ear. “Riya open it.” I had lifted myself a few inches for you to get to my hooks but even then you dint know how. In the end you had slid the cups off my breasts. You loved to suckle on them,” I gave a tiny shiver. “Do you know how to undo them now?” I had pictured myself dressing up in expensive lingerie for him and intended fulfilling my dream of being unwrapped by him.

“Just give me a break and don’t wear them at all …specially this week. It has come after twelve years. Let me savour your body the way I want to.”

I laughed at that. “Do as you please.” Ye jism ab apka hi hai ( “This body belongs to you alone now.”) I felt his willy twitch at that.

We kissed each other and his mouth tasted minty fresh, perhaps I should take a cue from him and make my body taste just as good to him. His tongue flicked Anadolu Yakası Escort at the back of my throat and I loved the taste of it. Then he sucked on my tongue like he sucked on my nipples. Like babies suckle at mother’s breasts. An image in my head flooded my pussy again. I was breastfeeding him on one side and our baby on the other. I inhaled sharply and he stopped kissing me to look into my flushed face.

“You’re so beautiful Riya, I’ve died a hundred deaths every time I imagined you in someone else’s arms. Your breasts being mauled by your husband, you’re virginity being taken by a stranger’s phallus…” he shuddered at that.

“That will never happen, that will never happen my darling, I belong to you and only you.” I assured holding him against the breasts he loved so much.

Now I was lying in his bed, in a thin wispy satin nighty with my curves visible. As soon as we had got home both of us had run to our bathrooms to get ready for the night. After a long bath I had rubbed a fragrant oil all over my supple skin. Then poured it over my pussy and used my fingers to push the smell as far inside me as possible. When I went to his room he was still in his bath.

“Where are those pills?” I asked.

“Right on the table next to my bed,” he replied.

“When should I have them?”

“Just take one just now.” He hollered from under the shower.

I climbed into his bed under the covers and waited for him. I wondered whether he had taken a leave as well or not and from the response that my pussy gave I hoped that he had.

I had drifted a little by the time he came back. I got a whiff of his cologne when he climbed into bed next to me. He had shaved. His stubble always gave me rashes, so he had taken precautions. He dropped the towel and came under the covers stark naked, just the way I liked him. Our lips found each other and we kissed a passionate kiss. I began to tremble and wheeze thinking of the ultimate.

“Shhhhh,” he whispered into my ear. “Easy, I won’t do anything that you don’t want me to.”

“I know,” my voice broke. “I know …but it’s been so long and we’ve never done this before. It’s making me anxious.

“Then we don’t have to do it,” he said with certainty.

“Noooooo… I cut in…we do.”

“We could do it tomorrow baby.”

“No, today. We’re going to do it today.”

“Okay, okay he said. Calm down, just lie for a while. We’ll take one step at a time okay,” he let me rest in the crook of his arm and shoulder raking his fingers through my amber hair. My honey eyes filled with angry tears and began to run easily down my pale white cheeks. I had dreamed of this so many god dammed times.

“I’m so angry with myself,” I gave way to my frustration.

“There’s no reason for you to be. I’m here and you’re here. I will penetrate you.” A breath caught in my throat again and he noticed. We were quiet for a while.

“Does it pain,” I asked.

“Yes, a little in the beginning but then it becomes pleasurable.”

“Have you done it before?”

“Yes. But virgins are very hard to come by,” he laughed then froze. There was a pause. “We’re not doing the right thing, Riya. I’m not doing the right thing. I should not be the one taking your virginity. It will spoil your chances of having a good marriage. I know guys. I know they put a lot of store by this kind of a thing. I can’t take your virginity.”

I sat astride him on his willy and looked into his eyes. “You are and you will and today,” I said without a doubt in my mind. “I’m not going to marry, I love you, how can I marry someone else? Just a while ago you said you couldn’t see me with anyone else, a stranger’s phallus inside my virgin pussy.” I argued my point.

He raked his hair frustrated and in confusion. He dragged a cigarette box from his bed side table and I helped him with a lighter.

“You’re not doing anything that I don’t want bhaiya (brother),” he dragged on a cigarette in deep thought and moved his head from side to side.

“No, this is wrong…wrong,” he placed a hand on his head and pressed hard. “What am I thinking?”

“Okay tell me who do you think should take my virginity. Someone who doesn’t even give two hoots about me.”

“Your husband will give two hoots about you,” he said glaring at me, “or he will learn to.”

“No one will want me the way you do. No one. Besides it’s my virginity, don’t I get to choose who takes it and who doesn’t? Yes, I do and I want you to take it. I want the first time to be the best time and I can only trust you enough to know that with you will be the best time.”

“Oh…God,” he groaned in agony.

“Okay tell me did you give two hoots about those girls that you were talking about a while ago?” “Which girls?”

“That’s exactly what I meant. They were strangers for you and so they did not matter. I will not matter to anyone else as I will to you. Please I placed my head against his chest. “You love me the way no one else will, please, or don’t you want me either anymore,” my lips drooped at the edges in sorrow.

He Kartal Escort lifted my face at that, “Do you know why those girls didn’t register, because I pictured you in their place the whole time. I love you. I will always want you and this taboo thing makes me desire you even more.”

He made me lie on my back then and my nighty was gone in a second. He kissed my mouth sucking my lips, my mouth, my tongue. He sucked hard on it, then blazed a trail of kisses down my throat to Mount Vesuvius. “I still can’t get over how big they are now.”

” Yea back then when you touched them last was when I was in class twelve, only eighteen.” “Yea well you’ve starved me of them so long I feel like chewing them, and they taste just perfect. What is that taste?”

“That’s an oil I bought in anticipation of this a few months ago when I watched the video that I told you about.

“Do you still have that video?”


“Show it to me in the morning. We’ll make one of ours that you can watch.” He would take my virginity then. Oh, I was so relieved and excited. “I have to go to the office day after, so you’ll have something to do then, even if watching a video.”

“Don’t talk of going away just yet. I’ve only just got you back and I want to cling to you and make up for lost time.” I kissed his shoulder. “Lie on me,” I asked him.

How will I finger you if I’m lying on you babe?” His hand parted my fleshy thighs.

“Well you don’t need to finger me now. Do you,” I gave him my cat with a canary smile and he chuckled.

“I like fingering you,” he said close to my ear, “besides you’re so tight I’m a little worried on whether you’ll be able to take me inside you.” I had given willy a few glances and he did look kind of grown up since the last time I had seen it. Besides I knew nothing about how far I could stretch. All I knew was that I wanted to, for my brother, no matter how much stretching it took and I felt another dam break somewhere deep inside me and flood my pussy gates.

“I’ll open for you I know.” I whispered, my voice laced with desire, my sex wreaking with musty juices.

He gave me a passionate kiss at that. “Maybe we should give your cave a few fingering days as a precautionary measure, before I pull that on him,” he glanced down at willy.

“No, no we’re not, …today.”

“I’m worried I’ll hurt you babe, why can’t you understand that? It’ll ruin our entire week ….”

“I don’t want to wait anymore and I don’t want to hear that again and argue over it, please,” I said in frustration. Why were we whispering? Ma wasn’t even home. But we were used to it …price for pursuing things taboo. And by now I liked our ways and I stuck to whispering. “Please bhaiya I need this, I need you.”

He sighed. “How long ago did you have your period.”

Finally I had made some headway. “It’s almost two weeks away so no worries.” I declared triumphantly.

“Yes worries,” he said at once. “Do you not know a woman is most fertile during this period? You’re probably ovulating right now.”

“But I’m on a pill, aren’t I.”

“Yea, a pill that you popped fifteen minutes ago. I don’t want to knock you up, when we haven’t planned the future yet.

“You will not,” I said. “Don’t worry. Now lie on me and free willy inside me. “usko meray andar khulla chor do ( set him lose inside me ),” he grabbed a fistful of my hair and almost bit into my mouth when I said that. I had turned him on and I so loved this power I had over him. He lifted himself and sat aiming willy like a guided missile between my legs.

“Riya your hole is so tiny it’s almost worrisome.”

“Well no one used it …so what can I say. You should have taken my virginity all those years ago. Better late than never though.”

“Where’s your oil?”

“It’s in my room downstairs.”

He climbed two steps at a time and was back in bed on top of me. My legs spread apart and my pussy facing him. “Oh baby, you don’t need any oil you’re so wet. “Tell me if it’s too hot,” he poured a few drops onto my cave.

No it wasn’t, it was just a few degrees below hot and it felt wonderful “Mmmmmmmmmmhhh,” I moaned my approval. Everything beyond this was uncharted territory for me. I was, no we were embarking on a new adventure. “Tell me if I hurt you at any time and we’ll stop.” “Okay,” I breathed hoarsely.

He held a rock hard willy, rubbed some oil on it and placed it at my entrance. I felt his soft head rub against my pussy, on my clitoris then down my drenched hole he was just at my entrance, I was trembling so hard that I couldn’t know for sure whether he was too or not. He pressed his head against my opening and pushed in. I bit into my lip. I had never imagined it would be this painful, but I said nothing. One wrong move now and he would stop all together. I had to bite the bullet, it would be now or never. The oil, the god damned oil had done nothing.

“Ssssssssss ummmmmm,”I bit into my lip. He stopped. I looked into his eyes. He knew I was in pain at once, but he also knew It would not sit well with me if he stopped now. After a reluctant sigh he continued. He rubbed it in my juices again and poured some more oil over my entrance. He pressed hard this time and at least the head went in. He let the pain subside a little. How big was he? I wondered in pain. Would it even go all the way in.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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