Road Trip! Ch. 07

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Day 9…

Monday morning broke with the threat of yet, another rainstorm, flashes of lightning bright in the dark clouds still over the Gulf, heavy grey clouds over the island that is Gulf Shores.

Marni and I figured we could get our run in and get back to the duplex before the rains came. We did, but just barely. Marni had no sooner closed the sliding screen door behind her when the skies dumped it’s cargo on us.

“Now, that’s cutting it close,” Marni remarked, her voice louder than normal in order to be heard over the pounding of the large raindrops on the metal roofing of the duplex.

“Yep, we could’ve been caught out in this downpour had we started a couple of minutes later,” I opined, handing her a fresh mug of coffee to take with her to the couch.

Most people would be bummed about losing vacation days to the weather, to the rains, but we weren’t, not in the least. Neither of us were shopaholics, both being more ‘buyers’ than ‘shoppers’. But, outside of beach fun, the attraction along the coast was pretty much shopping or golfing, and while we’re both golfers, space cadets that we are, it didn’t cross our minds to load our clubs when we packed for the trip.

At the end of the day, if rains kept us indoors, we were okay with that, no problem with that at all.

“The shop clerk that wanted our review of ‘Thick-Dick?,” Marni said after she booted up her email program on her IPad, “looks like she sent a note of thanks for the review.”

“That’s sweet,” I commented while fixing my own mug.

“Damn…really?” She muttered, her eyes on the screen, sipping coffee on a corner of the couch.

“Really what?” I naturally asked.

“Seems as if Ms.digschicks69 was smittened by us the other night,” Marni said as she continued to read the email, “and, in a nutshell, she’s off tomorrow night, Tuesday night, and would like to get together with the two of us for a little girly-play.”

“She actually said that?” I asked of my travel-mate.

“No,” Marni replied, “What she actually said was, and I quote,’I’d love to give you both the best pussy-eating you’ve ever had’, that’s what she actually said.”

I spit the mouthful of coffee out of my mouth and nose, splattering the front of the refrigerator, that remark catching me completely off-guard.

“Damn girl, does the thought of a threesome get you that excited?” Marni teased but rising to help me clean up the mess.

“She serious?” I questioned further, while finishing with the cleanup.

“Apparently, she is…you know as much as I do at the moment, sweetie,” Marni answered, her and I sharing a look of ‘what-the-fuck’ on our faces.

“While threesomes can be a lot of fun, they can also lead to the green-eyed monster rearing its ugly head…not many people can handle it,” Marni commented, “especially when its all gals.”

“I’ve seen it happen when its two guys with a gal, as well,” I offered to the discussion, “So, its not just gals that can get threatened or jealous.”

Marni just stared at me, her mouth opened in shock? Surprise?, her mug just below her lips, my remark stopping her intended sip.

“What?” I asked, aware that she was staring at me agape.

“You’ve had a threesome?” Her voice betraying her obvious shock and surprise.

“Not with women, I mean, you know that…you’re my first, you know that,” I answered honestly, “but, I’ve had a few with two guys and me, when I was in college, and I even had one with Prince-Fucking-Charming,” the reference being my ex-fiance.

“You are pulling my fucking chain,” She declared, not believing me for some reason.

“Marni…when I left the ranch in Wyoming to go to college, I had eighteen years of stored-up oats to sow, eighteen years of questions about life, life off the ranch. In short, if I was to be brutally honest about my first two years at college? I was a bit of a slut and tried to take advantage of being off the ranch and on my own,” I explained.

“It took one of my professors who accidently overheard a couple of guys talking about me, about me being easy, to get my attention,” I added, “He was a sweet old man, old-school manners and morals, and truly cared about his young charges. Thanks to him and his counsel, I got my libido under control and quit the party life.”

“So, how did you feel about threesomes, how did you handle it?” She asked, her attention gotten, evidently.

“Probably easier when its one gal with two hard-legs, less emotion with guys that just want a piece of ass,” I replied, “But, I think I’m able to separate the physical act of sex from any emotional connection to one or more of the partners.”

She just chewed on my answer for a bit, like she was disecting every thing I had just said. After a few minutes of silence, she looked up, her face looking ‘indicisive’ to me, had anyone asked.

“I’m going to reply ‘thanks but no thanks’ to her,” Marni said, “make up a bullshit excuse,” her voice indicating that the subject matter was off the table, conversation ended.

“Okay,” casino siteleri I offered in agreement, not that my opinion was asked for…

The rain stopped around ten that morning and by noon, the sun was back at work. We had just finished a thrown-together brunch of sorts, our cocktail of choice, naturally, Mimosas. Took a quick trip to the liquor store for the bubbly but, what the hell?

Around four that afternoon we decided to take one last swim before going in. We’d been on the beach since one’ish and had finished our first round of Mimosas and were now working on our second. The warm sun, the cocktails…you get the picture, we were fairly blitzed.

“My ex?,” Marni said out of the blue, while she ‘towed’ me in slow circles in the waist-deep water. She had grabbed me when I came up from a shallow dive, putting her arms under my armpits, pulling me onto my back, my head resting against her body, against her boobs. Each of her hands had one of my titties in grasp, she walking backwards and pulling me.

Quite relaxing for me, I must say.

“My ex was into threesomes, really liked having two gals as sex partners,” She said, continuing her thought, “and guys too, every once in a while he’d want another guy to join us in bed.”

“That the reason for the divorce?” I asked.

“No, he fell in love with another woman and kicked me to the curb…but honestly, I had been thinking about divorcing him for about a year, he just beat me to the lawyer,” She answered.

“Was that your first time with another woman, you know, when you had threesomes with another gal,” I asked, curious about it, honestly.

“My first? No…no, my first would be the mother of my boyfriend when I was a junior in high school,” she answered matter-of-factly.


“Really… she convinced my mom to let me stay with her ‘for company’, when her husband and son, my boyfriend, were off on a weekend hunting trip. Got me tipsy, well, drunk actually,” She said casually.


Oh no, you’re not going to leave me hanging, I clearly remembered thinking.

“She ‘helped’ me to bed after I had trouble standing, ‘helped’ me undress to just my bra and panties…next thing I knew? My bra was off, and she was sucking on my tits with her hand down my panties, playing with my pussy,” Marni said further.

“Whatd’ya do?” I asked with a voice full of what-the-fuck?

“I let her…shit, Jules, it felt good and when she went down on me, I just laid back and enjoyed the ride,” She said in finality.

“Did you report her?”

“Report her? Oh, hell no…I had her show me how to eat pussy, that’s what I did,” She chuckled in reply, “we found lots of reasons to spend time together after that weekend.”

“Well, you know my first, that would be you,” My pitiful, by comparison, disclosure offered by me to the conversation.

“First dick?” She asked, her hands massaging my boobs the whole time, she, nor I, not caring that there were people on the beach sunbathing and walking, probably watching her fondle me.

“Joey, my first ‘real’ boyfriend,” I replied, “He was a senior, I was a lowly sophmore.”

“Yeah, me too, my first boyfriend gave me my first dick-fuck,” She said, “and dick-suck too, now that I think about it.” Laughing at saying it.

“Me too, Joey’s was the first dick I sucked,” I offered up.

“First threesome?” She asked.

“It was terrible…got drunk at a Frat party during rush week, went upstairs with two of the frat brothers and we wound up getting naked,” I answered.

“Looking back on it, though,” I said further, “I think they were more interested in getting naked with each other and just used me as an excuse to do so…they spent a lot more time playing around with each other than they did with me.”

“Surprised that you tried it again,” She mused.

“Yeah, me too…but I did,” I said, “But you know what? You know what really has me puzzled?”


“I don’t know how, for the life of me, I missed out on sleeping with girls, can’t figure that out for shit,” I mused.

“Doesn’t matter, baby,” She said softly, kissing my ear afterwards, “You’ve caught up.”

Well, couldn’t argue that now, could I?…

We were laying in bed, well, propped up against the headboard, both of us working with our IPads, the sat-TV system providing soft background music. With the screened doors filtering the gentle breeze from the beach, it was an almost-perfect scene of bliss.

I had just finished with work emails and stuff and was catching up on Facebook stuff, she doing the same with emails and such.

“Son-of-a-bitch,” Marni said softly, her tone one of awe, not of anger.

“What?” I asked while scanning newer posts on FB.

“The clerk, Ms.digschicks? Remember in the store when she rang us up, she had on an awful-looking smock of some sort?,” She replied.

“Uh-huh,” I replied casually.

“Well, she sent a reply to my ‘thanks-but-no thanks’ email and she attached three pics,” Marni explained, yüksek bahisli casinolar her attention clearly on what she was seeing and not so much on what she was saying, “her email said, ‘Sure I can’t change your mind? Check out my pics’, that message and the three jpg files.”

It did get my attention.

“Check this out,” Marni said handing me her IPad.

The girl was built like the proverbial brick shit-house, a fact all too well hidden by her work smock.

One pic was of her face and chest, most of her boobies showing but not all, the ‘tat’ on her neck, prominent.

Another pic was of her laying on her back in bed, her fingers spreading her pussy-lips, her nicely shaped breasts riding high with hard nipples, squeezed together by her stretching arms.

But, it was the third pic that got your attention.

The third pic was of her on her knees, her profile unmistakable with her neck tatoo and her mouth on the pussy of an Afro girl. Flanking the black girl, who was leaning against a counter-top of some sort, were two white gals, both naked, each playing with the Afro-girl’s boobs, and with the clerk’s fingers in each gal’s snatch.

Handing Marni her Ipad, we just stared at each other, our eyes searching each other for clues. Marni spoke first.

“How would you feel about watching me go down on another woman if we were to take her up on her offer, I mean, honestly feel?” She asked, her eyes hard on mine.

“How would you feel about watching me do the same thing?” I countered.

“This ‘thing’ we have, this ‘thing’ that we’re sharing on our trip, whatever it is, its on a much higher level than recreational sex,” She offered as an answer.

“I agree with you, with everything you just said,” I responded, “I think it’s something else entirely, not just recreational for you and me.”

She was quiet for about a heartbeat.

“It could be a lot of fun,” She mused.

“Kinda’ what I was thinking,” I mused in return, “and besides, remember our ‘pinky swear’? What happens on vay-cay, stays on vay-cay? Pretty sure this would qualify.”

“Soooo…?” She asked, eyebrows arched in question.

“Set it up, if you’re asking me,” I replied as I closed my IPad, setting it on the nightstand and, sliding between her legs, I laid my head on her belly, placing small kisses to her navel, “Sounds like a fun way to end our stay at the beach.”

Oh, hell yes, we had ‘monkey-sex’ that night…

Day 10…

“What(pant)a(pant)gorgeous(pant)day.” Marni gasped as we ran hard on the return leg of our morning run.

It was.

A ‘Chamber of Commerce’ day that broke as beautiful as the reddish-tinged sunset had promised the night before.

Walking in slow circles on the hard-packed sand near the water-line in front of the duplex, Marni and I slowly regained our breath, sweat dripping from us, our faces blush-red from the exertion.

“Wow…that was intense,” She averred when she was able to speak without gasping.

“Ya’ think?” I joked, bent over, hands on my knees, “Race you to the porch?” I said suddenly, my hands pulling her running shorts to her ankles in a swift move that she never saw coming.

“Bitch!” She screamed, laughing at the same time, stuggling to pull up her shorts. The sight of her standing there with running shorts around her ankles brought a bit of chuckling from the older couple that was walking nearby when I did it.

“I win,” I yelled over my shoulder when I reached the porch, dashing through the opened screen-door and taking the stairs two at a time, my goal, simply, to be first in the shower…

” ‘K…no, that’s fine, that’ll work…and you’re sure we’re not imposing?” I said as my phone conversation with Sue was coming to an end, “Okay then, we’ll see you around noon and I’ll call when we near the outskirts of town.”

“All good?” Marni asked while pouring us a fresh mug of deliciousness.

“All good…in fact, the Sues are having a few of their friends over tomorrow evening for a casual ‘meet and greet’ with us, boiled Crawfish being the main dish.”

“Never done boiled Crayfish,” Marni said.

“Crawfish…not crayfish,” I corrected, “Sue made sure that I knew the difference, though I’m not sure I followed it…anyway, she said its sorta’ like eating boiled shrimp, only better.”

“Oh, okay, that’ll work…I like boiled shrimp,” She declared.


Marni’s phone signaled a text. Looking at it, she sorta’ smiled.

“Ms.digschicks69 sent me her phone number, wants me to call her,” Marni explained, “And, by the way? her name is Gayle.”

“So, do it…I’m going to begin the packing process now,” I said as I walked towards the stairwell, “Don’t want to have that nagging at the back of my mind tonight.”

“Great idea…I’ll be up after I’ve talked with her.”

Our last day in paradise, I mused as I started the sorting of clean from dirty, setting the dirty aside for a trip to the washer and dryer, downstairs.

Possibly mobil casino the best vay-cay of my life I was deciding, and not just because of the sex, though that was a huge part of it. No, for me, and for Marni as well, I was sure, it was all about something else for us. Our friendship had risen to a whole other level, I felt pretty sure that she was feeling it too.

What happens when we get back to Portland? I wondered suddenly, what happens when we get back to the ‘real world’? I’ll worry about it then, I decided, my intent, simply, to fully enjoy whatever our vay-cay had in store for us…

“So, that’s the plan? We’ll meet her at LuLu’s, have dinner and, if we’re all okay with the vibes, come back here?”

“Kinda’ like her thinking,” Marni said from the laundry room as she moved our wash to the dryer, “Gives us both an ‘out’ if the vibes aren’t there…smart, actually.” She opined

I was cleaning out the refrigerator though, honestly, there wasn’t a lot left over. We had done a good job with our grocery list in determining our needs for the week I thought in silent congratulations that we had.

“Think that about does it, babe,” I declared as I looked around the kitchen and in the pantry for missed items and such, “Whatever beer or liquor we have left after our little party tonight we can take with us for our trek home.”

“Good…let’s put the lunch dishes in the dishwasher and go get some sun,” Marni said decidedly.

We did…

“Damn girl, you can do this as long as you’d like,” Marni cooed contentedly.

It was she who was on her back that afternoon, floating in the water, and I who was doing the ‘towing’, only I was doing it while swim-kicking us in circles in the water, her body sorta’ floating on mine. I had my hands over both of her boobs, holding on to her in that way.

I liked the exercise provided by the swim-kick, liked that I could give both my body, and my libido, a work-out in the warm water.

Honestly, as we went about our tasks of pre-packing and cleaning up and all that, there was a sexually-charged atmosophere in the house. Both of us, I’m sure, excited by the evening of debauchery that lay ahead.

Not that it was a bad thing, mind you…

“She’ll meet us outside of LuLu’s,” Marni explained as I drove us to meet our ‘date’ for the evening, “and she’s already made a reservation in her name.”

“You look great by the way,” I said in compliment of her ass-hugging shorts and her thin peasant blouse that ‘almost’ showed her braless titties through the gauzy material.

“Glad you like…for the record, though?” She said in acceptance, “I dressed for you, no one else.”

“Actually, I did too,” I replied.

She had already complimented my choice of a butt-flattering leather skirt and a low-cut blouse that provided a lovely view of the swell of my ta-tas.

Slowing, then turning off the boulevard onto the road that led to LuLu’s, Marni reached over and took my hand in hers, her caress, tender.



“This has nothing to do with you and I, remember that…this is all about fun and games, nothing more, nothing else,” Marni said, her eyes on me.

I snagged the first empty parking spot I saw and roughly threw the car into park, jolting us a bit. Turning towards her, I said, “Don’t worry, Marni, okay?…this thing tonight? Its all about sharing a new experience for me, but only because I have you by my side, ‘K?” I replied, squeezing her hand in return.

Leaning forward, I kissed her sweetly, “Now, let’s go meet our date,” the remark bringing giggles to us both…

“Ladies,” We heard from behind us, the two of us choosing to wait for Gayle by looking around in the attached gift shop of LuLu’s.

Gayle was about five-seven’ish, wearing shorts and a tee that flattered her figure, her hoop earrings adding a nice touch to the whole ‘look’, I thought. She probably weighed the same as me, I judged quickly in the first few seconds of seeing her, but by no means, chunky or flabby, obviously an exerciser.

“Glad y’all took me up on my offer,” She said further, hugging us one at a time, her hand placed casually on our asses when she did so, each hug ending with a quick peck to our lips.

Taking charge of the situation, she asked the hostess to seat us at a rail-side table, next to the waterway.

“Nice,” I commented, “the breeze feels good.”

Our server walked up and before she could even introduce herself, Gayle said, “A round of Margaritas,” her eyebrows raised and looking to us for agreement, Marni and I nodding, “and a tray of boiled Crawfish as an appitizer. We’ll look at the menu and give you the rest of our order when you bring the ‘bugs’,” her reference to the Crawfish.

“Should warn you,” Marni remarked as the three of us opened our menus, “Neither of us have ever eaten boiled Crawfish.”

“It’s easy,” Gayle said dismissively as her eyes quickly scanned the menu, “I’ll show you how.”

We had just raised our drinks to each other in a silent toast when the steaming tray of appetizers arrived, the server setting a smaller plate in front of each of us.

“Watch…pick one up and do exactly what I tell you to do…watch me as I do it,” Gayle said, Marni and I each picking up one of the scarlet-red crustaceans, steam vapors rising from the pile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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