Roadtrip Day 01

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This is the story of a friend that is flying in from across country to spend time with me while I drive back home. Hope you like it. I tried to get the flow of the story and grammar correct but if you have any constructive criticism, feel free to comment. Thanks.


I’m picking you up at the airport after not seeing you for four years and reconnecting, only, a few months ago. Getting off the plane, a tall, muscular dark haired beauty walked my way. Last time I saw you, you were just a friend. This time you are my wet dream, my sex toy. You walked right up to me and we kiss, right there in front of everybody. It was a deep, long, hot kiss; the kind that makes other people jealous. They stared as months of pent up sexual aggression was being let out in one moment.

We didn’t even make it out of the airport before I had to have you. You’ve been driving me wild for months through pictures, texts, calls and vide chat. I wasn’t waiting any longer. We took the elevator down to baggage claim. I didn’t give a fuck if there was a camera on it; I pushed you up against the wall and kissed you hard. I grabbed you around the waist and pulled you close. I grabbed your firm, sexy ass, picked you up and pinned you to the elevator wall. You wrapped your legs around me like I knew they would be several times this trip. As the doors opened, I put you down and we walk out hand in hand.

On the way to baggage claim, we walked by a family restroom and I had a great idea to pushed you inside. I locked the door and we went at it. Kissing as I undid my belt and pants, I then told you to get on your knees and get my cock hard and wet because I was putting it in you. Without a word, you did just that. My god, I could spend all day getting my dick sucked by you but that’s not why we were here. I told you to stop and helped you up, then spun you around so your hands were on the sink looking into the mirror at me. I released the button of your jeans and pulled your pants and very wet panties down to your ankles. I spread your legs as wide as they would go and slid my finger into your wet pussy. You were ready and my cock was hard. With one hand over your mouth and the other around your neck to stop you from making any noise, I thrust my cock into you pussy in one motion. I could hear your moans muffled by my hand and I give your throat a not so gentle squeeze.

I wanted to pound your pussy but I focused on not making noise. The temptation to slap your ass was overwhelming but I kept some kind of control. Smoothly and quickly I slide in and out of you, while whispering in your ear how much of a slut you are and how I wanted you to play with your clit so you could cum on my cock in this airport bathroom. I whisper to you that I’m going to cum deep in your pussy and then pull her panties back up so you can sit in your wetness and my cum until we make it to the hotel. I can feel the effect this has on you. You’re dripping on my cock and my leg. I love it.

I can feel you touching your clit like a woman in heat. Your fingertips hit my cock every time you rub yourself. It’s fast and rough but I can feel you beginning to tense up, I can see the look on your face. Your eyes are closing; the muscles in your shoulders are getting tight. You’re biting your lip. It is so sexy to watch you as I take you from behind. You’re close! So am I, your orgasm is going to make me cum… Hard! I tighten my grip on your mouth, and neck. I give your pussy a few more deep thrusts and then I feel it. I clamp down on your mouth to stop any sounds from escaping. You’re coming hard. I continue thrusting as you spasm, trying to keep you quiet. I can’t take it anymore and I start to orgasm. I keep pressure on your mouth and use my other hand to pull your body close into mine. I bite your shoulder as I cum, oh my god, it’s amazing. Every time your body tenses up for your orgasm, it makes me cum more. I didn’t think I was going to stop but finally we both are leaning over the sink, done with our orgasms, my cock still hard and deep inside you.

I slowly pull out of you, and pull your panties and jeans up. As I fasten your button and zip up your jeans, I tell her how dirty you are for Sakarya Escort letting me cum in you and how it will slowly leak out of you during our trip. You say you’ll love it and can’t wait for more. I can’t wait to give you more, there is a reason that you’ve been my fantasy for so long and we’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg. We make ourselves look presentable, then exit the bathroom. Not sure if anybody heard, don’t really care either. We walk to baggage claim, then out the doorway to parking and start our road trip.

The trip has been going pretty smoothly. Traffic hasn’t been too bad but, being northern assholes; we’ve still been cussing at every other driver on the road. We’ve kept a steady conversation going, kind of surprising since we have been talking almost every day for three months. You’ve been teasing me like crazy since we left the airport. My dick is damn near breaking through my pants and you keep going. You lightly touch my thigh, nibble on my earlobes as I drive and whisper in my ear about how much cum is in your panties.

We make it about four hours into the ten hour drive and stop for the day. I pick a nice hotel and we take a quick shower to wash off the drive, then head down to eat at the bar. Sitting next to each other close, we can’t keep from touching each other. Under the table you grip my cock and slowly stroke it. I can’t help but leak precum all over your hand, which you promptly lick off of your fingers. I get the check and we go back to the room. There is much that we need to take care of. My cock is ready to explode and you are going to get covered in cum.

When we get back to the room, I come up from behind you and whisper in your ear how much you’ve turned me on and how much I want to use your body. You tell me how wet you are but I’m not ready to touch your pussy. I’m going to fuck your mind before I fuck your body. You’re going to soak through your panties long before I even pull my cock out.

I reach around you and unbutton your jeans slowly, telling you everything that’s about to happen to you in very dirty details. I unzip you pants and slide them off of her body, running my hands down the back of your sexy, muscular legs on the way. I can hear your breathing quicken and a light moan escape your lips as I do. We don’t have to be quiet anymore and I want to make you scream.

You’re wearing cheeky panties. They are black with a little pink bow on the front right on the elastic band. I can see a wet spot; let’s see how much wetter I can get you. Still behind you, I tell you to put two fingers in your panties and in your pussy. I suck and nibble on the base of your neck as you play with yourself without question. Then I tell you to put your fingers in my mouth so I can taste you. I’ve only dreamed about how you taste, I’m excited to finally get the chance as you reach your two fingers over your shoulder and put them in my mouth. You taste exactly how I thought you would. You’re sweet, clean, sticky and perfect. I want nothing more but to bury my face between your legs and have your cum on my lips.

When I’m done sucking on your fingers, I take off your shirt and bra, so I can fully see your perfect body. I walk around you studying you. Your two children haven’t affected how sexy you are. You have long black hair showing your Ecuadorian roots. You have beautiful light brown/hazel eyes. Your lightly freckled cheeks are almost hidden from how much you are blushing. Usually, I get to see your slightly crooked smile showing your perfect teeth, but now you are panting heavily with anticipation and lust.

As I walk around you, I take in the back muscles leading into the shoulder muscles and arms. You have a tattoo over your left shoulder and on each of your hips, as well as a belly button ring. Your body is a work of art and I want to trace every curve of it with my tongue. Your ass and legs are strong, as I come behind you again; I run my hand over your pussy through the gap between your thighs. You’re panties are even wetter than before.

I pull your panties up, exposing your ass to me and tell you to bend over and put your hands on the bed. You are going to be Sakarya Escort Bayan punished. You’ve told me “no” one too many times today. But this is only going to be partly punishment. The other part will be me letting you know that you are mine. You think you’re a big woman and compared to other woman you are. But I am almost a foot taller than you and 80 lbs heavier. I am one of the few people in your life that makes you feel small. And, unlike other men, I am going to make you feel like a woman. I am going to worship your entire existence, get to know you deeper than any other person and take control of your mind and body.

My first spank is relatively light. I hit you right where your butt meets your legs, just enough to redden your cheek; then the other cheek. I alternate cheeks with my spanks getting progressively harder, always in the same spot. I want you to feel it the next day. I want to make sure you remember everything. Your breathing quickens in between spanks, but stops when you begin anticipating. Your moans become cries as I hit you harder. You ass is reddening well, so I take a break and go to the ice bucket to grab a piece of ice. You remain with your hands on the bed; you stay there either for fear of getting spanked worse for moving or because couldn’t sit down anyways. I lightly rub my fingertips over your butt and use the ice cube to cool you down. You cry out in relief as I do, you sound as if you are having a mini orgasm. I see you biting your lower lip as I do all of this, so I know you like it.

I’m done spanking you. I kiss each of your ass cheeks and leave them with a little bite as I take off your very wet panties. Your red, smooth skin tastes so good, I can’t wait to have more. You’re out of breathe, so I think it’s a good time to start being nice to you.

I turn you around and take off my shirt. The body you’ve been staring at in pictures for months is right in front of you, waiting for you. I tell you to get on your knees and take my pants off. You obey immediately, your hands trembling as they take my belt off and undo my jeans. My very hard cock springs out from my pants right into your face and waiting mouth. You take it in your mouth, right to the base. Now, it’s my turn to tremble. You are not used to somebody else being in control and fuck you just took control of the situation. But, I’m not letting it go that easily. You bob up and down on my hard cock for a few minutes, pulling it out to lick my balls and up the shaft to my head. Then, right back into your mouth, deepthroating me hard. I grab both sides of your head and start fucking your face. I pull your head back until I’m barely in your mouth then pull you back until my cock hits the back of your throat again. I’m rough with you. I told you I would be.

I grab your hair and pull you away from me and look into your eyes. You’re slightly teary from the face fucking, but the look of lust is burning a hole into me. You’re breathing heavily, you tell me you want to my cock inside of you but I want to hear you beg for it. “Please, please put you cock in me.” How can I say no to that? I tell you to get my cock nice and ready for your pussy then get on the bed on all fours. You spit on my cock before putting it back in your mouth and you get it as wet and slippery as possible. That may have been one of the hottest things that has ever happened to me.

You position yourself on all fours at the foot of the bed so I can stand and slide right into your waiting, wet pussy. I have to taste, so I drop to my knees and lick your pussy from behind. I slide my tongue up into your ass, also. I get a response from that, so you must enjoy it or nobody has ever done it to you before. Maybe it’s because my hands are gripping your sensitive, red cheeks while I continue to lick you from pussy to ass over and over. You taste so good.

I’m ready to be inside of you so I stand up staring at the beautiful body presented in front of me. You’re looking back into my eyes, glancing down at my cock waiting for me, still biting your lip. I start very slow. I begin with very short thrusts, getting longer and deeper as I pick up the pace. My Escort Sakarya hands are in your hair pulling it into a long black pony tail. Besides my cock, this is my sole attachment to your body. I know how much you like a little pain with your pleasure and use your hair as leverage to slam you’re your pussy. You do not have to keep quiet this time, and you don’t even try.

Every time I bury my cock into your wet pussy you can feel the spankings you got earlier. I beat my body against the redness of your ass as I try to punish you. I can be very soft and gentle but, now, I just want to fuck you. I want to fuck you so hard that I hurt you. You seem to be thinking the same way because you are slamming you body back into me.

The moaning, grunts and groans we’re making are loud. I’m spitting out a variety of lust ridden curses that I can barely control. I tell you how much I love being inside of you, how much of a fucking slut you are, how much I can’t wait to cum all over you. I have no idea if the words coming out of my mouth even make sense but your screams tell the story. Fleeting thoughts pop into my head, hoping there are no people staying next door. Hoping there are no kids asking what the noise is next door. But in the end, I don’t care. The only thing in my world right now is you.

I stop. I push my cock as far into you as I can, lean over and wrap my arm around your neck. You start to tell me to fuck you harder. You get half way through the sentence when I flex my arm choking you. I believe it was you who said, “Jokes on you, I like to be choked.” Now jokes on you, I’m choking you and about to abuse your pussy. I can feel your body tighten up as I pick up my pace. I give you several hard thrusts while my arm remains tight around your neck. I can feel you wanting to cry out but I don’t relax my hold on your neck.

To give myself a break, I roll you onto your back. I bend over on my knees and start kissing your inner thighs. I slowly make my way up to you clit, through your red and swollen pussy lips. I blow on it lightly, before I kiss and lick it. The friction on my hard cock and your wet pussy has changed the taste but I still can’t get enough of it. I alternate between kissing, licking and sucking on your clit and pussy. I venture as far as licking the wetness off of your inner thigh and kissing you all over. This is place that I want to be a lot. Having me head buried between these strong, tight, muscular thighs is somewhere I’d like to be often. I’d tell you how much but I’d rather just show you. I push you up on the bed as I continue licking you and prepare to reenter you.

I put your legs against my shoulders and spread them far enough apart for you to get your fingers in there. You play with your clit as I slide in and out of you. I want you to cum on my cock before I cum all over you. I slide in and out steadily over and over again while you play with your clit. You feel incredible as I stare into your eyes. Our gaze remains on each other until your eyelids involuntarily close with you orgasm. I can feel it coming, your whole body tenses up and I grab your throat. You are strong, your body tries to push me away as I fight to keep myself in your pussy. I don’t stop, I like the fight. I step up my thrusts again, so I can keep that orgasm going. Finally, it subsides and I take my hand off of your neck. I keep my rhythm going after your orgasm but now I’m so close that I can’t even begin to stop mine.

While still inside of you, I prop myself up to a half standing, half squatting position and grab your biceps. Your legs are still propped up over my shoulders, and I’m going to pound your pussy until I cum. Now, it isn’t about you, it is totally about me. I roughly thrust my cock into you using your arms to pull me deeper and deeper until I can’t take it anymore and I have to cum. I pull my hard cock out of you and stand over you, as I cum all over your sexy body. The first couple spurts land in your hair and chin as you watch me. I aim for your chest and abs and finish off cumming on your pussy and legs. As you stare up at me, I continue to stroke my cock. Your cum covered body is so sexy. I can’t get enough of you.

I tell you not to move and leave to go to the fridge and grab you a rocks glass of tequila. I pour it and bring it back to you to drink still covered in cum. While you do I, bend down and blow cool air on you hot pussy before I give it a nice soft kiss and lick it softly while you drink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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