Roman Delight Ch. 06

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The Amoratorium, as it came to be called, was a converted gladiatorial school. When Lucius had acquired the facility it underwent extensive renovation, an easy albeit expensive conversion. The facility was perfectly suited for housing and training large numbers of slaves but it was rather austere for sex school and brothel. He had the walls frescoed with sex scenes, and mosaics were added to the floors with Venus, Eros and Baccus depicting stories of their liaisons with mortals. The main building housed the rooms for the overseer and trainers, as well as a guarded entrance and office. Another building in the back corner contained the kitchen, dining hall, storage areas and dormitory for the domestic slaves who cleaned and maintained the facility. The South side was a full bath complex with a small pool, frigidarium, tepidarium and caldarium as well as a latrine.

All the buildings were enclosed by a high wall topped by a walkway. While gladiators lived here it would have been manned by guards with bows or spears to keep them in line, now a single guard patrolled the wall. The north wall contained twenty individual cells or rooms covered by a peristyle. These were the accommodations for the slaves, just large enough for a bed, small table and chest for their clothing. On the East wall between the dining hall and the bath were some larger more luxurious rooms. These were reserved for the special slaves, those who showed a knack and vigor for their training, who excelled beyond the core instruction and destined to become the expensive courtesans. These rooms were lavishly decorated with couches and a feather mattress for the bed. Ornately crafted wall sconces were added for candles and lush rugs were placed on the floor. The courtyard of the school, which had once been a training ground, was converted into a garden and the mini arena turned into an open theater where the girls could also practice their singing and dancing.

The school had a variety of slaves in different stages of training. Most were women but there were, on occasion, a male or two to be found. On rare occasions they have a man with an unusually large cock come through, mostly they were catamites who had been castrated at young ages so their bodies didn’t develop overly masculine features. All of them were put on a rigorous program of physical fitness. The women were trained to control their vaginal muscles allowing them to caress a cock without even moving. Both the men women were trained how to lick a pussy. Most Roman women have never experienced a mind blowing orgasm from having their pussy licked but when it was done right they always came back for more. The men were also trained to control their own orgasms. It was there job pleasure the women, or men, who paid for their services, it wouldn’t do to have them cumming early leaving their clients unsatisfied. If they did it was their duty to finish the job by licking out the client’s pussy, cum and all, until she was satisfied. The catamites, who were taught the finer points of anal for the Greek clients and how to keep their bodies looking feminine. In addition to sex training they were also taught Latin, etiquette, dancing, singing and massage.

The training for most sex slaves took four to six weeks. By that time they could speak some Latin, entertain, and were starting to gain sexual mastery over their bodies. Those who showed the inclination and skill were assigned to the luxury rooms and given another month of advanced training that turned them into veritable sex goddesses. Once, the school had two advanced girls at the same time, however more often than not there were none.

While the facility was officially a sex school it also operated as brothel. There was no better practice than the real thing. Patrons could come and mingle with the prostitutes in the garden or retire with them to their cell. Others were content to watch erotic dances performed at the small theater. The baths were also open and, unlike the public baths, allowed the girls inside with the men. There were few things as enticing as fucking in the baths, except maybe taking a virgin. Each girl was inspected to see if her virginity was intact or not. If she was a virgin her training regime would focus on oral for a few days before she was sent to one of the brothels where her virginity was put up for sale to those who could afford it. Depending on the girls and clients the brothels could make anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 denarii.

The school was located to the East of Misenum on the outskirts of Puteoli. It took about an hour for Aurelia to arrive with the new slaves. During which time she had her way with Exudius’ cock again. She had snuggled up to him as they left and moved her hand under his tunic finding his tired and flaccid penis. She gingerly caressed it until after a few minutes he was rock hard. His cock was still sore from the double fucking he had with her earlier that morning but was confident enough to go a third try. This time he removed his belt with the armored leather straps and lifted Sakarya Escort up his tunic, tucking it into his chest piece. He stood, stooping over in the cramped space of the wagon’s interior, and pulled Aurelia from the bench. He bent her over, lifted the sheer fabric tunic over her beautiful ass and positioned her at the door. He looked at her slave, Tulia, then indicated to his cock. She leaned forward taking him into her mouth a sucked on his cock getting it nice and slippery with her saliva. Satisfied with the amount of lubrication he pulled out her mouth and moved the ass swaying in front of him, shoving his dick into her pussy with a single thrust.

To make more room, Aurelia leaned out of the window so her upper half was fully outside the wagon. She couldn’t see Exudius and was wondering what was going on when she was suddenly filled with cock and yelped of delight. Exudius started rhythmically fucking her but quickly picked up speed until he was banging her for all he was worth. Aurelia pushed back against each thrust with a grunt escaping her lips. Exudius was drenched in sweat from the exertion of trying to cum for a third time, as well as trying to compensate for the awkward position he was standing in. He pounded her relentlessly for a solid three minutes while her return thrusts became more exaggerated and desperate. This was followed by a long groan as she climaxed. Moments later his cum blasted out of him splashing her insides with creamy victory.

He sat back down on the bench while Tulia took her place, and again cleaned out her master’s freshly fucked pussy. Upon completion the two women took their seats opposite Exudius who by now had untucked his tunic and cover up his spent and aching dick.

They looked at each, quietly, for a few moments before Exudius broke the silence.

“You are something else,” he said looking at Aurelia.

She smiled back at him and shrugged. They chatted about nothing in particular for the rest of journey.

It was late afternoon when they arrived at the front of the school. They could smell the aroma of the evening’s meal as it was being prepared in the kitchen. They parked the wagons and several of the guards began unhitching the horses, leading them to the stables east of the school. The guards at the entrance immediately recognized Aurelia as she approached with her entourage. One of them disappeared inside to summon the headmistress, Zarathiri. The remaining guard opened the gate for Aurelia. She smiled at him and ran her fingers across his muscled arm as she passed, then made her way through main building and into the courtyard. The garden was beautiful, filled with fragrant flowers and trees. Several small fountains bubbled with water creating a scene of serenity. The only exception was a slave who had been shackled to the post in front of the dining hall. She looked haggard and humiliated with red welts running across her back from being whipped and now serving as a warning to all the slaves not to step out of line.

Zarathiri emerged from one of the small cells while trying to dress herself, having been in the middle of training session with one of the newer slaves. She approached Aurelia with a smile and the two women embraced.

“It’s good to see you again,” Zarathiri said warmly.

“Likewise,” Aurelia replied and kissed Zarathiri on the cheek, then added “I’ve brought you some new stock. What are we at now?”

“We just sent two off to the brothels last week. That leaves us at fifteen slaves in training, four of which will be completed this week and ready for assignment, including one girl who’s finished the advanced training.”

“Excellent! I’ve got two more for you.”

Zarathiri peered over Aurelia’s should at the two naked slaves still shiny with oil, her gaze consuming the sculpted physique of the African girl.”

“Wow, where did you get her?” Zarathiri asked in wonder.

Aurelia turned to look with her and said, “I was fortunate but she was fucking expensive, and to top it off she’s a Princess. I have a feeling she will make it to the advanced training. Be sure to put some extra effort into her.”


Zarathiri collected the two new slaves and herded them towards the cells they would occupy for the next month and a half then looked over her should towards Aurelia and shouted, “The advanced slave is in suite one. You’ll probably want to try her out before she’s sent off.”

Aurelia smiled broadly at her men and said, “Follow me.”

The guards were almost giddy with anticipation, knowing what was coming, their dicks already hardening under their armor. They followed Aurelia across the garden towards the door of the first luxury suite. Until she stopped short causing the men to collide with each other. She turned and scrutinized them, looking them up and down.

“You men are filthy!” she reproached. You’re about to get best pussy here and you smell like a herd of swine.” She pointed to the baths. “Go wash up and then you can fuck.”

The guards Sakarya Escort Bayan rolled their eyes and groaned in exasperation but obeyed and strode off to the baths for a quick spritz. Aurelia turned and entered the girl’s room without knocking. The room was opulent. Frescos of various sexual acts adorned the walls, and the floor was lain with a tile mosaic of Bacchus and Venus entwined in love. The room was furnished with a large bed covered with a down filled matrass and surrounded by thin linins that hung from the ceiling. A table and chair stood against the wall which held various oils and creams for keeping ones hair and skin silky soft as well as several phallic objects that the girl used in her training and to help keep themselves primed. The slave girl was sitting on the bed, naked, expecting the visitor. She looked up as Aurelia entered with a submissive smile. She had a light complexion with almond shaped black eyes and pink pouty lips. Her long black hair framed her face like a work of art. Her short, thin frame and small firm breasts made her look younger than she really was. She looked delicate but if she was here she could handle anything.

“Stand up.” Aurelia commanded softly.

The girl obeyed, standing to present herself.

“Tell me about yourself,” Aurelia asked wanting to test her Latin.

“My name is Shi. Me come from town of Shu Han, very far from here. Me dance for you but still learn song. Can suck on dick very good and make many man feel happy.”

Aurelia was impressed, her Latin, while still choppy was much better than the day she was bought. She still had a fairly thick accent but that only added to her charm.

Aurelia walked around her, trailing her fingers over the girl’s body. She remembered buying this girl vividly, and spending an obscene amount of gold on her. Her reactions on the auction block were similar to that of the African girl she just bought. She had looked good then, but months of physical and sexual training had given her the countenance of a goddess. The girl sucked in a breath of anticipation as Aurelia’s fingers grazed across her nipples, they were erect and puffy. Her trimmed pubic hair glistened from her wetness. Aurelia gently stroked at her swollen slit, a slight moan escaped the slave’s lips. Her eyes sparkled with lust and her breathing was heavier now.

“How many times have you cummed today?” Aurelia asked. It must have been quite some time ago given the girls current state of excitement.

“Five.” She answered. “Last one was three hours ago.”

Incredible. This girl had cum five times today already and she was about to cum again just from Aurelia lightly touching her. Well she would have to wait her turn.

Aurelia removed her over cloak and lifted her tunic before sitting on the edge of the slave girl’s bed. She spread her legs exposing her smooth, bare pussy.

“Lick me.” She ordered the slave.

Shi dropped obediently to her knees and placed her hands on Aurelia’s knees. Lightly sliding her hands forward, caressing Aurelia’s inner thighs then twisting them down and across her pussy. The girl rubbed her thumbs up and down the sides of Aurelia’s pussy lips. Aurelia leaned back on the bed propping herself on her elbows and lifted one leg placing it on the bed, allowing better access to her womanhood.

Shi continued lightly stroking Aurelia’s pussy avoiding the clit completely. With her fingers she spread the wet lips and caressed the opening of the vagina before slipping in two fingers. Aurelia threw her head back and moaned. Shi slowly finger fucked Aurelia, twisting her hand with each thrust. Aurelia involuntarily thrust her hips forward to meet each stroke of the slave girl’s fingers.

Aurelia’s head was swimming with ecstasy when the girls fingering rhythm slowed even more and she felt a warm tongue make contact with her electrified clit. The mere touch sent a shock wave through her body causing her to moan again, loudly this time. The girl tongued Aurelia’s clit like cat lapping up milk. She folded her tongue into a tube encasing Aurelia’s clit in soft, wet warmth, follow by a flick from side to side. All the while the girl’s fingers continued their thrusts into Aurelia’s pussy.

With her remaining free hand the slave girl reached under Aurelia’s garment that was gather around her waist and began caressing her right breast, tracing circles around her nipple. Aurelia’s body buzzed with sexual energy, her breath came in gasps. This final touch of stimulation was more than she could take.

Her orgasm had been building since the slave had first touch her knees and now it crashed down on her like a landslide. She bucked her hips wildly as she screamed, starbursts forming in her closed eyes. The girl was almost thrown to the floor by the motions of Aurelia’s body, but she was able to hold on, all the while her fingers remained burred in Aurelia’s soaked pussy.

As the waves of pleasure subsided Shi withdrew her fingers from Aurelia and placed them in her mouth, Escort Sakarya sucking off her Masters wetness. Aurelia just lay there, her whole body still tingling from her massive orgasm. Once her head cleared she arose, indicating to the girl to stay put and walked out of the room. Her guards were waiting just outside; washed, oiled and wanting, their cocks all standing at attention.

She approached them and made a quick examination of their oiled cocks, making sure none had the telltale signs of some dick disease. It wouldn’t do to have this girl spoiled before she actually began her occupation. Aurelia felt a rush of warmth in her pussy as she handled each man’s cock. Being surrounded by five chiseled muscular bodies with hard cocks, shining from an oil rubdown following their bath, was almost too much for her to resist. She fought off the temptation to start sucking them off, promptly stood, her face flushed with desire and took a deep breath, putting her lust in check. Satisfied they were sufficiently clean she ushered them into the slave’s room.

The slave girl was still kneeling on the floor where she had finished attending to Aurelia. The men approached and formed a circle around her. Aurelia took a seat at the table to watch the performance. Noticing the phalluses on the table she discreetly grabbed one, a large alabaster cock, and inserted it into her moistening pussy, moaning slightly at the sensation of the cold, smooth stone as it slid into her depths.

Shi gazed lovingly at the five hard, glistening cocks surrounding her. Her pussy was absolutely on fire and soaked with anticipation. Aurelia had forbade her from cumming while she went down on her and now her cunt was burning with desire. Aurelia’s pussy had nice musky sent and pleasant taste that still lingered in her mouth. But now she had bigger things to occupy her attention. Pre-cum had already starting oozing from two of them.

Shi relished the tease she was about to perform. The problem with being a skilled lover was the difficulty in leveraging ones knowledge of teasing and pleasure with the recipients own narcissistic needs. Rather than allowing erotic enticements to bring them to full mind blowing orgasm many men just wanted a quick fuck. But, she felt, these men knew the skill of the courtesans. She was a sex slave they could never hope to afford and they weren’t about to waste this freebie on a quick fuck.

She turned from the two most excited cocks and gently caressed the balls of their neighbors. She stared at the cock directly in front of her then glanced up peering into its owners eyes. He looked down at her with a piercing gaze, his face was tense with expectancy, his eyes filled with lust, willing her on. Slowly, oh so slowly she parted her lips and leaned forward, enveloping just the head of his quivering cock into her wet, warm mouth, gliding her tongue along the bottom of his shaft. His body jerked involuntarily thrusting his cock all the way into her mouth. She didn’t miss a beat and took his cock all to the way back into her throat. With that thrust of his hips she sucked on him long smooth strokes, licking his balls with her tongue each time he plunged his cock into her throat. The scent of the oil on his body filled her nostrils as she breathed in the exquisite fragrance.

She discontinued fondling the balls of the men on either side of her and started stroking their slippery, oily hard-ons. They pumped their hips in rhythm with her hands. The remaining two gingerly jerking their own cocks, dripping with pre-cum, while they patiently waited their turn.

In less than a minute she could feel the cock in mouth getting close, his hips began to pump each time she took him back in. She pulled back and moved to the man next to him sucking on the plump head of his cock, swirling her tongue around it and tasting clear salty liquid oozing from it, before taking him fully into her mouth. She could feel one of the men she was jerking off getting close so she released him and began stroking the cock next to him. She continued this circle of sucking and stroking, bringing each of them to within a moment of shooting their load before she would release them and move on to the next cock. Each time she looked up she could see fire in their eyes. Their breathing was heavy and ragged as they tried to gain control over their senses to stave off their impending orgasms.

After the second time through the circle she stood, leading the two cocks still her hands to her bed. She indicated for one of them to lie down. He did as instructed and she straddled him placing his cock into her pussy. She sat on him motionless and indicated for the second man to take a position behind her which he immediately obeyed. She took his cock pulling it to her ass hole. He pushed in until he had fully penetrated her ass. The other three she instructed to stand around her as she began to gentle sway against to two cocks buried in her. They added their own thrusts providing an even deeper penetration. Her eyes rolled back in head in sheer bliss, mesmerized in the sensation of being double fucked, she absolutely loved it. She was so pent up with since licking Aurelia’s pussy that she came after only a few thrusts of the two cocks. She gasped as the first orgasm racked her body and whimpered with stifled cries.

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