Room 315: Part Two

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Part Two

I busy myself in the bathroom while William pays room service for our meals. My hair and make-up are a mess. I truly look, and smell, like sex.

I wipe the mascara smudges from under my eyes and take my disheveled hair out of my standard, work-day ponytail. It takes a few minutes to work the tangles out of my blond tresses.

William knocks on the bathroom door to let me know the coast is clear. I walk back into the room and head to my overnight bag to cover up with a long t-shirt. For some reason William has undressed. Again.

“It won’t be any fun to lick food off you if you have clothes on.” William gives my ass a smack before he hugs me from behind, moving my hair aside to nuzzle and kiss my neck and shoulder.

“Our food will get cold if you don’t stop kissing me like that,” I say. I turn around to allow him access to my lips. He obliges me with another soft, tender kiss. A kiss I feel all the way to my toes. My, God this man is a great kisser!

I pull away from him grudgingly, with a sigh. I ask William where he wants to eat: “Bed or table?”

“Bed, of course!”

We move our plates, cutlery and napkins to the middle of the bed. We place our drinks on one of the bedside tables and sit down gingerly, next to our meals.

We spend the next hour eating and talking. Naked. We talk about the weather, politics, gun control, books, movies. William shares his bacon cheeseburger with me, I share my shrimp with him. I “accidently” spill cocktail sauce on my breast. William is forced to clean it up with his tongue, poor guy.

It was after midnight by the time we finish eating and cleaning up the bed (fortunately there were no spills and very few crumbs to brush off). William uses to the bathroom while I climb into bed, curl up and pull the sheet up to my chin. I swear I only meant to close my eyes for a few seconds….

I wake up, hours later on my back. My legs are spread wide open. There is a head with gray and black, salt and pepper hair between my thighs. I can feel a tongue sliding up and down my slit. I try to pretend I am still asleep but a moan escapes from my throat.

The tongue stopps licking my pussy. The head makes its way to mine. William whispers, “I thought that might wake you up.”

I pull his face to mine and kiss him. He grabbs his turgid cock and aims it for my snatch. He slamms into me hard, again and again and again. I am shocked by the ferocity of his body slamming into mine. In a few seconds I was fucking him back, meeting his thrusts, harder and harder.

There is no tender kissing. We rutt like animals. As my first orgasm crashes down on me I close my eyes but William does not slow down.

William Escort Etimesgut growls at me: “Don’t close your eyes. Look at me while you cum.”

It is not easy but I open my eyes to look at William. He never takes his eyes off my face as he pounds me. He pounds me to a second and a third orgasm. I have lost all coherent thoughts. All I can do was moan. After my second orgasm I can not keep up with William’s thrusting.

My fourth orgasm hits me. I am not sure how much more I can take. William slows, but only a little, his eyes still on my face.

“Where do you want me to cum Katie? Your pussy or your mouth?”

I barley get the word “mouth” out before William pulls his cock out of my pussy. He climbs over me and straddles my face. He thrusts into my mouth. He fucks my mouth with the same violence as he had fucks my cunt.

I gag on his cock, my eyes water. I can taste my cum. It only takes about thirty seconds for him to release his load down my throat. He twitches and moans as I lick the tip of his shaft and move my mouth up and down on his shrinking dick.

William collapses on the bed to my left. He pulls my body into his. We are both covered with sweat, our breathing still ragged. We lay there for a few minutes, catching our breath, cooling off. We do not speak, we just caress each other. I purr at the sensation of William’s fingers gliding up and down my arm, my stomach, my breasts.

We falll asleep snuggled into each other. William wakes during the night to pull the covers over us. All too soon the sun’s rays peek through the cracks of the curtains over the window.

William stares at me, smiling when I finally open my eyes. I give him a peck on the lips and roll over on my other side.

“Are we leaving the room today?” William asks.

I roll back toward William. “I thought we could go to the Farmer’s Market downtown this morning. But I need a shower. ”

“You need to brush your teeth too, sweetie!”

I grabb the pillow under my head and whack William’s face with it. He chuckles as he turns and gets out of the bed. He grabs my hands and hoists me up. As we walk to the bathroom William’s hands knead and smack my butt cheeks.

“Luscious,” he whispered in my ear. Apparently William is an ass-man.

William turns the water on in the shower while I brush my teeth. William gets in the shower and closes the curtain. I spit, rinse, grab shampoo, soap and a sponge and join him.

William turns and pulls me towards him. We kiss as the water flows over us. The mist tickles my face so reluctantly pull my lips off his.

“Wash my hair first.” I say, handing him my shampoo. William changes places with Etimesgut Escort me so I can wet my hair. He squirts shampoo into his hands and massages it into my scalp. He takes his time, working the shampoo into my hair, using the tips of his fingers to stroke the roots around my face and the back of my head. I am in heaven and show my appreciation by moaning.

William moves me back under the water to rinse out the shampoo. His hands move from my head, down my neck and to my breasts. He pinches my nipples hard. I squeal and jump a little. William’s left hand remains on my right breast, his right hand sliding down my stomach to my mound. His middle finger and thumb find my clit and pinch it hard. I squeal again.

I move out of the shower spray, closer to William. My hands seek out, and find his cock. It is already hard. I giggle and move my hands up and down the shaft. William dips his middle finger inside my pussy, once then twice. He adds a second and slowly finger fucks me.

He pulls his fingers out and presses one wet finger against my pucker. I squeal for a third time as he slides his middle finger into my ass. I spread my legs to give William a better angle to finger fuck my ass. He adds a second finger and I groan, dropping his cock.

“Relax baby. Relax. Turn around.” William removes his fingers.

I obey. I bend over and present my ass to him. He slides his cock up and down my crack. William spreads my cheeks with his hands and presses the tip of his cock to my ass. The water is tickling my face again but I do not move.

William slowly slides more and more of his cock in my anus. I gaspe at the pain. William continues. Half of his manhood is inside me. William slowly pulls out and slowly moves back into me. He is so gentle. At first.

I reach a hand down my body to play with my clit. William fucks me a little faster. It takes me a few seconds to realize that his whole cock is now moving in and out of my ass. The pain is gone. William grabs my hips, thrusting faster and harder. I insert two fingers in my cunt, fucking myself faster and faster as William pounds me.

“God, Katie! Your ass is so tight! Fuck!” William grunts. I grunts. William fucks my ass harder. My fingers fuck my pussy harder. I am close.

William slams into me hard and holds my ass on his cock. I can feel his cum hitting the walls of bowels. I continue to finger fuck myself. I cum just as William’s spent member slips out of my ass. My pussy clences my fingers, my screams echo throughout the bathroom.

I fall to my hands and knees, my legs are too weak to hold me upright. William laugha and joins me on the floor of the shower. I pant, turn and smile at Escort Bayan William.

We manage to finish showering before the water turns too cold. We wash each other’s bodies slowly. I wash William’s cock several times with the soapy sponge as well as my mouth. William pays special attention to my pussy and makes me cum again, this time on his tongue. We kiss as we dry each other off with the towels. My pussy tingles each time his tongue meets mine. I want to spend all day in his arms.

Sadly, William insists on going to the Market. We dress (I wear underwear as I am afraid of what William might cause to run down my legs) and I drive over the bridge to the square in the center of town. It is late morning so we have to park in a garage down the street. I park on the second floor. We hold hands as we walk down the stairs, towards the food, arts and crafts.

It is a beautiful morning so the market is full of people. We cuddle and kiss and gaze at each other, not noticing anyone else. We get a drink and an omelette. We find a bench and sit to eat our brunch. I lick some cheese off William’s lips. He moans and threatens to throw me down and take me, right there on the grass.

William tales my hand in his as we walk down the sidewalk, back towards the parking garage.

“So, what do you think the people in the market thought of us?” he asks.

“I did see a woman shake her head at us. You had your tongue in my mouth at the time.”

He chuckles. “And my hand on your ass! I could not help myself. I love the feel of your lips on mine.”

“Ditto!” I say, planting another kiss on hip lips.

We walk up the stairs of the garage and finally get to the car. I unlock the doors with the key fob in my hand. William opens the driver’s side for me, turns and plants a kiss on my lips, his tongue slips in my mouth for just a moment. He tucks me inside and walks to the other side of the car.

I lock us both inside and turn to William. The garage is dark and silent. I pull his head toward me. I want his lips again. This is another soft, tender kiss. One of William’s hands slides under my skirt and up my right thigh. I sigh into his mouth as he pushes my undies to the side and slides his middle finger in my moist pussy.

He pulls his lips away from mine and looks at me. “What’s wrong, baby?”

I look at him. I am not sure what to say. The last 19 hours have shaken me. Has it only been 19 hours since William opened that door? 20 hours ago he was just a name and face on a computer screen. A voice on the other end of the phone. A name, a face, and a voice I chatted with once or twice a week. A name, a face, and a voice I laughed with. A name, a face, and a voice who knows so much about me.

I pull myself out of the driver’s seat, over to William’s seat. I straddle him. We kiss hard. We grind into each other.

“Hotel. Now. Hurry!”

Part Three soon (hopefully)

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