Room 721

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Here I am, at another boring conference. God, I get tired of these meetings. Nothing new to learn…no interesting people to meet.

I wander into yet another presentation by a pompous professor who spends more time teaching than doing…I’m ready to spend the next hour half listening, half day dreaming about the beautiful day outside, and wishing I were anywhere but here.

I’m not paying any attention; the presentation begins. To my amazement, this particular professor grabs my attention from the moment he speaks. What a beautiful voice! Is that a French accent? It is. Hmmm, this one might be worth paying attention to…

As he speaks, I begin to understand that this man is different from the others. He actually knows what he’s talking about. Not only that, I am lulled by that sexy voice, and I watch his movements closely. Very fluid, very confident, very sexy.

I find myself paying as much attention to his body as I do to his words. I wonder if he’s as sure of himself in the bedroom as he is on the podium. My thoughts wander to forbidden places…I can imagine his kiss. Soft, but insistent. His tongue glides into my mouth, soft and wet, but urgent. What a talented tongue. Could it be true, or is it once again, just my fantasy?

My excitement grows, as I slowly drift into my fantasies about this remarkable man. I am anxious for this presentation to end, not because I want to leave, but because I want to introduce myself to him. I want to see if he will recognize the electricity between us when we first touch…

Finally, the presentation ends. It seems that most of the audience enjoyed it as much as I did, because half of the audience is waiting to meet the professor to ask questions about how to apply his theories to their own particular circumstance.

I mecidiyeköy escort wait. I have no where else to be, and this man has attracted me in a way that no one has for a very long time. I need to see if it’s real. I will be the last person in the room, waiting to meet him.

They are all gone, and he is busy putting his papers back in order…He doesn’t know there’s still one person left in the room…I approach slowly.

“Professor, I enjoyed your presentation a great deal,” I say by way of introduction, and extend my hand to him. He takes my hand and I know instantly that this feeling is mutual.

To my surprise he responds, “I noticed you in the back of the room…I hoped you would wait and introduce yourself. And, yes, I am tired, but I have all the time you need, if you have a particular request.”

“Oh, yes, I do have a request of you, but perhaps it isn’t what you think it might be,” I reply tentatively.

“And what is your request?”

“Perhaps I should share the particulars in a more private setting. Are you available in about an hour? I’m in room 721. I have a wonderful bottle of wine, you can relax for a while, and we can discuss my needs.”

“I will see you then, my dear.”

I leave quickly, wondering to myself if I just imagined this entire encounter.

In my room, I change from my normal business attire into something more comfortable, more enticing. I put on a short black skirt, along with a soft silk blouse, unbuttoned just enough to give my sweet professor a peak at my breasts. No bra. Just black French cut bikini panties. I wait anxiously for the hour to pass. No knock comes…

“Come in,” I say, and hand my new friend a glass of Merlot.

He takes and drinks, merter escort his eyes never leaving mine. He puts the glass on the table and takes me in his arms. His lips kiss my throat, his warm breath makes me melt in his arms. His tongue finds my mouth and I realize that my fantasy was no where close to the reality of the incredible feeling of his tongue fucking my mouth.

His hands, so warm, find their way into my blouse and he fondles my breasts insistently, then pinches my nipples. I moan in delight. I want this man…

Without a word, he rips off my blouse. His mouth devours my breasts as his hands explore my body. I am on fire. He drops to his knees, and runs his hands up my thighs. I can feel his breath on my pussy, through the fabric of my skirt and panties. He is caressing my thighs…higher, higher, please! He reaches the center of my sex and caresses my pussy through my panties.

“These will have to go,” he says and rips them off in one smooth motion. He hikes my skirt up and buries his face in my pussy, his tongue finding my slit and licking it. He licks me from my clit down to my cunt, and back again. My juices flow quickly; I cannot take this much longer. I am going to cum…

“Fuck me with your tongue,” I moan. “Lick me!”

He obliges, with great delight. My legs are weak; I am on the verge. I cannot take this another moment, and I scream as my orgasm explodes and takes me over the edge. He holds me tightly so that I do not fall…His face is wet with my sweet pussy juice.

“Now that you’ve had your fun, bitch, it’s my turn.”

“Yes sir!”

“Take that skirt off and lay down on that bed. Spread your legs. I’m not finished licking you.”

“Yes sir!” I respond and quickly mutlukent escort lay down on the king-sized bed, my legs spread, my pussy waiting for him. He takes his time removing his clothes, and I am trembling at the sight of his dick. I want to feel that dick in me…

But he has other ideas for now, and moves between my legs. He’s sucking my clit, licking me again, and I am again taken to new heights of excitement I never knew I could feel. He puts a finger up my cunt, teasing me with ideas of things to come. One finger, then two, then three, all the while licking and sucking my clit.

“Oh god, I can’t take I anymore, please let me cum!”

“No. You will cum when I tell you to. Not a moment sooner! Do you understand that, you cunt?”

“Yes sir!”

But realizing that I am very close to the edge, he moves away from my clit. He straddles me on the bed, his dick in my face.

“Suck it!” he orders.

“Yes sir!” I respond eagerly, and slowly lick the tip of his penis. My tongue circles the tip, and moves slowly down to his balls, licking them at first, and then taking each one into my mouth and sucking them. He moans with pleasure, as I return my tongue slowly up the underside of his shaft, returning to the tip of his dick. This time, I take the tip into my mouth and suck. Deeper and deeper his dick slides into my mouth. Up and down, slowly at first and then a little faster…but not too fast just yet. I want him to enjoy every moment of his dick in my mouth. He moans, he is on the edge, he wants to fuck my mouth with his dick. His movements grow faster, more insistent. He grabs my head and thrusts his dick all the way into my throat, wondering if I can take all of him.

I do. I love it when he fucks my mouth. I let him take over the pace. His hands guide my head, and my hands grip his ass as he pumps his big hard dick into my mouth, faster, faster, faster…He screams with pleasure as he pumps his cum into my throat and I swallow every drop, eagerly, loving the salty taste of his manhood.

He collapses on top of me and we rest, both of us satisfied for the moment, but knowing that there is more to come later…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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