Roomies: Beginnings

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“Hey, are you as busy as I am?”

Kim McCall looked up and grinned at the tousled brown head poked in her door. “If you’re asking if I have a date this evening, then the answer is ‘No’. Its just me and my math books. How about you?”

Pam Maguire shook her head ruefully as she came into the room and flopped on the bed belonging to Kim’s roommate. Taller than Kim’s five feet four by nearly four inches, Pam was slender and long-legged, the perfect shape for a runner. Her light brown hair was longer than one would expect of an athlete, falling in curls around her shoulders, but that was how she liked it.

On her part, Pam studied the girl sitting at the desk, her chair tipped back and her feet crossed on the top of the desk. Kim had short black hair, was slight, and as cute as the proverbial button, Some might consider her nose too sharp and a touch too long. Pam grinned. Her own nose was her sore spot. She always thought it was big enough so she could use a handkerchief as an umbrella.

The two of them had met in the Student Union the first day of fall registration. It was probably the feeling of being outsiders that drew the two of them together, one Canadian and one Southern US, both feeling rather out of place in the far from home school they both attended on scholarship. Regardless of the reason, they became friends and confidants. They went on double-dates together and hung out. They discovered they made great card playing partners at both Spades and Bridge, which games seemed to run endlessly at the Student Union. in fact, they would supplement their allowances by playing Spades for a penny a point all year.

The sixties or not; with Free Love and the demonstrations and all the rest, there still lurked a fairly strict social structure for the female students. Both girls came from working class backgrounds. Kim had a reputation as a “Brain” but her gymnastic ability had won her a place on the second team cheerleading squad. Pam was an athlete but she was a theatre arts major and the drama department had a ripe reputation of being a haven for some of the weirdest people on campus. Neither had rushed a sorority but both numbered friends in some of the more prestigious ones. In short, they were pretty much in a class by themselves, and they liked it that way. They could go where they wanted and do what struck their fancy when they got there without worrying about what anyone else might say.

Pam pushed herself up and looked at her friend. “Oh, to heck with it Kim. Put your books up and let’s go.”

“Go where?” Inquired Kim, even as she closed her books, stood and stretched.

“So we don’t have dates and we don’t feel like a big, noisy party. Let’s take my car, get a bottle of wine and go parking up on the ridge. We can listen to the sounds of mating going on and gossip about everyone we see up there.”

Kim laughed merrily. “You’re on.”

It was a beautiful Indian summer late afternoon, just right for the nearly matching outfits the two girls were wearing. Both had on loose t-shirts, shorts and leather sandals. Kim was wearing cut-off jeans and Pam a pair of her running shorts

They walked down to the student parking lot and climbed into Pam’s somewhat battered Dodge. They drove into town, stopping at a store on the town square were they purchased a chilled bottle of Strawberry wine. From there they went on to the ridge overlooking the college. Already a number of cars were parked in various locations around the large open area. Some were pulled into little cavities in the surrounding foliage.

“Those cars will be rocking by the time its dark,” observed Kim as Pam pulled around and backed into a spot that afforded them a good view of the area.

“And some before then,” pointed Pam as she indicated a blue station wagon that was already showing signs of some activity going on inside.

Kim laughed along with her friend and opened the wine bottle. They passed it back and forth, not bothering with cups. They chatted and talked about their separate days. The evening settled into twilight and then a moonlit darkness covered them as they watched cars come and go and commented on who they spotted. Sometimes the visitors stayed for a while, sometimes they were gone in only a few minutes.

“There goes Todd Danielstan,” noted Pam. şişli escort “That didn’t take very long.”

“I heard he isn’t either,” replied Kim.

One group had built a fire in the old kiln that often served as a gathering place. Snatches of songs drifted to the two girls.

“Want to go over there?” asked Kim.

Pam was slumped comfortably in the car’s bench seat. “No, I’m good right here.” She held up the bottle of wine, now more than half empty. “Do you think we should have got another one of these?” She took a hefty slug and looked at it again.

“Not unless we’re going to walk back to campus, or catch a ride with someone drunker than we are. Besides, I don’t want to crawl to our rooms.”

“Speaking of rooms,” Pam sat up and looked at her friend. “Julia is leaving school.”

“What? When? Why?” Kim was surprised. Pam’s quiet roommate was a good student and a nice person.

“Next week. And no,” Pam held up her hand. “She’s not pregnant or anything like that. Its family troubles and I can’t talk about something she told me in confidence, even to you.”

“Well, of course not.” Kim let the news sink in and then sat up in excitement. “Does that mean…”

“You bet it does. You can move right in. The college won’t care and I know that Daphne and you haven’t been getting along. She’ll probably help you move.”

“Wow.” Kim had loved Pam’s room from the first time she had visited there. Located in an older dorm, the corner room was spacious and had its own bathroom. On the second floor, it looked out over the campus and was shaded by an huge oak tree.

“Well?” Pam lifted an eyebrow.

“Its a deal!” Kim leaned over and hugged her friend and prospective roommate.

“That felt good, don’t stop,” laughed Pam. “Its cooler than I expected.” She shivered a bit. “At least down South we expect it to stay warm for a few hours after dark.”

Nodding her head in agreement, Kim shifted in her seat. Almost unconsciously, the two girls closed the distance between them, squirming along the cloth seat until their sides were touching. When their bare legs touched, Pam giggled and threw her leg over Kim’s, who responded until the two of them had not only intertwined their legs but were nestled in each other’s arms.

“That’s better,” remarked Pam.

“Yes indeed,” agreed Kim who tipped the wine bottle up and took a deep swallow. Frowning, she continued. “Its almost empty Pam. You finish it.” She held the bottle to her friend’s lips and said “Bottom’s up!”

By now the two girls had a severe case of the giggles. Short remarks seemed to be the funniest jokes ever imagined. They were clutching each other in an attempt to keep from sliding off the seat into the floorboards. Then Pam opened turned her head to make another seemingly sparkling remark to Kim and found that their faces were only inches apart.

Time seemed to pause as the two friends looked into each other’s eyes. The same emotions were reflected there; sudden confusion, uncertainty, and a growing feeling that seemed to draw them even closer. Arms tightened and their lips touched.

Even thirty years later, neither one could say who started the kiss. But once it started, once the first touch of cool lips to cool lips took place, it immediately became passionate. Both girls strained against each other, their mouths open and tongues feverishly exploring. Pam’s hand fell to Kim’s breast and she felt the already hard nipple stiffen under her fingers. Kim reached down Pam’s back and her fingertips slid under the elastic waistband of the taller girl’s shorts and touched the swell of the firm butt there.

Pam was practically crawling on top of Kim when the sudden slamming of a door and a loud bellow startled them. They sprang apart as though pulled by wires, only to sag in relief as they realized the sounds were coming from the next car over.

“That’s Jo Williams,” whispered Pam, as though she was afraid she would draw the attention of the big raw-boned senior to them. “She must be looking for a freshman.”

“Well, tell her there aren’t any in here,” laughed Kim, her voice a bit unsteady as she attempted to be nonchalant.

Together they watched as the towering female opened one car door after another, peering inside until she found one that seemed escort şişli to suit her and climbed in along with her sidekick Ashlie. The interior light of the target car showed two young guys, undoubtedly freshmen, their faces showing their dilemma. They were about to get laid, but the two women climbing in had the reputation for leaving their semi-willing lovers barely able to walk.

When the doors had closed, Pam and Kim looked back at each other. This time, their eyes refused to meet. There was an awkward silence that seemed to stretch for hours before Pam finally broke it.

“I guess we should get back to campus.”

“I guess so.”

The ride back was quiet. One or the other would make a brief comment but then the conversation would lapse. After Pam parked the car they walked until the paths to their different dorms parted them. There were murmured goodbyes and nothing more.

The next week Kim moved into Pam’s room as planned. The tenseness between them eased. Neither spoke of what had transpired that night in the car. Each one would have been surprised to learn that the other one continued to turn those events over and over in her mind, wondering what might have happened had they not been interrupted. Neither one could forget the touch of the other’s hands, the taste of the other’s lips. But uncertain for the first time in their friendship, they observed an unspoken agreement not to talk about it.

Eventually they relaxed enough to slip back into their old ways. Dating, study, school activities busied them and held their attention. They confided completely in each other on everything. Everything but that one eveing.

That went on until Fate intervened another night. Kim had dropped by Pam’s theatre workshop and had ended up staying, intrigued by the set they were building and how it was done. Neither had books, so when the unexpected storm caught them in the open nothing got wet except them. They were soaked all the way to the bone.

Pam burst into their room, with Kim right behind. Both began shedding wet clothes the moment the door closed behind them. Shoes, jeans, shirts and underwear went by the board. Pam dived into the bathroom and came out with a handful of towels. As she tried to wrap one around herself she looked over at Kim and saw her friend shiver. Forgetting her own towel, she dashed to her roommate and draped her in the biggest, fluffiest towel in the bunch and began to rub her down.

Gradually Kim stopped shivering. Pam’s hands slowed, but never stopped. Kim shivered again, but this time not from the damp. Kim stood stock still, her eyes fixed on the picture on the far wall without really seeing it. Her heart almost stopped as the towel fell to her feet. Pam’s hands barely touched her sides and she felt the other girl’s breath on the back of her neck. For a long moment neither of them moved. They both knew that they had been leading up to this since the day they had met. The night in the car had led them on, whetted their appetite, made it known to both of them that this time was coming. They hung on the edge, savoring the building excitement for as long as possible.

Then Pam’s fingers stole around Kim’s waist until her hands slowly caressed the firm, flat tummy. Two hard points touched Kim’s back, announcing the arrival of the brunette’s breasts. Then it seemed, that in a sudden rush, Pam’s body molded itself to Kim. Hands rose to cup and stroke small breasts. A tongue ran from the far edge of Kim’s shoulder up along her neck and then up to a waiting ear.

“Oh God Kim,” Pam gasped, her breath hot in the porches of Kim’s ear. “I can’t believe how much I want you.”

Kim leaned back against her roommate’s body. Her fingers curved and followed the lines of Pam’s hips and wandered down to the long muscular legs she had been thinking about for weeks. She rubbed her bottom on Pam, gently grinding her ass in little circles against the dampness she felt already seeping from between her roomie’s legs.

She turned her head and lifted it, endeavoring to capture Pam’s mouth with hers. Their lips brushed over each other and Pam’s fingers began to tease her nipples with little pinches and rolls.

Kim moaned in return, “I can’t believe how long its taken us to get here!” She twisted in the other girl’s arms eskort şişli until she was facing her taller friend. “And I’m not waiting any longer for you.” She locked her arms around Pam’s neck and kissed her.

The kiss was a thing of fire, as wild and as passionate as either of them. Neither girl was subtle in their arousal. Hands clenched bottoms, fingers kneaded legs, breasts mashed together. Kim strained to maintain her lock on the taller girl. She stretched on her toes. Suddenly in one wild movement, her cheerleader trained body heaved and she wrapped her legs around Pam’s waist.

The brown-haired athlete was staggered but kept her hold on Kim’s body and continued to kiss her frantically. She stepped back the few paces needed to reach the nearest bed. Twisting, she fell forward, pinning her smaller lover under her as they tumbled to the neatly made up bed, scattering the covers as the two girls rolled back and forth.

Pam all but smothered Kim under her in her excitement. Kim’s hands kept Pam’s mouth locked on hers as their tongues dancing wildly together. Pam pulled her knees under her, even as Kim refused to release her grip on her roomie’s torso. Spread wide, Kim all but screamed into Pam’s mouth as the other girl suddenly slammed her hips forward, driving her brown pussy into the black bush under her.

The kiss broke as Kim desperately managed to somehow muffle her cry of delight as her roommate continued to flail up and down against her, girl fucking her. Pam’s eyes closed as her head lifted, the smile on her face twisted by the efforts of grinding herself against her friend. There was just enough space between their bodies for Pam’s breasts to wobble back and forth against Kim’s. The hard nipples scraped back and forth. Kim’s ass was lifted in the air, her body rolled almost back on itself as Pam used her own body to pound harder and harder, mashing their two pussys together until each felt the wetness of the other flow between them.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkkkkkkk,” Pam cried out.

“Oh fuck, indeed, yes, Pam, fuck me,” Kim squealed as her roommate ground harder and harder against her. Inexperienced as they were in making love with another female, they knew their own bodies and what pleased themselves. Pam flung her hands up and out to brace herself on the headboard. Kim took the opportunity of Pam’s shifting to raise her head and close her mouth on the other girl’s breast.

Pam’s eyes were open and staring at the wall above the headboard. The entire bed was shaking and squeaking as her own efforts, aided and abetted by Kim, pushed her nearer and nearer to the edge. A squishing sound came to her ears and she realized it was coming from the two coeds soaking wet pussies rubbing back and forth on each other. Kim was sucking her breast as though she was trying to swallow the entire orb.

Kim’s heels began to drum on Pam’s back as the lithe Canadian girl pushed herself up. Coupled with the squeeze the cheerleader’s firm legs gave it was enough to send Pam tumbling over the edge. Her head rose and she gave several more forceful punches with her hips before she flooded her roommate with her juices and collapsed. Kim followed suit, slumping to the bed and releasing her grip on Pam.

The two girls squirmed until they were settled in each others arms. Pam being taller, it just seemed right for Kim to pillow her head on her friend’s shoulder. Arms slipped around each other and contented sighs filled the room.

For a long time, neither girl moved, nor spoke. Then Kim twisted her head to look up at Pam.

“That was amazing.”

Pam brushed the dark hair away from her friend’s face and smiled. “It was, wasn’t it?”

“Do you, do you think this means we’re lesbians?” Kim inquired. She sounded a bit hesitant but not terribly upset.

“I don’t think so,” replied Pam thoughtfully. “I still plan on my date with Robbie tomorrow night and if things go well I still plan on ending up in bed with him.” She kissed Kim’s forehead. “I think we’ve just added something new to what we already have.”

“That was sort of my thoughts,” admitted Kim. She grinned and Pam’s eyes opened wide as the cheerleader slid her hand down between them, her fingers brushing over the runner’s wet curls. “However I also have plans that will include you and me and this bed on a pretty regular basis. And who knows who else in this dorm we might add?”

Pam grinned, her own hand moving down Kim’s back to touch the firm butt. “I don’t know, yet. But I’m sure we’ll find out.”

(The End)

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