Rose Get’s Her Wish Pt. 03

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Ike felt the bed moving. Then he heard the small moans. As he woke, his senses became more alert, he turned around.

Chloe and Rose were in a 69, and ‘trying’ to keep it quiet.

“Seriously? Get a room!” he joked.

He got up and headed towards the shower. He checked his phone, it was just before 6am. He usually got up at 6:45, nonetheless he started the shower as he flossed. Then it occurred to him, why was he getting ready for work when his wife and her girlfriend were having sex less that twenty feet away? He turned to the door, when it opened on its own.

Rose and Chloe were smiling and very nude as they dragged him into the shower. They were giggling as they started rubbing his soap on him. They giggled as they started kissing him and massaging his soon to be oaken rod.

“Good morning to you too, I guess!” he smiled.

Life had been very different since Chloe moved in with Ike and Rose. The dynamic of their poly triad was entirely new for Rose and Ike, Chloe was the only one who had previously been in such an arrangement. Cooking for three wasn’t all that different, but dates around the plus one to their marriage certainly was different.

Oh, and lot’s more sex.

That was Ike’s favorite part. It seemed before Chloe, the married couple had sex occasionally during the week, with the weekends being the best. Now it seemed sex was on the menu literarily any time one of them was in the mood. And the mood seemed to strike fairly regularly. As the days had unfolded since Chloe left her ex-girlfriend, she seemed to have settled in nicely. The extra room was hers, it housed her wardrobe and belongings. But in reality it seemed to be a way station because they all slept together in the master bedroom. Luckily for all parties, Ike and Rose already had a King size bed.

They were in a three way kiss as the lovers hands randomly fondled each other. Whoever was in the middle got the most attention, with the three of them rotating in and out of the center fairly evenly.

Rose had been surprised how well the three of them meshed well. Chloe, who she understood to be a lesbian, didn’t seem to have any qualms with fucking Ike. Although the two girls had sex more often with each other, it was only slightly more often than with Ike. So far, it had been threesomes only, except for when Ike and Rose screwed each other when Chloe was working or visiting family. Rose thought the sex between them was much more intense now. She also thought, if Chloe ever left, she would have a new found love and respect for Ike since he had been so understanding.

Rose was currently enjoying the spotlight, Chloe was kissing her and massaging her round and tight bottom. Ike was fingering her and sucking on her breasts nearest to him.

Chloe realized when she moved in that Ike wasn’t like most of the guys she had met. She had long since considered herself lesbian, but was now questioning that. Perhaps if she had met someone like Ike earlier in her life, she would be more bisexual. She detected he was more open to non-cisgender roles than most men. The best part for her was how sex with him had really amazed her. His ability to make her have multiple orgasms was a very pleasant surprise. So far, she had only slept with him together with Rose, but wondered how long before they had sex one-on-one.

Chloe was now in the middle, facing Rose they kissed as Rose fingered her. Ike was massaging her breast from behind and kissing her shoulders and neck. His cod nestled against her butt cheeks, thick and long. She was melting with all the attention.


Eventually they actually showered and got ready for work. Ike left first, followed shortly thereafter by Rose. Chloe worked odd hours and stayed in, so she did yoga on the patio balcony. After which, she made herself breakfast and got dressed for the day. She had planned to visit her favorite bookstore and before going to go buy some groceries. Living with Rose and Ike, she had been surprised how much they did things together, especially the cooking and cleaning of dinner. She wanted to surprise them with a special dinner, as a way of thanking them. She looked up her favorite dish, and jotted down the ingredients on her phone’s ‘Notes’ app. Then she headed out.

Ever since Amazon had killed bookstores, it had been harder than ever to find bookstores. Crown books had died, luckily, Barnes & Noble’s had not. She did pop in there from time to time, but in this case she went to a small privately owned and independent bookstore.

She drove up to ‘Page against the Machine’ and walked in. The clutter didn’t bother her, she loved the kitsch feel of the place. She was browsing her favorite section, keeping a mind on the time so she wouldn’t be late to work.

Chloe judged books differently than others. Thumbing open a book, she read a few paragraphs from a randomly opened page. If she was pulled in, she would buy it. She didn’t look at covers, nor read the description of the novel. It was something one of her college professors and had mentioned in passing, and it had bursa escort bayan stuck with her.

“There’s my little darling,” she heard from behind her, the hair on her neck rising.

She turned and there was Pamela, looking her typical hot southern california blond.

“I wish you would get the hint,” she said as she continued randomly pulling out a book.

“Hmm, no I think hints are useless. Listen, I want you back. I was hoping you would hear me out. You know, for old times sake?”

Chloe didn’t answer her, she kept looking at a book she had picked up. “Why would I listen to someone that lied to me? Cheated on me?” Chloe eventually said.

Pamela walked up to her and turned Chloe’s face towards her, attempting to kiss her. Chloe pulled away from her and put the book down. “Oh no, I don’t think so!”

She stomped out of the bookstore. Her emotions were running wild, and she felt exposed. Rather than go buy the groceries, she drove home to their townhome. She dropped on the couch and started crying gentle sobs.


“Hey, what’s wrong? I can see something’s on your mind…do you want to talk about it?” Ike asked.

Chloe jumped at the sound of his voice, he was always at work at this time. “What are you doing here? I thought you were at work?” she said, wiping a tear away.

“Hey, whatever is bothering you, I’m here if you need someone to talk to.” he soothed, as he sat on the couch next to her, patting her back gently. “I forgot my lunch and came back for it. But then I decided to eat it here.”

She folded into his chest, letting out a few more small sobs. She took several breaths before she began.

“I went to my favorite book store, and Pamela was there. She said she wanted to get back together again.” she said with a hitch in her voice.

“Well,” Ike reasoned, “maybe you leaving her has made her reconsider?” He guessed.

“No, it’s not that. She took my face and tried to kiss me. I used to like it when she did that, but now I just find it really controlling. It made me realize how narcissistic she is.”

Ike hugged her more, and she responded to his strong arms around her. She looked up and her pouty lips kissed Ike’s. Ike kissed her back. “We can figure something out.” he said as he kissed her deeper. Her emotional state, calmed by Ike’s supportive demeanor, had her yearning for comfort. She laid back on the couch inviting him to take her.

Ike realized if he slept with Chloe, it would be their first time solo. He hesitated for a second, but also realized, he had sex with her together with his wife. So what was the difference?

She raised the hem of her dress suggestively, smiling her french girl smile. Ike leaned over and started kissing her leg, then the other as more of both were exposed. She smiled at his tenderness, and her heart warmed to his kisses. She continued raising her dress, evocatively. Eventually, her panties started to show and Ike smiled as did Chloe. He reached up and pulled them down, she wiggled to help him remove them.

Then she opened her legs.

Her pussy was shaved, pristine and clean. Kissing all around it, he teased her, bringing his lips tantalizingly close to it. He could hear her breathing change, the anticipation getting to her. She moved her hips, but Ike was ready. He pulled back and blew on her excited vulva. The coolness surprised her.

“Oh, you…”

That’s when his mouth fell on her delicious pussy. His lips sucked out her labia and tugged at them, then nibbling them with his lips. She shoved her lady into him some more, he responded in kind. His tongue fished inside her, making her moan. He flattened it out, and flicked it upward teasing her in that place, the one just inside of her.

Just as she put her hands on his head, his lips sucked her tiny rose in between his lips. He sucked it, and pinched it with his lips.

“Oh shit! Ohmygawdyes!” she crooned.

Ike looked up, saw her dainty breast rising and falling, smiled to himself and continued savoring her. He was again sucking out her labia, and thrashing them with his tongue and lips when he heard her voice.

“Ike, take me. Fuck me. Fuck me like you fuck Rose!” she begged.

He rose up, looking at her, “Are you sure? I like to plow her garden, hard.”

“Yes! Please give it to me!”

He picked her up, her dainty frame made it easy for him. He speared into her wetness as he walked her to the bedroom. Her body safely in his strong arms, he pumped her up and down on his shaft, giving her all of his thick manhood.

“Oh Fuck!” she cried out.

He stopped, looking at her, “Are you okay? I don’t want to hurt you.” he confessed.

“Don’t stop! Keep fucking me like Rose!” she demanded.

He took her advice, literally. He continued pumping her up and down. When they reached the bed, he tossed a pillow in the middle and laid her down on it. Her hips were higher than laying flat and he pushed her ankles back towards her shoulders. She took the hint and placed her legs behind arms. She had the flexibility of a gymnast.

His thrusting gorukle escort was angry now, driven by his lust. The sound of his punishing hips smacking into her tiny opening caused her to squirt. Her warm liquid splashed him, making him even hornier. He flipped her over, taking her from behind. His hands grabbed her waist, her hands on his wrists for support. His hammering picked up from where they had left off.

“I…can’t…believe…you…haven’t…come…yet” she managed.

He smiled, unseen to her. “It’s my foreskin, it makes it harder for me to climax. It’s a blessing and curse,” he smiled.

“Don’t…stop…please!” she groaned.

He was feeling the build up, knowing he would come soon, he got off her. He picked her up again, facing him. She slid easily back onto him. “I want to do something,” he said, carrying her out to the living room.

He opened the sliding glass door to the balcony, overlooking the green area of their townhome community. She placed her hands on the railing, and he adjusted her so her legs lay on his chest and shoulders. Her knees shifted to the crook of his elbows. Together, using their mutual strength, they created a bridge. He fucked her fast and furious for several minutes until he came.

She felt his hot semen fill her, felt the spasms of his stick. Even as her body convulsed, she held onto the railing. Her pussy had never felt so punished before. Both were breathing loudly, sucking in much needed air. He carried her inside, his dick still twitching inside her.

“I’m going to have to wash up now,” she panted.

“Just a minute,” he said. “I like to ‘clean up’ Rose. And you wanted me to fuck you like Rose.”

He laid down on the rug, and had her sit on his face. She gasped as he ate her pussy some more and sucked his sperm out of her, drinking it all. His tongue chased every last drop out of her.

“Oh fuck!” she muttered. “That’s so fucking hot! Now can I take a shower?”

“Of course, I’ll join you,” he smiled.

She hobbled over to the restroom and started the shower. Ike got his phone and texted his work he was returning late from lunch. He asked Chloe if she wanted him to text her employer.

“Sure,” she opened her phone for him, then started washing off the sweat and sex smell.

Ike found the text thread for her boss and tapped a quick excuse, “stuck in traffic, be there ASAP”.

As he did so, he noticed a red “1” on her iPone’s calendar app. He got in the shower and asked her about it.

“Oh, it’s a party I’m invited to this Friday. But I was invited with Pam, so I’m skipping it. I just haven’t deleted it yet. You and Rose know some of the folks, they were at the wedding shower too.”

“Huh,” said Ike. “Don’t delete it. Let’s talk it over tonight with Rose. What do you say?”

She looked at him curiously, but nodded.


When Rose came home, she found the place empty. Ike came home shortly after, and he kissed her as he walked in. “Hey babe, how was work?”

She ran through the usual tidbits of office gossip as Ike started preparing for dinner. She lent a hand by pouring two glasses of wine and giving him one.

“So how was your day?” she returned.

Ike had a curiously guilty look before saying “Oh you know, the usual, no big deal!”

She looked at him but the guilty look had quickly disappeared, so she let it go. He was whistling as he cooked and seemed very happy. She smiled and took a sip of wine as Chloe walked in.

“Hi lovers,” she said as she kissed Rose, and put her arm along her waist. “Did you tell her Ike?”

Ike looked up, smiled and said “I wanted you to give her the news.” Like a guilty child, he had a clearly visible ‘look’ on his face.

Chloe looked at Rose and said “We slept together”.

Rose didn’t know what to say. It never occurred to her that they might sleep together on their own. She didn’t know how to feel about it, but wasn’t angry about it she realized. Just as she was going to ask, Chloe began talking.

“I ran into Pam, at one of my favorite places. She spooked me, and it really upset me. I came home, because I feel safe here, and it turned out Ike had come home to grab his lunch. He was there for me. Comforted me and listened to me. We just kinda…” she trailed off.

“Made love with each other” finished Ike. Both looking at Rose.

Rose looked at both of them, thinking about how to respond. She made up her mind fairly quickly.

“So…how was it?”

Both Ike and Chloe were shocked, both had their jaws hanging. Rose leaned in and hugged them both.

“Since we began this ‘thing’ we got going, I should have realized it would eventually happen. In fact, I was kinda surprised when we were in a threesome and you two connected. Honestly, I’m dumb for not seeing it coming.”

Chloe exhaled, so did Ike. They both felt like they had crossed a line. But now, it seemed like a needless worry. Chloe pulled Rose to the couch and started gushing all the gory details. She specifically told Rose how she asked Ike to ‘fuck her like you do Rose’. At this, bursa merkez escort bayan Rose smiled a wicked smile and looked at Ike. Ike busied himself with dinner and avoided looking at her. But Rose could see his child-like smile trying to hide.

Rose hugged Chloe, saying “I’m glad you got to experience that animal. He’s great fuck, isn’t he?” Rose said.

Ike looked up, he had never heard Rose say that. His chest subconsciously swelled at her words.

“Tell her about the party,” Ike interjected.

Chloe swallowed, “I’m not sure I should.”

Rose looked at Ike, he gave a ‘give me a minute’ look. He took the pans off the stove and walked over.

“I texted Chloe’s boss she was ‘running into traffic’ as she jumped in the shower. I noticed there was a calendar event on Chloe’s phone. Turns out there is a party with a few of the same people we know and met at the wedding shower. Take a guess who Chloe was expected to go with?”

Rose looked at Chloe, who was suddenly interested in the floor. Rose reached over and brought Chloe into a big hug, wrapping her up on the couch with arms and her legs. Ike came over and hugged them both with a side arm.

“We don’t like mean people Chloe. It seems Pam isn’t going to let this go. Maybe it’s time to take the bitch on, on neutral ground. What do you think?” Rose finished by kissing Chloe on the cheek.

A tear ran down Chloe’s cheek and she leaned into Rose.

“Thank you, both. So much of this, with us, is unexpected, I’m still trying to come to terms with everything. But one thing is for sure, you both have been so understanding and supportive. But what is the point of going to the party? I don’t like confrontations.”

It was Ike’s turn to talk to Chloe.

“Chloe, Pam’s not going to stop bothering you because you don’t want to stand up to her. We can tell her off, but until she sees you aren’t backing down, she will think she can get you back. My suggestion is we go to the party, and all our mutual friends find out you two have broken up…and I guess we ‘come out’ as a romantic trio.” He looked at Rose.

Rose nodded.

Chloe looked up at them both. Both Rose and Ike were smiling. She teared up again, saying,

“I love you guys!” They all huddled into a tighter hug.

Ike got up, and said “Wine, this calls for wine!”

Both ladies started laughing.


Friday rolled around and the three of them started getting ready. Rose had taken Chloe shopping and got her new outfit for the party. As they dressed, they eyed each other. Despite their support, Chloe was nervous. Rose kept soothing her, promising she would not leave her side. Ike listened but didn’t say anything, he just nodded at the appropriate time.

They had collectively decided to arrive 20 minutes late. Although Rose and Ike had not been officially invited, they knew several people there and felt the host would not be terribly put out. They also brought a big platter of homemade taquitos and a case of beer. They all felt that would soothe any ruffled feathers.

Pamela had arrived well before them. She was dressed in a sleek red dress that showed off her fit beach-body. Her long blond hair hung down in waves of golden locks. As always, she drew many eyes of the guests, even those who knew her. She loved the attention, and knew how to flaunt her good looks.

“So where’s Chloe? You are the cutest couple!” asked the hostess, Mrs Williams.

“Oh, she wasn’t feeling well. She sends her regards.” she smiled.

Pam walked into the patio area, the man of the house, Mr Williams, asked her if she wanted a drink offering wine or beer.

“Pinot Noir, if you have some?” she answered.

“No Chloe?” he asked as he handed her a semi filled wine glass.

“Sick,” she smiled.

As the people started arriving, people greeted and hugged each other. Pamela picked up some hors d’oeuvres and started nibbling.

“Hi Pam, wow you look hot! But I’m sure you know that!” said a former co-worker she stayed in touch with. “Where’s Chloe?” she asked.

Pamela, still nibbling, made motion with her hand over her tummy and made a sad face.

“Not feeling well? Well tell her I hope she gets better soon.” Pam smiled, and nodded.

The party started building up, people taking seats, while others stood or meandered around, small pockets of conversation slowly grew as people drank their choice of beverage. Most had arrived when the trio walked up and rang the doorbell. The hostess, Mrs William, came and opened the door.

From the back, Pamela heard her say “Oh Chloe! You made it! Glad to see you feeling better.”

Chloe looked confused. Pam felt a shiver down her spine. She had hoped against hope that she would come. She tried to end the small talk she was engaged in. Then, before she could start making her way, she saw them.

Chloe walked in, holding hands with Rose. Chloe was dressed in a dress reminiscent of a French girl. Rose was wearing tight jeans and a white Mexican top, with bright floral prints embroidered around the shoulder. Her hair was braided in two Indian braids. Ike was beside them, carrying a large tin platter in one hand, and the case of beer in the other. There was a definite drop in the level of conversation. Several people glanced over to Pamela. Ike asked the man of the house where he wanted the taquitos, just loud enough for people to overhear.

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