Rose in my Apartment

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Brandi Love

I’ve always resented the fact that I couldn’t afford my own apartment. I like my privacy, I like my loud music, and I don’t like wearing clothes. I usually take great care when selecting a roommate and I do make sure that they’re aware of most of my idiosyncrasies. Strangely enough, this past year I was desperate for a roommate and the only taker turned out to be perfect.

Rose, my roommate, has a job and a ton of school work that keeps her away from the apartment for most of the day. When she is there, she’s usually asleep or quietly holed up in her room. I was completely free to live the lifestyle I wanted, or so I thought.

As I said earlier, I don’t like clothes and I do like loud music so when I take my showers I usually leave the door open so I can hear my radio from by bedroom. I try to make sure that Rose isn’t around when I do this because I try to be courteous even though I really don’t care. I just love the feeling of freely flowing air and music mixed with nakedness and water. It’s a privately sensual experience for me. The music keeps my body in fluid motion that syncs so well with the movement of my hands spreading soap across my soft, smooth flesh. I can feel the day and all it’s people and their inane thoughts and demands slowly rolling off my skin carried away by the soap suds so indiscriminately crawling down my body.

As I began to lose myself in this sensory experience I noticed a strange stillness in the air. As if someone was holding their breath and so I held mine. Rod straight and utterly still I strained my ears seeking a noise outside of the running water and rhythmic music. I nearly gave up when I heard it! A footstep, and then another. Ankara escort The creaky wooden floor betrayed the sneaking movements of my roommate. A slow smirk spread across my lips. I decided that Rose had no idea I knew she was approaching so I acted natural. I closed my eyes and sensed her with my hearing. Fingers quietly, slowly slipped inside the shower curtain as I ran my own fingers through my hair. I let my head fall backward arching my back, enticingly thrusting my chest forward.

Rose breathed heavily, giving away her presence. I snapped my head upward looking daringly straight into her eyes. I held her there; she was powerless against my gaze. I edged toward her with all my wet nakedness and reached for her neck. Rose sharply inhaled as I slid my dripping fingers behind her neck and I didn’t let her complete her breath before I kissed her hard. I didn’t know how this would turn out, I didn’t even know she liked girls until I felt her returning the kiss. Rose shifted her weight forward pushing into me. I could feel her thin tank top wicking away the wetness of my body and with my hands I could feel her shorts soaking with more than just water.

I stepped back in an attempt to get a handle on the situation but Rose mirrored my every movement. She advanced on me until we were both under the torrent of the shower. We both ran our hands in unconscious strokes, our tongues wandered across collar bones and around nipples. The water ran sensuously between us liberating our body’s natural movements. Our hips ground against one another and in the next instant they swayed in synch. My right hand pushed up under her soaked shirt. I could feel the firmness of Ankara escort bayan her stomach but I sought out her breasts and found them unencumbered by any bra. As my palm was filled with her breast I realized that Rose’s right hand had ventured between my legs. I could feel my thighs parting and my knee rose high giving her full access. With a last shudder of awareness I pinched her nipple just before she forced her middle and forefinger both deep inside me.

A great flush spread over my entire body, I clung to Rose. I desperately hoped that she would both never stop and that she would also be able to support me as the convulsions of pleasure overtook me. I held tightly to her just barley managing kisses between sharp uncontrollable gasps. The movement between my legs slowed and I through the blur of pleasure I saw her face split in a grin. I had just one moment to look at her magnificence. I took in her damp, half wet hair; her soaking clothing pushed up and pulled down in different places. I had to have her, I wanted her as naked as I was, as wet as I was, I wanted her to be just as vulnerable and weak to me as I was to her.

I held her shoulders and whipped her around to the shower wall shoving her back into the cold tile. I took her wrists and held them high over her head and told her to keep them there. Rose looked questioningly into my eyes and it was her turn to see a rotten smile creep across my face. I kissed her without touching any part of her than her lips and as our kiss deepened my fingertips danced down the soft sensitive skin of her arms. They tingled down her sides but dug into the bottom of her shirt to grasp tightly and pull it off. Finally Escort Ankara her splendid rack was out on display and heaving with uncertainty but I held my distance, I let her nipples rise and all the tiny hairs across her skin stand on end before I moved in to touch her, to press my naked chest against hers.

Our next kiss was slow. The rhythmic movements of our lips and tongues allowed my awareness to drift toward unbuttoning her shorts. My fingers crawled inside her underwear and I could feel her skin barely damp just now being drenched under the shower. Her hips moved against my hands, begging for more and I obliged. I turned my wrist over so that my hand cupped the curve of her body and my finger tips curled into that curve and into her. Rose gasped but took hold of herself quickly as I pushed farther in. Her hands arms fell from above her head to drape across my shoulders. I moved my hips in time with my hand pushing harder into her with every thrust of my hips and in turn I felt her breathing to this rhythm. I had control over her breath and her body, I had control over her pleasure but not for long.

Rose’s draped arms finally engaged. She hugged me in tight and I held my hand still letting her feel the ecstasy of her muscle contracting. My arms wrapped around her slender waist holding her as she worked through the waves of her orgasm. When she pulled back the water rushed to fill the gap between our naked torsos. That rush seemed to have a cleansing effect on our minds and we both snapped back to normality. A shared giggle fully returned our senses triggering another more playful hug. And just as girls would we blushed and immediately looked for towels and discarded clothing to cover ourselves. And that was that. The water was shut off, Rose returned to the impenetrable privacy of her room and I… well I didn’t know what else to do. I clothed myself and began to wait for the next opportunity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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