RoseAnn Discovers Dominance Pt. 03

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By eight o’clock, Bernie’s had mostly gone dead, except for a half-dozen men and a woman speaking in low voices at the bar, and an elderly couple finishing their dinner.

Beside myself, only Xavier the cook and Big Mary the bartender remained in the darkened place. I’d put up the chairs in the back two-thirds of the restaurant and mopped the floors. I took advantage of a quiet moment to duck into the back room to refresh my makeup and replace my tee shirt with a fresh white blouse. I dabbed on a little perfume and the tiniest bit of eye color and lipstick. I hadn’t brought my heels to work, but now I thought that perhaps I should have. I knew I looked good in heels, and since I was already taller than Dr. Warburton, I knew he wasn’t intimidated by my height.

Let’s not let our imagination run wild, RoseAnn. This is not a date. He’s coming to help you pay for your next four years of college. He’s obviously committed to his job and is willing to work long hours. This would be his busy season, just before the fall semester. Long hours would be par for the course.

It didn’t help. My pussy grew damp no matter how I tried to distract myself.

At a quarter to nine, Big Mary turned off the ‘Open’ sign in the window and dimmed the lights further. I cleared away the dishes from the old couple and left their check, then filled the cup of a student who’d come in at the last minute for coffee and a piece of pie.

Outside the window, Dr. Warburton appeared like a dark ghost, drifting slowly past and then vanishing. My stomach fluttered. He reappeared again, walking slowly past.

Was he that shy? I went to the door and beckoned him in. “Why hang out in the street, Dr. Warburton? You should come in out of the heat.”

His face, in the last flicker of twilight, looked terribly sad. I led him into the restaurant, to a semicircular booth I’d set up for us, directly under a spotlight. There, we could sit side by side without being crammed together in a distracting way.

He sat, and the spotlight reflected from the scalp through the thinning hair. His most striking feature, his eyes, did not appear as bright in this lighting.

“Coffee? Apple pie?” I offered. “The coffee’s an hour old, but the pie is especially good today.”

He nodded yes. “Please. Can I get water, too? It’s still hot and sticky out.” He opened his brief case and began to remove papers, stacking them on the table.

I got coffee and water for us both, and a piece of the apple pie for him. He looked at my side of the table. “Aren’t you going to have pie, too?”

I smiled and shook my head. “I have to watch my girlish figure.”

He smiled weakly. “Girlish? Not at all. You have the figure of a real woman, a figure to be proud of.”

My face grew warm, but even in the dim light, I could see his face redden, too. That compliment must have taken all the nerve he had.

How to reply? Graciously, I supposed. “Thank you, Dr. Warburton.” I smiled my most modest smile.

“I’d Tekirdağ Escort be much happier if you called me Craig,” he said. “You’re close enough to my age. It feels strange when you’re formal with me.”

I felt the vibration. He was like a string pulled taut, humming from tension alone. His intense desire warmed me and made my thighs tingle. Behind the professional distance and politeness, he wanted me. I wondered if he could sense the desire that swelled in me.

“So,” I said, “tell me about this essay.”

The next two and a half hours were torment for me, and apparently for him, as we sat and went over the guidelines and sample essays. All the while, we struggled to keep our hips or arms from touching, or to avoid looking into one another’s eyes. Once or twice, he spoke in my direction, and I smelled apple and coffee on his breath. I imagined that warm breath on my neck, my breasts, my belly. The dampness grew between my legs.

Mentally shaking myself and returning to the business at hand, I chose ‘the coming age of telecommunications’ as the essay topic and wrote about the future of telephones in business, and new ways that people might devise in the future to communicate with one another. I imagined portable telephones that people could carry around with them. They’d connect by radio to nearby payphone booths so a person could make calls from anywhere. I imagined the worldwide telephone network expanded to carry pictures and even television from anyplace in the globe to any other place. Even computers could be wired together over phone lines that reached around the globe.

Some of what I wrote was original. Most, I’d gleaned years before from my Dad’s Popular Science magazines, which I’d devoured cover to cover as they arrived in the mail.

Craig made suggestions as I wrote, only stopping short of actually dictating my words. It was nearly midnight when we finished. He waited patiently while I copied it out neatly, in my best handwriting, and signed it.

“I’ll get this to the committee first thing in the morning,” he said, “I guess…” He seemed not to know what to say next.

I nodded. “You look exhausted. Where do you live?” I was appalled. I was actually contemplating inviting him back to the apartment. Candy would be asleep in her own room by now. Things would follow naturally from there.

“Not far. I’ve got an apartment near Belmont Harbor. Do you have far to go?”

I didn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed. I lived the same distance away, but in the opposite direction. “I’ll need the walk in the cool air,” I said, “so I can get to sleep after all that coffee.”

“My car’s just down the block,” he said.

For a moment, we looked into each other’s eyes. I saw the want there, stronger than ever. It made me dizzy to feel so desired. I wanted him to pull off my jeans and fuck me right there. We moved closer, as if to kiss, but he abruptly pulled back.

“I’ve got to go,” he said hastily. “I’ll Tekirdağ Escort Bayan drive you back to your place.”

“I’m okay with walking,” I said. “You go get your beauty sleep. I can sleep in tomorrow.”

“One more thing.” He lowered his voice. “Some people would call our meeting tonight inappropriate. In fact, it could get me in serious trouble. I’d be happy if you didn’t tell anyone else.”

I nodded. He hastily gathered his papers and left the restaurant.

So this wasn’t just a dedicated educator doing his job? He’d defied some rule or other to be here with me tonight. I felt a pleasant glow in my chest. Perhaps this was going to go somewhere after all.

* * *

Waiting to go to sleep, I held an image of Craig’s blue eyes before me as I stroked myself. There was something about him, utterly unlike the attraction I’d once felt for my ex-husband.

As my finger massaged my wet petals, my fantasies moved on to Donald, who’d gone down on me six years before, before Mike, before the abuse, before the divorce. Donald had been gentle, even worshipful, and made it a beautiful experience. But afterward, he seemed content, and hadn’t insisted that I return the favor. By the redneck code under which I was raised, a Real Man would have pushed his cock into my mouth, by force if necessary, and demanded his own satisfaction. Donald had failed the test, and custom dictated that I dump him for his weakness.

In the years since, I’d left my teenaged self behind. Now I knew that Donald hadn’t been a pussy or a pervert. He only expressed his manhood in a different way than Mike. Since then, he’d married and was off somewhere training to be a pilot. If I hadn’t let my hayseed values drive him away, I might be his contented wife today, bringing up our children in a nice house near O’Hare Airport, waiting for my handsome pilot to come home from some foreign city. He’d have a quaint little gift for me from Paris or Tokyo. After I served his dinner, he’d lick me to a wonderful orgasm…

I grunted as contractions raced through my body and my hips lifted from the bed. Images of Donald and Craig whirled together in the dark.

As the days passed, I tried to think of Craig, but his image faded from my mind. Twice, I took the El to the University before work and strolled past the counseling offices, craning my neck to try to catch a glimpse of him. But it was nearly a week before I got a message from the Dragon Lady to come and see him about the scholarship.

Once more, I cooled my heels in the outer office until my turn came, and Miss Zweig told me to go in. My legs grew weak when I saw his eyes and shook his hand.

The room was warm, but the mist of sweat on his forehead was more than the temperature alone would justify.

He opened the folder on his desk, tried to speak, and choked. Finally, he said, “It seems that the committee liked your application, Miss Perez. They’re going to offer you one of the scholarships. There Escort Tekirdağ are only two for all of Illinois, by the way.”

I was dumbstruck. My entire education was going to be paid for? This was beyond my wildest hopes. It was one thing to fill out an application on a whim, but to win the actual prize?

“I don’t know what to say. Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me. You deserve it. You’re entirely qualified, and it’s been a pleasure working with you.”

‘It’s been a pleasure…?’

My throat had closed and my voice was raspy. “What do I do now?” It came out sounding like the squeak of a trapped mouse. Was that it? His job is done and we won’t see each other again?

“You’ll get a letter in the mail. You’ll have to respond to it and say you accept it. The Bursar’s Office will take care of the rest. Meanwhile, I’ve got other news.”

At the changed tone of his voice, I looked up.

“I’m transferring your file to one of the other counselors, Mrs. Kovacs. You won’t be working with me any more.”

My stomach sank. “What happened? Did I do something wrong?” Did someone find out that he’d visited me at the restaurant?

He shook his head and looked down at his desk, smiling shyly. “It was so I could ask you on a date.”

He paused, his face blushing bright red. It seemed he had to force himself to overcome his shyness. “I can’t be your counselor or teacher and see you outside of this office without violating the terms of my job. It would be a conflict of interest. I don’t have tenure yet, so I’m in a sensitive position. I want to see you, but I don’t want to lose my job over it…” His voice trailed off as if he had used the last of his courage.

I felt my face flush, and squeezed my thighs together. Oh, God! He wanted me as much as I wanted him. What could I say?

“I accept.” I almost whispered.

He looked at me, either surprised or puzzled.

I gathered my wits. “I’d love to go on a date with you,” I said. “Name a time and place, but I happen to have all day Sunday off.”

He brightened. “Cubs game, then dinner after? A friend’s offered me the use of his season tickets whenever I want them. He owes me a favor.”

At that moment, I just wanted to take him to bed, but I said, primly, “That’d be very nice. Thank you.”

* * *

Candy couldn’t wait, and followed me into my room while I pulled off my sweaty blouse and put on a tee shirt. “Well, what did he say?”

“He said I’ve got the scholarship.”

“I can see by your face that there’s more than that.”

I giggled. “He’s taking me to a Cubs game on Sunday, and dinner afterward.”

She smirked. “Good for you! But don’t give it up on the first date. You know the rules.”

“Rules? Rules? I don’t need no steenkin’ rules!” I said, in my best Treasure of the Sierra Madre accent, and laughed. “I’m twenty-four years old with a long dry spell to make up for. I can make my own rules.”

“I wish my boyfriend would take me to a ball game. All he wants to do is go to a bar or shoot pool. I hate pool.”

“But at least you get it off a couple of times a week. Listening to you two through the wall is part of the reason I’m horny all the time.”

“Sorry.” But she wasn’t sorry, judging by the toothy grin on her pale face.

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