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This is a shorter story, on why I joined the army.

It all started my senior year of high school. My birthday is in August, so I was already 18 since the beginning of the year. I was enrolled in the Junior ROTC program there, and I was pretty active in the military activities. I was almost certain I would never go near any branch of service after I graduated, that is until I got introduced to Dale, the Army recruiter for my school. He was gorgeous! Him in that uniform was a deadly combination. We flirted innocently, but nothing more than that in public.

I had taken a test to see how well I would do in the military, a test everyone in the JROTC program takes. My scores were higher than anyone had expected from me, including my teacher. That’s when I met Dale. He was very impressed with my scores and wanted me to join the Army. I was to distracted by his southern accent and the tight uniform to say no. He flirted with me until I agreed to talk to him about it at his office, not far from my house.

It was sunny out, and I was wearing a summer dress that day. I walked in and looked around. There was no one in site. Dale had heard me walk in and called my into his office and closed the door behind me. I had known Dale was married and had 2 children, but now I saw the picture of them on his desk. He was very happy to see me. I sat in the chair in front of his desk, and he sat in front of me on the edge of the desk, facing me.

“So, my little Army Girl decided to come and chat,” he said to me smiling.

“I told u I would,” it was obvious I was staring at his huge package through his tight pants. He noticed this, and stood up in front of me.

“Now, liseli porno just to see the uniform size…” He put his firm hands on my soft, bare shoulders and I rose from my chair. He slowly walked around me, letting his fingertips feel across my back, I shuttered. When he reached the other side of me, his fingers pulled the strap of my dress off my shoulder. He finished his walk in front of me and lifted my chin. I looked into his deep blue eyes.

“You’re going to turn a lot of heads on base,” he said and slowly kissed me. I felt his hands moving down my arm as he turned me around and lifted me up on his desk by my hips. His hands slid slowly up my skirt and I felt his smooth fingers caressing my inner thighs. He kissed down my neck, and onto my shoulders. He removed my other strap and let my dress fall around my waist. Dale stepped back and looked at my white strapless bra. He slowly removed it and laid it on his desk. I could tell his pants were fitting tighter now. He massaged my breasts with his large, strong hands. Slowly he kissed my round nipples. I began to feel my juices running onto my panties. He put his hand under my skirt again, and began to move upward and slowly moved my panties aside, caressing my throbbing clit. He let out a sigh as his cock throbbed in his pants. He laid me back on his large desk and he climbed on top of me. We kissed passionately and I could feel his cock rubbing against me, it felt so good against my wet pussy. He sat up and unbuttoned his uniform shirt, he was very built and his muscles turned me on even more. He slid off the desk and propped my legs over his shoulders. He began to mobil porno kiss my inner thighs as his fingers played around my clit.

“You get very wet; I like that,” he said as he continued to tease me. He slowly kissed his way up to where he was playing with my clit, and began sucking on my swollen lips. He continued playing with his fingers and he deeply penetrated me with them. As he did this, a great feeling of pleasure shook up my spine and I shivered. I started to moan and move with the rhythm of his sweet motions. He began licking up my juices and putting his tongue deep inside me. I exploded with a powerful orgasm that seemed to last forever. He noticed my pleasure it that and he continued to lick my pussy faster and faster. I came again and again.

By this time I was sitting up, pulling his hair and I noticed his nicely pressed uniform pants had a wet spot from precum. He stood up and I slid off the desk on to my knees in front of him. I undid his belt and zipper to expose a huge cock about to bust through his underwear. I pulled it out and he let out a small moan as I played with the precum on the head of his dick with my fingers. I started slowly moving my hand up and down the huge shaft. When I reached a good pace he seemed to greatly enjoy, I put my warm mouth on the head of his cock, sucking ever so slightly. As I took it into my mouth and moved up and down with a smooth motion, he put his hands on my head and began guiding it to his liking, making my mouth water. The spit mixed with his precum making a nice and wet lubricant for me to work with. He pumped my head faster and harder as he began to climax. I could taste öğrenci porno his nut get saltier and I knew he was almost done.

He came with a powerful force as he let out a moan that could have shaken the pictures on the wall. I could feel his warm come running down my throat in a river of saltiness. It didn’t bother me, I swallowed every last drop. He lifted me up and put me back on the desk. He let his pants fall to the floor and he positioned for penetrating me. He slid is huge cock in my tight pussy slowly and I moaned with pleasure.

“You like that?” He said in he strong southern accent. I nodded, it was the only thing I could do as he pumped me hard. I felt my self climbing, and I could tell he was too. He quickly flipped me over without pulling out, a move that almost made me have a full orgasm in itself, and hit it doggie-style over his desk. I grabbed the edge of the desk for support and moved with him. His hands reached around from my hips to my breasts that were hanging free and bouncing with the movement. He pumped harder. I felt my self explode over and over again. He picked me up by my hips and sat in the chair behind us. I was facing away from him, using the desk like a handle bar. He guided me up and down, and I could feel my juices running over his cock and balls. I began caressing and playing with his sack as he fucked me. He came with a great explosion again. I could feel a powerful warmth run into me. He sighed heavily and slumped in the chair. I slowly stood up and sat on the desk facing him. He pulled me close and kissed me. We sat together in the chair until I had to go. We dressed each other, and kissed good-bye.

Later that week I received a letter in the mail from him telling me about how he enjoyed our meeting and is looking forward to one in the future. Later that summer, I joined the Army. It was the best decision of my life, but I’d have to say, I had a few things sway my decision to join.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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