‘Round Back

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The simple chime from the doorbell sounded faintly in the back. Nancy grimaced as she lay on her stomach. Having just turned on her stomach to savor more rays from the sizzling summer sun she had also beyond her better judgment started rubbing against the lattice of plastic bands that made up the lounge she lay in. Sighing heavily she shouted before wondering if whoever it was would hear her anyway. ”’round back!”
A few minutes later a large black man stood over her a package in hand.
Nancy smiled. It was Ralph the UPS man. Since she’d moved and started working from home he was a constant diversion every few days with deliveries.
“Ralph.” She said sitting up.
“Ms. King.”
“Call me Nancy. You know I told you that before.” She said.
He bent placing the package besides her admiring her voluptuous breasts, wide seductive hips and full shapely legs all glistening and ripe.
He was in the standard brown. His shirt sleeves were rolled over his bulging biceps. His quads also bulged inside the shorts he wore but her gaze stopped at his crotch where another bulge brought Nancy’s tongue across her lips.
Nancy was sure it was the combination of the sun and teasing herself on the lounge that had her suddenly yearning for the large black delivery man from UPS.
“Sign here,” Ralph handed her the electronic pad and the inkless pen. She signed, handed back the pad but slipped the pen down her bikini top.
“I dropped your pen sorry. Can you get it out?” She asked smiling mischievously.
Ralph grinned in spite of himself. He’d been checking out Nancy from the time he started the route. He’d seen her the first time when she was still only a prospective buyer of the house. She was a little older than he would usually pursue at about maybe late thirties early forties but she was quiet a dish and as he stood there taking in her delicious body he could not control the bulging cock in his shorts as it yearned to devour her.
Ralph put the electronic pad aside and approached her.
Nancy looked up at the towering black figure above her. Her was about six two to her five eight. She placed her hands on his chest feeling the muscles underneath his shirt. She slowly unbuttoned it and took a gander at his deep ebony skin chiseled to perfection through hours of intense workouts no doubt. She caressed his chest as he slipped his hands on her hips and pulled her even closer.
“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to fuck you,” Ralph said.
The words sent a shiver through Nancy. She felt her bikini bottom moistened and not from just sweat. She peeled his shirt off. Her hands went down to his shorts and soon those were at his knees with his boxers. Looking up at him then down at his massive shaft Nancy slowly went down on her knees. She took gaziantep swinger it in her hand. It was at least eight inches she thought realizing that it took both hands to envelope it complete. It was also fat and throbbing with desire. She looked up at him as she took him into her mouth.
Ralph welcomed the feeling of her mouth around his shaft. At first he didn’t think she could fit all of it but somehow she took it in her head bobbing slowly as her tongue caressed his length.
Ralph put his hands on his hips closing his eyes as her tongue tickled the sensitive flesh around his head. A soft moan escaped his lips.
Moaning from Ralph spurred Nancy on. She wanted to hear him moan more. She sucked harder her tongue rubbing against the tip of his penis probing the small opening that oozed pre-cum into her eager mouth. She felt his shaft stiffen as she cupped his balls in her hand. He was cumming. Not sure if to take his load into her mouth or not she pulled her mouth away just as in two short spurts landed on her breasts. As the remainder dribbled from his head she lapped it up as the sticky glob between her cleavage slid down between her breasts.
“You don’t like swallowing?” Ralph asked as she stood peeling off her bikini top the cum now running down her belly.
“I sucked you dry didn’t it. I just wanted to feel it on me.”
“Did you like it?” He asked.
Nancy massaged the cum across her breasts and around her nipples. “What do you think?”
“I think you should lay on the lounge.”
Nancy obliged.
Ralph pulled the bikini bottom off and lifted her legs onto the arms of the lounge. He slid his tongue from her ankle up the inside of her thigh to her oversized lips and then down the other thigh to her knee before he went back to her pussy. He took her lips between his own and pulled. He licked them and sucked them his tongue pushing past to her opening tasting her wetness inside, sweet and creamy.
Nancy moaned eager to feel his tongue on her clit. She tried to manipulate it into his mouth but he wasn’t ready for her to have that pleasure yet.
He teased her lips with his tongue licking her slit, careful not to touch her clit until he was ready. Her cunt was smooth completely void of hair and drenched with her wetness.
Nancy gasped when his tongue finally wrapped around her clit.
Ralph parted her lips gaining better access and began to suck. Starting slowly he savored the feeling of the small nub in his mouth and alternated sucking it and flicking his stiffened tongue across it.
Nancy’s hips rose as the tremor in her pussy grew. She closed her eyes feeling her insides contract. “Mmmmm.” She moaned biting her bottom lip as she gripped the arms of the lounge feeling the depths of her raging climax approach. She was cumming and cumming hard.
“Uh-uh-uhhhhhh!” She exclaimed in a shudder as her body relaxed leaving her with one last shiver and a yearning to be filled.
Ralph pulled away from her. Standing over her his shadow eclipsed the sun. His shaft was still hard. He was ready for her and she was ready for him.
Ralph easily slid into her wet pussy his heading popping into a cavern that was softer than silk and hotter than the sun that beat down on their naked bodies.
Nancy felt his shaft filling her. She didn’t think it was so wide but surprisingly it had more girth than she thought and was stretching her slightly as he slid into her. She moaned as he stroked her. She arched her back still wanting more even though it his shaft completely filled her. His shaft seemed to touch every corner of her pussy and when he moved she felt as if an endless cascade of ripples were passing through her. She closed her eyes feeling his hands on her breasts squeezing and teasing, her nipples between his thumb and index finger being pinched. They were tender and sensitive and before she knew it she felt the pleasure building inside her yearning for release. Her heart skipped a beat as she bucked under him.
Ralph watched her face twist with the sweet mixture of pleasure and pain her eyes wide with surprise at feeling such pleasure. He fed on it and sent each thrust into her with greater force shaking the lounge even shifting it on the tiles.
Nancy’s hands went to his butt. Her eyes rolled. It was so firm. So hard and she squeezed and savored it as he drove his shaft home sweeping her like a leaf in a stream to a sweet shuddering climax.
Ralph felt her shudder but paid little attention to it as he felt his cock contract and knew what was cumming. He considered cumming inside her but since she liked cum on her so much he pulled out and squirted it on her pussy. He watched it trickle down her slit and down between her ass against the puckered opening of her asshole.
He looked at her. She was smiling.
Nancy looked at him as he returned her smile.
Their eyes met and each knew what the other was thinking.
A towel on the tiles for comfort Nancy got on her knees then hesitated. She’d never really done anal and suddenly especially without lubrication she was uncertain of how much it would hurt and if she would like it. She was about to say something to Ralph when she felt his large head pushing against her puckered ass. This was definitely a bad idea she thought.
“I don’t know Ralph…”
“You don’t do you.”
Ralph pulled back.
She turned as she felt something cool and slick between her as cheeks. He lathered it up and down her crack. He tested it by pushing one finger in and then two aroused at how tight she was. He placed his head back on her puckered back opening.
With a mixture of doubt and curiosity Nancy grimaced as his head pushed against her asshole.
“Relax.” Ralph said.
Nancy took a breath.
Ralph felt the opening yield and thrust himself in.
He was in and deep.
Nancy felt as if he’d shoved a train up her ass. If her pussy had been stretching a little surely he was going to rip her in two.
“I think we should…” Before she could finish or pull away even further she felt his hand snake around and touch her still sensitive clit. It sent multiple waves washing over her and embracing her. For a moment she forgot the pain of having her ass impaled by the man’s eight inches. She closed her eyes and could actually feel the pleasure of it as he stroked her, his head rubbing against the reverse side of one of her sweet spots.
Ralph grabbed her breast with his other hand squeezed as he stroked. He savored the glove like feeling of her ass surrounding and squeezing every inch of his shaft and knowing he was the first one to pop her backdoor virginity made it real special.
In spite of herself Nancy was enjoying having him in her ass. Once the initial pain had faded the feeling was quiet filling as was having the hand on her clit and the other on her tit. She rocked with him feeling the triple stimulation beginning to send her into a frenzy as juices from her pussy mixed with his earlier cum trailed down the inside of her thighs.
Ralph thought it would be longer before he came but it was building in him after what seemed like only a few seconds. This time he decided he wouldn’t pull out. He’d fill her ass with his load.
Nancy was moaning and whimpering. Cumming so often had one sweet side affect in that every subsequent cum was stronger and harder than the other and as she gripped the towel she was being ass fucked on she felt it. It was no ripple or shudder it was like the tremor of an earthquake that rocked her. “Uh. Uhhhhaaaah!” She exclaimed.
Ralph felt his load shoot into her ass as she moaned. Pulling out he watched as her reddened asshole puckered contracted and cum begin to drip onto the towel.
On rubbery legs Nancy stood as did Ralph. “You should just stay.” She said.
“I wish I could. I have other deliveries to make before my shift ends.”
Nancy smiled and before she could say it Ralph said, “No not like this one.”
As he dressed Nancy slipped into the pool her suntan lotion slash anal lubrication floating alongside her in the pool.
“I’ll see you around.” Ralph said.
“Please do. You know where I live and,” she nodded to the package, “now you know I can take deliveries ‘round back.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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