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I was alone at last. My parents had taken off for Cancun and left me home for the first time in months. I called up Angela, my girlfriend, but she wasn’t available, a church function or some shit like that.

So here I was all by myself. My parents had DTV, but it was still blasé, even with three hundred or so channels to chose from.

I wanted something better to do with my time, I thought about writing a book or something but I’d done enough writing in my school to choke a horse, so to say, and there wasn’t anything that really caught my attention to write about, so I was bored out of my mind.

The other thing that seemed to really tick me off was the fact that my girl was off god knew where with a bunch of religious fanatics and I couldn’t even contact her. She’d told me that the retreat didn’t have phone service.

My girl, even thinking about her made my cock throb in anticipation and I wanted to be with her. Everything that I did, now days seemed Casibom to make me think of her and I had no clue how to stop it. I would go to the fridge and try to get something to eat, see a carrot or zucchini and then go nuts remembering the time that she got naked for me and slid the entire fucking thing up her twat!

My balls suddenly decided they needed to have a little fun with me and they would try to tighten up. That was that, I needed sex and I needed it badly, there was no if’s, ands, or butts (pun intended).

I raced up to my room knowing that I had a particular mission in so doing. I raced through the door and closed it behind me. I slid over to my bed, flopping down and letting my body try and relax against the excitement that I was feeling at the moment.

My hand wandered inside of my slacks almost on its own accord, I could feel the coarseness of my hair and as I gently entwined it around my fingers. I lifted my buttocks and I Casibom Giriş slid my pants down the rest of the way, letting them fall around my legs, my jockey shorts hanging loosely by one ankle, pressed so carefully on that pretentious perch.

I could feel as I gently placed my hand against my cock, the soothing feeling that my skin had as it rubbed against itself.

I picked my hand up and started to grasp my cock ever so slowly. I could feel my blood as it rushed through my veins and played like Braille against my fingers. It felt so good just to hold it there and feel as it played against my fingers feeling my pulse in the palm of my hand.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I started to gently slide my foreskin back, revealing my pink cock head, birthing it into some sort of light. My conscious was telling me to speed it up, and that I wanted to try and enjoy myself. I followed orders and started to jerk off again and this time I let myself go, feeling Casibom Yeni Giriş my hand as it gave me the gentle friction that I so wanted.

I felt as my balls shrunk again, and this time knew they were going to go ahead and do it, I wanted them to do it, let me feel that gentle pleasure pain that would herald my release.

I picked up the pace, realizing a little too late that I had forgotten to bring something to clean off with.

I could feel as my cum started to brim up the penile duct and the heavenly spasms that would give me exactly what it was that I wanted.

I was so close…

My buttocks lifted off the bed and I leaned over, hunching over myself as I pretended to hunch over a woman.

In seconds I could feel the spurts of joy that heralded an orgasm and I could feel as my seed started to shoot out spilling over the back of my hand and ooze down my arm.

In that warming moment as I felt closure in my ever thankful balls, relief was churned into panic I heard a car door slam …

“Hello, Ryan?” Angela’s sweet voice called over to me… “My parents said that they wanted to meet you so I figured that I’d come over and see you as a surprise! Don’t worry I have my key…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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