Ryan’s Story Pt. 09

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I hope everyone is enjoying this series. I love futa-on-male stories and I am having fun writing these. Please feel free to leave comments. I have many more about Ryan to publish.

Ryan’s Story

Chapter 9

It turned out to be a pretty normal day. Classes in the morning, home from school early afternoon. Study some. Start fixing dinner for mom. Wait for them to come home. Then I got a text.

“Hi, Ryan. This is Martha Carter. I was just thinking about you. How has your first week at school going for you?”

Surprised and a bit excited, I replied back “Wow. I was thinking about you too. School is good. Classes are easy so far.”

She replied back, “Thinking of me??? LOL. It was nice to meet you last week. Maybe we can get together sometime. I can look over some of your writings or …. “.

I felt a stirring in my pants. “I’d love to get together. Where and when?” I replied.

“How about tomorrow after your last class? My office. You can bring some of your writings and tell me what you were thinking about me. LOL.” she sent.

“Great,” I said. “I will be in your debt to look over my writings. How can I repay you?”

“LOL,” she replied, “I’m sure we will think of something. See you tomorrow.”

Thinking about the strikingly beautiful woman and seeing her tomorrow, I found I was very excited. My little cock was hard as a rock.

Just then Julie walked in. Looking at her, I walked over and shoved her against the wall, and dropped to my knees in front of her. Quickly I pulled her jeans and underwear down and leaned over and took her cock into my mouth, my hand cupping her balls. As I began to suck and lick her cock, feeling it harden in my mouth, she gasped and said “Wow, I guess someone is really horny,”.

I greedily sucked up and down her now hard cock as she moaned and placed her hands on my head, her fingers digging into my hair. Taking all eleven inches of her cock into my throat and sucking up and down, it didn’t take long. Soon she forced my head down onto her and I felt her Kıbrıs Escort balls spasm as she shot several big loads down my throat.

As I slowly sat back, letting her cock slide from my mouth, I looked up at her. She was breathing heavily and looking down at me. “Oh wow little brother, that was great. Thanks,” she said as she patted my head and pulled up her jeans.

All that evening I had visions of Dean Carter running through my head. I kept seeing her at the burger joint last week with her long auburn hair and hazel eyes. Tall and athletic looking with large breasts and long legs, she was sexy looking for a woman of her age which I guessed was probably mid-fifties. I was excited to be seeing her tomorrow.

Later that night as I was cuddling naked with mom after she had finished fucking me, I told her about it.

I explained the text exchange I had with Dean Carter and how I was excited about it and meeting her tomorrow. Smiling at me and brushing my hair out of my face, she said “That is nice Ryan. I am sure she can help you with your writing and I know she really wants to fuck you from the way she looked at you at the burger joint.”

The next day I could hardly wait until my last class. Finally, I was knocking on the door to her office. I heard her say to come in and when I did she was sitting at her desk and as she looked at me, she smiled. “Hi, Ryan. So nice to see you again,” she said as she looked me up and down.

Nervously I said “Hi Dean Carter. I did bring one of my writings for you to look at. I really do appreciate you helping me with this,” as I walked over to her desk.

She stood and I was amazed at how tall she was at least six and a half feet. She walked over to the door and locked it and turned to me. “Let’s not have anyone disturb us if that is okay with you,” she said walking over toward me.

She looked beautiful with black slacks and a white blouse, enough buttons undone to showcase a nice cleavage. My eyes slid down her body and I noticed a large Lefkoşa Escort bulge on the inside of the right leg of her slacks. She noticed me looking at her and smiled at me.

Taking the papers from my hand and laying them on the desk, she looked down into my eyes. She said “We can look at that later. To start with, you need to call me Martha. And we can figure out how you can thank me for helping you, don’t you think?”

I gave her a nervous smile and said “Yes Martha. How can I thank you? “

Running her hand over my face, she said “Well, I can think of a few things. And I do like to be obeyed, Ryan. You don’t have any trouble with that do you?”

“No Dean, I mean Martha. Anything you say, anything at all.” I answered.

“Good. How about if we start by you getting out of those clothes. Strip. Now. ” she commanded.

I wasted no time obeying. I removed all of my clothes and stood naked in front of her.

She looked me over, her hands running over my body. When she squeezed my little hard cock I gasped. She smiled and turned me around and I felt her hands fondle my ass.

She took me by the hand and led me to her desk. She sat in her chair and bent me over the desk in front of her. I felt her run her hands up the back of my thighs and cup my ass cheeks.

“What a wonderful toy you will be. You do want to be my boy toy don’t you Ryan?” she asked.

“Oh yes Martha, yes.” I moaned as her hands explored my ass.

She stood, walking around in front of me. She removed her slacks and underwear. Her cock was large, at least thirteen inches with a large head. Holding it in one hand, she pushed it to my face. I opened my mouth wide, welcoming it.

Holding my head she slowly rocked back and forth, fucking my mouth. Then she pulled her cock out and stuffed her panties into my mouth. Walking around behind me, her hand on my ass, I felt her rub the head of her cock up and down my crack. Then she pushed the head into my tight hole.

“Now bitch, I am going to fuck Girne Escort you,” she said and with one thrust, shoved all the way into me. My scream was muffled by the panties in my mouth. She wasted no time. Holding my hips, she pounded into me, hard and fast. Sounds of skin slapping against skin echoed in the office. My cries and moans were held back by the gag in my mouth. It only took a few minutes and I shot my load onto the side of her desk. Slapping my ass and laughing, she said “I knew you’d be a good toy,” and continued to slam into me. Finally, with a loud grunt, she shoved deep into me and shot a big load, grinding her hips into mine. She stayed spent in me for a while, then pulled out.

As she put her slacks back on I stood and looked at the mess on the side of her desk. “Sorry, looks like I made a mess,” I said.

She laughed and said “Don’t worry, the cleaning lady is used to it. You can go now, I’ll text you when I need to see you again.”

That evening I was sprawled on the sofa, cuddling up with my mother watching some dumb show on TV and as she ran her hand over my back and shoulder, she asked “Did you see Dean Carter today?.

“Yes, after my last class I stopped by her office,” I answered.

“Did she fuck you?” mother asked point-blank,

Looking up at her I said, “Yes, she did. You don’t mind do you mother?”.

Smiling at me, she said “No baby. Like I told you, the more futa cum you get the more you will want. You’re hooked now. Just have fun but be careful. Did she play rough? Did you like it?”.

“Yes, she was a bit rough and yes, I did like it,” I said looking her in the eye.

“That’s what your Aunt Sue said, she thought you enjoyed it a bit rough. Your sister told me about you jumping her when she came home yesterday,” mom said with a smile.

Blushing, I said to her “Guilty. I just needed it really bad. I guess it is true about needing more the more you get,”

Pushing me away slightly, mother looked into my eyes and said “Well, why don’t you get down on the floor and take what mother has to offer?”.

Smiling at her, I slid off the sofa onto my knees and tugged on her sleep pants as she lifted a bit to allow me to slide them off. Grasping her hard cock, I looked up at her as I leaned forward and took it into my mouth.

(To be continued)

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