S.S Erotic

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Nikki was laying on the sand completely naked and beyond horny. Her strawberry blond hair was full of sand and she was lying on her back so her massive all natural DD boobs and hard, sensitive nipples were completely exposed to the sun. Her legs were wide open, revealing her gorgeous, soaking wet, cleanly shaven, pink pussy to the world. Her fair, slightly tanned skin was the same color as the sand and her ass was to die for. She was the hottest woman on the nude beach. She loved being nude and having sex and that’s why she was at the beach. Almost no guy could resist her soft DD breasts and beautiful pink snatch and sooner or later a naked guy would come along and flirt with her.

Nikki was 24 years old and she had just graduated from college. Throughout most of her life she was a tall, skinny, flat chested girl who’s cute, likable face, sexy personality and beautiful hair color was the only reason guys liked her but at the age of 16 her body started catching up with her slutty way of thinking. She started working out so her ass got much bigger and her stomach got flatter. At the same time her boobs grew as she matured. All this combined made her a model status woman. Nikki was not only a nudist, she loved sex and she was willing to have sex with anyone and usually everyone wanted to do it with her. She wasn’t a stupid sex craving maniac though, she loved sex but she always liked to get to know the person who was in bed with her at least a little bit.

It was a slow day at the nude beach and no one was flirting with her. Of course there was the guys who would sit in the corner and jack off to the site of her and she always put on a show for them but they didn’t have the courage to talk to her. She had been lying in the sun for about an hour and she knew a sun burn on her boobs would not be pretty so she decided to go for a quick swim. She slowly got up and started walking to the water.

Just then something caught her eye, a really hot group of nude, muscular guys looking straight at her. She smiled back and kept walking seductively to the shoreline. The men were entranced by her gorgeous nude figure and she was about to take it a step further and squeeze her massive tits for them. Just as she was about to squeeze them she felt something hit her foot. She tripped and hit the floor hard, luckily she was fine but her chances of having sex were not as fine. The last thing she heard was the men’s laughter and she didn’t dare look back at them. She was so embarrassed and disappointed and there was sand all over her.

After standing up and wiping some sand off her nude body she looked back at what tripped her. To her surprise it wasn’t a rock or a ball but a gorgeous brunette sunbathing. She was looking at her worriedly and had an extremely embarrassed look on her face. She was gorgeous, she had big all natural boobs that rivaled her own and a gorgeous puffy pussy. She was skinny and fit and her butt was really cute. She had her legs wide open so she was obviously not afraid to show her womanhood and she seemed about her age.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to trip you,” the brunette said.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m okay,” Nikki said with a smile.

“Well, I know that but you were about to have great sex with those guys over there and I messed it up for us,” she said looking disappointed.

“Us?” Nikki said with a confused expression.

“Well I kind of wanted to join in, those guys were hot,” she said with a mischievous smile. Nikki liked this girl. Apart from being super sexy she was adventurous and nice, Nikki decided to stay a bit longer and talk to her.

“Yeah they were! your such a slut, letting me do all the work so you could just join in,” Nikki said.

“Hey, at least I didn’t trip and fall in front of them,” she said laughing and pinching Nikki’s left nipple. Nikki squealed and laughed and then slapped her ass to get her back. She was so comfortable with being naked and Nikki knew they were going to be great friends even if it was still early in the conversation.

“Hey what’s your name?” Nikki said.

“Ashley, my friends call me Ash” she said extending a hand.

“My names Nikki and we don’t need to shake hands you already touched my nipple,” Nikki said resulting in a laugh from Ash.

Nikki talked to Ash a while more and she couldn’t resist sneaking a few peaks at her gorgeous pussy. She was fit and just like Nikki şişli eskort she had cute abs. She was a little shorter than Nikki at 5 feet 9 inches and her pitch black hair was the complete opposite of Nikki’s strawberry blond hair. She always sat with her legs wide open and Nikki thought she was teasing her. Nikki had never had sex alone with a girl and she had never had a girlfriend but she was attracted to girls and she didn’t mind exploring something new. She was hesitant a about it though, she didn’t know what to expect. She was definitely attracted to Ashley and something told her she shared those same feelings about her too.

They talked for an hour and it was getting late. Nikki was about to tell Ash she needed to go when she saw an advertisement for a cruise ship on a booth. One woman and one man were working the booth and they both were naked and very good looking. There was never any advertisement in the nude beach for anything. Most salesmen were too shy to advertise at the nude beach and much less for a cruise ship. She looked over at Ash and she was looking at it too.

“Hey, want to check that out?” Ash said.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Nikki said getting up and walking to the small booth.

As Nikki walked she got an eyeful of Ash’s truly amazing figure. Her body was almost if not as sexy as hers. While Nikki’s boobs were big and firm Ash’s boobs sagged just a little bit giving them a softer appearance. Nikki’s eyes drifted to her cute pussy. Nikki’s pussy had pink lips and was puffier than Ash’s. Ash’s had long purple outer lips and her pussy was much less puffy than Nikki’s. She was gorgeous and Nikki was definitely turned on. Her looking halted when they got to the booth. It was quite nice, it had pictures of naked people and luxury cruises all over the booth. Nikki was extremely confused on what exactly they were selling so she decided to ask the man running the booth.

“Hello, what are you selling here sir?” She said. He looked at her bare boobs first obviously and then shifted his attention back to her,” well, we’re selling two tickets to our newest ship, the S.S Erotic,” he said smiling.

“The S.S. Erotic?” Ash said suddenly joining the conversation.

“Yes, it’s a cruise line where nudism and sex are completely allowed, all the staff are nude and ready to satisfy your sexual needs and you are free to be nude around the ship anytime or anywhere you want,”

“Ok, is that even legal,” Ash said.

“Yes, it is perfectly legal and there is a special 40% off discount for members of this nude beach. For you gorgeous ladies I’ll give you an extra 10% off,” he said.

“What! that’s 50% off,” Nikki said now seriously considering the possibility of taking this trip.

“Hey Nikki want to go on a cruise,” Ash said with a mischievous look on her face. Nikki didn’t know her that well but she was sexy and she thought they both could have the funniest time together. Not only would they have great sex, between her and Ash they would have sex with a different guy every day.

“Wow this is crazy, I’m not sure about it,” Nikki said.

“Oh come on girl, live a little,” her nude sexy pose and adventurous look pushed Nikki over the edge. Missing this trip would be a waste of a good time.

“Ah what the hell let’s go,” Nikki said laughing.

They both bought their tickets and talked about all the fun times they would have. The cruise left in a week and Nikki knew that would be one of the longest weeks of her life. It was getting late and Nikki was getting sleepy. She told Ash she needed to go and to her surprise when they parted ways Ash gave her a light kiss on the lips and brushed her soft hands against her pussy. She was electrified and she couldn’t wait for the cruise to begin. Would she really have a girlfriend? Or just a friend that liked pleasing her? She was aroused and confused and as she fell asleep that night she dreamt of things to come.


It was finally the day! Nikki was beyond excited to go on this two week cruise. It was one week in a sex allowed anywhere nudist cruise, it was as if her wildest fantasies had come true. Not only was she going there she was going with a smoking hot friend, Ash. They were going to share a room for two weeks and something told her that they were going to have fun in there!

Nikki got in her car and drove to the docks. She was wearing a dress with no escort bayan şişli bra or panties on, she was about to undress anyways so she didn’t see the reason why she should bring any underwear. Her hard tits were noticeable through the fabric and her pussy would be revealed to everyone if she ever bent over. She met Ashely at the docks and she was wearing a gorgeous dress. Of course no underwear either, it was still a nice dress but she knew it wouldn’t last long.

Her and Ash walked to the ship and both their jaws dropped at the immense cruise liner. It was massive, it had pink flowers in the front part of the ship and pink tinted windows. It also seemed to have a slide and a Gym but that’s all they could see from the floor. They entered the ship and marveled at the luxurious chandeliers and beautiful tiles on the floor. They had a sex toy shop, a candy shop, jewelry shops, any type of shops really. They were both astonished at how nice it was but their focus shifted to another thing. They were greeted my completely naked very good looking men!

“Hello ladies, please make your way to the informational meeting on deck 2,” he said.

Nikki and Ash made their way to the meeting but on the way they saw hundreds of staff, men and woman, of all different sizes working with the most erotic work uniforms ever. All their tits, pussies, asses and penises were exposed to open air and they were both extremely aroused. The ship was gorgeous and very clean and luxurious. Everyone from Chef to security guard was butt naked and they weren’t lying about all their staff being super sexy. They were eager to take off their clothes but they realized that no other guest had done it so they assumed they would be allowed to strip later.

As they reached the meeting area they realized it was in the theatre. The theatre was gigantic and it was so pretty. They sat down and waited for the meeting to start. Nikki and Ash looked around at the guests on board and they were all decent to amazing looking. There was some old men and women but very little. Most people were in their 20s-30s and she couldn’t wait to see everyone naked!

Nikki was interrupted by a petite sexy blonde walk on stage. She was completely naked with a big ass and B cup breasts with big puffy nipples. All eyes were on her as she seductively walked to the podium. She was very cute and both the girls and the guys patiently waited for her to begin speaking.

“Hello guests, wow we have a sexy group this time!” She said with a smile, “before you are ready to get started on the cruise of your life we are required to tell you some rules and safety information,” she said as she started reading from a paper in her hand. Most things she said were about how to put on a life vest and how to get in the life boats but Nikki really started listening when she started talking about sex.

“As you can see from my lack of wardrobe you are allowed to be naked anywhere on the ship. You are also aloud to have public sex anywhere but the specialty restaurants, we cannot have people doing it on the tables,” she said laughing,”I see you are all eager to strip and I am happy to inform you that as of now you may take off all your clothes,”

At that all the people in the audience stood up and stripped. Nikki stood wide eyed at all the extremely sexy people in the crowd. Her pussy was drooling and her tits were aching for release. She looked over at Ashely and she was already stripping so Nikki got up and took off her dress. Her nipples stiffened Immediately as the cold air hit them and the same thing was happening to Ashely. Ashely was obviously aroused judging from the wetness dripping down her bare legs and Nikki was in the same vote. She looked around and realized every guy had a boner and every girl was wet.

“Don’t worry about your arousal, you’ll get used to the nudity quickly but for now enjoy the sight! Your free to explore the cruise or head to your state rooms, have a great night!” she said as she pinched her right nipple seductively and walked off the stage. Nikki was beyond aroused and very excited, she looked over at Ash who was massaging her tits and rubbing her clit right there in the chair earning glances from the guys around her.

“Yeah I’m horny too, you want to explore or go to the room?” Nikki said.

“Oh let’s go to the state room I’m exhausted, we’ll explore tomorrow,” Ash said as she şişli escort bayan abruptly stopped rubbing her clit. Nikki was disappointed at her response, she wanted to fuck tonight!

They both got up and walked to the elevator. It was quite weird walking nude in an indoor public place. The cold air stiffened their nipples and their arousal and other peoples were clearly noticeable. When they reached them state rooms they opened the door with the key card and were greeted with an extremely luxurious room. It was quite big for a cruise ship and the bathroom was amazing. It had a retractable shower head for you know what and a very big bath tub. The walls were blue and the sliding glass window opened up to a huge balcony. There was even a dildo collection in the drawers.

Nikki was more than fine with the room until she realized something. There was only one king sized bed! She and Ashley would have to sleep together! She knew Ashely wanted to have sex with her but Nikki wasn’t sure she was ready to do it with another woman. Ashely’s gorgeous figure aroused her more than anything and she wanted to feel another woman’s boobs in her hands but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. After some time of exploring their room Nikki finally decided she needed to shower to get her mind off Ashely.

“Hey Ash, I’m going to take a shower,” she said.

“Ok, I’ll take one after you then,” Ash said a little disappointed she didn’t ask her to take a shower together.

Nikki got in the shower and turned on the hot water. The minute the water hit her soft massive breasts she got horny. She took out the shower head and pointed it at her mammoth breasts. Her tits were on fire and she needed to take it a step further. She crouched down so her asshole opened and her pussy lips parted. She moved the shower head down to her pussy and pelted her tender pussy with strong jets of water. She could feel the water trickle down her pussy lips and over her asshole. The feeling was electric and pretty soon she started rubbing the shower head against her enlarged clit.

Meanwhile Ash was sitting on the bed nude teasing her pussy. She could hear Nikki’s moans and she wanted to fuck her so bad. She knew Nikki was scared but maybe she would be more willing to fuck her while she was masturbating. Ash decided to give it a try. Ash got up and walked to the bathroom. She carefully opened the door and tiptoed to the shower. She opened the glass door and got in and Nikki just stood wide eyed looking at her with the shower head still on her pussy.

“A, Ash what are you doing here,” she said trying to hide her arousal.

“I want to fuck you Nikki, you’re so hot and I’ve been dreaming of this since we met. We can still be friends, just fuck buddy’s you know,” she said with a cute smile.

At that Nikki grabbed Ash’s massive soft breasts and started groping them furiously. Then she moved up to her beautiful lips. Their lips met and they made out aggressively while stimulating each others massive boobs. While still kissing Ash moved her hand downward toward Nikki’s throbbing cunt. Nikki did the same and started aggressively rubbing Ash’s pussy. Ash was extremely horny and in only two minutes of rubbing she exploded in orgasm. Shortly after, Nikki came and they both collapsed on each other on the shower floor.

Ash saw Nikki on the floor panting with her legs spread wide and her beautiful pink clit exposed for all to see. She could smell the sexy stench originating from her sex and she had to dive in. Just as Nikki though it was over Ash plunged her tongue into Nikki’s pussy. Nikki squirmed and pressed her cunt against Ash’s mouth. Her sweet juices dripped all over Ash’s tongue and after a short while Nikki came. After resting they got up and Nikki pressed Ash against the wall. Their hot wet bodies pressed together and as they kissed more and Nikki rubbed her own massive breasts against Ash’s. This rubbing alone gave Ash the extra push needed to make her cum and she fell limp on the floor.

After Nikki helped Ash to get up, they limped to the bed completely satisfied. Ash had finally gotten a taste of Nikki’s pussy and Nikki had finally had lesbian sex. Ash knew Nikki wouldn’t want to be her girlfriend but she sure was a sexy fuck buddy. Nevertheless Ash drifted to sleep with Nikki’s boobs pressed against her own and one of her arms around her and the other around her shapely ass. Nikki felt nothing but bliss sleeping next to her new friend and maybe girlfriend and she drifted to sleep thinking of things to come.


Hope you liked it! Open to suggestions on what should happen next in the story and what could make it better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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