Salenna Ch. 06

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Part 6: The 8 Team Enters The Porn Industry

The whole 8 team was gathered around Roger waiting for some inspiration, how to quit schooling and stay here together.

“Let’s have some attention, you can’t stop your schooling without a very good reason or your parents will get very angry and that goes for you Salenna and Craig.”

I’ll speak for Salenna as she hasn’t any parents thought Roger

“Craig get some pencils and paper and hand them around to everybody.”

Where to start thought Roger, maybe ideas would come as they went along.

“I want you to list from the top what you like doing best, what you are good at and what you would like to do in the future that would earn you a living. Don’t discuss it with anybody or we will get the same answers, take your time, and remember this is very serious”. Roger got up to get a beer and when he returned there was silence, you could hear the concentration!

He had never seen them like this before, they were always joking or laughing or taking the mickey out of each other, they must be desperate for a solution. After about half an hour they seemed to have made some sort of a list, papers were collected and they all waited in anticipation for the next step. Roger read all the sheets and made a list of his own as he was reading them.

“I don’t believe this, you weren’t discussing what you were going to write were you?” They all looked blankly at Roger

“No of course not” was the unanimous reply “Why!”

“You have all written that what you like doing best is having sex, you have all written what you excel at is fucking, then your career choice is varied from teaching to sports star etc.”

“I suppose we will have to work from these results, it’s no good trying to train you in something that you are not good at or don’t want to do.”

Craig was the first to speak “Dad you’re in the porno industry, how would the 8 team fit in, we are all over eighteen so legally that’s not a problem, what do you think?”

Roger was thinking back about a week ago when they had all left and he got pissed, he was trying to remember what he had come up with in that grog fog and this is what it was. The porno industry… the girls were all young and good looking, had big tits, toned bodies, slender figures, tallish, long hair and loved sucking and fucking.

The boys were all well built Craig and Barry were dark skinned with huge cocks, Ray with his tongue and Sean with his prowess at arse fucking just complemented the girls who also loved sucking and fucking.

“Take it easy, don’t rush or you could stuff it all up” Roger thought to himself, the idea was brilliant.

“What do the rest of you think of Craig’s idea?” Roger asked “It’s no good discussing it if you are against it.” The hands went up, cheering from everybody showed they were all in favor.

“Here is what I think we should do, we will form a company of our own and that way we will have the sole rights over distribution, reruns, and any further sales down the track. Secondly we will all learn a special field in the industry that will be useful, so we employ less people, the girls can do makeup, hairdressing, beauty therapy, camera work, producing and directing. The boys also will learn camera work, lighting, sound, still photography as well as moving photography, sets, accounting and anything else that is required. Thirdly we will all live here together and keep this a secret till we are ready to move into the business for ourselves and we will not work for other studios, it’s a big gamble but that’s the way I see it”. Roger had said his piece.

“Talk about it and see what you think, any ideas will be a great help if this is to get off the ground”.

Christy was next to speak after some discussion “We have talked about the idea and we are all behind it 100% but we are all only eighteen and need some guidance, we have no money to start with and what will we tell our parents?”

“First you will tell your parents that you have a chance to get into the movie industry, maybe become famous and don’t required any money from them, that should help convince them that leaving school is a good idea. Next you will notify the convent and the relevant institutions that you will not be continuing with your studies, after that you will move in here and work out which courses that you are going to do. I will be sole arbitrator on what goes on as I will be financing this till it gets on its feet, any slacking off or lack of enthusiasm by anybody and they will be cut and the project will fail, work hard and play hard and we will succeed”.

That was a big statement thought Rog but what the hell, they had to realize that this was the beginning of a new life. The thought that this project would fail was completely alien to Roger, if he had the choice of eight people to start a porn company he could not have picked a better crew, even if he had a choice from thousands. He was not going to let them know that YET.

The almanbahis adres celebrations about their future went on for hours as they drank and toasted each other, hugged one another and vowed that they would put there all into the new company. Time and booze took its toll and they crawled into each other’s bodies for some goodnight sex and then sleep. The problem was solved, they were all together, and the solution was so FUCKING simple.

Morning came and they were scurrying around like ants looking up phone numbers, calling home or calling new institutions for courses, constantly searching out Roger for advice. Towards the end of the day a semblance of order was taking place as they got family approval or got places for study and even sorting out who was going to do what around the house. Having overseen the first day to a successful conclusion it was time Roger started thinking about some help for himself, he drafted an ad and rung it through to the paper, “Secretary and general help required, some knowledge of computing, accounting and a background in the film industry an advantage. The position will required initiative and some decision making, hours flexible.” He put in the phone number and called it a day.

The phone started ringing from about eight in the morning and went all day, Roger had a few standard questions that he asked them all and narrowed it down to five applicants that he would interview the next day. The team had been busy in town shopping for clothes, up till now they only wore bikinis maybe and shorts and tops, the boys’ bathers, shorts and T-shirts, the rest of the time they all spent naked around the house.

The excitement was infectious and they paraded around in their new clothes as if on a catwalk, giggling and posing for non existent cameras. This project was going to work thought Roger, they were all so enthusiastic and talented. Tomorrow, after the interviews I will have to organize transport for them all, maybe a couple of secondhand sedans at auction he said to himself.

The interviews took about an hour and Roger was down to two, who to choose? Who would be best for a job that even Roger didn’t know what it entailed, so as the old joke goes if they are equal who do you pick? Answer, the one with the biggest tits.

Her name was Brittany, she was 28 years old, had great references, not working at the moment, which meant that she could start straight away and divorced. When asked why she applied for the job she said that she was looking for something new and exciting as her life was getting stale and had no purpose.

Being divorced was one of the factors in her favor, no husband or kids meant less time off looking after them if they took ill and at her age she wouldn’t be out night clubbing till all hours and come in hung over the next morning and hopefully a little more stable. Physically she was about 5’8″ tall, blond hair done up in a french roll at the back, very slim, bushy eyebrows which were slightly hidden with her thick horn rimmed glasses. Her face was almost gaunt with high cheek bones and a fine aquiline nose and her lips were full, she wore very little makeup and her skin was flawless, she had on a gray suit with a white lace blouse underneath and this nearly hid her rather ample chest.

Brittany came across as efficient, positive and a self starter although a little shy, she had also indicated that she was not a prude and had an open mind to most topics, to sum it up she was your school head mistress.

Roger linked arms with Brittany and led her into the rec room to introduce her to the team.

“Okay, a little bit of shush, I would like to introduce Brittany to you, she will be in charge of all of us and has promised to flog anybody that steps out of line.” A lot of laughter followed, then Roger turned to Brittany,

“And this is the 8 team, the most unruly mob of teenagers you will encounter, very mature for their age and sexually precocious and are the basis of our project to be the best XXX hardcore movie house in the business”. The team hugged her and welcomed her and within an hour she was accepted.

Roger headed off to find some wheels for the team and took Brit with him, she had nothing else to do and it might be a way of getting to know her better. He bought two cars, both about 5 years old and with his BMW made three, that might have to do for the moment as the funds that he had would have to stretch to looking after eight kids, paying Brit and all incidentals.

During the day Roger and Brit talked about each others lives and her story unfolded, a few boyfriends in her teens then a steady who she married. Neither were very worldly regarding sex and he turned out to be a sadist, his idea of sex was for Brit to suck him off whenever he wanted and if it wasn’t perfect he beat her with a riding crop. The only time they had vaginal sex was when he forced his cock into her dry cunt so he could squirt.

The marriage didn’t last long almanbahis yeni giriş although Brita had tried her best and if that was what sex was supposed to be about she didn’t want anymore, she turned celebate and buried herself in her job.

“I’ll tell you something, with all those beatings nobody can suck cock better than me.” Brit said in a matter of fact way. Roger felt sorry for her but she wasn’t after sympathy she was just telling a chapter of her life and a new chapter was starting.

The kids had come to regard Brit as an older sister and asked advice on womanly things that Roger couldn’t provide, Roger had asked her to move in to the guest room as she had become part of the family. Brit was still trying to come to terms with the teams habits, after lectures they arrived home and peeled off their clothes and walked around naked. Sometimes if the girls had a bad day they would just lie down with their legs apart and as if by intuition one of the boys would fuck her to ease the tension. The same applied to the boys, the girls could sense if they had a hard day and would suck them till their tension was released.

When Brit lay in bed at night she came to realize that sex was to be enjoyed, to be shared with another person, both giving and receiving, not a one way street where only one person got the benefit. That was what books and songs were written about it and she had never experienced it.

A few weeks had passed, Brit was still getting around dressed like an elegant school teacher but her attitude was now a lot more liberal and she really felt for the first time that she belonged.

The girls had excelled at hair, makeup and beauty treatments and were looking for some practice, Roger suggested that they ask Brit if she would be their model. She agreed in a half hearted sort of way, so the girls took her off to the makeup room to apply their talents.

They started with her hair, it was unfurled and trimmed of split ends, next it was bleached and a rinse put through, finally a few curlers and blow dried. Her mousy blonde hair was now white blonde, the rinse taking the yellow out and it fell to her shoulders in soft waves. While this was going on Salenna had waxed Brit’s pubic and under arm hair, she was now as smooth as a babies bum around her pussy.

The face was next, eyebrows plucked to a nice rounded shape and thinned down, glasses off and in with her contacts, blusher to highlight her cheeks. The transformation was coming along nicely, blue eye shadow to highlight her big blue eyes followed by navy blue mascara, a bright red lipstick to highlight her full lips and then a dusting of irridiscent powder with silver flecks to finish her face. False fingernails were applied and painted bright red to match the lipstick.

Further down one of the girls had been busy with her tits, she had darkened the areola with eye brow pencil and painted her nipples with red food coloring, they stood out blood red asking to be sucked. Brit looked in the mirror at the transformation, the reflection was of a thousand dollar whore, I look like one and my God I feel like one she said to herself now just give me a chance to be one.

The girls paraded Brit in front of the boys for their opinion, they were flabbergasted, was this the school mistress of 2 hours ago, whistles and clapping filled the room and brought Roger at the double.

Confidence almost arrogance replaced the shy demure Brit as she walked naked for the first time in front of an audience, strutting in her 6 inch heels blowing kisses to all and sundry, her enormous breasts seen for the first time bouncing and swaying as she walked. Roger looked and got an erection, he had only ever been this affected once before when Salenna stripped in front of him, he couldn’t believe that this beauty had been under his gaze for weeks.

“Okay, who’s going to fuck this lady?” she said in a deep growl, Roger called Ray over and sent him in as the first onslaught.

The girls readied Brit on the bed as Ray’s tongue went to work, in a matter of seconds her pussy was bubbling with her cum, the tongue kept up its relentless licking, Brit’s clit was swollen and she had a feeling that something tremendous was about to happen. Her cunt muscles were contracting involuntarily, her breathing was in short pants, her whole body was glistening with perspiration and with eyes tight shut her arms were flailing around searching for a pillow, she found one and held it over her mouth.

The screams were muffled but audible as she ejaculated. Brit had her first orgasm, but before she could recover Barry was inside her slippery cunt pounding away, it felt as if an arm was inside her massaging her heart, his cock filled her completely, the orgasm continued. Sean had his cock in her mouth and for the first time she was not compelled to suck cock and she really wanted to, her expertise was world class and Sean shot down her throat, Ray followed Barry after his deposit.

Craig almanbahis straddled Brit’s body and pushed her ample tits together and titty fucked her until he came over her tits, body and face. In the space of 30 minutes the thousand dollar whore looked like a ten dollar slut that had gone 3 rounds with Mike Tyson. Her hair was plastered to her face with sweat, her mascara had run and the red lipstick was smeared all over her face, cum was running down her body from her tits and globs were splattered in her hair and her cunt was dripping like a faucet.

Roger picked Brit up and carried her to her room, the girls followed and cleaned her up with warm flannels. It was only a short time and Brit returned to reality, as her eyes opened she grabbed Roger and kissed him all over then started to cry,

“What was that?…” she asked “I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, …I had to wait 28 years for that to happen?…it shore wont take that long for the next time. I love it and want to do it all the time.”

She was hugging him as the tears rolled down her cheeks. “Perhaps I can have my turn tonight” Roger whispered in her ear.

“Didn’t you get to fuck me just now?” asked Brit, “I lost count of who and where everybody was. You had better get prepared cos you are going to get the fucking of your life, and that’s a promise.”

Roger called a team meeting and threw a few suggestions in the ring “We will need to call our production company a name so we can register it, then I thought we might release a few of the tapes from the rec room of everybody fucking. Try and think of a story and we will edit the tapes to fit. Apart from the money which is running short, maybe we can gauge the 8 teams popularity before we commit big money to a production. Then we should get a free web site up with heaps of shots of the team to create interest and later to advertise our tapes and DVD’s.”

“Brit see if you can organize that as cheaply as possible, we will do it ourselves as we get to know how.” There was nothing else of importance that needed to be raised and they started to think a company name.

The evening meal was just spaghetti bolognaise but very tasty, they were getting the hang of cooking as well. That finished and the dishwasher stacked they went into the rec room, some to study others talking about the days events, Brit stretched and said she was going to bed after such a big day and waved goodnight, as she climbed the stairs she gave Roger a wink.

Roger got up and said his goodnights had a shower and was ready for bed, as he walked out of the ensuite he heard a voice say “I never break a promise” it was Brit from the bed and she was looking like a million dollars this time.

Roger did a U turn and reached into the bath cabinet, swallowed a Viagra walked over and kissed Brit as he climbed onto the bed.

“Teach me everything you know about sex, I want to learn and very fast” said Brit, “I’ve watched the girls and they seem to know everything, Salenna said that you taught them all.”

“Why don’t we find out what you know then I can help from there” said Roger.

“I only know how to suck cock,” she replied “Shall I start there? You won’t beat me if I don’t do it right, will you?”

“The days of you getting a beating are over, around here you will only receive tenderness and love, go ahead you can suck me off.”

Brit put Roger’s semi flaccid penis in her mouth and started a blow job, within seconds it was rock hard and not long after it erupted in her mouth.

Wow! What Brit had said earlier about nobody sucking cock better than her was true fact, that was the best blow job Roger had ever received bar none and as she was swallowing the last of it Roger pulled her up from his groin and gave her the most tender and gentle kiss he could muster.

Brit couldn’t believe what was happening, she was so used to being pushed aside or beaten with the riding crop that being kissed took her by surprise, as well, she actually enjoyed sucking cock and the taste of his cum.

Roger put his arms about her and held her into his chest, “normally after an ejaculation like that I would go soft but I took a tablet and it will stay hard for a few hours, so you can get on top and fuck me to your hearts content.”

Brit was dripping with her own cum so she straddled Roger and slid his cock inside herself and started a slow pumping action, she wanted orgasms like those she had this afternoon.

Her wish was soon granted as she felt herself getting flushed, then her cunt began mild contractions, so she pumped harder and faster and as she lost control of her mind, her body was dashing down the straight in a hundred meter sprint trying to reach the tape before she collapsed.

She made it, just, and the animal scream echoed round the house as her orgasm hit. Roger rolled her off and had his head between her legs lapping her clit as her orgasm was subsiding, Brit responded and commenced cumming again, this time Roger was on top fucking her deep and slow. The orgasms were coming like waves at the sea shore washing up and flowing away only to come back again and drift away again, this happened for an age until Roger couldn’t hold back any longer and came in long shuddering spurts.

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