Sally And The Apartment Manager

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For those who may not know me, I am Sally. The incident related here took place in the early 1970’s. I was in my second or third year of teaching elementary school and was living in a small apartment complex only a few blocks away from my school. This was a teacher day without students filled with morning and afternoon meetings with a 90 minute lunch break on our own.

I am a sexually active woman and today I am horny. Really horny. It has been a frustrating week without a sex partner and during the morning meeting sex was on my mind. As soon as we broke for lunch, I headed to my apartment. If I couldn’t have a man at least I could get myself off, or at least that was my plan.

As soon as I closed the door I began stripping off my outer clothing so my skirt and blouse didn’t get wrinkled. I plopped down on the couch in my bra and panties and immediately thrust my right hand inside my panties and began stroking my clit and running a finger across my neatly trimmed vagina and between my vaginal lips. I was wet almost immediately.

You can imagine my surprise when Demetevler Escort the 40 year old apartment manager came out of the hallway with a used AC filter in his hand. “Sally, excuse me. I didn’t expect you to be home. I was just changing the filter. I’ll leave now.”

“Jody, help me. I am so close. Help me get off.”

“I’ll wash my hands if you are serious.”

“Yes, yes, please hurry!”

Jody quickly washed his hands and knelt on the floor beside me. He hooked a finger on each side of my panties and said, “Let’s get rid of these.” As he slid them off and discarded them on a nearby chair. He began by gently exploring my womanhood. Stroking my vaginal lips and my neatly groomed pubic hair. He gently slid a finger inside me, transferred it to his mouth to taste me and almost immediately began licking around and in my vagina and then began sucking on my clitoris. His hands were under my butt and pressed me into his mouth as he loved me. My legs spread wide and I wrapped them around his head, pulling Otele Gelen Escort him even closer.

“Oh Jody, please fuck me!”

Jody’s hands were on my firm, heavy, natural breasts and in response to my plea, they slid around to my back and released the clasp on my bra. I shrugged out of it and began unbuckling his belt. His pants seemed to fall off magically and I was stroking his average size, semi-erect circumcised penis. When he was hard, he began coating it with my love fluid by stroking up and down my vagina without entering me.

“Sally, are you sure?”

“Put it in. Fuck me now.”

Jody and I have only spoken in passing perhaps 5 or 6 times since I moved in, but this is totally different. Something I never thought would happen.

As he slid into me, I rose to meet him. After only 3 or 4 strokes we were in rhythm. It felt so good. I was ready for this. I could hear the squish – squish as we moved together, lubricated by my fluids. We started moving faster and I could feel him beginning Balgat Escort to swell as a man does just before exploding. We were really pumping and I sensed that he was thinking about whether to pull out or not. “Inside me Jody, cum inside me. Fill me with your cum.” As he began spurting his potent seed inside my vagina, I climaxed with him.

Even after both of us had cum, my body continued convulsing around his cock.

“Hold me Jody, just hold me close.”

As we lay together, his penis began to shrink until finally it just slid out.

In a few minutes I said, “Jody, let’s go take a shower. Both of us have to go back to work.” We left our clothes and walked naked to my bedroom and the shower.

In the shower we soaped each other and really got to know each other intimately. His fingers were inside me and all over me, as I was exploring him. When he was hard again, I bent forward and he entered me from behind while caressing my breasts. All the while, the shower is beating down on us. I didn’t expect to climax again, but it really felt good as he pounded into me and all of a sudden, as he began to spurt inside me again, it hit me and I came with him.

“Jody, this needs to be a one- time thing. It could be very compromising for both of us and I’m sure your wife wouldn’t approve.”

“I can go along with that, but today was really special and if you need help in the future, just ask and I will be there.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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