Sally Myers – Attorney at Law

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Sally Myers was a woman on the fast track.

Since graduating from college, the ink barely dry on her law degree and her mortarboard not having sat still long enough to collect dust, she had delivered resumes to some of the most prestigious and best known law offices in Chicago.

Having agreed to join the firm of Gabbott, Robbins & Clarke, she presented herself first thing Monday morning at the criminal defense department, under the tutelage of Jonathan Clarke, senior partner and noted litigator of fierce reputation. Jonathan was just on the wrong side of 55 and a widower, yet he had aged very well due to a daily regimen of hard work, exercise and clean living. Rather boring compared to Sally, who in her day was known for wild parties, copious amounts of liquor and even the odd joint.

Sally sat in the foyer outside Jonathan Clarke’s office. His secretary, a rather frigid, spinster looking woman in her mid 40’s named Alice Fothergill was seated bolt upright in a true ergonomic style behind a contemporary receptionist station. Her hair pulled tight in a perfectly sphered bun and held in place with a pair of what appeared to be ivory hair pins.

The intercom buzzed, “Alice is Ms. Myers here?”

“Yes.” replied Alice in a curt, unemotional tone. “Send her in.” came the direction.

Sally could not help but feel she had just been sent into the principal’s office for a school yard indiscretion. Alice Fothergill got up and looked at Sally. “Mr. Clarke will see you now.” and not waiting for a response, Alice opened the door to the inner sanctum.

Sally took a few steps into Jonathan Clarke’s cavernous office and stopped. Classically styled in leather and oak, it exuded wealth, opulence and power. Sally stood rooted to the spot. She dusted some lint off her skirt and still admired how well it fit.

“Ms. Myers, please take a seat.” This took Sally by surprise. His voice was nowhere near as stern and authoritarian over the intercom.

Sally motioned forward and sat in a plush chair opposite Jonathan’s desk. She melted into the leather, as soft as a baby’s behind, and slowly crossed her legs.

“Welcome to the firm Ms. Myers. I must say it is a pleasure having you with us.”

“Thank you so very much Mr. Clarke. I am extremely happy to be here, and please, call me Sally.”

“Very well. I’ve been reading your resume` and I must say I am impressed. But let me ask, are you related to Warren Myers?”

“Yes. He’s my father.”

Suddenly, Sally was feeling a little unsure of herself. She worked her ass off through college, got the best grades and graduated with honors. If she got this job because her father was a State Supreme Court Judge, she’d have to reconsider her high school application to Burger King.

“An immensely intelligent man your father, and passionate about the law. I can see where you got your smarts from. The good looks must have come from your mother.”

Just then a side door opened and Alice Fothergill walked in carrying a bundle of folders. Sally was left a little dazed by Jonathan last comment. She was relieved that her resume` was taken on merit, but surprised by the ‘good looks’ comment, but then, Sally knew it wasn’t untrue.

Sally sat quietly as folders were exchanged between Alice and Jonathan for his signature. On the very last folder, Sally saw something she wasn’t sure of. Did her hand brush his? Perhaps just an innocent meeting.

“I won’t beat around the bush” Jonathan said and he busily signed documents “there will be long hours and I expect 100% commitment from my litigators. Clients are to be billed for everything from DNA analysis to paper clips and if you were after heated courtroom battles, you’ve come to the right place. This firm has not achieved a 94% success rate in criminal defense by my lawyers standing around the water cooler discussing football scores”

With that Jonathan half stood and extended his hand to Sally. She reciprocated and slid her hand into his for a firm, business like hand shake.

“Alice will be with you shortly. She’ll show you to your office, give you a tour and generally make you feel well at home”

With that Sally turned on her heal and walked out of Jonathan Clarke’s office. As the door clicked closed, Jonathan turned to Alice Fothergill, “She has a great ass, don’t your think?”

Alice turned to her employer. “I noticed you didn’t quite stand fully when you shook her hand. I can just imagine why.”

“I was a little impeded.”

“Ha!” replied Alice, “but to answer your question, she does have a great ass, and for all I care you can cover it in strawberries and whipped cream or dive tongue deep into what I assume will be an equally great pussy” and with that Alice Fothergill leaned forward, place her hand on Jonathan gaziantep escort crotch and squeezed to feel he was almost fully erect. She let of a low growl of pleasure at the solid meat just inside those tailor made pants, licked Jonathan ear and whispered, “but this belongs to me.”

With that Alice dropped to one knee and with the speed that only comes with practice she had Jonathan cock out of his pants and into her mouth. Jonathan leaned back as he felt the warmth of Alice’s mouth envelope his engorged shaft and felt her tongue working overtime. “By god Alice, you never cease to surprise and amaze.” The sight of his secretary swallowing his solid cock with a ravenous hunger only served to make him harder.

Alice worked his cock hard and fast. She felt his balls heavy with what was soon to be a mass of hot sticky cum, and Alice wanted every drop. She worked his cock over. Not one inch escaped attention. Her hot wet mouth covering its head, her right hand juggling his overfilled balls and her left hand stroking his rock hard shaft. Occasionally Jonathan would shift his weight and Alice would look up without skipping a beat, saw the pleasure on his face and increased the tempo. Before too long his breath shortened, his back arched. Alice’s head was moving back and forth in exact unison with her hand as she stroked his shaft and soon a muffled “argh” and wave after wave of hot sweet sticky cum filled Alice’s mouth and slid down the back of her throat. Each convulsion brought more and more of the glorious juice and Alice swallowed every drop. She kept the motions, and the speed had dropped, but still he was cumming.

“Ohh god, take it all, eat my cum” demanded Jonathan and Alice behaved like the perfect employee, following his demands. The slurping sound coming from his crotch was starting to awaken Jonathan from a passionate stupor. The sight of his secretary on her knees, his cock in her mouth swallowing his cum made him king of his domain.

Alice had survived the onslaught. Hot sweet sticky cum lined her throat and filled her belly. It gave her a warm, cosy feeling inside. She looked down at Jonathan cock which was now almost back to it’s normal size. Little droplets of cum were licked up with her deft tongue and his shaft licked clean. Jonathan lay back on his chair catching his breath.

“God, I needed that” he whimpered.

“I know” Alice replied, “and I’ve been so hungry for your cum, I almost did it while she was still here.”

“You better go and give her the tour.” With that Jonathan stood and cupped her right breast in his hand and kissed Alice with a passion equal to what she had shown him only moments before.

As Alice was about to leave she looked at Jonathan. “It’s a shame you blew so soon” and with another deft move she hoisted her skirt to reveal a cleanly shaved pussy and an absence of panties. She ran a finger deep into her moist honey pot, then ran it over his lips. She then turned and started to walk out of his office.

Sally Myers returned to her apartment a little after 10. When Jonathan told her there would be long hours, he wasn’t joking. She ached all over, made a mental note to wear more comfortable shoes tomorrow and started her way to the only two things that interested her — a hot bath and a glass of wine.

Sally stood in the middle of her bedroom and undressed. A rich steam cascaded out of the bathroom as the bath filled. Soft music playing in the background and a chilled glass of Semillon close by. She glanced at herself in the mirror. A body, perfectly toned from years of exercise and the right genetics. Her D cup breasts, hung full and pout and the slight shadow of 6 pack abs leading to a perfectly waxed pussy. For all intents and purposes, she could quite easily be strutting a cat walk in Europe than a court room in the windy city.

She slipped into the bath almost without a ripple and allowed the heat to drain away the pains of the day. Instinctively, her hand cupped her breasts while the other plunged deeper into the water. “There’s nothing like an orgasm to take away the stress” she said out loud as her fingers expertly parted her pussy lips in search of ‘the spot’. Before long, she found it and her back arched at the pleasure she gave herself.

Sally drifted into a dream world as her finger seemed to work by remote control. She thought of Jonathan Myers and the massive hard on he tried to hide when she shook his hand. By her reckoning, at least 9 inches of throbbing meat. What she didn’t count on was seeing Alice Fothergill exiting his office from the side door, checking her lipstick and adjusting her skirt. The sight of that could not help but make Sally smile and think, ‘perhaps she needs a good fucking from time to time’.

A loud knock on her door woke Sally from her orgasmic stupor and she quickly got out of the bath while reaching for a robe and wondered who it could be. To her surprise, the peep hole revealed it was none other than Jonathan Clarke. A shiver shot up Sally’s spine and the heat in her pussy intensified as it was only a few moments before she was close to orgasm thinking about him and his massive cock.

She arranged her bathrobe to show a little more cleavage than she normally would when greeting someone in her bathrobe, took a deep breath and opened the door.

‘Jonathan’ she said with fake surprise in her voice. ‘This is unexpected’

‘Hello Sally’ he replied in his overwhelming tone, ‘I’m sorry for calling on you at such a late hour, and I should have rung before coming, but I was in the neighborhood and as I didn’t see you before I left the office, I wanted to know how your first day turned out.’

‘Ohh, that’s very kind of you, and no it’s not too late. I’ve always been a night owl. I was just having a bath.’

‘Ohh, I’m sorry. I’ll leave then’. ‘No, no that’s quite alright’, Sally hoped there wasn’t too great a tone of desperation in her voice. After all, as good looking as she is, it had been awhile since she had male company. ‘Please come in’ and with that, Sally stood aside allowing her boss in.

‘This is a nice place you have Sally. I lived in an apartment similar to this when I left college’. ‘It’s not exactly the Taj Mahal,’ Sally replied, ‘but it’ll do for now. Can I offer you something to drink?’ ‘I’ll have a glass of wine.’ Shortly after, Sally returned with two chilled glasses of the same Semillon she had already sampled.

Sally and Jonathan sat and talked for quite awhile on subjects ranging from work, to the state of the Illinois Justice System and college.

‘You must have been a very popular girl in college’ Jonathan said.

‘How so?’ quizzed Sally.

‘Well, just look at you. Tall, blonde, blue eyed, body of a goddess, and smart. If that isn’t a turn on, then I don’t know what is’

Sally saw the opening, as well as the bulge in Jonathan pants. ‘So is that what turns you on is it?’

‘That, and other things’ he replied.

‘Such as?’ Sally enquired while the heat within intensified. She felt her pussy starting to moisten, and hungered for a mouthful of cock.

‘Spontaneity. The unexpected. Anything unorthodox. The idea of making love to a woman on a dining table minutes before guests are expected for dinner. The thrill …….’

‘of the chase?’ Sally interrupted.

‘I was going to say the thrill of getting caught, but it helps if there’s something worth chasing’ Jonathan returned.

With that Sally stood and reached for Jonathan glass. He nodded to a refill, but also thought his chances were slipping. He sat in the armchair considering his next move when as Sally entered the room she said, ‘you were saying something about having something worth chasing’. Jonathan looked up to see Sally standing there naked in a typical model’s pose. Her golden skin glistening in the soft light, her hair falling over her shoulders, her perfect breasts, her long legs and her smooth pussy. He felt a twitch in his crotch and grew an extra few inches instantly.

‘Is this something worth chasing?’ Sally asked.

Jonathan stood. His hard on obvious, and moved towards Sally. She half stepped towards him, accepting his advance and they embraced in the most intense, passionate kiss. Sally felt his rock hard cock against her and with a free hand reached down to unleash the beast. Jonathan ran his fingers all over Sally, wanting to touch as much of it as he could. Her silky smooth skin reacting to his every move.

Sally could feel his hardness and wanted more. She fumbled for an instant but soon had her prize. His cock felt enormous in her hands. Bigger than any other she’d had. She stroked it slowly at first then not wanting to waste a moment, she dropped to her knees. His cock was huge, bigger than the 9″ she estimated and thick. Uncut, she pulled back on the foreskin to reveal a cock head she would struggle to swallow. Sally leant forward and took in its musky aroma, licked his shaft and stroked at the same time. Then, mouth wide open, she hungrily ate this massive cock, relishing the way it pulsed in her mouth, feeling the weight of his balls and listening to Jonathan moan with pleasure.

‘Ohh god,’ he exclaimed. His heart racing. His breath short. His head tilted back to the sky.

Naturally, Jonathan hands went to the back of Sally’s head and he began to pump his hips in rhythm to Sally’s cock sucking. Sally welcomed this as it meant she was getting just a little bit more of his cock than she otherwise would.

Sally continued eating Jonathan trouser monster for what seemed like forever. ‘Good god Sally. You suck my cock so well. Take it all, do it now’ Jonathan gasped.

With that Sally stood and with her hand firmly holding his cock, she led him into the bedroom.

By the time Jonathan was laying on the bed, he was naked and still as hard as before. Sally was already impressed with his cock, and his body was just as good. Without saying a word, Sally straddled Jonathan her glistening wet pussy only inches from his face. He poked his tongue out and on that cue Sally dropped and ground her pussy onto his wide open mouth. The feeling of his tongue working her pussy sent instant shivers up her spine. Intense, passionate she was already close to cumming and her shrieks and moans only served to make Jonathan eat her pussy harder and faster.

‘Ohh my, I really needed this. Eat my pussy, take my juices’

Sally’s eyes were closed and her mouth wide open as each flick of Jonathan tongue sent shivers up her spine and just that little bit closer to the mother of all orgasms. She ground her pussy harder and harder onto Jonathan tongue. She could feel the sweet mix of pussy juice and saliva running down her inner thighs and occasionally caught a glimpse of his still rock hard cock only inches from her face. Needing something to keep her from cumming too quickly, she again swallowed Jonathan massive cock.

The muffled moan coming from Jonathan as Sally swallowed his cock meant he approved her move. Jonathan gently ran his fingers over Sally’s body without skipping a beat eating the sweetest pussy he had ever eaten. His fingers, barely touching her skin, gave her instant goose bumps and intensified the shiver to the point where Sally could hold back no longer and she exploded into the most intense, bone jarring, body convulsing orgasm she had ever had. Her screams only partially muffled by Jonathan cock still deep in her mouth.

Pussy juices covered Jonathan in a wave of ecstasy. He hungrily lapped up her sweet pussy juice while still running his fingers over her body, all while Sally was busy eating his cock.

Pretty soon Jonathan could feel the pressure building and he knew if he was to fill Sally with his seed, the time was now. He rolled Sally onto her back and motioned his way down to her pussy. With her long legs spread wide, he gave her pussy a few deft licks while watching her throw her head back with pure pleasure. He grabbed his cock and ran it up and down Sally glistening slit.

‘Fuck me now. Fuck me long and fuck me hard. Fuck me like a 2 dollar street whore’ Sally ordered.

Jonathan plunged forward, giving Sally his full length in one forceful bound. She screamed, not expecting to get it all at once, but also glad that she did. Jonathan held it there for a second before he started a rhythmical pumping. Looking down to see how Sally pussy lips had stretched to take in his entire cock. Sally arched her back and pushed her pussy forward. ‘How good does this feel’ she told herself.

Jonathan continued pumping. Drawing back further and thrusting forward harder with each stroke. Watching Sally reaching ecstasy with each thrush, her breasts swaying back and forth in perfect rhythm, and Sally’s head swinging from side to side.

‘You’re getting fucked Sally. You’re getting fucking long and hard’ Jonathan panted.

‘Yes, ohh god yes! Fuck me. Give me all your cock. Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!’ she screamed.

‘Do you like being fucked Sally? Do you like cock? How much do you like cock?’

‘I love cock. I am a total cock loving slut. Fuck me like the whore I am. Fill me with your cum’

Jonathan picked up the pace. Beads of sweat formed on his brow. His hips thrusting forward like a steam train. Sally wrapped her long legs around Jonathan back and forcing him deeper and deeper into her soaked wet pussy.

‘Ohh, goooooooooooooooddddddddddd!!’ Sally exclaimed as once again she bucked and convulsed into another mind blowing orgasm. Jonathan felt her pussy tighten around his mighty shaft and his balls were soaked in Sally’s squirting pussy juice.

It was all too much for him, and with one final plunge, he shot his load deep into Sally. She felt him cum deep in her. She imagined what his cum tastes like but was gratified and the instant warm feeling she had deep in her belly. Jonathan continued shooting his seed deep into Sally. Every convulsion bringing more of his love juice into her cum starved pussy.

They collapsed in each others arms. Jonathan cock was still in Sally, but much of its size gone. He withdrew with a slight ‘pop’ and instantly Sally’s overfilled pussy was seeping hot sticky cum. She reached down and collected some cum on her finger, bringing it to her lips and savoring its sweetness.

‘If I’d known you wanted a taste, I would have given you more than a sample’. Jonathan said.

‘Well,’ Sally replied, ‘You’ll have to remember that next time.

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