Sally’s Sr. Sex – More Darren

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After dinner with tgg, Darren and I walked back to the guest bedroom and stripped. Darren lost his virginity before dinner, now it was time to continue his education.

“Can we do it now?”

“Darren, a woman likes to be given special attention before having sex. It’s called foreplay; which means you play and tease to get both of you excited before having sex; It makes it better for both of you.”

“What do I have to do?”

“Kiss me, hold me, touch my breasts lovingly, and touch my vagina gently and lovingly. You can do almost anything to let the woman know that you desire her and bring her to a peak where she wants you.”

Darren kissed me gently on the lips and began stroking my body. I opened my mouth to him and teased his tongue. We were both naked, so nothing was hidden; we were both totally open for exploration. I turned my body and got up on my knees as I began orally loving his beautiful cock. The cap was well defined with a distinct ridge at the base of a thick, round head which resembled the size and shape of a ping pong ball. It was about 8 inches from the head to his pubes and when I wrapped my hand around his cock, my thumb and forefinger were still over an inch apart.

I could just barely get the head in my mouth, but I could only lick on the rest of it. He was leaking pre-cum and I smoothed it over and around the tip of his cock. I cupped and gently massaged his balls while I licked his length and sucked the cap.

While I was working on his cock, he got the idea and moved down to my vagina. He slid under me so we were in a 69 position. With his tongue he began licking me from ass to clit. I always keep my pubes trimmed really short, so I knew he wouldn’t be getting any short and curly hairs in his mouth to throw him off. I wanted this to go on and on, but I was already getting really turned on and I wanted his cock in me now. Involuntarily, I began humping his tongue as he found my vaginal opening between my labia and I said sweetly, “Darren, if you want to put it in now, I am ready.”

As he positioned himself on top and erzincan escort between my legs, I reached into my coconut oil jar and with two fingers, scooped out a liberal amount which I deposited directly into my vagina. There was still enough residual on my fingers that I casually spread it on the head of his tool as I guided it to my vulva. “Darren, we’ll work on other positions later; just enjoy fucking me right now.” He remembered the gentle in and out movement that I had taught him earlier, and began to slowly ease his staff into my well lubricated vagina.

I knew that since he had cum less than an hour earlier, he should be able to last some time before cuming again, so I just laid back and enjoyed the feelings that were coursing through my body as his cock slid in and out. Without any conscious thought, my lower body began moving with him in a traditional slow dance of love.

At my urging, he varied the depth of penetration and speed, if fact he even adopted a bit of a circular swing from side to side that kept things interesting.

His breathing intensified and he began thrusting into me a little harder and a little faster. We could hear a slap – slap as our bodies came together. All of a sudden he went into auto mode and his cock was pistoning into me at an incredible speed. I knew he was close to cuming, so it was not unexpected when he thrust deep, froze in place, and his cock began jerking and spurting deep inside me way past my cervix.

I wrapped my arms around him and caressed his back while kissing his ear and his neck. He started to shift his weight off me and I whispered in his ear, “Don’t go anywhere, just let me enjoy the feel of you inside me.” He was so large that even as he became flaccid, he still filled my vagina. However, as he softened, his cum began slowly leaking out and running down the crack of my ass. I knew that if we didn’t move we would have a wet spot in the bed to contend with. Reluctantly, I indicated that he should pull out. I grabbed several tissues and plugged my vagina so I didn’t drip cum on erzurum escort the carpet as I went to the bathroom in the hall.

Tgg was in the hall headed for the Master bedroom just as I bounced naked into the hall. I kissed him and told him Darren was learning. I thanked him for making my renewed sex life possible and told him I loved him before disappearing into the bathroom and pulling my plug. Darren sure produced a large quantity of cum.

I took a shower and brushed my teeth while I was in the bathroom; when I got back to the guest room, Darren was softly snoring. I climbed in beside him, snuggled up, and pulled a sheet over both of us.

Several hours later, I woke with a hand caressing my breast and teasing my nipple which was already erect. Darren was on his side and his erect cock was pushing against my leg. I said, “Let me teach you the spoon position.” I rolled on my side, facing away from him, lifted my top leg, guided his cock into my vagina and wiggled around until he was fully inserted. “Now you can caress my breast and have sex with me, both at the same time.”

Darren seemed to enjoy this position and fucked me like that for about fifteen minutes; then he said,” I want to cum again.”

“Let’s try another position and see if you like it.” I got on my knees with my head on the pillow and positioned him behind me. He pushed in and after only 3 or 4 practice thrusts, began pounding into me as he approached his climax. His balls must be producing like a factory working 24 hours a day, because he flooded me again. I was content to remain in that position until his cum started leaking out and then I pulled off him and plugged my vagina again with tissues.

I rolled over to face him and said, “Darren, I enjoyed that, but when you make love to a woman you want to take her pleasure into consideration ahead of your own. It will take time, but you will need to learn how to help a woman have an orgasm so she has the same sexual satisfaction you have when you cum. I personally love having you cum inside me, but other women bursa escort may feel differently. Some will not want you to cum inside them unless the two of you are trying to make a baby. Talk to your lovers and ask them what they prefer and where they want you to cum.”

“Now I’m going to the bathroom and then back to sleep for awhile. Just wake me up like you did this time when you want to have sex again and maybe we can learn another new position. Now go to sleep, I’ll be right back.”

Darren was asleep when I returned from cleaning myself. I snuggled up to him and was soon dreaming sensual thoughts.

It was dawn when I felt the gentle stroking of the short, groomed hair on my mons. Without opening my eyes, I spread my legs so Darren could explore more in depth if that was his objective. Evidently it was, because when I cracked my eyes open a few minutes later, he was crouched over my vagina, gently exploring the folds of my labia with his fingers. He began stroking my clitoral hood and as my clit began to emerge (I do get quite large when aroused), he said, “What is this little penis down here?”

“That is my clitoris, it is very sensitive and you must stimulate it very gently, at least at first. When I get fully aroused, you can be rougher.

Since his tongue was in the area, he widened his area of exploration and used is tongue to explore my labia and then my vagina. As his tongue thrust repeatedly into my vagina, I said, “Darren, I’m ready if you are. Let’s learn a new position.”

I had him lie on his back and I straddled him. I positioned his cock at the opening of my vagina and slowly lowered myself onto him. I gently raised and lowered and did a few small circles also until he was fully inserted. He had a hand on each breast as we began moving together – thrust, slide – thrust, slide. We were getting pretty energetic and the headboard was hitting the wall when tgg – he has such good timing – I was just reaching my first orgasm with Darren, “YES! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!”, opened the door and said, “Pancakes in 30 minutes.”

As he closed the door I said, “Don’t stop. Cum! Cum! FUCK ME!”

I was shaking all over from my release as Darren emptied his balls into me again. “Oh Darren, you can do that to me anytime you want.”

“After breakfast can we do it again before you have to go to work?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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