Sandal Tales 01: Garage Sale

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Sandal tales 1: Sexy twosome at a garage sale.

Garage Sale

It looked like an ordinary garage sale one Friday afternoon on my way home from work. It was about dusk as I turned my car around and drove back to pull in and see what they had. No one was there at first as I walked into the open garage- but down the steps from upstairs soon came two young women that- nowadays- could have been anywhere from eighteen to twenty eight. Both had on the same style sundress with different flower prints- thin straps over the shoulders and buttons down the front from top to bottom. The thigh length of their dresses was accentuated by their both also wearing identical black high heeled sandals with three straps across the tops of their feet and ankle straps to hold them on. The black did not match the brightness of the sundresses- but somehow instantly stood out and was very erotic.

Both of the girls were blondes- one slender with a nice curvy shape and long legs. The other one full figured and looked like the dress had been painted on as it accentuated her large bosom and round tummy.

They tittered back and forth with each other as I looked at the garage sale merchandise- and finally with a push from the other the slender one came up to me and said, “We were about to give up, I mean, close- but you are welcome to look as much as you want. We have some more upstairs in the house, too.” and she sort of gestured at the steps.

“Well, might as well have a look,” I said and began up the stairway. As I neared the top I hear the garage door close- which I thought was just a little odd. I came up into a living/kitchen/dining area in the center of the house. Looking around I really didn’t see a setting for a continuation of the garage sale. I hear the girls coming up the steps, talking in hushed tones with each other, and they soon appeared.

“I don’t see much here,” I said to them, “maybe in another room?”

At this point the voluptuous one pushed the slender one towards me and said “Go on. We said we would.”

“You’re right, there really is no sale up here. We just wanted to ask you something.” she shyly mumbled to me.

“O.K.” I replied “That’s fine” (I really didn’t mind being in this proximity with these young ladies, and my jeans stirred a bit to remind me that this really was an erotic situation- not that I was expecting anything).

She said, “We have decided that we are too old not to have seen a man’s penis for real. I mean we have seen some magazines- but all our college friends say they have been with, uh, seen a real man- and we would just like to see- and you seem like a nice person- and could we?”

She backed up again beside her friend and my mind was spinning. Was this for real? How well would this go? I knew me- I instantly wanted more that to whip it out for them and go home. Lets see now…

“Looks like you girls really have me in a jam. It being two against one and you two could say just about anything here and get me in real trouble. So it seems that you could pretty much make me do anything that you want if you threaten to tell stories on me.”

“Yeah,” the voluptuous one said looking more bold, “that’s what we want. So we get to tell you what to do now or you are going to be in for it.”

“Alright, I will take my pants off for you. But do you just want to see me relaxed like when I am going pee, or do you want to see me all hard and ready like when a man has sex?”

(I was trying to word this to my advantage). They looked at each other and whispered a moment. This time the slender one spoke up, “Hard.” being her one word shy answer.

“Well, that may be a bit of a problem,” and they looked questioningly at me “for you see it doesn’t just ‘get hard’ all by itself- especially since I am quite nervous now. So you girls may have to help if you really want to see a hard cock. Do you have any girlie magazines here? That would be a start.”

She looked at the other girl- it was evidently her house. She nodded and turned and went for one of the bedrooms. We all went in. This must be the parents’ room. She got on her knees at the side of the bed and pulled out a box from underneath. She picked it up and headed back to the living room and set it on the coffee table in the middle of the room. I could see an assortment of magazines at a glance- some just regular Playboys and such. But as I bent over and shuffled them about I also saw some that were flat out hard core- with titles like “A Blond Takes Two” and “Wide Open Pussy” with bahis siteleri action pictures showing fucking and sucking galore.

My mind was still busy to move things to my advantage. “These will help. But I may need some more to help me relax. See, I will be getting naked for you (I have now progressed from showing my manhood to them to all out getting undressed) I would feel more comfortable if you were to take some of your clothes off, too.”

I saw two heads moving in the “no” direction. I knew I had to play this one just right. “I won’t ask you to even show me anything- if you would just take off what is under your dresses, you know, bras and panties, you can do it in the bedroom- and put your dresses back on. I won’t be able to see anything- but knowing that you have taken some of your clothes off, too, will sure help me relax. That is- if you still want to see a man’s cock.”

They both nodded up and down as they looked at each other and both sort of mumbled agreement. “Fine,” I said, “I will just take my pants off and begin to look at some magazines while you do that. I will be leaving my underwear on until my penis is ready.”

They both took off for the bedroom and I slipped shoes off and then jeans. Yup, my dick was already as hard as could be- but I didn’t want them to know that just yet. I sat in a recliner on the opposite side of the coffee table from a couch and began looking through magazines. But then I wickedly removed all of the girlie ones from the box and put them on the floor beside me- leaving only the XXX versions still on the coffee table.

They soon returned. Without me even saying anything they both sat on the couch. I could see their eyes surveying my crotch- which I was doing my best to cover with an extra porno mag. “Now, to get me totally relaxed so I can get my penis hard I can’t have you just staring at me. So I want you guys to look at magazines, too. And, there is something else you can do that will help. Put your feet up on the coffee table here while you look at the magazines. That will keep us from staring at each other and getting more nervous.”

The slender one turned to her partner and mumbled again, “I don’t know, Beth…. I mean he might see up our dresses…”

Beth- the bolder of the two, said simply “So.” and grabbed one of the magazines and put her feet up. She did keep her legs tight together- but even with the magazine holding the sundress against her thighs from her side- I had a view of her shapeliness from her sandaled feet all the way to her rounded bottom- and a few pubic hairs to boot. Her friend still hadn’t moved. “Come on, Annie, we can’t quit now. He’s not going to see anything and we are still in control here, remember?”

“That’s right,” I said, “I am in kind of a ‘spot’ here with you two girls and me all alone. It is two against one and I’m not sure that this is a good position for me. I mean- you could say anything to anybody about me, true or not, and I would be in quite a jam. But an erection doesn’t happen to a guy instantly (hah!). I will need a bit of time and some input. Besides, I am going to be looking at the magazines, too.”

Annie looked resigned, shrugged, and got a magazine and put her legs up, too. I was so hard my tight cock was pulsing on its own, with these two young girls smooth legs and tender sandaled feet in such close proximity. I noticed for all her bashfulness the slender “Annie” was not holding her legs tight like voluptuous Beth. I had a more or less clear view of her pussy. In this way we looked at the magazines for a while. I wanted the pictures of sex to work on the girls (I needed no help at this point). I was soon rewarded by Beth also relaxing and I now had a view of two tender pussies.

“Well,” I began, breaking their intense looking through the graphic scenes before them, “I am not sure this is working yet. I am beginning to relax some, but I am still pretty nervous. If I could ask you girls to try one more thing I am sure that I will get an erection to show you. If you could just sort of rub yourselves a bit while looking at the magazines, I will rub myself, too, through my underwear, and as soon as I am hard I will take them off. That is, if it is alright with you because I need to stay out of trouble…” I added the last to keep them aware that they were still “in control.”

Beth, again the leader, did not even reply. She simply let her dress fall to her lap on her side of things, shifted the magazine up to her knees, and poked a hand through and simply began rubbing canlı bahis up and down on her twat. Annie watched, shrugged again, and did likewise. True to my word I rubbed up and down on my aching tool as I watched. Gradually, as I thought it might, the rubbing moved from the rote of fulfilling my request to Beth inserting a middle finger and now showing a gleaming wetness and Annie spreading her pussy lips with two fingers and diddling her clit with the middle one. It looked like we were ready for a move.

“O.K. girls,” I broke in again, “I believe that I am ready. If you want to move over here on either side of this chair I will let you see my hard cock.”

They flopped magazines down and as they came around on either side I could see a glistening of perspiration that meant more that just a warm afternoon. “Remember, this is not my idea, it is only because you have me in such a bad spot, because I really shouldn’t be doing this.” as I slid my briefs down and off, stretched back in the easy chair, and held my throbbing prick at the base to show it to its full advantage. They both looked an eyeful.

“Can we touch it?” asked (you guessed it) Beth.

” Now wait a minute,” I said, letting my dick fall against my belly, “We didn’t discuss any touching. I am not sure that would be fair at all. Not unless, “I paused as if thinking, “I got to touch you, too. Yes, that would be more fair. I get to touch you for the same amount of time- under your dress.”

Beth did not look at her friend Annie. Her eyes were still on my cock and she leaned forward and grasped it gently. She stoked gently up and down and pulled it over in her direction with her eyes glued on it. She held it still, then would stroke it several times, then still again. A few more minutes and I knew I would reward her small efforts with a big gusher- so when it got close I said simply “my turn…”

She let go and leaned both hands on the arm of the chair and spread her legs. I reached up under her dress with my left hand and intentionally spread her and slid a finger directly up her pussy in one move. She pushed against me already and I began to work in and out and she began a slight rhythm with me. I wanted this to go as far as I could and would have continued but in a few minutes Annie mumbled “my turn now, I think…”

I withdrew from Beth slowly and relaxed back in the chair. Annie reached out to my dick and once more I felt young smooth hands fondling and stroking my hardness. I was feeling so good that I pretty much resigned myself to the pleasure- and a movement to my left made me look to see Beth had pulled up her dress and was again massaging her pussy while she watched. Annie saw this too, and stood up, leaning against the arm of the chair on the right side as she had seen Beth do and spread her legs. Without a word to her invitation I proceeded to copy with my right hand what I had previously done with my left. I slid into her easily and in a few moments was rewarded with the same slight rocking response. My mind was working overtime and I decided on my next course of action. “There is something we could do to increase the intensity of what you are feeling- if you want me too.”

Annie nodded and I swung my left arm over and, beginning at the top, began to unbutton her dress. Not waiting for agreement or protest, I moved quickly down and soon had it completely undone. I was greeted with the view of my finger sliding in and out of her cunt as well as her small breasts. They were nicely round with light brown nipples that perked up as I began to rub and tweak them with my other hand. Beth, still watching, had seen the pleasure rocking her friend and was already slowly unbuttoning her dress. It soon was also completely undone- yet still covering her rather large round breasts. I carefully slowed and stopped with Annie and turned to Beth. She leaned against the chair and spread her legs in the now familiar position. But as she leaned forward her dress swung away on each side and as I reached for pussy and tits I saw a set of beautiful breasts and small nipples that would do any porn model proud. I worked them both as I pumped her wet cunt beneath her smooth round tummy until she was bucking against me once more. Annie, I saw, was following in Beth’s footsteps and had propped one tender sandaled foot up on the coffee table and was fingering her clit for all she was worth.

Time to stop. I withdrew and Beth sighed and stood up. Annie released her grasp on her nether self and stood also. Both obviously disappointed. güvenilir bahis “Well, there are some more things I could show you- but I am in enough trouble already is what I think. Please don’t make me do anymore. I think it is time for me to go. I am already late…” “I don’t think so, mister.” said Annie (to my surprise. I was sure that Beth would still take the lead). “I think you can just show us another thing or two- or you WILL be in trouble.” “O.K.” I replied, and swung the recliner upright and stood up.”But for the next example you will have to sit here.”

She sat in the chair and, without my even asking, spread her legs. The high heeled sandals gave even her skinny calves a shapeliness that was very erotic, and her slender thighs left an even gap where her pussy lay waiting. “Don’t recline the chair- but lean back and slide your bottom to the edge of the seat.” I instructed. She moved without comment and I all but dove my face into position and began to lick that virgin clit. I ran my tongue in and out and sucked on the lips and clit. She was now moaning in pleasure and Beth had resumed fingering herself as she watched. I took her close to what I thought was the edge of an orgasm and then stopped.

“Is this something that you would like to have me do for you also?” I asked Beth. She nodded and Annie reluctantly got up and they traded places. Beth still followed my last instructions and sat right on the edge of the seat and leaned back. My eyes followed from her identically young feet held in the sandals as though prisoner to the sexual intentions of their master- to shapely calves and full thighs and round tummy with the large breasts hanging there lusciously.

I dove in again and began my ministrations to her wet pussy. I was surprised in a moment that she actually put her hand down to her cunt and spread it wider while I ran my tongue around her pussy playground. Once again as I thought she was coming close I eased off.

“There is only one more thing I can think of that you haven’t yet felt. But I am not sure we should do this. It would not be sex- but I could slide my cock in you just to let you know how it feels. I would just hold it there, and then slide it back out again. You would still be able to say you were a virgin- but you would know what a man’s cock feels like inside you.”

Beth, as I said on the edge of orgasm, merely nodded and pulled her legs even further apart. I moved inbetween on my knees and slid the throbbing head of my dick up and down her pussy lips a few times- and then slowly in. I did not slow or reverse the movement. It was just as I said- in steadily all the way to my balls in her young cunt.

My cock was throbbing and threatening to release in spite of me not moving. But, incredibly, it was enough for Beth- as far gone as she was- and her pussy and whole body moved with her coming on my prick. I hated to do it but I needed out now and withdrew. She shuddered and collapsed back in the chair- only to be interrupted by Annie saying again “My turn, Beth.”

I backed up and Beth got up slowly and Annie flopped down in her place- spreading her legs again in anticipation. My dick was already quite slick from Beth and without any pre-movements I simply slid in, slowly, and drove it home. Annie was not on the edge as Beth had been, but was not far from it as I could feel her wanting to move on my cock.

I held still and said “Now you feel what a cock is like inside. But you have not had sex. So you could still say you are still a virgin. So I can pull out slowly like this…” and I began to do just that. I could tell this was not what she wanted and when just the head was still in I pushed back in once again. And then out again slowly, and again then back in.

“Do you know what I am doing now?” I asked. She was more interested in my dick movements but managed a back and forth “no” with her head. So I answered, “Well I would say that you are not a virgin anymore because this in and out movement with my cock is called ‘fucking’ and that is what I am doing to you right now, you little cunt.” And I reached down and grabbed her ankles just above the straps of her sandals and pulled her legs up and drove into her with all I had.

She said in a guttural voice “yes…. yes… oh my god…” and we both came together in a massive climax as I let her legs go and fell across her. Well, needless to say, that was the best garage sale I had ever attended.

And to do one better than that- Beth’s parents were away for the weekend and Annie was supposed to be staying over… So we made the most of the weekend and before it was all over I had shown them quite a lot- including the pleasures of sixty-nining each other (and I thought they would never stop!).

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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