Sandra’s Task

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The familiar creaking of the floorboards echoes through the empty hallway, and instantly 18 year old Sandra is alert. The creaks continue moving away until the sound of her father’s bedroom door shutting confirms her suspicion. Sandra’s brother had gone to bed shortly before she did, and after a few minutes of silence she quietly slinked out of bed.

Always the shy girl at school, Sandra’s plain style and quiet demeanor usually hide her beauty and make her all but invisible to guys. Even now her diminutive 5’1″, 95lb frame practically disappears under her father’s old MIT t-shirt that has become her pajamas over the years. Though she’s incredibly bright, her general disinterest in school has resulted in merely average grades for most of her life, though lately she has been so infatuated with her newfound hobby that those grades have slipped considerably. She is convinced that she will be the only member of her class to graduate with her virginity intact. It’s not that she isn’t interested in guys or dating or sex, but she’s just sho shy that she basically runs from any interaction with anyone she finds attractive. She considers herself to be straight, although there are a few girls at school that she finds very attractive and has even fantasized about. In fact, the closest she’s ever come to a sexual encounter was when a friend from robotics club tried to kiss her after they won a contest. She responded by screaming, wetting herself, and running away. After that she quit robotics club out of embarrassment, though the skills she learned there are coming in handy with her new hobby.

This hobby is sexual slavery. Far to shy to reveal her interest to anyone else, let alone act on her desires, she has settled on becoming her own slave. She sets strict rules for herself, and has an escalating set of tasks that are intended to push her limits. The first six rules are the basis for all tasks, and she drills them into her mind every night before she begins:

1) Under no circumstances is anything allowed to penetrate my vagina. My cherry is to be saved as a gift for when I finally gain the courage to find a real master.

2) Once a task is put on the calendar it must be completed on its scheduled night

3) All tasks must be performed completely nude

4) Orgasms are only allowed when performing a task that requires it

5) Failure to follow any rule requires a painful punishment

6) Each task must push my limits either physically, mentally, or emotionally.

These rules have brought her so much fulfillment that she briefly considered getting them tattooed, but decided it is best to leave her body pristine in case she finds a master that might want to change the rules. The first task she ever tried was what she now fondly calls “the journey” and she found it so arousing that she now requires the journey to be taken every night before she performs her main task.

Rule 4 requires that this nightly journey be made completely nude, so she slowly lifts her shirt revealing her toned long-for-height legs and pronounced hourglass figure before finally exposing her size appropriate and very perky B cup breasts. Sandra stops briefly to admire herself in the full length mirror covering the inside of her bedroom door. She always liked her breasts. Like her they were a bit on the small side, but the shape was just right for her frame and the matching small nipples pointed just slightly skyward. After a quick turn to check out her tight bubble butt she slowly opens door and begins mentally mapping out her journey.

Stepping out into the hallway, Sandra tiptoes in a zigzagging pattern expertly avoiding the creaky floorboards she had discovered at great personal risks on previous expeditions. As she passes the front door she perfectly executes the 270 degree turn into the granite tiled kitchen. Free of the hardwood floors and the creaks that accompany it, Sandra allows herself to relax and calmly strolls toward the refrigerator and opens the freezer door. The frigid blast of air rolls down her body, instantly hardening her nipples. The sudden sensation reminds her that, although she successfully navigated the noise ridden hallway, she is still at significant risk of discovery and the shame that such exposure would bring. She briefly embraces the thrilling arousal brought on by the fear of being caught, then shakes off the sensation and reaches into the freezer retrieving a jumbo cherry popsicle. She then carefully hoists herself onto the kitchen counter and lays down lengthwise across it, her head directly above the empty sink. Relaxing her neck, Sandra lets her head lean backward into the sink and lifts one foot, bracing it against the fridge while allowing the other to dangle off the edge of the counter. She then gently pushes the tip of the popsicle through its wrapper and takes a deep breath slowly streaking one hand down her chest and toward her petite mound, her arm brushes against her erect nipple along its course and the acute sensitivity elicits a slight moan from her parted lips.

As her hand reaches her mound, Sandra slowly parts her lips and slides her fingers across her virgin entrance collecting some of the ample liquid accumulated there before moving up to her engorged clit. With her now slippery fingers she starts massaging the small protruding nub while using her other hand to slowly push the popsicle deep into her mouth, burying its tapered tip deep in her throat. With well practiced motion she slowly glides the sweet frozen rod out until just an inch remains in her mouth before pushing it back in, her other hand still furiously rubbing her clit. After a few strokes Sandra picks up the pace until she’s roughly fucking her throat with the popsicle as she feels her orgasm rapidly approaching. As she approaches the point of no return she suddenly stops all movement and silently counts down from thirty to allow her orgasm to subside. Withdrawing the cold sugary phallus she inspects her progress. The jumbo popsicle had started at about two inches in diameter and approximately eight inches long, but it has now shrunk by at least a tenth of an inch in girth and nearly half an inch in length. Sandra is dismayed with her progress, estimating it will take at least five more edges before the frozen treat is consumed.

Normally Sandra would complete this task in Elazığ Escort three edges and, once the popsicle was completely gone, allow herself to cum while taking care to do so silently. Tonight will be very different. Tonight will be the most difficult test of will and self control she has faced yet. For the last week Sandra has intentionally chosen tasks that require repeated stimulation right up to the edge of orgasm, but do not allow her to cum. The frustration has been utter hell, but the non-stop arousal has been absolutely amazing. It has also severly limited how long she can edge before she must stop or risk cumming, which has significantly extended the time required to complete the journey every night this week.

Sandra completes her second edge, and is nearly at the stopping point for her third when she hears a door open. The sudden distraction almost makes her lose control but she just barely reigns in the impending orgasm; at the same time the startle nearly makes her fall from the kitchen counter, just barely catching herself by the edge of the sink. She freezes in fear, dangling from the counter by one foot and one arm. There is no place to hide in the large open kitchen, and the only way out is through the same hallway that whoever opened that door is now standing in. Time is moving at a snail’s pace as Sandra stares toward the entry to the kitchen. After what feels like an eternity she hears the bathroom door close and a stream of urine hitting the pool of water in the toilet bowl. She sighs in relief, but then realizes her new predicament; she’s only half way through the journey and she must choose between retreating to her room now and suffering another punishment or completing the journey and taking the risk that whoever is using the bathroom might want a drink or a snack before returning to bed. Sandra quickly devises a way to combine her punishment into tonight’s main task and moves quickly but silently to her room just as she hears the toilet flushing. Standing just inside the door to her room she hears the telltale sound of the kitchen cabinet open and close followed by the kitchen sink filling a glass. Satisfied with her decision she waits to hear the bedroom door close before she pulls a suitcase out from under her bed and prepares for tonight’s task.

As she unzips the suitcase and reveals her most prized creation. She calls it “the Master”, a combined effort of the skills obtained in robotics class and the depravity of her self-slavery. It started life as a silicone lined steel chastity belt she purchased from a sex store two towns over along with a variety of vibrators and assorted restraints, but its original form was almost unrecognizable now. Sandra had equipped the Master with multiple sensors capable of detecting temperature, skin conductivity, and muscle contraction along with two powerful electric motors. An asymmetric weight was attached to the motors’ shafts creating vibrators that were much more powerful than any of her store bought ones. The weighted vibrating portion of each was encased in a custom shell that she 3d printed out of a firm but flexible rubber-like TPU and the shafts extended through holes drilled through the chastity belt where the body of the motors were bolted to the steel bikini shaped plate that made up the main portion of the belt. Everything was arranged so that the half egg shaped studded TPU dome on one vibrator would be pressed tightly against her clit when the belt was secured. The other led to a small, 1″ diameter butt plug positioned appropriately on the belt. The wires for the motors and all the sensors were hand soldered to a thick black sleeved cable that connected to a roughly wallet sized control box that plugged into her laptop via USB and directly into the wall for power. The whole device looked like some sort of sci-fi torture apparatus, but it was the software on the laptop that gave the Master it torturous – and delectible – quality. Named MasterOS, it was the product of months of continuous coding, tweaking, debugging, and mostly calibration. The calibration process has eaten a majority of the programming effort, and after many, many long nights of trial and error it was perfect. MasterOS could monitor all of the Master’s sensors and perfectly detect the level of physical arousal from a dead calm up to the deepest, most intense orgasm.

It could tease and edge endlessly, holding Sandra at the very brink of orgasm as it had done for two hours every night for the last week. But the Master wouldn’t be teasing her tonight, it would be testing her. Reaching into the small side pocket of the briefcase she extracts a small latex thong with wires leading to a separate dedicated wallet sized box, the thong was precisely trimmed and modified to not interfere with any of the Master’s features. In the box was another control board and the salvaged electronics from two stun guns. The leads for the firing buttons had been rewired to a computerized controller and the wires for the electrodes were lengthened with the electrodes perfectly positioned to align with Sandra’s clit and when worn. Some slight modifications to MasterOS added an option that would send electric shocks of programmable intensity to both of the electrodes when determined. Now fear and desire rush alternately through Sandra’s mind as she slips the thong on taking care to position the electrodes just right. With a nervous sigh she then steps into the Master, carefully eases the plug into position, and securely latches the waistband.

Turning to her laptop Sandra launches MasterOS and runs a sensor check. Both motors blip on for 10 seconds at a medium-low power while the MasterOS watches the sensors for the corresponding change in arousal. She deeply considers failing her second task for the night. The intense arrousal she experienced just during the sensor check was nearly enough to send her into a screaming orgasm, and she had no idea how she would endure this ordeal. ‘No,’ she decides ‘the task is on the calendar, the slave must complete it’. Sandra nervously opens the settings tab and loads a preset she had been working on all week. Instead of denying her the orgasms she has been quietly begging for all week, the Master is now set to vary the vibrations in an attempt to make her cum as many times as possible. It will be Sandra’s job to attempt Elazığ Escort Bayan to control herself, and the addition of the shocking underwear is her incentive to resist the urge to cum. Sandra tested the shock intensity on her arm a few days ago and found that level 6 was quite painful but tolerable. Tolerable wasn’t the point of this task, though, so she sets the level to 8 knowing the pain will be even greater on her most sensitive parts. Next she sets the Master to shock for one second on her first orgasm, and one second for each successive climax. After double checking each setting she clicks accept and is prompted to enter the duration of the program. Sandra glances at the clock on the corner of the screen, it reads 1:12. Knowing that tomorrow will be Saturday and no one in the house would be looking for her before 10, she sets the timer for three hours and hit go.

Turning around, Sandra grabbed two of the padded leather cuffs she had modified with a small steel plate on each to allow them to attach to the magnetic locks she mounted to her headboard. The magnetic locks can hold with a force of 500lbs, far more than she could ever exert. She places one cuff on each wrist and adjusts them until they are snug without cutting off circulation. With the system armed, as soon as the cuffs touch the locks she will be secured in place and the task will begin. Sandra starts to grab a second second set of cuffs for her ankles, but she remembers that she owes a punishment for her failure in the kitchen. Reaching into the suitcase one last time she gathers two nipple clamps and two lengths of parachute cord. Climbing into bed she lays down on her back and prepares her punishment. First she attaches the nipple clamps and tightens them down until the pain is pronounced. She grabs each one and slowly pulls until she’s gritting her teeth with pain. Satisfied that they won’t pull off she then ties a length of the cord to each one. Trailing each cord down to its opposite end she then snakes the cords through a pair of eye bolts screwed into the corners of her headboard and lifts her legs, bringing her feet close to her head. She carefully ties the loose end of each cord to its corresponding big toe, making sure that all the excess slack is taken up and the cords are just barely pulling on her nipple clamps. Now any movement of her legs or feet will result in a painful tug on her nipples. For the final preparation she grabs a pair of panties she had worn to school the whole week. The constant arousal from her week of edging has resulted in Sandra being soaking wet nearly non stop, and the now dry crusty panties have an odor about them that is both putrid and strangely enticing. She carefully folds them inside out and pushes them into her mouth oriented so that her dry excretions now rest directly against her tongue. She secures the panties in her mouth with a strip of duct tape to keep her from making too much noise, takes a deep breath, and reaches her arms up toward the headboard, locking her cuffs to the solid oak structure.

Immediately the Master comes to life, starting both motors with vigor. The sudden sensation causes Sandra to spasm violently, and her jerking legs send searing jolts of pain to her nipples. Regaining her composure, she balls her fists and refocuses on her task. ‘I can do this…I can do this’ she repeats the phrase in her head over and over, trying anything to distract her from the tension building deep inside her. Her legs are already starting to tire from their forced position, but even the slightest relaxation causes intense pain as the thin rope pulls steadily on her nipple clamps. She can feel the effects of her prolonged edging, the motors feel like they’re running at triple their max power. She glances at the clock on her wall, ‘ONLY THREE MINUTES!!’ she screams in her mind. Her first orgasm is building, and she still has nearly the entire three hours to go. She clenches her whole body trying to stave off the inevitable, but the clenching only serves to increase the sensation in her sphincter as the butt plug rumbles along effortlessly. Sandra finds some success by relaxing a bit and focusing on her breathing, but the instant she begins to gain some confidence the Master’s vibrations increase in intensity. She clenches again in desperation, fighting the climax her body so desperately needs. Her legs begin to tremble, the shooting pains in her nipples sending her body over the edge as she erupts in the most powerful orgasm she’s ever experienced. The climax causes her legs to shake even more and the pain is more than she can imagine. As soon as the spasms subside the shock hits and her clitoris is on fire. Sandra’s prior pain pales in comparison as her sphincter tightens from the current coursing through it, gripping the vibrating plug even tighter. She screams into her panty gag, no longer concerned if anyone can hear her. Soon the pain between her legs subsides and is replaced with intense overstimulation from the vibrators’ continued assault to her pleasure zones, now hyper sensitized from the mind blowing climax. She squirms against the sensation, causing her nipple clamps to tug violently at her perky little peaks. Sandra moans deeply into her gag. Now drenched in her saliva, its essence is filling her mouth with the flavor of her stale sex.

Finally able to calm down, Sandra feels tension again building within her as she struggles to catch her breath. Her heaving chest causes a series of pulsing tugs at her straining nipples. The pain, torturous as it is, seems to accelerate the building climax. ‘What can I do to stop this?’ her mind begs, knowing that escape is impossible. The next orgasm rapidly approaching, Sandra uses all her strength to pull her legs close hoping to avoid straining her nipples anymore than necessary. She manages to hold them still as she cums, but the two second shock sends them flying, the sudden jerk causing far more pain than before. Unable to still herself against the Master’s bombardments she can focus on nothing but the firing nerves sending jets of pleasure and pain through her body. To her astonishment, as soon as the shock ends the Master’s vibration increases again. Sandra can’t believe that it had been running at anything but full power, and this newfound force was the last thing she needed. Almost immediately Sandra Escort Elazığ feels a third orgasm approaching. She pulls at her cuffs with all her might, but their resilience is unwaivering. She struggles for what seems like an eternity before her back arches as a third orgasm comes crashing down on her followed by its requisite three second shock. Sandra’s wets herself before her world fades away.

As she comes to, Sandra feels the trembling buzz of the Master’s tools working on her body. She shifts in her bonds, causing the pain to come rushing back. Anxiously she looks at her clock. Only twenty three minutes have passed since she turned on the wretched machine! No longer certain that she can survive this ordeal, Sandra discards her humility and screams through her sex flavored gag as loud as she possibly can for help. She screams and screams until she’s too weak to muster any sound, then listens for any sign of assistance. Nothing, the only sound she hears is the Master humming its monotonous tune. Tears start streaming down her face as Sandra starts to feel the familiar building of yet another orgasm…

One hour forty five minutes remain.

Sandra’s legs are limp and twitchy, their full weight now pulling continuously at the thin ropes binding them to her nipple clamps. Her whole breasts ache from being tugged around by the now muted spasms that accompany each orgasm and the brutal thrash from the shock that immediately follows. Her bed is drenched in sweat and piss. No longer able to keep track, Sandra can only estimate how many orgasms she’s had by the duration of the shocks that follow. The familiar rapid tugs at her nipples convey that another climax is impending. She leans into it, hoping to extract any possible pleasure that she can from the Master’s brutal torture. As the shallow waves of pleasure roll over her body Sandra grits her teeth against her panties and tries to count down the shock. The white hot pain blurs her mind, but she estimates it to be somewhere between fifteen and twenty seconds…

One hour remains.

Sandra is no more. In her place is a quivering puddle of nerve endings. There is no longer any difference between pleasure and pain. She cannot think, she cannot fear, she cannot want, she only feels. Each of her last two orgasms have been just as painful as the shocks that came after them, and the shocks barely elicit any response from her anymore. Her clit and rosebud are so sore from the constant barrage that the vibrators have lost their effect It had been nearly fifteen minutes since she has cum, the Master hit full power five minutes ago and it just isn’t enough anymore. Suddenly the Master stops. Sandra blinks a few times, shakes her head, and looks at the clock. In her daze, she is unable to recognize the numbers she sees. Realizing her cuffs are still locked to the headboard, Sandra understands that the task isn’t over yet, but the lack of stimulation confuses her. ‘Did the motors burn out?’ she wonders, but she knows the odds of both burning out at the same time were incredibly low. ‘Maybe the control board…or a bug in the software’ she ponders. Suddenly the Master’s vibrators resume at full power, sending the now alert Sandra into a frenzy. A few seconds later it turns back off. It turns on, causing her to thrash again, then off. It repeats this cycle three more times, but on the third burst instead of turning back off it starts pulsing rapidly at a low power. Sandra curses herself into her gag as she realizes what’s happening. When programming MasterOS she based the software on an AI algorithm that her father had helped create at his tech firm, and now it’s doing what AI does; learning. The Master was unable to force another orgasm by simply using more power so now it’s trying a different approach…and it’s working! Sandra’s breathing speeds up and the Master acknowledges her response by slightly increasing the strength of the pulses.

Another orgasm start to build. Hoping to take advantage of the numbness created by two straight hours of stimulation, Sandra decides to again try to prevent her climax. She focuses all of her limited remaining energy on holding back the wave and is actually having success. The Master is trying different patterns and intensities to push her over the edge, but she is holding fast. For the first time since starting tonight’s task Sandra is feeling confident. The minor victory gives her strength and she fights like a caged lion, straddling the edge of orgasm while the Master continues to attempt different variations. She looks to her clock; forty five minutes to go. ‘I can do this…I can do this’ the mantra that failed her earlier is now her life force and Sandra is feeling powerful again. The Master is now sending random independent pulses of varying strength to the two vibrators and Sandra, still on the edge but no longer teetering, is laughing at it. Then it hits her. The Master quickly ramps both vibrators to a very rapid, full power pulse and sends a quick jolt of electricity through the electrodes on her clit. Sandra falls into a deep orgasm, just as powerful as the first one she experienced tonight but much more painful as her exhausted muscles tense and spasm. She didn’t even consider that the Master might use the shocks to make her cum, and the surprising sensation has defeated her efforts and demolished her newfound confidence. The pain that had dulled in her earlier daze was now back to full strength and Sandra starts to cry knowing what is coming. No sooner do the spasms quit than a ripping pain tears through her pleasure zones. Twenty six seconds later and the vibrators kick back to a random pulse, but now they are joined by random shocks to her clit and sphincter. Thirty five minutes go by and the Master has milked three more orgasms from its slave. Once again Sandra has been reduced to a softly moaning spot on her soaked bed, unthinking, unmoving, only feeling.

Zero minutes remain.

A final orgasm gently rolls through a slaves body, followed by a thirty second jolt of electricity that would cause any human to wildly spasm and scream. A slave just quivers and moans. With a soft click the cuffs release from their magnetic locks and a slave’s arms fall to her side. At the same instant all vibrations and shocks cease. A glassy eyed slave stares at the wall, a soft moan escaping her limp body on every exhale, her gently trembling legs cause her breasts to jiggle and dance. A slave, taught by the Master not to think or want. A slave that knows only how to feel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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