Sands of Love

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John and Cassandra slipped away from the elegant dinner party through the sliding glass door ready for a romantic moonlit walk on the picturesque beach. Totally unobserved, they made their way down the steps leading to the beach. They had grown bored with the stuffy conversation that all too often accompanied such events. In their quest for excitement, they had stolen a few precious moments of pleasure as the evening unfolded; sensuous glances from across the room, tender kisses in the dark, and gentle caresses under the table.

Now they were ready to be alone and enjoy each other fully. Cassandra smiled as she kicked off her 4″ stilettos and wiggled her bare toes in the warm sand. John followed her lead and pulled off his shoes and socks. Sand filled his mirror-like black shoes as he dropped them without hesitation to take Cassandra’s soft delicate hand. John’s hand totally enveloped her small hand. As their fingers locked together, John raised her hand to his mouth and gently touched his lips to the back of her hand. She smiled up at him her blue eyes twinkling as brilliantly as the stars above them. The full moon cast a warm glow on the lovers as they walked hand in hand down to the edge of the clear blue water.

To Eryaman Escort the world, they looked out of place on that casual little beach in their formal attire. John looked strikingly handsome in his black tuxedo with a royal blue satin vest and tie. Cassandra couldn’t take her eyes off him. His tight round ass was not hidden even in dress slacks. “God, how she wanted him.” John had noticed earlier how every man at the party turned to look as Cassandra entered the room. “She is every man’s fantasy”, he thought. The short black low-cut evening dress accentuated every part of her beautiful body. The bodice clung to her firm round breasts. The form-fitting waist showed off her hour glass figure. The full short skirt encircled her round bottom and showed off her beautiful shapely legs. She was truly a vision.

As they reached the water’s edge, John took Cassandra in his arms and kissed her deeply. Consumed with passion, they held on to each other for what seemed an eternity. Breathlessly, they finally pulled apart. John wrapped his strong arm around Cassandra’s waist, and they talked and laughed as they strolled along the moonlit beach. Finding a quiet little secluded Sincan Escort spot, the lover’s paused to embrace. They held each other close and pressed their lips together. John slid his tongue across Cassandra’s lips and then into her mouth. She eagerly took his tongue inside and caressed it with hers. Their breathing increased as the desire grew stronger and stronger. John slowly eased himself down onto the beach and pulled Cassandra down on top of him.

John pulled her tight against him. Cassandra could feel his cock stiffen as they embraced. She was growing more and more excited. His hands moved round resting on her back as they kissed. Cassandra’s hands were wrapped tightly around John’s neck. John slowly moved one hand down Cassandra’s back until it cupped her ass.

They continued their deep passionate kiss savoring every moment. John moved his hand down to the edge of Cassandra’s skirt then slowly slid his hand under. As his hand touched her soft silk panties, he became even more aroused. He gently rubbed her bottom. His fingers moved down inside her panties and began to move them down over her hips and then removed them completely exposing her hot wet Etlik Escort pussy. John’s fingers easily entered her. Cassandra moaned and tightened her muscles around his fingers as he moved them in and out slowly at first and then more rapidly. She could barely stand it.

She wanted him desperately. She moved slightly so she could unzip his trousers. She slid her hand inside until her hand touched his bare flesh. Her fingers tightened around him as she exposed his hard shaft. She bent down and touched her lips to the tip; her tongue encircling the head slowly and gently. John moaned with pleasure. Cassandra was burning with desire.

She moved first one leg then the other until she straddled John. She slowly lowered herself down until she felt the tip of John’s hard cock against her hot wet pussy. As they met, she forcefully moved herself down until he was completely inside her. As she moved up and down, she clamped tightly. John began to move his hips up and down in perfect rhythm.

Their bodies were as one each thrusting and grinding faster and faster. Cassandra continued to ride him increasing the pace faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper until both exploded in passion. Cassandra leaned down and kissed John as they were easing down. “I love you, my darling”, Cassandra said with eyes wet with tears. “My God, I love you with all my heart.”

John pulled her in close beside him and replied, “I do love you too, my darling, and I always will.” They lay in each other arms not caring if they ever returned to the party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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