Sandy’s New Self Ch. 02

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(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)


Sandy stood in her closet looking at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a tight v-neck top that showed off her cleavage, in fact most of her 46 double d tits were on display, and when she moved certain ways the shirt rode up showing her flat belly. Her jeans hugged her curves snugly and left little to the imagination. “I don’t look bad for a mother of three in her late 40’s,” she thought.

She took one final look before leaving the closet but before she left her room she changed her mind, “What am I thinking I can’t wear this around my kids.” She quickly stripped and grabbed some of her normal baggy clothes. But she was feeling naughty and put them back and grabbed a red flannel robe that she wore in the winter and put it over her nude body.

She went down stairs, on her way to the kitchen she sees her sons sitting in front of the big screen TV playing some racing game. Normally she wouldn’t give them a second look but after her conversation with Ashley she paid a little more attention to them. As she walked by out of the corner of her eye she saw both of them watching her.

She didn’t know how to feel about that these were her baby boys but they were also young men, attractive young men that were checking her out. Her brain didn’t know how to feel but her pussy did and was soon wet.

“I told you,” Ashley told her mom.

“What baby?”

“I told you they check you out every chance they get. I saw you watching them.”

“They really do that all the time?”

“Yep, but can you blame them mom you’re a babe,” Ashley grinned.

Sandy grinned back blushing a little, “ok young lady that’s enough of that. So where’s Bayan Eskort your dad?”

“I think he said he was going golfing with Mr. Heath,” she grabbed a banana off the counter, “want one mom?”

“Sure I guess.” Ashley handed her mom one then peeled hers and grinned naughtily at her mom and started sucking on it like a cock. Sandy just watched as her daughter sucked on the banana like a pro. She looked at her mom and took the whole thing down her throat and swallowed it. “Oh my god I can’t believe you just did that Ashley.”

“Sorry mom I guess our talk got me a little turned on. I shouldn’t tease you like that.”

“No baby not that I can’t believe you could take the whole thing like that. When I play with Buzz if I take more than a few inches I nearly choke.”

“Well that’s because you need to work on your gag reflex, but since daddy never lets you suck him you never got a chance to learn. Though from what I saw of daddy the times I’ve walked in on him jerking off you still wouldn’t have had much practice,” she giggles.

“Just how many times have you walked in on him to see that your dad… well…”

“Has a tiny dick,” Ashley giggles, “Mom its been several dozen times and if I didn’t know better I’d think he likes me seeing him like that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well last week when I came home he was watching porn there on the couch and just said hi to me with out stopping. And that’s not the first time.”

“Why the fuck didn’t you tell me this before?” Sandy yelled.

“Mom is everything ok?” her oldest son asked.

“Yes son everything’s fine.”

“Mom calm down. It’s not that big a deal so daddy jerks off all over the house and doesn’t stop when I walk in, it’s his house Anadolu Yakası Escort as long as I don’t find him going through my clothes or in my room I don’t care where he plays with his little stick.”

“Well it’s a big deal to me and when he gets home I’m going to tell him exactly what I think of it.”

“Ok mom that’s between you two so do what you want, but for now lets relax and have some fun.”

“And how,” Sand asks with a grin, “do you suggest we should do that?”

“How else mom? Shopping,” Ashley laughs, “Now go get dressed and meet me down here in five minutes.”

Sandy went back to her closet, after learning of her husband’s acts of exhibition around their littler girl she was pissed off and grabbed the sexy clothes she had put on earlier but a decided not to put on the bra and panties and went down stairs. She walked into the den to wait on Ashley with her sons. At first they didn’t look up because they were so wrapped up in their game. As they finished the race they were in the middle of she watched them and saw them in a way she never had before.

First there was Dave Jr. but he preferred his middle name Mike. Mike was 21 and in amazing shape he had played every sport that his high school had and was good at all of them. He looked a lot like his dad at that age, though Dave was never even close to being in that good of shape. And for the first time she saw why he had so many girlfriends over the years.

Then there was Peter her middle child who was 19. He wasn’t as ripped, as the young people say, as Mike but was still in good shape. Unlike Mike, Peter was never that into sports unless they were computer games. Peter had always been a bit of a nerd and never had as many girlfriends as his Pendik Escort brother but still seemed to do well for himself. And for the first time ever she wondered if they had taken after their dad in the cock department. They finished their game and saw her watching them.

“Holy shit mom what are you wearing?” Mike asked.

“Oh just some old clothes I found in my closet and wanted to see if they still looked good on me. What do you think?”

“Good? Mom they look amazing,” Peter said staring at her tits.

“Well mom I wouldn’t say that,” Mike said.

“Oh you don’t think they look good Mike?”

“No I think they look good but its you that makes them look good not the other way around. Mom I knew you were hot but wow.”

“Yes what he said,” Peter agreed still staring at his mom’s tits.

“Well thank you both very much, women love hearing that men think they are attractive and I haven’t heard it from your dad in years.”

“Well in that case dad is a fucking moron,” Peter said.

“To say the least mom,” Mike agreed.

“Again thank you both,” she said as she hugged each of them. And since they were sitting on the couch they both got an even better look at her tits as she leaned over to hug them. “Well boys I’m going shopping with your sister so the house is yours for the next few hours. And if you can get away from your game for a while will you do some yard work please.”

At that point Ashley came down the stairs, “Wow mom you look hot. Lets go.” They both told the boys bye and walked out to Sandy’s car. “So mom, did you like teasing your sons?”

“I have no idea what you mean young lady.”

“Bull shit mom I saw you all but flash them as you hugged them.”

“Ok yes I was teasing them a little. I figured if they wanted to check out their mom I’d give them something to look at. And yes I did like it. And you know what things are going to change around our house.”

“Oh like what?”

“You’ll find out when I do,” she smiled as they drove out the driveway.

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