Santa Fe

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The door bell rang. David had been sitting in an easy chair, reading a mystery novel. It was after ten at night, and he thought that someone being at the door was really unusual. In addition to it being late, he was in a vacation house and normally no one would be there. He got up from his chair and went quietly to the door. He noticed that both the dead-bolt and the chain were locked, just as he had left them when he got there the previous day. He carefully looked through the peephole to the outside.

The outdoor light was on and he could see that the caller was an attractive female, probably in her twenties. Behind her in the drive was a late model sports car, parked right behind his truck. He couldn’t see anyone in the car and she looked harmless enough, so he curiously unlocked the door and opened it. He looked her over and said, “Yes?”

She was pretty. She had shoulder length blonde hair and a nice, but not voluptuous figure. She was wearing blue jeans that fit her like a glove and a translucent brown top that stylishly showed off a full black bra. She said, “I’m Julie Cosworth. My step-father, John Williams, owns this place. Who are you?”

She saw a middle-aged man, about six foot tall with a slender build peering back at her from the open door. He explained, “I’m David Jaxx. I work for your father. He told me I could stay here for a few days.” Then he added quizically, “He didn’t say anything about you coming up here.”

“Well, he didn’t know I was coming. I’m going to college in Albuquerque and just came up for the weekend. I have a key but I saw your truck and the lights so I thought I better ring the bell.” She thought to herself, “He works for John. He must not be dangerous and he does look okay. A little on the old side but not bad.” She concluded that she was probably safe and asked, “Is it okay if I come in?”

“Sure, do you have anything you want brought in?”

“No,” she said looking down, “I just have my handbag. I keep clothes and other stuff of mine here. They’re in the spare bedroom.”

Without looking up, she walked past him and went straight to the kitchen where she fixed herself a tall coke over ice. David started to react negatively to her way of making herself at home but then he realized that it was more her home than his. He considered himself lucky that he had already moved into the master bedroom. She flopped down in the other easy chair, the one he hadn’t been using. She asked him if he was staying there alone.

He told her, “I had a fight with my wife this week. I was really upset. Your father is being very helpful to me and he suggested I come up here for a week and cool off. So yes, I’m alone.” David was still a little annoyed at having his solitude interrupted and he abruptly asked her, “What’s Your excuse for being here?”

She felt somewhat defensive and replied, “Well first of all, he’s not my father. John’s my step-father, although he does treat me as if I was his real daughter. When he and mother divorced a few years ago, I stayed with him instead of moving to New York with her. He’s paying for my college, buys me clothes and bought me that car out there. My real father doesn’t treat me that good. But thats not really what you asked. I’m here because my fiance is studying for an exam and he has trouble concentrating when I’m around.” She flashed a smile like David should understand why she would be a distraction. He was starting to like her and he definitely understood the distraction part.

She would probably never be a model but she did have the kind of looks that would turn heads. She was wearing heels that probably added a couple of inches or so. David mentally guessed her height at around 5’6″. He thought her face was cute, a little bit on the round side with a nicely proportioned nose and mouth, a sexy smile and blue eyes. In the light of the house he could see that her hair color was really a very light brown and sun-bleached to blonde on the ends.

There was silence. They were studying each other. Julie thought that David wasn’t handsome, at least not like her boyfriend George, but then he wasn’t unattractive either. He had all his hair, nice teeth and seemed to dress okay, particularly since he wasn’t expecting company. His feet were bare but he was wearing some nice khaki wash pants and a blue pullover. And he apparently didn’t even need reading glasses. His wife was probably missing him.

David continued looking her over. He put Julie’s weight at about 120 pounds and he thought her breasts were just the right size for her frame, probably a B cup or slightly larger. Her waist was trim and from the fit of her jeans one would have to conclude that she had very nice legs. David had watched her from the back as she walked to the kitchen. Her ass was certainly an attraction. Yes, he could understand why her fiance couldn’t get any studying done with her around. He thought that maybe it wasn’t so bad being interrupted after all.

It was Friday night and Julie finally broke the silence by saying üsküdar escort that she had to go back to Albuquerque on Sunday. She asked, “Is it going to bother you if I stay here till then?” By now, David kind of wanted her to stay but she was pleading anyway. “I won’t be any trouble. I’ve got friends here so you won’t even see much of me.”

Well, this wasn’t going to help David sort out his problems with his wife, but at least Julie was engaged and there was probably fifteen years between their ages, so it shouldn’t be an unbearable temptation. Besides, he was sort of looking forward to having her as company for a couple of days. He said, “Certainly, you can stay. After all, its really your house. I just hope you can put up with me for a couple of days.”

She relaxed her posture and David could tell she was greatly relieved. She suggested that he might want to get back to his reading. Julie told him that she was tired, had been up since seven that morning, and after the drive up from Albuquerque she wanted to get a shower and go to bed. She stood up to end the conversation and headed for her bedroom. David picked up his book and resumed his reading.

From his chair, David could see down the hall where the bedrooms were. It was just a vacation house, really more like a cottage, and although it was comfortable and nicely furnished, it wasn’t very big. There were only two bedrooms. David was sleeping in the master which had its own private bathroom. Julie was staying in the one she referred to as the “spare”. It was across the hall from the master. The spare didn’t have its own bathroom so Julie was going to have to use the guest bathroom at the far end of the hall.

Julie had removed her shoes. Except for being barefoot, she was still wearing her traveling clothes when she came out of her bedroom and headed for the bathroom. David watched her as she walked down the hall. He continued his reading as he heard the sound of the shower running. His mind, however, wasn’t focused on the book.

David was thinking that he didn’t have much to complain about regarding his wife’s wandering interests. He was thinking erotic thoughts about Julie’s naked body in the shower. As the sound of it stopped, he imagined her stepping out, dripping wet, grabbing a towel and rubbing it all over her tantalizing body. He was sure she needed help and he wanted to give it to her. As he was fantasizing about what it would be like to be in there with her, the bathroom door opened and Julie came down the hall toward him.

She was wearing a towel and carrying her clothes. She had towel dried her hair but it was still damp and matted. The towel was knotted at the top, near her left armpit. It was barely big enough to cover her. The top of the towel was just above her bust line, leaving her shoulders and most of her chest bare. Even though the towel did a pretty good job of squishing her breasts, there was still a hint of cleavage at the top. The bottom of the towel just reached the tops of her thighs, leaving her legs totally exposed. Julie had noticed that David put down his book to watch her and she liked what she was doing to him. She loved teasing men, especially if they were a little older and married.

David thought her legs were even more beautiful than he had imagined from the jeans. The towel wasn’t knotted at the bottom and he was mesmerized by a delightful gap up her left side, almost to her armpit. As she walked up the hall he kept hoping for a quick peak as the towel bounced around on her bare skin. Julie stopped at the door to her bedroom to give David one last look, and very suggestively, (at least in David’s mind), wished him pleasant dreams. She went into her bedroom and closed the door behind her.

David thought a little about why he was there. His wife had cheated on him, at least in his way of thinking, and he was pissed. He had gone into work and told John that he was getting a divorce. John had convinced him to spend a week in Santa Fe thinking about it. David wasn’t sure whether or not it was revenge he was looking for, but he had decided who he wanted it to be with, if it came to that. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on his mood at the time, Julie was engaged and hadn’t yet shown any real interest in him. David went back to reading his book.

David read for a couple of more hours before finally giving up and going to bed. It was after one in the morning when he finally got to sleep. When he awoke the next morning, it was around ten. He was already thinking about Julie. He hoped she would stick around today. He took a shower and washed his hair before putting on some shorts and a t-shirt. Julie’s bedroom door was open and unfortunately it looked to David as if she had already gone for the day. He dejectedly went to the kitchen to fix some breakfast.

The kitchen overlooked the pool in the backyard. As David was fixing breakfast, he noticed Julie swimming. His spirits picked up. She hadn’t left yenibosna escort after all. When he sat down at the kitchen table he had a view of the pool through the sliding glass doors. He couldn’t see much of her when she was actually in the pool but she kept climbing out of it and going to the diving board. David drooled over her magnificent form, and today, even more of it was showing than last night in the towel. She was wearing a bikini, the full kind, not string type, but it still showed her off nicely. As she stood on the end of the diving board, he was getting a profile view of her with her arms stretched over her head – long legs, a sensuous butt, flat stomach, perky breasts, gorgeous tan and all of it only slightly covered by a blue and white bikini.

David was no Olympic diving judge but he knew what looked good. When she dove, her arms were straight out in front of her, her back was arched ever so slightly, her legs stayed straight and together and she entered the water with barely a ripple. It was poetry in motion. If David had been the judge, Julie would have gotten all the medals. The only time he could actually eat his breakfast was when she was in the pool where he couldn’t see her.

Finally, she got out of the pool, went to a nearby recliner, spread it out flat and lay face down. She hoped David was watching. She reached behind her and undid the back of her bikini strap, letting it drop down the sides of the recliner. After about 30 minutes she raised up on her elbows and looked toward the house. The pool was on the East side of the house and the morning sun reflecting off the windows of the house made it impossible for her to see in the house. Julie wanted to tease, but she didn’t want to be too obvious about it. She didn’t care if David saw her, she just didn’t want him to think she had done it deliberately. She was going to have to take her chances and hope he wasn’t looking right now. She turned over on her back.

But David was watching all of it. This was too good. If she wanted to show off then by God he was going to get a good look. (He didn’t realize that the reflection was blinding her.) He grabbed his book and headed out of the house to the pool deck. As he headed toward her she spotted him and in mock modesty put her arms across her breasts. He sat down in the recliner next to her, which very conveniently, happened to be facing in the opposite direction, looking straight at her. She lay there for a while with her arms covering her breasts and stared at him. This was a bit more than she had expected. On the other hand, she’d been to a nude beach once, so this wasn’t really all that daring. Finally she removed her arms and adjusted the back of the recliner to an upright position.

By this time, David was reading his book and trying to pretend that he wasn’t even noticing her near nakedness. But Julie knew better. She looked toward his crotch and noticed that his hardened dick had already made a sizable tent in his shorts. She took the bikini top from behind her, taunting him by saying, “It seems that we’re both enjoying ourselves.” She dropped her top on the pool deck.

The charade was over. David guessed that it was okay to be a little more obvious about looking at her tits. At least it appeared that she had given him permission. He sure wasn’t getting anything out of his book. He had read the same paragraph now at least four times and still didn’t know what it said.

With the pretense over and David putting his book down, Julie wanted to talk. She said, “Last night you told me you were here because you were upset with your wife. Do you want to talk about it?” David pondered her question as his eyes continued to gaze lustily at her chest.

Julie’s breasts were even more beautiful than David had imagined. He had guessed the size right, probably a full B cup. They were firm and didn’t sag at all. The nipples were just pink bumps on otherwise perfect globes, set against half-dollar size areas just slightly darker than her tan. She liked being topless and was beginning to enjoy having David study her breasts, but her nipples showed no signs of excitement. David wanted to suck on them and feel the nipples harden.

David tore his thoughts away from what it would be like to have those delectable orbs in his mouth and told her, “My wife was on a business trip Monday and Tuesday. When she got home Tuesday night, she told me she had spent Monday night sleeping with some guy she met on the trip. I was furious. When I went into work on Wednesday I told John about it and said I was going to get a divorce. He suggested that I come up here to his house in Santa Fe and think about it before doing anything hasty. But I still haven’t changed my mind.”

Julie looked down and lightly touched her breasts, deep in thought, but about what, David wasn’t sure. He hoped she wasn’t going to put the top back on. Julie sensed his anxiety, dropped her hands to her sides and looked straight zeytinburnu escort at him. She could tell he was enjoying the view but she shook him out of it a little by saying, “Do you love her?”

It was hard for David to think about his wife under the circumstances, her having been unfaithful to him and Julie sitting across from him nearly naked, but he managed to get out a sheepish, “Yes.” In spite of the lustful thoughts he was having about Julie, David knew that he was truly in love with his wife. “We’ve been married for over fifteen years, we have a son who has just become a teenager and we’ve always been faithful to each other. Why did she have to ruin it? Why did she need someone else?”

Julie said, “You know, love and sex are not the same thing. When you love someone, sex is usually a part of it, but when you have sex with someone, it doesn’t mean you have to be in love. You might be doing it just to have fun. You don’t have to be in love with someone to have fun with them.”

David thought, “Philosophy from a college student? What did she know about sex and love?” He wanted to end the conversation and even though he knew it would probably be the end of the nudity, he suggested that they go inside and fix some lunch. He was right about the end of the show. Julie put her top back on and quietly followed him into the house. They fixed and ate soup and sandwiches without discussing anything other than the food. Afterward, Julie went into her room to take a nap and David resumed his reading.

A couple of hours later Julie came out of her room and headed down the hall to the bathroom. She was wearing the towel again but this time she was showing the backside to David. Her ass was so tight it barely jiggled. The towel swooped outward from her waist to the apex of her butt and then dropped off sharply, ending just at the bottom of her cheeks.

Below the towel were two of the most shapely legs that David had ever seen. And just under the edge of the towel? It would have been hard for him to imagine a sexier sight. David’s jaw opened and he dropped his book. He had lost all interest in reading. He turned on a television sports show to occupy his thoughts while he waited anxiously for Julie to come out of the bathroom.

Julie knew that a sure way of getting a man’s attention was by wrapping her naked body in a skimpy white towel. She wasn’t trying to get David in bed but her ego demanded that she have his attention. When she had dried off after finishing her shower, she exited the bathroom, once again adorned only in that towel, but now it was damp and it clung to her skin.

Even though David had already seen her wearing a lot less, there was something about the way she looked in that towel that caused his cock to come to attention as he watched her walk up the hall toward him. But then she didn’t go into her room! David thought he had died and gone to heaven when she walked into the living-room, right past his chair and lay down on the couch only a few feet away from him.

Julie getting situated on the couch in that damp towel was a show worthy of an academy award. Her movements kept exposing lots of bare skin but she used her hands adroitly to keep from revealing more than she wanted. The couch was angled perpendicularly to the chair that David was sitting in and as she laid down with her head away from him, David thought he was looking under the towel and between her legs. He wasn’t really seeing anything, at least Julie didn’t think he could, but if tongues got hard, his did.

Julie tired of keeping herself reasonably decent with the towel and covered herself with a comforter that had been on the back of the couch, blocking David’s view of all but the lower part of her legs. She wasn’t ready to quit teasing yet, she just needed to do it in a different way. Under the comforter she removed the towel and tossed it on the floor. With her being naked under the comforter, David’s attention did not wane. His erection had not subsided in the least, it might have even gotten a little more rigid. Julie looked over, seeing the bulge in his shorts and knowingly said, “I guess you’re not going to mind if I watch television with you for a while.”

No, David certainly wasn’t going to object. At this point he probably would have paid her to stay. Watching Julie was way better than anything on television. Julie pretended to be watching the television but she was having more fun with her little game. She kept sneaking peaks at him to make sure he was still looking, then she would rearrange her position on the couch and flash a little skin, just enough to maintain his interest.

After they had been “watching television” for a while, David mentioned that he was going in town for dinner that night and asked Julie if she wanted to join him. Julie thought, “yeah, and I’m going to keep right on fucking with your mind. I might even be able to get you to take me dancing. That would be a real kick.” They settled on seven o’clock for departure.

Julie thought she’d probably teased poor David enough, at least for now. She got up from the couch and went to her room with the comforter securely wrapped around her. David was quite disappointed that she didn’t leave it on the couch, and Julie had considered it, but that would have been a bit too much. After all, he had already seen most of her, just not all at one time.

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