Sarah, Down and Dirty with the Dog

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It was our wedding anniversary. Sarah and I had enjoyed a quiet, candlelight, meal in and had consumed a couple of bottles of rather potent red wine. This always made us both very randy and we were hardly finished before we were almost ripping the clothes off each other. This was one of the reasons we never go out for our anniversary meals. It would not be the first time that we have just pushed the dishes aside and I have fucked her right then and there across the table.

Sarah said “I feel very, very, very kinky tonight. I want some really wild sex, dirtier than ever before. We should have planned ahead and got a bunch of your mates to come over. I want you to tie me up and fuck me and we’ll see where we go from there.” I took her into the front room where there was a seat, without arms or a back, which I had bought, just for this purpose. It was wonderfully shaped and we would attach Velcro restraint straps and tie her hands and ankles to it so she was bent gently backwards with her legs spread wide. She could hardly move but anyone mounting her could penetrate deep.

I fastened her in place and smeared parts of her body with chocolate body paint and spent quite some time slowly licking it off. When I do this, it drives her wild. Usually I do it until she is begging to be fucked. But she didn’t start begging for fucking instead she said “I want my cunt stuffing.” There is this is a game we both enjoy. I find objects and insert them up her cunt and she tries to guess what they are. So, I left the room to go in search of objects. I had located her old school rounders bat, one of the empty wine bottles, a maglight, a cage whisk and a large cucumber when I heard cries coming from the front room.

I rushed back to find that I had forgotten to shut the door and our Labrador/Alsatian cross dog (Sam) was in the room. Sarah was writhing round moaning and crying out, partly in anger, partly in ecstasy. The dog had its nose pressed hard against her cunt and it was licking away for all he was worth. I was amazed “Get him off me!” she shouted. But I just stood and watched, it looked so fantastic, a really amazing sight, as the dog licked away at her cunt. “You said you wanted to be dirtier than ever before, this looks pretty dirty to me and as hot as hell”. She let forth a torrent of abuse but was moaning and bucking while she yelled obscenities at me. The dog kept sticking his nose in and licking harder. Finally, as I made a move to pull him away, she panted “No! Don’t! Its fucking fantastic”. So, I left him to it. She was really getting off on it. She writhed, moaned, yelled and then came with a yell.

The dog was really excited now and I could see its cock extending. I looked like it was going to try and hump her leg. I moved him so that his forefeet were on the seat either side of her waist. As he started to try to hump, his cock was getting nearer and nearer her cunt. She asked “What’s happening?” She had her head craned, trying to see down her body, but due to the curve Anadolu Yakası Escort of her back, her view was limited. All she could see was the dog towering over her. I said nothing. I just guided his cock towards her cunt. She felt it there, hard and ready. She froze but the dog didn’t. He rammed it in.

She yelled “NO! NO! DON’T!” But it was too late, the dog was in her. “You Fucking Bastard!” She shouted more obscenities at me and tried to buck him off but she was too tightly bound.

“You said you wanted dirty and kinky; you are getting your wish. Go on Sam, there’s a good boy give your bitch a good humping. Go on give it her hard” I encouraged him.

Sam took no actual notice of me; his mind was on one thing. He was on a roll, he hammered away at her. She was struggling, and the more she struggled the harder he went and the sexier she looked. Her big tits were bouncing around, her flesh was jiggling. She was swearing and cursing me. It looked crude and dirty, a big shaggy dog, this randy animal, humping away between my wife’s thighs, it looked so right, it made her look like an animal as well.

Her body was starting to flush as it does when she gets really excited. The swearing died down she stopped struggling and started to push back against his thrusts, she was starting to respond. “Yes! Oh yes, yes, yes! That’s it, give it me, give it me hard. Good boy give it to me.” She looked at me with a shocked but crude look on her face, “Daddy wants to see you fuck me so come on boy fuck me. Fuck me harder, fuck mummy with your big hard doggy cock”. She started to pant and then to grunt. She was grunting like a pig, louder and louder. Then she started yelling “Fuck! Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck!!! He’s filling me, he’s stretching me so wide” Finally screamed “I’m gonna split, I’m gonna burst!” He continued to hump her. His knot inflated inside her. He stiffened and shot his load up her.

They were knotted and it took a while for Sam to be able to dismount her. For a while it did look quite comical as he tried to free himself. There were quite a few cries from Sarah as well. Pain mixed with arousal as he squirmed. Finally, with a gush of fluid he was free.

When he was unknotted, I undid the straps and pulled her on to the floor and astride me. She slid easily on to my cock, lubed as she was by Sam. She knelt there, dazed, slowly rocking backwards and forwards, the dog’s cum oozing out of her cunt as she did so. She seemed stunned. I started massaging her huge tits. Sam started to lick her cum splattered leg. The body paint lay close by and I slathered it on her big bouncy tits. He was in there like a shot, licking away at her tits and her nipples. I pushed her back so that she was leaning back with her hands on the floor and slathered it round her clit. The dog followed its nose and was soon licking away at her while I was firmly embedded in her cunt. She squirmed and I was so turned on I didn’t last long. We both came together.

We Bostancı Escort lay there for a while the dog sniffing around us. It licked the juices off my flagging cock, I started to stiffen again. I got her onto all fours and covered her cunt in body paint. Once again, the dog was licking her and as getting very excited. He mounted her. If you have ever watched the way two dogs fuck that was what was happening now. She was in the place of the bitch and was acting just like one. At every hump she was grunting and was urging him on between yells of excitement. She tried to change her position and he gave a low growl and gently, but firmly, grasped her neck between his teeth. He continued to pound her. Again, the yells as his knot was forced in to her cunt. By the end, her face was pressed against the carpet. He hammered her hard and she came, yelling, once more.

This time things got more comical as Sam tried to dismount, and couldn’t. He ended up facing the opposite way and Sarah was yelling, whimpering and swearing every time he tried to break free. When the dog finally withdrew, he started to lick at the combined human and dog cum that was now trickling out of her cunt. She whimpered and fell forwards.

Lying on the floor she said “God I can’t believe you would do that to me, you bastard. How could you do that, for that matter I can’t believe I let you do it. That was so totally filthy, dirty, disgusting, perverted and degenerate. But, I’m ashamed to say, I loved every second of it. What does that make me?”

“A filthy, dirty, disgusting, perverted, degenerate slut, I’m glad to say. It was fantastic watching your reactions as he licked you, and you looked and sounded so animal as he humped you. Even better than I ever imagined it.”

“What do you mean by that?” she asked

“I’ve wanted to watch you and that dog fucking since I first realised how big he would grow. I’ve imagined watching you, imagined you on all fours, imagined him humping you, imagined him with his cock buried in your cunt, imagined you making all those dirty noises you make when you’re fucking, imagined you being an animal, being his bitch”

She gave me a hard look. “I thought things had got down and dirty when you said you wanted to watch me getting fucked. I got in to the idea did it. I admit, I enjoyed it and soon found myself fucking a bunch of your mates. Ok, I admit I enjoy that, it’s fun. I’m a slut, I like to fuck other men and am glad that you let me do it. You got me to whore for your boss and your clients. Mind you, the money your boss gives me for ‘Corporate Entertainment’ is good, even if it does, technically, make me a prostitute”.

“Then I thought we had reached a limit when you got me stoned, took me to that stag do, dressed only on a long coat, led me in to the room, pulled off my coat so I was naked and presented me to a bunch of guys with the words “For tonight’s entertainment here’s a randy cum dump who’s hungry for cock.” Yes, I enjoyed that too, after Erenköy Escort the initial shock. Fourteen guys fucking me for a whole evening, every way they could think of and I could hardly walk for the rest of the weekend. But, do you really want me to be this disgustingly perverted?”

“Yes, I do it was fantastic. I love seeing you behaving like that. You look sooo hot and dirty.”

There was a long pause then a slight smile that broadened to a grin. “Ok then, but you’ll have to have patience. I can’t become as depraved as you want me to be over night. But I think I can make a start. You know his tongue feels so different, I just loved the feel of it licking my cunt. He got it right up inside me. And a dog’s cock feels so different from a man’s. I thought his knot would split me in two. I wonder if it tastes different? Would it be depraved of me to suck a dog’s cock?” She looked at me, her head on one side a slight grin on her lips. “Do you want to watch me suck a dog’s cock? You do, don’t you? You’re sick you know that? You’ve always got a kick out of watching me suck off other guys, now you really want to watch me suck a dog’s cock?” She knelt there a wicked, sexy grin on her face, the tip of her tongue running around her lips”.

Sam had gone a little way off by now and was engrossed in licking himself clean. I nodded with a grin “Go on, suck him, get your beautiful lips round his doggy cock and suck him, suck on him until he cums and swallow it back – I dare you”.

She went over to him, on hands and knees, rolled him on to his back. Leaning over, she pulled back the skin on his cock as far as she could, bent her head and started to suck and lick at him. He started to grow. Soon he was stiff and thrusting into her mouth. She worked her magic with her lips and tongue and, very shortly, she had, what seemed like pints of dog cum running down her chin. She sat back, massaging it in to her breasts.

“Oh! Yes, very different.” She rose and came to sit next to me on the sofa. “I think that’s enough for now, my cunt’s sore, but I’m sure going to do it again. It will make a change from my vibrator when you are working away from home. I take back what I said earlier though”.

“What’s that?”

“That we should have planned ahead and got a couple of your mates to come over. If we had, this would never have happened”

“Why not? They’d have enjoyed it and cheered you on. It’s not as if we haven’t discussed it”

“You and your mates have actually discussed me fucking a dog?” She started to go red and look cross.

“Paul just said it one time, as we were watching Brian fuck you doggy style. He said that he bet it would look even better if it was Sam that was doing it. There has been a lot of speculation on it since.”

“You’d still have done that if your mates were here? No, don’t answer, I know what your answer will be. That’s disgusting, but it actually appeals. It makes me feel cheap, dirty and sordid. But that’s what you’ve made me and, to be honest it’s what I’ve always been, at heart. Who knows? One day I might even let them all watch me” She looked up at me and said, with some force “Just remember though, it was you that started all this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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