Sarah’s House Ch. 04

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Blast Off

He stopped on a quiet street a few blocks away from my house, and parked the car.

“What’s up?” I asked, unsure at what was going on.

“I want to try out something, a kind of fantasy for me.” Ethan answered shyly.

“Which one?” I asked teasingly.

“I want to go through a drive – through, and I want you to suck me as I do.”

His eyes burned into mine as he asked, and he was rewarded with my answering grin.

“Hell yeah! I think it’s your turn to cum in here now, let’s do it!”

Turning around, Ethan pulled out onto the main road as my hands fumbled with his pants, opening them as quickly as I could.

He was semi – hard already, and growing to his full length quickly. I took him into my mouth, feeling him swell in my mouth as I ran my tongue over his head.

Licking my way around his head – tasting the precum beginning to emerge from the slit, flicking my tongue over his ridge; I giggled as he groaned loudly, praising me for my ‘talent’.

He pulled into McDonalds, his movements jerky as he tried not to thrust his hips into my mouth. I started to stroke his shaft, taking tuzla escort only his head into my mouth, and sucked it as I swirled my tongue over him frantically.

“Whoa-” He said, just before the speakers asked him what he would like to order.

“Umm… I want… an… um… cheeseburger?” He coughed, trying to clear his throat, before hesitantly upgrading it to a large meal.

“Will that be all?” The speaker ground out, and Ethan looked down at me, pumping his shaft with my hand.

“Do you want anything?” He asked, and I shook my head, humming “mm-mm”. Ethan almost cried out, grabbing my head and pulling me off him.

“No, that’s enough,” he panted out the window before driving the few metres ahead, whispering to me, “I just needed a break – too much -“

Nodding, I squeezed the base of his shaft where my hand was resting. Ethan looked at me, and whispered, “you’re fucking amazing.”

I smiled at him, pleased that he was enjoying it.

The lady came to the window, a pretty brunette with a lip ring in the right side of her bottom ucuz escort lip.

Before she looked inside the car, I dove back down on him, sucking as much of his length as I could into my mouth. Ethan gasped loudly, and the lady hesitated in her recital of how much Ethan owed for his meal to stare inside the car at my head bobbing up and down in his lap.

“Oh, my…” she gasped, before giving Ethan a huge grin. He just grinned back at her, before holding the back of my head down so I took his full length into my mouth.

I looked up at him as best I could, then at her. Holding me by my hair, Ethan pulled me fully off him, showing off his saliva – drenched length to her. Making eye contact, she just stared as I grinned at her and dove back down again, kissing his pubic bone before he pulled me off again.

“That’s… no money at all. I think you deserve a free meal – she’s certainly getting one!” The lady – Imogen, her name tag stated – grinned at us, before ushering us on to the next window.

Ethan drove to the next one, where Imogen ümraniye escort was waiting for us with our meal in a takeaway bag.

I could see she had scribbled on the bag as it passed by my face, and I grabbed at it to read her number scrawled on the brown paper bag with black marker.

I raised my eyes to look at her, and winked, giggling at her lust – filled expression, and then moaning as Ethan twitched in my mouth at the feeling of my laughter.

He was close, I could tell, and I put my free hand on his thigh, silently telling him to stay where he was.

I did everything I could to make him cum as quickly as possible, sucking, licking, squeezing, stroking. Imogen watched, her tongue tracing her lips as she watched his hips thrust up towards my mouth.

Massaging his balls in my other hand, I felt them tighten, letting me know he was about to cum. Humming and sucking a little harder, I was rewarded with the warm taste of his cum. I was grateful he had already cum for me in the park, because my mouth was quickly filled.

Sucking quickly to make sure I got all of his cum, I lifted up and showed Imogen my full mouth. Swallowing for her, I grinned again, giggling at her shocked expression.

She smiled back, jealousy clear in her eyes.

“Seriously – call me!” She groaned, before blowing us a kiss.

Ethan gunned the car and we drove off, as I started to program her number into my phone.

Fun times ahead!

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