Sarah’s “Piercing” Experience

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Sarah was a middle class 17-year old girl. She was every guys wet dream, and every girls competition. About 5’6. Nice thin body, but she had a little bit of a curve where it needed to be. Long flowing blond hair way down her back and dimples to die for. She had been asked plenty of times at school to smile just so they could see them. She was what one would call HOT. She didn’t think of herself like this, though. She wasn’t conceited nor into herself, but she knew she would never have a problem getting a date.

This day was her birthday. She was turning 18. She had been talking to her boyfriend about getting her tongue pierced, but he had other things in mind. She had already had her belly button pierced so that was out of the question. And he absolutely refused to let her pierce her gorgeous face in any way.

“Why not the tongue?” She asked with a pouty face.

“Because I don’t want guys wanting you.” He replied kissing her lips.

She sighed and looked away,

“I’ve got one that I think you should get…” He said with a slight grin on his face.

She looked at him, “What?”

He fixed his eyes between her legs.

She looked at him as if he was crazy, “No. Ryan, are you serious?” She asked sincerely confused.

“Come on Sarah. It’s not like anybody will see it. It’s just for me. I think you’ll like it.” He said.

“Ryan. You want me to put a needle through my clit?” As she thought of it she closed her legs as if she was secretly turned on.

“I’ll go with you. You’ll be fine. It’s gonna be worth it. I’d do it for you if I didn’t have a dick you know?” He said with a smile trying to lighten up the situation.

She cracked as smile and sat back.

She sighed and thought for a while and finally gave in that she’d do it.

The next day she waited in the parking lot of the piercing shop for hey boyfriend, but he wouldn’t show up. After 20 minutes she called his cell phone and he told her that he was bayan escort gaziantep stuck at his job. She threatened to go home and forget about the whole thing, but he talked her into just getting it done by herself. Since the shop wouldn’t be open the next day he wanted her to just get it done right then. She agreed and hung up.

She was pretty pissed as she walked into the shop. A girl walked up to her. The girl had her nose, lip, and eyebrow pierced and a million tattoos.

“Looking to get pierced today?” The girl asked with a smile.

Sarah smiled back and shook her head yes.

“Awesome. What do you have in mind?” The girl asked.

“Well…Somewhere probably uncommon.” Sarah said blushing.

“Clit? Awesome. That’s not uncommon at all. Actually it was lady that came in a little before you that got that done.” She said.

The girl showed Sarah to different rings she could get, and Sarah chose the one that she wanted. She showed her ID to confirm her age and paid for it.

“Ok you’re ready to go. Just sit right down there. They’ll be with you in like 2 seconds.” She said.

Sarah sat in a chair and let out a huge sigh. She was extremely nervous, but she was more upset that her boyfriend couldn’t be with her. She bit her lip as the time went by so slowly. Finally, a hot female came out of a room. Sarah eyeballed her as she walked by wondering if she would have a girl pierce her. She waited as the girl walked by again and signalled for her to follow her.

“Shit.” Sarah said under her breath realizing that this girl was about to be down there. Sarah stood up and followed her into a room.

She ordered Sarah to sit in a chair, and before looking away gave Sarah a little smile. Sarah couldn’t help notice how pretty the girl was. She looked like she couldn’t have been much older than her, and she had her tongue pierced. Sarah watched as the girl opened a package needle and pulled out a couple of alcohol pads. Sarah was shaking uncontrollably realizing what she was about to do to herself.

“Name’s Kelly. I’ll be piercing you today. Any questions?” She asked Sarah.

Sarah shook her head no.

“Nervous?” Kelly asked putting on her gloves.

Sarah shook her head yes.

Sarah kept noticing how the girl kept occasionally looking over at her biting her lip sexually. Finally, Kelly was done prepping.

“I’m gonna need you to take off your pants and underwear babe.” Rachel said.

She left out of the room while Sarah did this. When she came back in Sarah was sitting with her legs closed. Kelly stared at her soft smooth naked thighs as she walked by. Sarah was flattered by the fact that this chick seemed so into her.

“Ok. Now you’re gonna have to open your legs really wide for me and stay very still.” She said pulling up a stool. Sarah did as she said and opened them. She could feel the beautiful girl staring at her pussy. She was totally shaking out of her skin now. Her legs were rattling back and forth as the girl gently prepped her clit. Sarah almost climaxed at the touch of her gently fingers. She must have noticed Sarah’s violent shaking because she looked up and met eyes with her,

“Calm down. Try to stay still.” She said as she held the needle between her fingers.

She was about to start putting it through when Sarah stopped her,

“Wait. Please. I don’t think I want to do this. I’m really scared. Just forget it.” She said.

Kelly sighed.

“It’s not that bad. I have it too. It’s only a little pinch.” She said slowly and seductively licking her soft pink glossy lips.

“I’m afraid of pain.” Sarah said.

“I can help you with that.” She said putting down the needle.

“How?” Sarah asked with a confused look on her face.

Without Sarah even being able to think the sexy girl stuck her tongue in her dripping pussy. Sarah jumped and moaned, but was too shocked and paralyzed to get up and leave. She used her tongue ring and sweeped it over Sarah’s hardened clit over and over, and it didn’t take long for Sarah to cum jerking her body as the orgasm hit. Kelly seemed pleased with how fast she made Sarah cum as she licked her lips. Sarah breathed hard,

“What are you doing?” Sarah said sitting up slowly.

“You know what I just did. I licked your pussy. And I made you cum.” She said gently rubbing Sarah’s swollen clit.

Sarah was half turned on, and half in denial at what just happened. Sarah had never even had a thought about being a with a girl, but her boyfriend had never made her cum this quick. It didn’t help that the girl was absolutely gorgeous.

“I have to go.” Sarah said.

Kelly stood up and leaned down getting into Sarah’s face. She grinned when Sarah started backing down under her power. She kissed Sarah passionately as she knew that she had her where she wanted. You’re not going anywhere.” Kelly said. Sarah wanted to resist, but she couldn’t. It felt like a dream as this chick kissed her. It didn’t take long for Kelly to go back down and continue eating Sarah out. Sarah lost count of how many times she had came, and was practically delusional by the time the girl felt she had sated her hunger. Without any words the girl stuck the needle through her clit and then replaced it with a ring. Sarah was so numb from the orgasms that she barely felt it go through. She helped Sarah get dressed and kissed her on the lips softly.

“Told you it wouldn’t hurt.” She said as she opened the door to let Sarah leave.

Sarah walked out extremely confused at what just happened. She kept looking back at Kelly as she walked out the door, and Kelly looked at her. As Sarah got into her car she looked back and saw she still looking at her through the glass doors. Sarah winked smiled softly with her cute dimples and blew her a kiss. Kelly winked at Sarah and smiled. Sarah drove home. “Good thing my boyfriend didn’t come.” She said with a sneaky grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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