Sarah’s Race To Get Home

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I couldn’t explain it, I was in need of a really good moment or two!, too myself. I was almost home, and thank goodness because my pussy was on fire. I had no idea why, and to be honest I wasn’t interested in trying to work out the why or how I had become so utterly horny. Though I did have a very good idea.

It had been a while since I’d been in any sort of relationship, let alone a sexual one. What with my new job and moving to a new city. To be honest I hadn’t really been interested in looking either, and if I was even more honest at this moment it was only the sexual part of a relationship I was really interested in.

I could have picked up any number of guys when I did get out for a quick drink which was usually after work. I wasn’t really interested in one night stands or dating sites though I had taken a look, but it seemed like too much hassle. Besides, I just couldn’t get myself motivated to sit down and write out a decent profile.

I usually found myself just scanning the profiles looking for well hung guys, until I got myself all worked up and I was off the dating sites and onto the porn sites.

Porn was something I had actually really started to get back into after my last relationship ended. Not because of the porn, my partner didn’t know that I watched any, and I actually didn’t that much while we were together, just on the odd occasion while he was out shopping or with his mates.

He wouldn’t have been interested anyway as it was usually either gay or lesbian porn, well maybe he would have been interested in the lesbian porn knowing him.

It wasn’t that straight porn didn’t do it for me, but I usually got off more on seeing two guys or girls fucking. Watching porn again, I’ve found the blowjob or cumshot videos a really big turn on which was something I used to enjoy watching but lately have been getting off on more and more.

Definitely if the cum is jetting out of a thickly veined cock, or when you can, without any doubt, see that the cock sucking guy or girl is really into sucking that cock!

Being able to really see, and feel that they are absolutely loving sucking on that big cock. Hopefully finishing with escort şişli a messy facial of thick beads of cum dribbling down their flushed face, as they continue to slowly suck on the cock in the aftermath of their dizzy lust. With soft muffled low moans of pleasure emanating out of their cock filled and swollen mouth.

Interrupted only to catch their breath, as the hung guy breaths heavily, steadily catching his breath and coming back to his senses from his euphoric high.

“FUCK!” “Come on! This traffic!” All my mind could think about now was my new toy. I had bought it recently and had certainly been getting my money’s worth. I’d bought quite a few toys of late but this one is definitely my favorite! It also happens to be the biggest dildo I have ever used.

I don’t usually go for the big ones, because it’s not only my pussy that I like fucked. My arse gets a good fucking too if I’m particularly keyed up or whenever the mood takes me.

“Finally, let’s go, let’s go!” “Almost there Sarah, hang on girl” I turned the corner almost like something from a 70’s cop show. Pulling up onto the driveway I got out of the car and locked the door. Fumbling in my bag I found my door key and let myself into the house.

Throwing the bag down on the floor I kicked the door closed behind me with my boot and then ran up the stairs to my bedroom.

“Almost there, almost there.” Walking into the bedroom I wriggled out of my coat which fell to the floor behind me. Laying back onto the bed, I lifted my bum and reached for my knickers, pulling them off over my boots throwing them to the floor, not bothering to take off my long boots, as there simple wasn’t time.

My heart beat was by now racing as was my breathing. I really felt like some sort of addict who knew in a few moments they were going to get that hit that they craved. The hit their body had become so accustomed to, and now could not do without.

Completely focused now, my senses tuning out to any interference that was between me and that big beautiful dildo. My lust had complete control over, my body began to quiver in the anticipation. My pussy had been ready for hours was literally taksim escort bayan dripping wet and crying out to be pounded with that thick artificial shaft.

Leaning over to the bottom drawer I yanked it open and there, sitting on the top of what was now a growing collection of dildos, was my new VIP. I stopped and stared at it for a moment in an almost perversely teasing moment to myself knowing that here was what I needed. What I had been craving for what seemed like an age.

The thing that had gradually turned me from my usually tolerant and respectful demeanor into an increasingly short tempered and intolerable bitch as the day had crept along.

Reaching out I wrapped my hand around the thick shaft of my favorite toy. Pushing back I fell back onto the bed, my legs fell either side exposing my soaking wet pussy to the cool air of my bedroom.

Holding the base of the cock in both hands I rubbed the head and shaft of the cock up and down my pussy lips to lubricate it which was done in seconds, and without any more hesitation I nestled the head of the cock against the opening to my pussy and very slowly started to push that big thick cock deep inside.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk!!!!” I whispered heavily, as I slowly pushed every inch of that cock deep up inside of me. My eyes slowly closed as my back began to gently rise up from the bed into an arch, the lips of my pussy gently swallowing every thick inch, until they kissed the big artificial balls.

Motionless I stayed there as the ever pleasure seeking and rewarding chemicals rushed through my brain and body. Every cell in my body felt like it was being stimulated. As if a tidal wave of sexual energy was engulfing me. A wholly satisfying and complete feeling of undiluted pure pleasure and relief passed through me.

As this warm feeling slowly began to subside I let out a contended sigh, slowly lowering my back down onto the bed releasing a low groan as I did. Laying there still in the silence of my bedroom, enjoying the fullness of my pussy and the sensations running through my body. When ready I slowly began to withdraw the massive cock, inch by euphoric inch, until escort beşiktaş only the head remained.

I paused slightly, taking a deep breath of air before I thrust the cock back deep into my pussy in one smooth action. In doing so my back instinctively rose from the bed again, letting out a high moan. Another pleasuring wave raced through every cell of my tingling body.

My back returned to the bed, my toes curled with my legs tensing up so tight it caused my pussy to involuntarily squeeze around the thick shaft.

Pulled out again and quickly I thrust back up inside. Slowly being to pump that cock in and out of pussy. Until I had steady rhythm going with every pump of my cock I could hear myself letting out stranger and stranger sounds, more and more animalistic.

More and more grunting as if I had been taken over by my uncontrollable untameable lust. Who’d had enough of seeing me suffer today and was going to do something about it. She knew where I wanted to be and she knew how to get there quickly.

“Come on baby” I cried out through clench teeth. I was absolutely pumping my pussy now. Harder and harder became the thrusts. Faster and faster, I could feel the energy building inside of me. With each thrust I was getting closer, “I’m going to cum” I cried out “yes, yes, I’m…” With one hard thrust of that cock my pussy tightened around the shaft as I let out a low growl as I came hard.

A cascade of tingles shot through my body and my brain was swimming in a sea of uninterrupted pleasure. I felt completely free of all tension and anxiety. An undeniable sense of peace and calm descended around my body. A warm contended feeling took me up into its arms and held me there. With a satisfying feeling I slowly started to come back.

I slowly pulled my friend out of my satisfied pussy quivering slightly. Bringing him up to my lips sticking out my tongue I curled it around the head. Wrapping my lips around sucking some of the pussy juices off the glistening head. I did like the taste of my own pussy, “Such a dirty girl” I giggled. “phew!” I exclaimed “I definitely needed that!”

I definitely did need that, but I also wanted the touch and feel of a real partner something my toy or my imagination could not provide. I wanted to smell and taste a real cock. And most of all I wanted to feel the warm shots of cum in my mouth as I suck on the biggest cock I can find! But first we needed to shower and eat!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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