Sarah’s Story Ch. 11

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I made it my mission to move the relationships in Jan’s family forward now that she was fucking her brother on a regular basis, in fact we both were and he was a more than willing participant. Her mother and father were my next targets but I never imagined that I would read the situation so badly or have the tables turned on me so completely.

Over the period of several weeks I had tried all my wily ways of enticing Mr Mills into a little indiscretion with his daughter. I had her dress in her shortest skirts, wearing stockings, wearing short white socks, tight tops, revealing tops all with no apparent effect. We had even joined forces and played our games at an evening with her parents but still didn’t excite any reaction.

Exasperated I asked Jan if she wanted to go into town one evening for a girly night out. I arranged to meet her at her parent’s house as it was closer for both of us to travel into town by bus. As it happened I arrived first and it was Mrs Mills who answered the door.

She was in her fifties and very well presented. She was a little broad in the beam but was adequately offset by a pair of large, full breasts that she normally disguised with large loose tops. She was always very friendly towards me and both of them made me feel very much at home every time I visited.

On this particular evening I was quite taken aback as she answer the door. She was dressed up to the nines and clearly ready for a posh evening out. She wore a figure-hugging top with a plunging neckline that showed off quite an expanse of her large breasts. Her dress came down just above her knee revealing very shapely legs; I had only ever seen her in trousers before.

“Mrs Mills, You look like you have a hot date tonight.” I joked.

She laughed and invited me in. “We are going out tonight and it’s been a while. I’ve messed up painting my toes. Do you think you could have a go at them, Sarah?”

I followed her into the living room where Mr Mills was standing by a mirror struggling with a bow tie. “And after you’ve done her toes you can help with this bloody tie.” He grinned.

“Looks like I’ve arrived in the nick of time.” I said.

“Well,” said Mrs Mills, “we’re not in a big hurry and Jan phoned to say she’s been delayed so time for a little wine, I think.”

She passed me a huge glass of red and we all settled down for some small talk. A couple of drinks later and I was feeling quite merry and relaxed.

Mrs Mills had settled on one of the dining table chairs while we chatted and Mr Mills had given up on his tie and sank into the sofa. Mrs Mills lifted one foot onto a foot stool and studied her toes. From where I was sitting I could see a good length of athletic thigh. Mrs Mill certainly kept herself in shape.

“Come on then Sarah. Let’s have a go at these little piggies of mine.” She said wriggling her toes.

I moved over to where she was sitting and knelt back in front of her foot. Mrs Mills handed me a pot of nail varnish from the table and as I looked up my eyes couldn’t help but look up her skirt. My eyes nearly popped out on stalks, as it was very obvious that Mrs Mills wasn’t wearing any knickers.

Mrs Mills smiled that smile at me that said I know you’ve seen and I flushed, caught quite unawares of what was going on. I thought I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye but when I looked Mr Mills was sitting perfectly still with his hands in his lap. He looked at me and smiled.

When I returned my gaze to Mrs Mills her legs had parted a little further giving me an uninterrupted view up her skirt.

“You’ve noticed that I’m not wearing any knickers, Sarah,” She said in a kind voice.

“Um, yes, Mrs Mills.” Was all I could manage in reply.

“I don’t like wearing knickers when I wear a skirt and Mr Mills is very keen. He like to see up my skirt if we’re out.” She continued as if it were the most normal conversation. “He sometimes likes to put his hand up my skirt when we’re driving, which is very naughty, don’t you think, Sarah?”

She didn’t wait for an answer but instead said, “I’ve trimmed my bush to make it pretty. Would you like to see?”

Before I could answer Mrs Mills drew up her skirt and spread her legs a little wider. Her bush was closely trimmed into the shape of a heart. Her fat lips were clearly visible poking through the Maltepe Escort curls.

I gulped.

“Do you like it, Sarah?”

“Um, it’s very pretty, Mrs Mills. I can see how Mr Mills would like it.” I ventured after I collected enough courage to answer.

“Mr Mills likes it. It makes him very hard.”

I nearly choked at that. It looked very much like I was being played and I couldn’t do a thing about it.

“Are you big and hard now, Mr Mills?” She asked her husband.

I looked over at Mr Mills who had a big beaming grin on his face. The bulge in his trousers was now obvious. He nodded in the direction of his wife.

“It makes me quite hot thinking how he gets hard when he knows I’m not wearing any knickers. Feel how hot I am, Sarah.”

As if it were the most natural thing in the world Mrs Mills reached down and took my hand and guided up between her legs until my fingers rested on her lips. She then took one finger and ran it down her slit. She was definitely hot and a little bit moist. She let out a little sign as she dragged my finger along her lips.

“It’s very naughty touching like that, Sarah, but it feels very nice. Don’t you agree?” She said still smiling down at me and guiding my finger up and down.

“Um, er …” I stammered.

“Don’t be shy now Sarah. I’m sure you’ve played little games before; you’re a big girl now. Have you ever played little games with a woman before?”

“I, um, er, might have, um, when I was younger, um, experimented perhaps.” I stuttered.

“I bet you liked it didn’t you. Did you ever touch Jan? You are such close friends you and her. Have you ever played with her cunt?”

The last word struck me like a bolt of lightening. It was so unexpected, so shocking. I was also aware that my finger was getting rather wet and was slipping up and down Mrs Mills parted sex lips. The whole situation caused me to answer without thinking.

“Yes, Mrs Mills, I have played with Jan.”

Mrs Mills shuddered and I suddenly realised that she was no longer guiding my finger up and down and that I was doing it by myself.

“That’s nice, dear.” Sighed Mrs Mills, “just put your finger up inside.”

I realised I was at her beck and call now. I moved my finger downward and located her slippery hole and pushed my finger up inside.

“Mmmm, that’s it Sarah, finger me like you would our little girl.”

I heard a little moan from the direction of the sofa and looked around at Mr Mills. He had pulled his prick out of his trousers and had started to rub himself as he watched me finger his wife. Mrs Mills saw where I was looking.

“He has a nice fat prick, doesn’t he, Sarah?” She asked. “Do you think it’s nice?”

This was getting more bizarre by the moment and I don’t know why I let myself be carried along. Well I do, I was getting just as horny as Mr and Mrs Mills if I cared to admit it so I answered her.

“Yes, Mrs Mills. Mr Mills has a very nice fat prick.”

“I’m glad you like it Sarah. Put another finger up me.” Then she added, “Have you ever licked our little girl’s pussy?”

Mrs Mills had a way of dropping bombshell questions off the cuff I discovered. Questions that were very hard not to answer in a reflex sort of way.

“Yes, Mrs Mills we have eaten eat other’s pussies on many occasions.” I replied without thinking.

“Me and Mr Mills would love to see you eating out our little girl. I think it would be quite delicious to watch. Come use your tongue on me.” She urged slipping her hand around the back of my head and pulling me towards her crotch.

I didn’t even hestitate. My fingers were squelching in Mrs Mills juicy hole and before I knew it I was lapping my tongue up and down her slippery slit and around my fingers while she moaned deliriously above me.

“Oooh, Sarah, that’s so good. Mmm, it’s been so long.” She crooned as I wriggled my tongue against her clit.

I was so lost in my concentration I didn’t notice that Mr Mills had got up from his seat and was standing behind his wife looking down at me tonguing her slit and fingering her hole. His eyes were wide and I could see the movement of his arm as he stroked himself as he watched. It was quite an incongruous sight, looking at a man in a dinner suit masturbating.

He leaned forward and whispered in his Anadolu Yakası Escort wife’s ear. Then she looked down at me.

“Mr Mills wants to see your breasts, Sarah. Will you take off your top?”

I looked up at Mr Mills who looked a little embarrassed and I leaned back away from Mrs Mills. I looked straight at Mr Mills as I started to unbutton my blouse. I saw his tongue moisten his lips as my deep cleavage came into view then his mouth opened slightly as I pulled open my blouse so he could see my large breasts spilling over my quarter cup bra.

“Take your bra off.” Said Mrs Mills quietly as her hand slipped down between her legs and gently started to stroke herself.

I smiled and reached behind me to unclip my bra. I didn’t let it slip off immediately but moved my hands round and cupped myself.

Slowly I let my hands drop down taking my bra with them gradually exposing the white mounds, then my brown aurole and stiff dark pink nipples. I cast my bra aside which made my tits wobble and I heard Mr Mills gasp.

“You have beautiful breasts, Sarah.” Said Mrs Mills. “Hold them up for us to see.”

I cupped my hands under my breasts and squeezed them together. Putting my finger and thumb either side of my erect nipples I gently pinched them and rolled them between my finger pads sending butterflys fluttering in my tummy and a little tingle between my legs.

“Sarah, that’s really sexy. Your nipples are so big and stiff. Can you lick them yourself?” She asked.

I didn’t say anything but raised one breast up and by dipping my chin snaked my tongue out and curled it around the crinkly stub and all around it making it slick and shiny. While they watched agog I closed my lips around it and sucked it firmly into my mouth making me squeal a little. I then stopped and repeated the process with the other tit.

Mr Mills was flushed quite red now and although he was still behind Mrs Mills I could tell he was rubbing his penis quite firmly.

I was starting to feel rather horny now and a wicked little idea slipped into my head. I leaned forward still holding my tits and pushing one forward I dragged my hard nipple up and down Mrs Mills soaking vagina. She cried out a little as I coated my nipple and a large part of my aurole with her juices then leaned back again and raised it up to my mouth.

I lapped at her dribbly cum with my tongue before sucking the rest down into my mouth. I then leaned forward and repeated the whole thing with my other breast.

“That was very naughty, Sarah.” Mrs Mills sighed, “I think you’re a very naughty little girl.”

“Perhaps Mr Mills ought to spank me.” I suggested.

Mrs Mills looked around at her husband. “I do think you need to spank her Mr Mills; she is a very naughty little girl.” She told him.

Mr Mills was obviously a man of action not a man of words. He stepped around his seated wife and took hold of my wrist, quite firmly, I felt. I think I would have felt a little nervous but for the fact his big fact prick was poking out of his dinner suit trousers and looked very white by comparison.

He pulled me to a chair on which he sat and guided me over his lap with my bottom sticking up in the air and my bit tits dangling down and swaying slightly. I could feel Mr Mills’ erection pressing into my tummy. Mrs Mills got up too and stood over both of us.

“She has a very short skirt on. Look you can just see her knickers, Mr Mills. Can you see them?”

I heard a grunt from above me as Mr Mills made some verbal confirmation that he could indeed see my little white panties that I was wearing. Then I felt a soft hand on the back of my thighs near the top while another hand raised the hem of my skirt.

“There, you can see them properly now, Mr Mills. She has a lovely big bottom, don’t you think? Just right for spanking.”

I felt the same hand play with the leg of my knickers, as if straightening them and then again the waistband. Mrs Mills was stretching my knickers across my bottom.

“Are you ready for you punishment, you naughty girl?” Asked Mrs Mills.

“Yes, Mrs Mills,” I answered, “please spank my bottom because I’ve been such a naughty little girl.”

I felt a thwack on my rear that was so sudden it made me jump and cry out. I was ready for the second one and my little İstanbul Escort grunt when it came was less than authentic, it seems. I heard Mr Mills whispering something to Mrs Mills, then Mrs Mills spoke again.

“This isn’t right, Sarah. It would be better if your knickers weren’t in the way. We’ll have to take your panties off.”

“No, no, Mrs Mills.” I cried plaintively, “if you take my knickers down Mr Mills will be able to see my .. thing.”

“You’re thing!” Mrs Mills mimicked. “You mean Mr Mills will be able to see your little cunt. Is that what you mean?”

“Yes, Mrs Mills. If you take my knickers down Mr Mills will be able to see my cunt.” I replied, almost giggling.

There was a pause as if Mrs Mills was thinking. “I’ll cover you with my hand so Mr Mills won’t see your little cunt, Sarah.” She said eventually.

That was clever I thought. Then I felt Mrs Mills slip her fingers into the waistband of my knickers and start to slide them off my bum. The feel of her fingers and the cool air on my bottom and damp pussy made it all very exciting and Mrs Mills did it all ever so slowly.

I knew Mr Mills would be looking down between my legs and in fact I could feel his prick jump when Mrs Mills pulled my panties past the tops of my thighs.

“Are you sure Mr Mills can’t see my cunt, Mrs Mills?” I asked with a little cry in my voice.

“Mr Mills knows not to look at your cunt, Sarah. I will put my hand there in a minute and then he won’t be able to see it.” She replied.

It seemed to take an age for her to slip my knickers off past my shoes but eventually I lay there across Mr Mills lap with my bare bum sticking up and the cool air brushing against my exposed sex.

“Don’t forget to put your hand over my cunt so Mr Mills can’t see.” I reminded her.

I felt her hand slide slowly up the inside of my thigh and come to rest over my moist pussy. Her thumb rested against my bum hole and she gave it a little squeeze that gave me a squirmy feeling and I mewed a bit involuntarily.

“There,” she said, “Mrs Mills can’t see your cunt now.”

Before I had time to say anything Mr Mills gave me another thwack on my bare cheeks. He wasn’t holding back and it smarted quite a bit but at the same time Mrs Mills hand pressed against me and the mix of feelings gave me a deep thrill. He slapped me again leaving my skin tingling and stinging but again Mrs Mills hand pressed up against me and I felt her fingers slip between my lips.

With every slap of Mr Mills’ hands my bottom became less sensitive and my pussy became wetter and more receptive to Mrs Mills hand and wriggling fingers. While two of her fingers spread my lips apart a third slipped about in my sopping sex and around the edge of my hole. Her thumb still pressed against my twitching asshole, circling around.

“I do believe young Sarah is getting turned on by your spanking, Mr Mills.” I heard her say. “Her cunt is sopping wet.”

It didn’t help that Mr Mills stiff rod was pressing and rubbing against my tummy and I could feel it slipping in his leaking cum. I was moaning as Mrs Mills attentions began to have a greater effect. Then I cried out loud as I felt her finger push into my leaking cunt as she started to masturbate me.

“Oh, fuck me Mrs Mills, stick your finger up me. It feels so good.” I started rambling.

All the while Mr Mills rained blows upon my sore behind that were hardly noticed as Mrs Mills started pumping two fingers in and out of me. I tried pushing back against her but it wasn’t easy from the position I was in but luckily she understood my wriggling and started pushing her fingers harder into my desperate, sucking cunt. Her thumb was now pressing harder and I could feel it starting to sink into my anus.

“Oh, god, yes. Fuck my ass.” I groaned as I felt her thumb push into my hole properly.

“Mr Mills, I do believe Sarah is going to have a cum on my fingers.” Mrs Mills said, her breath panting a little.

“Yes, yes, oh god yes.” I yelled as she finally took me over the edge.

My body convulsed in its odd position, bucking against Mrs Mills invading fingers and thumb as they pounded into me. Mr Mills stopped smacking my bum and placed his hands on either cheek and pulled me apart watching his wife finger me. I could feel his hips move as he tried to rub himself against me.

She kept me cumming for a good couple of minutes although it felt much longer. Then I felt her thumb pull out of me and her fingers slip from my clasping hole and massage my dripping slit as I came down from my orgasm.

It was then Jan walked into the room.

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