Saturday Afternoon

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My husband, Doug and I separated about 3 months ago. I wasn’t in love with him and had tried to make it work, but it wasn’t. He’s a great guy and we still talk; he was always a good husband and father. We had been married for 20 years and raised 3 daughters, all still at home but in their late teens.

One night about 6 weeks after we split, Doug and I were talking in the bedroom. It’s the only way to get privacy in a house full of teenagers. He kept looking at me and then looking at the side of the bed where I used to sleep. I knew that look. I kept checking my clothes. My 38d tits were completely covered so I knew I wasn’t giving him a show. Finally, he told me that he had been having sexual dreams about me and wanted to have sex again. Sexual dreams about me. That was pretty funny. I’m not what you would normally consider attractive. Some would consider me a BBW, but I’m probably a little bigger around the middle than most would like.

I didn’t think having sex with him again was a good idea. I knew that he was still in love with me and missed me and I didn’t want to hurt him further. But I was horny, too so I said yes. It was fantastic the first time and pretty good 2 weeks later as well. But I started to feel a little guilty. I knew that he was still in love with me. And even though he said he knew we weren’t ever getting back together again, both times we had had sex; he made it all about me. He made sure I had several orgasms and took care of me first—just like old times.

I talked to him about it and said I wouldn’t be able to continue having sex with him if I kept feeling guilty. I told him that in order for me to stop feeling guilty; he would have to make it more about him. If it was going to be “friends with benefits” then we both would have to benefit. No more one-sided. I also said he would have to tell me what he wants or I wouldn’t do anything. So we arranged to get together again on Saturday afternoon.

He was in the shower when I got there. I used the opportunity to go in the bedroom and get ready. I took my clothes off and checked the closet for porn. I found a DVD on top and put it in the player turning on the TV as I got in bed. The screen started where he last left off, I guess. There was a blonde with huge tits reverse cowboy on a guy whose face I couldn’t see yet. But he was very hard and she was very enthusiastic. Doug walked in looking as good as ever with his flat stomach and full head of dark brown hair and said, “That’s what I want” motioning towards the screen. I looked at the TV again and said, “There’s no way I can do that. You’ll have to get someone who looks like her.” Let’s get real. I outweigh her skinny blonde ass by 50 pounds easy. So he climbed in bed with me and lay on top blocking my view. He started kissing me and I shied away a little. He says, “What’s wrong? You have a cold sore or something?”

“No.” He kissed me again and I turn ever so slightly so he ends up on the corner of my mouth.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Uşak Escort I couldn’t tell him that I didn’t want to kiss him. That the kissing was too intimate and I didn’t want to. I wasn’t strong enough this time so I let him kiss me. Don’t get me wrong, I want to kiss. God I miss kissing. I just don’t want him to get the wrong idea.

So he leaned in to kiss me again. Immediately his tongue touched my lips and I opened up for him. His kisses were very insistent. He was taking control and leaving no doubt as to his intentions. He grabbed my hands and held them against the bed while using his knee to open my legs.

“What if I do this?” I liked it, but when I looked at him, he smiled and let go.

“Just kidding,” he says. Totally ruined it for me. But then he redeemed himself by pulling up on his knees effectively placing his cock in my face.

“I shaved for you.”

I could see that. “Oh, really?”

“What if I want you to suck it?”

He’s not getting this whole tell me what you want thing. But I really do want to suck it so I do. I can’t help myself and immediately take it all the way in my mouth. I hear him groan as I slowly pull my mouth back. It’s so hard and so soft at the same time. Damn, I love cock. Sometimes I think about going lesbian just to get good oral sex. But then I think about cock and how much I love the way it feels. There’s no way to replace the real thing. No toy ever feels this good.

I pull off and lick all along the underside and look up at him. This of course embarrasses him and he looks away. Damn, I hate that. But I love his cock. It may not be the biggest out there, but at 6 inches it’s more than enough for me. So I go back to it licking all the way down to the underside of his balls then back up again. I just love the way it feels. I circle my tongue around the surface and go back down and up before taking him in my mouth again. I can’t quite get him all the way in because I’m at the wrong angle. Plus he’s playing with my pussy and I’m having trouble concentrating on him.

He’d been circling my clit the whole time, but even more distracting were the 2 fingers he inserted and the placement of his thumb on my clit. I know exactly what he’s about to do and really can’t wait. I love the way he strokes my g-spot while doing my clit at the same time. I suck him hard but give up and lay back. He takes this opportunity to lean down and lick my clit. He’s licking me and his fingers are going in and out. In and out. His tongue circles around. In and out. Around. I close my eyes and enjoy the sensations. I can feel myself building up. I open my eyes and look at the screen. There’s another couple on there now. More huge fake boobs. More reverse cowboy. Why did I open my eyes?

I reach down and start stroking him. He’s still really hard. He lifts up on his knees again but continues pumping in and out faster and faster with his hand. He replaces his tongue with his thumb. So perfect. Uşak Escort Bayan Faster and faster. I’m stroking him. He’s pummeling with his fingers in and out. I lift my hips to meet his hand. I can’t help it. I’m almost there. I stop stroking him and lay my head back. I’m concentrating now. Please keep going. Oh God, don’t stop. But I don’t say anything, I can’t. So close, so fast.

“AAAahhhhggg.” I finally get over the edge. He keeps going through the contractions, and then stops when he feels me come down. But he doesn’t remove his hand. I look up at him. He’s got this silly grin on his face. He always has that silly grin when he makes me cum.

He’s still up on his knees and hard as a rock, I lean over to take him in my mouth again, but he doesn’t want my mouth. He moves to place himself between my legs. So I pull my knees back and he enters. God it feels good. He slides in easily as I’m very wet from my orgasm. He holds for a beat, and then starts moving in and out. He leans down against me in the classic missionary and starts sucking on my nipple, switching back and forth between my tits while keeping up his pace below. At this angle, he’s rubbing on my clit every time he enters and it feels really good. Plus there’s like this bee-line straight from my nipples down to my clit. Every suck goes directly to my clit. It feels fantastic. Then he lifts up again sitting back on his knees. He’s still inside me. Automatically my hands go behind my knees and lift up. He helps by grabbing my ankles and pushing them toward my shoulders placing me in an angle to hit my g-spot. I like this position as it also allows me access to my clit if I want. But I don’t go for it this time. I’m still in the afterglow of the first orgasm and just enjoying the feeling in and out. After a few minutes I feel the change in pace. He’s close. A few more pumps in and out and he freezes, spurting inside. Then he collapses next to me.

I get up and head for the bathroom. I’ve never enjoyed the feel of cum oozing out of me. When I get back, he’s watching the porn. It still surprises me to see him doing this. He never watched porn before I left. He was so stuffy and uptight about it. Insecure. Thinks his dick is small. It may not be the biggest out there, but it’s definitely not small. As far as I’m concerned, it’s absolutely perfect. It’s not skinny or short and has a really great shape. Anyway, he’s watching the porn and waiting for me. As I get back in bed, he starts playing with my tits. He gets really turned on by them. I don’t see the appeal. They hang down almost to my stomach, nipples pointing straight to the ground. Although I must say I have good nipples. I’m guessing somewhere between ½ and ¾ inches hard and they’re ALWAYS hard. I lay back and enjoy the manipulation and look at the screen again. He’s got it in his head that we’re going to have sex twice, so I let him play. Plus it feels nice.

He leans over me and starts working my nipples with his mouth Escort Uşak again. I lay back and enjoy. I could be done right now. I’m pretty satisfied. I already had the one orgasm, and it was really, really good. But Doug’s not standing for that. He has a mission. He wants to make me cum from intercourse. I’ve never been able to do it like that: only ever with fingers or mouth (or my toy of course). But he wants to try. He says he wants to take me from behind. He knows that’s more likely to hit my g-spot. On screen, the guy is going down on the girl. But I’ve seen this one, I know they’re about to go at it doggy style. So I get into position facing the TV. I want to watch while he’s in. I can’t believe he’s already hard again; it’s been less than 10 minutes. He pushes in placing his hands on my hips. I’m watching the screen as he moves slowly in and out. He wants to make this last. Slowly he moves in and out. It feels nice. I rock back and forth with him.

After a few minutes he says, “what if I want you to suck me again?” Again, still not quite getting this whole tell me what to do thing. He pulls out and lies back. So I turn around and lean down and take him in my mouth. He tastes like me this time. Not as hard as before, but still respectable. I work him in and out of my mouth while playing with his balls. It doesn’t take very long before I feel the change. I know he’s close, so I move my hand to the base of his cock and pick up the pace going quickly up and down moving my hand with my mouth and sucking hard. Then he cums. I feel it warm and salty in my mouth. But I don’t stop right away, I keep up the licking and sucking until I’m sure he’s done and then I swallow.

I lay back on the bed again. I kind of want another orgasm. So I grab this bottle of Excite—it’s a clitoral stimulator and I really like it. I put some on my finger and start circling my clit. He watches me for a second and then joins in; curving his fingers to my g-spot while I work my clit. It feels really great. He picks up the pace and gets into it. With his other hand he starts pulling at my nipple. In and out, so great. I know all I have to do is change the pressure a little on my clit and I’ll cum, but I don’t want to yet. I keep steady as he works my g-spot. Faster and faster. I can feel it. Almost there. I change my pace to match. Lift my hips as he keeps going in and out. Almost, almost. OOoohhh. I get over the edge again and I pick up the pace on my clit and get that one too, half a second later. I can feel my muscles tighten and loosen over and over again. Phenomenal. When I finally stop, he takes his hand away. I’m freezing now and grab the sheet. He pulls it over me and starts to put his arms around me. I sit up instead and look over at the TV. On screen are two lifeguards, man and woman heading for a lighthouse. I don’t know why there’s a lighthouse, but they go there and proceed to get it on. I lay back and start touching myself again. Doug says, “You’re doing it again?”

“Why not? One for the road.” I very quickly rub myself with a purpose and it only takes about a minute if that. Mostly I do it just because I can. Then I get up and start to dress. He takes the hint and does the same. Pretty good afternoon. I don’t feel guilty at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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