Saturday Fun

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I didn’t wait until Saturday. I found the van two days later. I texted Steve, Mom was at work, that I’d be home late. I was going to be fucked. No need to lie, he understood. I opened the door and climbed in. Dionna was riding David hard, and was completely naked. They both looked up startled before I shut the door behind me. I reached up and pulled off my top. Both of them watched me. I shuffled over on my knees as I reached up and unhooked my bra. Then off came my skirt. I sat back on my heels and reached over and put my hands on Dionna’s boobs. She didn’t stop me. I experimentally rolled a large nipple between my fingers.

“Curious are you?” she asked. I leaned forward and tried a suckle at it. She put her hands in my hair. My head went up and down with her thrusting motions as she and David fucked. I felt his hand at my pussy and I spread my legs. He worked his way in causing me to put my hands on his chest to brace myself. Dionna let go of me as I spread my legs further apart. His large hand wiggled inside me and I moaned.

“Push down,” he told me. I hesitated briefly before I followed his instructions. I relinquished all control to him. He was obviously determined for his fist to reach my cervix, not just his fingers. I pushed down as hard as I could, and felt the resistance. He reached up with his fingers and caressed my sensitive places, and those muscles began to relax, but not enough.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “I’m fucking two women at once. It’s many a man’s dream.” My vaginal muscles convulsed around his hand as he began to move. I just braced myself on his chest. His hand’s large size found my sweet spot and rubbed it. He kept rubbing it. I squirted as I collapsed across him. He laughed, “Good, stay there.”

Dionna finished her ride and got behind me and rubbed my back. “I’m so glad you came along. I wanted to find a girl who would let him do this to them. It hurts too much for me.”

I nodded, barely aware of her words. She reached around to where my clit sat exposed. I put my hands over my mouth. I’m a screamer, I know it. I didn’t want an unexpected knock at the van door to interrupt what we were doing. Suddenly, a watch went off. David looked at his watch, “Damn, I need to be at my parent’s house in an hour.” His hand withdrew, but he still had a stiff problem. I moved over and impaled myself on his manhood. Dionna smiled as she watched my ride. I was so tired that I found myself just reacting to his movements.

“She’s submitting to you,” I heard her whisper.

“Yes, she is,” he replied as he spurted inside me. “Give her my address.” I was vaguely aware that we were done. I finally leveraged myself off his body and started to get dressed. Dionna handed me a piece of paper. “In case you don’t want to wait until Saturday,” he said.

I got home and found Steve at the kitchen table, “Have fun?” His smile said he knew all that he needed to. I reeked of sex. çorum escort I sat down and ate dinner before pulling out my homework. I still kept in mind that I needed to keep up my grades, if nothing else to graduate in May. I finished in a couple of hours and went upstairs to my room. I stripped out of my clothes and lay down. Steve came in and I told him about David and Dionna. He smiled and joined me in bed, he leaned over and kissed me, really kissed me. My mouth opened to his, shyly at first. This was my Mom’s boyfriend. I spread my legs, I believe I was becoming a nymphomaniac. I couldn’t get enough. “You’re still wet,” he said as he pushed his hand up inside.

“How did I let you talk me into this?” I asked, looking down at his wrist.

“Because it feels good,” he whispered as he started fisting me. “Soon, I’m going to take you and Cindy to a club downtown, where you’ll get all of this you could want,” he promised. “Your latest fuck must have big hands, you’re nice and loose.” His hand made me squirm.

“Both hands, please,” I gasped out.

“Sit up,” he commanded. I scooted to the edge of the bed and slowly sat up. “I’ve been waiting for you to say that since we started this.” He inched his hand up his other arm. I watched as it slowly, oh so slowly, penetrated my dripping pussy. It hurt, tears were rolling down my face. Every time he asked me if I wanted to stop I shook my head no. It was finally in. Oh, God, that hurt! He didn’t even wait for me to adjust, he just started pounding me.

My own hands buried themselves in the covers on my bed as I simply endured. I waited, saying nothing, hoping that this would get easier. Finally, after what seemed like hours, my muscles stopped rebelling and I relaxed enough to enjoy it. He watched me flop backwards as another orgasm tore through my body. He withdrew his hands and stood up, wrapping my legs around his waist he thrust his cock deep inside me. He was also wearing the brush. I screamed. I was already hypersensitive to his touch and now he was taking it another step further. An hour later he finished, and he collapsed next to me.

“Have your fun tomorrow, but tomorrow night, you’re mine,” he promised, then he left. I crawled under the covers.

Saturday, I met David and Dionna at his van. I wore a trench coat, pair of shoes, and nothing else. We sat in the van while David drove back to his apartment. He had his own place, he just liked the danger of sex in public. We went in and went straight to his bedroom. I kicked off my shoes and allowed David to take off the coat. He sighed as he played with my boobs, “Very nice.” He said.

Dionna pushed me down onto the bed. I was already wet. His hands were big and I wanted him. He joined me and pushed a breast into his mouth. His mouth engulfed my aureola and he sucked. I just gasped and moaned. His callused fingers waged war on my clit. Dionna watched with wonder as it made its way denizli escort inside. “How can you stand that?” she asked.

“It…feels…good,” I replied before his hand assaulted me from the inside. “Put the other one in,” I said in a rush. Dionna stepped back in surprise as David grinned. He started creeping the other one in and I wondered if both of his big hands would actually fit.

“Done,” I heard. I touched my stomach, feeling very full. It hurt again, but the pleasure mixed in made up for it.

“Oh, god I’m full,” I cried. He took that as a clue as he moved his hands. I couldn’t help it. I writhed around his hands. He wasn’t as brutal as he was before, but I didn’t stop him. He didn’t stop, he kept going until I finally passed out. I woke up moments later and only one hand remained inside.

“Good,” he said. He started hitting me inside, not hard, but making me squirm. I had been waiting for this. I was in heaven.

“Stop,” I said. I slowly moved into a kneeling position and motioned him to lie down. He did, his manhood was stiff. Dionna got the hint and climbed on board. David grinned as he fucked two women at once yet again. I just went with the feelings. It felt so good. Dionna soon climbed off his cock and I slid it into my pussy. I squeezed my arms together so that my breasts popped out David pushed himself into a sitting position and sucked on my tits. Dionna maneuvered behind me and reached around me to play with my boobs after he flopped back down. I came again feeling him shooting his sperm deep inside me. I flopped over to his right side as Dionna snuggled up to his right side. He wound his arms around me and Dionna and I reached over and held hands as we fell asleep.

I started home around two o’clock, and was sidelined by Anthony. He pulled me into his house and he pulled me up to his room. He pulled off the trench coat and kissed me. I fell into his bed and watched him pull off his clothes, well, his shorts, he wasn’t wearing anything else. He lay down on top of me, my legs were wrapped around his knees as he stroked me into arousal again. He rolled us over and coaxed me into a “69”. I wrapped my lips around his big black cock. He played with my clit, his tongue rolling over and wriggling between my folds as I swallowed his cock. I still couldn’t believe that I could deep throat all that manhood.

Suddenly, someone else was in the room. I looked up to see Dani, Anthony’s mother. I didn’t pause in what I was doing as she knelt down in front of me. “He doesn’t love you, you know. This is lust, and passion, but not true love.” I nodded my head, I knew it. I really didn’t love him either. Of all the men I was having sex with, Eli was the closest I had to love, but it wasn’t that with him either. She sighed, “Can you give Steve a call? I’m feeling rather lusty myself.” I pointed to my trench coat and she fished around in it and found my phone. I grunted as diyarbakır escort Anthony pushed his hand up inside me. I bottomed out his cock so I could concentrate on finding Steve’s number. After I found it, I handed the phone to Dani and came up for breath as she talked to Steve. I guess he answered her because she soon laid the phone on the nightstand and thanked me before leaving the room. About that time Anthony spurted into my throat and down into my stomach. His cock slipped out and I moaned as his hand worked its magic in my pussy. I spurted to his satisfaction all over his face.

He pulled his hand out and I cuddled next to him as we listened to the moans next door. Steve apparently had joined Dani and was fucking her brains out. Anthony sat up and spread my legs. I felt something cold around my ass and started to think about something else. Anal sex was still a little uncomfortable, but also felt good. He pressed against my anus and soon the head of his cock popped past the ring. He slid easily past that. I put all the tension in my body into my hands as I gripped the sheet beneath me. He slid slowly in and out of me. “Ohhhh,” came out of my mouth. My fingers finally left their death grip behind as I relaxed enough to enjoy it. He filled me up and left me empty over and over again. My knees rested on his shoulders as my ass rested at the level of his manhood. His fingers played with my clit and I was feeling really good. I could not believe anyone could pound my ass and I would be happy for more. I moaned and came as he continued his assault. Soon, he pulled out and came all over my belly. He went to the bathroom to clean off his cock and lay down beside me.

We kissed as we lay there. We even discussed what his mother, who’s screams were getting louder, and I had “talked” about. “That wasn’t fair, you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full!” he said with a laugh. He nibbled on my lower lip. “I have to agree with both of you, and I never thought of myself as a mature individual. Just a horny one.”

I sat up and grabbed his cock, which wasn’t flaccid, “Horny is probably an understatement!” I exclaimed.

He put his arm behind his head and looked at me, “What are you going to do about it?” I reached into my trench coat and pulled out a brush and put it on his cock, sliding it all the way to the base. I then placed it at my entrance and slowly impaled myself on it. I stayed, on my knees and my torso straight above my hips, and about an inch of his manhood in my pussy and I looked him in the eyes. He started begging me to finish what I started. I laughed as I slid down his cock. I leaned forward enough so the brush was in contact with my clit. I bounced up as his hips thrust me almost off his manhood. He was a basketball player after all. I came back down and we settled into a rhythm.

My screams matched his mother’s and his groans blended with Steve’s as the fuckfest continued. When Steve and I finally left, I felt that if Steve crawled into my bed that night or Eli called, I would be ready to go for more. Neither of us covered up, Steve, apparently, had put a gate in the fence that our yards shared, no more vaulting over the back fence. I collapsed into bed after a quick meal. Eli, fortunately, hadn’t called.

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