Saturday Morning

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There’s nothing better than a big, happy family, and a nice spring morning to bring a family together. As they say, the family that plays together stays together.

This is my entry for the 2023 April Fools Day Story Contest. Please vote!


Saturday Morning

I woke up feeling good, we were going to get together with the whole family and go to the zoo that morning. The kids love the zoo, and we enjoy taking them whenever we can. My wife Larisa (or “Larry” as her brothers and I sometimes call her) try to take the kids to the zoo in the early spring, and today was the zoo’s spring opening. I stretched and reached out for her, and I found her side of the bed was empty. I always wake up before she does, what was going on? Confused, I sat up and looked and through the morning sunlight filtering through the drapes and I saw that her side of the bed was empty, but I heard that tell-tale squeak of faucet knobs being turned, she was in the bathroom drawing a shower.

We went out to dinner last night and had steak and lobster at The Eagle House, a beautiful old building, the first true business in the village dating back to the mid 18th century when it was a stagecoach stop on the trek from Buffalo to Batavia. It was a special night, but the wine and the long day got to her, and she was asleep before she got her shoes off last night. I laid back down and stretched with boneless pleasure as her shower playlist fired up and she stepped under the spray, soon she began to sing along with Eric Clapton

Now I know the secret,

There is nothing that I lack.

If I give my love to you

You’ll surely give it back.

Let it rain, let it rain,

Let your love rain down on me…

I remembered the evening when I turned her on to Eric Clapton and turned her on in other ways. We were in my dad’s old Chevy pickup looking for a place to park and be alone. I had a cooler full of Genny Cream Ale and a body full of testosterone, it was a warm Friday night, and it was going to get warmer. I turned on to that lane by the old folks home on Reist Street, it was lined on each side by Lombardi Poplar trees that in the moonlight looked like a row of Roman columns on both sides of the road.

The road led far back to an odd little circular cemetery populated with uniform little headstones each one marking the location of the remains of a nun who has gone on to her final reward. “What is that?” she said in awe of the tiny, mysterious gothic chapel hidden under the huge chestnut tree. Like always a light burned inside the chapel, glowing through the stained glass covered slit windows.

“It’s a meditation chapel,” I told her, “it has room for maybe eight people to kneel and pray and light a few candles.”

We continued behind the chapel, turned off the circular drive, and took the dirt road into the back field of the old nunnery on Mill Street. We stopped and watched the moonlight play off the rippling surface of Ellicott Creek while Eric Clapton played on WKBW, the 50,000-watt AM Powerhouse. God what a night! We sipped our beers and kissed so much my jaw ached for a week and so did my balls, yet I never let her go. My young nursing student soon showed me that she knew the procedure to relieve that ache, and we’ve been enjoying regular treatments ever since.

I got up and headed for the bathroom. Normally we shower before going to bed, but we didn’t shower last night, we partied a little harder than usual and Larry went straight to sleep after checking on the kids and making sure they still want to go to the zoo. Larisa always insists on showering before we make love so seeing her under the spray is a good sign, it’s been a little while since we made love in the morning. I enjoyed watching Larry through the glass door as long as I could then I just had to join her.

I opened the shower door and joined her, it’s a small shower so there’s barely room for the three of us, her, me, and my erection. Five of us, if we want to count her breasts too, they’re big and full, a bit heavy and somewhat pendulous, just the way I like them. As I entered the shower I bumped the head of my cock against her ass, and she stopped singing, “good morning to you too!” she said with a laugh as her hand reached around behind her and gently caressed my cock. Her soapy hand slid up and down my length, oh God that was heavenly!

“You don’t have to stop singing,” I said as I held her close and hefted those breasts. God, I love them! I actually made her cum once just through nipple play. Suckling, twisting, pinching, it took a long time but, in the end, we were both rewarded with a sweet little orgasm. We never repeated the feat, her nipples were sore for a week afterward, but sometimes the idea comes to my mind. “Go back to singing.”

“I don’t want to scare you away,” she said explaining the Elvankent Escort end of her song.

“Your singing will never do that,” I said as I filled my palm with her fruit scented body wash and proceeded to lather her up, sliding my hands over every inch of her trim body and her heavy breasts, a figure best described as tits on a stick. (She hates when I say that, but at the same time she’s also proud of it.) My soapy hands roamed over her breasts, so big, so round, so sensitive. I pinched and pulled on her nipples letting my slippery soap covered fingers pinch then slip off her delightful nubbins causing delighted groans each time my fingers slipped off of her nipples. She groaned and leaned back on me, tilting her head back, resting it on my shoulder. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the sensations I raised while I started to gnaw gently on her neck. She continued to slide her soapy hand up and down my cock while I continued to run my soapy hands over her body, what a delight to explore every nook and cranny of her form, I never grow tired of it. My hands worked their way closer and closer to her pussy and I noticed something that has changed since my last inspection… “You shaved!” I exclaimed as I discovered her bare, smooth pussy.

“All the better for you to eat me with,” she said with a foxy growl, then she warned, “Don’t get my hair wet… the kids…”

“The kids,” I agreed. They will be up soon, there’s nothing that will get between them and a trip to the zoo on a lovely early spring morning. But as for me, today, pleasing this sexy woman comes first and foremost. Leaning forward she got my cock between her asscheeks, and I took the opportunity to start sawing my cock between those mounds, firm from constant patrolling hospital corridors. The soapy lubrication and her squeezing my cock with her warm flesh made this incredibly exciting. Her sexy deep throated chuckle let me know that she was trying to make me cum, which would ruin all of our fun if I wasn’t careful.

“That’s more than enough,” she said, and as I released my grip on her hips, we began to rinse the soap off. Hands became playful squeegees, and we continued the tease and kiss after the water was turned off. We enjoyed warm, damp caresses and playful kisses before opening the shower door, allowing the cool air from the bathroom into the shower stall. The chill air caused her nipples to crinkle and harden and become my favorite play toys.

We dried off with big, soft, fluffy towels then laughing like children we raced for the bedroom and dove for the bed, rolling and tumbling, tickling, and pinching when somehow, she had me pinned! She was kneeling over me, I was laying supine on my back looking up at her beautiful breasts and her clean-shaven pussy, what red-blooded American wouldn’t want to dive right in? I grasped her ass and pulled her hips closer, and I reached out with my tongue for that delightful clit of hers.

Larisa gasped softly as my tongue swiped the length of her labia, from taint to her clit. My tongue didn’t penetrate, I just gently teased, and I soon got the expected response, “You fucker!” Sophie wouldn’t say shit if she had a mouthful as the old saying goes, but in bed “You Fucker” is her pet name for me. I love it. I worked hard to earn it. Her knees spread apart which lowered her hips, and she was soon resting her snatch on my face.

“OH GOD!” came her throaty groan as I kissed and licked her pussy. “Yesssss!” and with a sigh she settled in to enjoy the best I could give her.

Those were the last words either of us said for a while as I lapped and suckled at her pussy and clit. All she could do was lean over, grasp the headboard and shudder as I worked my magic on her. She gasped and crooned, cooing her encouragement as her juices started to flow, and I loved it. I drank every drop of nectar she gave me, and I breathed in her heady fragrance. Her scent of fresh mown hay filled my senses and spurred me on to greater efforts. God how I love going down on that woman!

My hands were busy too, as I licked and suckled on her clit, my hands squeezed and kneaded her firm round asscheeks. Her gasps and sweet little moans set the pace of my actions as I played her body like a delicate musical instrument. As the sensations I was causing built up she began rocking her hips, swiping her pussy on my face and soon we were rocking together in a melody that is timeless in its origin. My cock throbbed and twitched, aching in its need for the sensation of touch, precum drooling from my cock and pooling on my abdomen, but this part of our song isn’t about me, right now it’s about her.

She began grinding her pussy on my face as her orgasm approached and I heard that soft keening like sound she makes which told me she was close. I can’t think of a more delightful way to spend a Saturday morning.

Now it’s time to Beşevler Escort play my darling musical instrument fortissimo, which means loudly. This should be fun, even though we were trying to remain quiet (The Kids!) I couldn’t help but try to bring a cry of delight from my darling wife. I brought a finger to my mouth and covered it with a mixture of my saliva and her juices and returned it to my exploration of her ass. There was a loud and very noticeable gasping intake of breath as my finger pressed against the tight ring of her sphincter. I could picture in my mind the look of surprise at the intrusion that probably covered her face. Her eyes suddenly popping wide open, her mouth a circle as she gasped, then her features soften into a smile of pleasure.

Her keening and crooning came to an end as I pressed against her rear portico, her body stopped her motions as I pressed, released, pressed, released pressing my finger against her tightly closed sphincter, over and over. Her hips began moving again as my attempt to digitally sodomize Larisa became part of our melody. The tip of my finger finally, gently, broached her defenses and her little gasps became guttural groans of pleasure. The sensation of being penetrated now added to my onslaught and she began to shudder. The sensations were overwhelming causing her entire body to begin to shake. She pushed her pussy down on my mouth and I began licking voraciously on her pussy and clit, at the same time she was pressing back against my finger demanding more.

“Shit! Fuck! Oh God! Eat me!” she gasped quietly yet still forcefully. Words that she would never say out loud, not even if she hit her thumb with a hammer, will flow out when she cums, the more powerful the orgasm the more coarse the language, and from her words this was a good one. I looked up and she was grasping the headboard with one hand and squeezing a dangling breast with the other as her mind melted from the orgasm that pummeled her senses. “Fuck… ohhhfuck…”

Now by cock was tingling, my balls were aching, it was practically trembling it wanted to be inside of her so badly. As she came, pressing her pussy against my mouth and scrubbing my face by brushing her pussy back and forth in her throes of passion, all I could think was, “it’s my turn!”

I had to be quick, it is always best if she was still cumming when I did this. I grasped her ass and pushed upwards which allowed me to get free, then I spun around and got up on my knees and pulled her back from her grasp on the headboard. Still cumming she was completely compliant, and she dropped to her elbows and knees as I pulled her back and opened her up with my thumbs. I lined my cock up with her moist slot and drove in without warning causing her to gasp in surprise and kick her waning orgasm back into overdrive.

The sensation of my cock being completely ignored and trembling in need of attention, then being plunged into her warm, moist, tight depths was overwhelming to me. I was immediately brought to near orgasm in that one stroke. “I’m not going to last long,” I gasped as I pushed hard, reaching for her depths.

“I don’t care,” she whispered, “Fuck me, cum in me.” Sometimes she says the sweetest things.

I grasped her hips tightly and began to slam my cock in and out of her soaked pussy with all the strength I could conjure up. The slap of our crotches as they smacked together drowned out her stifled gasps of pleasure. She was driving back at me as I proceeded to fuck with malicious delight, and she was chanting in time with my thrusts. “Cum… in… me…” she gasped over and over as I pounded my cock into her moist depths. “Cum with me!” she was pleading now, a second orgasm for her was building.

“Soon!” I gasped; my own orgasm was now inevitable.

“CUM IN ME EDDIE!” she cried as another orgasm washed over her. Her cry set me off and we were cumming together. It was incredible! We drove to each other, she pushed back at me, and I plunged forward, trying to penetrate her as deep into her as I could as I pumped my semen into her again and again. It was the biggest most powerful orgasm I have had in years.

Exhausted, we collapsed to the bed; our breathing was ragged as we came down from our morning love making. “I love you,” she sighed.

“Love you too,” I said between deep gulps of air and soon we were kissing tenderly. As we kissed, we heard a noise downstairs… the kids! Oh crap!

Being as quiet as possible, we eased out of bed then trying not to laugh we dashed to the bathroom, washed up as quickly as we could, then quietly we dove into our clothes. Finally dressed, both of us equipped ourselves with a pair of comfortable walking shoes for a day at the zoo and we were ready. Moving cheerfully, we came downstairs and stepped into the living room to find it filled with teenagers and their parents.

The youngest Cebeci Escort of the group, fifteen year old Angelique, looked at us and said, “Grandma, grandpa, we thought you would never get up! You were out late last night celebrating grandma’s retirement, weren’t you.”

As a matter of fact, we were. Larisa and I smiled at each other and chuckled. If they knew that the celebration lasted until just moments ago, they would probably shriek in shock. I gave Larisa a kiss and said, “For a grandmother, you’re pretty hot.”

“Almost a great grandmother,” she reminded me. Our oldest grandson was getting married soon and he and his fiancé, who was also waiting for us in the living room, want to have children. That’s when Larry noticed that some of the kids were hiding something behind their backs and pretending to be innocent. “What do you have? What are you hiding your backs?” she demanded. Years out of practice and with a mane of silver hair, yet Larisa’s Mom Voice still has its power. She was probably expecting a retirement gift, but the kids were acting guilty, her mom radar told her that something was up.

“It’s just an old baby monitor we found,” grinned Eddy nervously, my namesake and the prankster of the bunch. He took a baby monitor receiver unit from behind his back. It was the base unit, the device a parent would use to keep an eye on their baby, the five-inch screen would show images of the child.

“Does it work?” I asked.

“Uh… yeah. It works real good,” said Eddy with a huge grin… he was hiding something behind that grin. He pointed to the five-inch screen, “It has a nice picture,” he said nervously. There was something in his voice that sparked our curiosity. His parents, our youngest son and his wife were working hard to hide grins as was our daughter and her husband, Angelique’s parents.

“Where is the baby monitor’s camera unit?” I asked dreading the answer.

“The what?”

“The camera unit, it looks like a toy walkie talkie. It is the camera and microphone unit that you would put in the crib so you can see…”

“Oh! That thing!” Angelique suddenly smiled brightly. I love Angelique with all my heart, but the dear is the walking, talking epitome of the stereotypical blond joke. “It’s right where Eddy told me to put it!” said Angelique with a huge smile of accomplishment. She pointed to her cousin Eddy, “It’s in your bedroom on top of grandpa’s dresser.”

“WHAT?” roared Larisa. The idea that someone was watching our lovemaking clearly set her anger ablaze.

“Now we know why it takes you so long to get out of bed!” said Angelique’s older sister Becky cheerfully.

“YOU ROTTEN KIDS!” bellowed my bride of over four decades. I haven’t seen her this angry since years ago when our son Daniel, Eddy’s father, conducted a miniature naval battle in our swimming pool with bottle rockets and model ships filled with lighter fluid. “IF YOU WERE MINE, I’D LOCK YOU ALL UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY!”

The rule that grandchildren can do no harm went out the window this early spring morning. Larisa was on a roll calling down brimstone and hell fire on her grandchildren who antagonized her and caused even more righteous vitriol by laughing their heads off, as did their parents. It was clear to me that we may be the butt of a joke, but Larisa didn’t have a clue.

Larisa pointed at Daniel and Dianna, our children, parents of the rollicking herd of grandchildren. “YOU AND YOU, CONDONING SUCH CRIMINAL ACTIVITY,” she sputtered and stuttered, and phrases like “invasion of privacy” and “you were raised better” roared out of her causing our grandchildren to laugh harder. Then she finally let fly with the ultimate Grandma Curse when she shouted, “SHAME ON YOU!” which brought forth even more laughter from the teens, they clearly hear the exact same words from their parents when they incite their parent’s wrath. For them this was entertainment of the highest order seeing their parents being dressed down by their grandmother.

As Larry looked like she was building up energy for a second round of Angry Grandmother Reprimands, her favorite child stepped forward. “Grandma!” said Paul, the oldest, the first-born grandchild, the child who could Do No Wrong, the son of our oldest child and the young man soon to be married to a sweet little girl that looks like the reincarnation of a young Larisa. “Look!” He held up the camera unit, the device that looks like a toy walkie-talkie, “It was here the whole time.”

The room went silent as Larisa looked at the little device. “What?” she said softly

“APRIL FOOLS!” cried our children and grandchildren in unison.

“We got you good Grandma!” said Angelique brightly. She’s such a cute kid, but not really all that sharp. Learn to read the room child, your grandma is still at critical mass.

Larry took a deep breath and slowly swallowed her anger, shook her head, and realized she had been tricked, she also realized it was probably best to calm down and not reveal what the baby monitor might have seen this morning. As she hugged the grandchildren, she let them know, “yes you did, you got us good.” As her normal color returned, she started herding the family to the door. There’s a zoo full of animals waiting for us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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