Saturday Night Naughtiness

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It was late on a Saturday afternoon and I was in the basement straightening and organizing my work bench, killing time before getting ready to go out to an early holiday party with my wife. Being that I was directly under the bathroom, I could hear every sound coming from there. Most notably, I could hear the sound of the hair trimmer running followed by water running in the shower. I should have known she was up to something…something naughty.

I didn’t think too much of it at the time. I finished doing what I was doing, and when I heard the shower stop, I went upstairs to get myself ready. When I got out of the shower, my wife was going crazy looking through her dresser drawers for a pair of black tights to wear with her outfit. Unable to find a pair, she settled on a pair of black pantyhose instead.

As we headed off to the party, I told her how nice she looked as I playfully caressed her nylon covered leg. She knows how much it drives me crazy when she wears them. I could feel the blood start to rush to my cock as my hand stroked here silky leg. I struggled to keep it under control.

We arrived at the party early so we headed off the to the bar for a drink. As we chatted with the bartender, she kept swiveling in her seat, making sure those legs came in contact with my hand, just barely brushing against it. I flashed her a quick look. She smiled and placed her hand on mine, giving it a gentle squeeze. I was going crazy…and she knew it!

We were just about to head to the dining hall when she said “I really like these pantyhose, they are so smooth and shiny.”

I didn’t know how to respond. I somehow managed to get a “me too” to come out of my mouth.

“Good,” she said as she leaned in closer to whisper in my ear. “I think they are going to be ripped off me later!” I just about choked on my drink!

We finished our drinks and headed off to the dining area. I somehow managed to make it through dinner, although she did not make it easy. As we ate, she kept letting those legs brush up against me. I’d like to say it was an accident, but she knew exactly what she was doing to me!

We finished our dinner and went ensest porno back down to the bar for one more drink. We chatted with friends as we finished our drinks and decided to head off to our favorite pub to wish the owners a Merry Christmas knowing we wouldn’t see them before the holiday.

My wife ordered another drink at the pub and by the time she was finished, I could tell she was definitely feeling…tipsy.

It took some doing, but eventually I convinced her it was time to go. As we drove through town, she grabbed my hand and guided it up under her skirt. “You are going to rip these open and fuck me,” she demanded as she rubbed my hand against her. She pussy was sopping wet, she was soaked clear through her panties and pantyhose!

I drove home as quickly…and safely, as possible. I don’t think I even had the car stopped before she was out of it, though the garage and up the stairs. I could hear her in the bathroom fumbling with something. I wondered what she was up to, but went about removing my shoes and jacket. As I was hanging my jacket up, I saw her go streaking by me heading for the bedroom. I quickly followed.

By the time I got there, she was already in bed and under the blankets. I pulled them back to find her in just those black pantyhose! She grabbed me and pulled me to her breast, forcing me suck on those erect, and overly sensitive, nipples (as if I was going to stop her). She was going crazy, squirming all over, aching to be fucked!

I started to slip my hand inside her pantyhose, but she stopped me. “I told you to rip them off me!” She scolded. “I ruined my favorite pair of panties so you could rip these off, now fucking do it! Rip them open and fuck me!”

So that’s what she was doing in the bathroom! She had confessed that she had taken a pair of scissors and cut her panties to take them off so she didn’t have to remove her pantyhose first!

My heart began to pound harder, my cock pulsed and twitched, precum was dripping like faucet from the end. I did as she demanded and ripped them open! She grabbed the back of my head and forcefully shoved it between her legs, escort porno grinding her pussy on my mouth!

She was absolutely going crazy!! “Baby,” she said as I lapped up her wetness. “I have this crazy fantasy of just being taken advantage of. Being forcefully fucked, trying to resist. I want you to get up, leave and come back in here. Use me however you want!”

I was puzzled at first by her request as we had never really acted out any sort of fantasy before. I hesitated for a moment. But when she begged me again, I obliged. I left the room and came back in. She was spread out on the bed. She quickly grabbed the blankets and pulled them up in an attempt to cover herself. I grabbed them and pulled them away from her. She quickly tried to cover herself with her hands, but I grabbed her and flipped her over. She continued to fight me the entire time, really getting in to her fantasy. I pinned her down and forced her to spread her legs. She continued to struggle as I slipped my cock in. She cried out in pleasure.

“Use me baby,” she whispered as I fucked her hard and fast, pinning her down to the bed, using that tight pussy to bring myself to the edge over and over again, stopping just at the brink of exploding. She begged me to stop, to not cum in her.

Hearing her pleas to stop was too much! I could sense I wasn’t going to able to hold back any longer. I quickly forced her to get up on all fours and I fucked her from behind, holding a handful of hair and smacking her ass as I did.

She screamed out in pure ecstasy! She continued to beg me to stop and not cum in her! I pushed her back down, again pinning her on the bed. I pulled my cock out just so the tip was still inside her before thrusting all the way, buried as deep as I could be, and exploded inside her, my cock twitching and pulsing!

I stayed there for a few seconds, making sure every last drop was inside her before rolling off her and letting her up. She begged me for her vibrator. My mind was in such a fog, I don’t even know how I managed to find it, but I did.

I handed her the vibrator she craved and watched as she teased gizli çekim porno her pussy until she came again and again. She was insatiable, working her way to another orgasm…and another…and another. She begged me to fuck her again! I so badly wanted to, but I was still recovering from round one and still so sensitive.

She was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t yet ready for round two. She kissed me and whispered in my ear “Get the big cock out of the drawer and fuck me with it!”

I grinned as I reached in to her toy drawer and pulled out a big rubber cock. I got between her legs and enjoyed the view as she teased. She was so wet, so full of cum, my cum and hers! I took the rubber cock and rubbed it on her pussy, coating it with our juices before easily slipping it inside her. I started out slow, but she grabbed my hand and forced me to go faster! “Fuck me hard with that cock!” she cried! “Fuck me hard, make me squirt all over, all over your fucking face!”

I continued to slam that rubber cock in her until she came, her entire body lifting off the bed! At this point, she was still begging me to fuck her, and by now, I was more than ready! She flipped around on all fours and I buried my cock in her. I held her hips tight as she slammed back against me. I let her have control, let her set the pace for how she wanted it. Her ass smacked hard against me as she thrust back on me.

“You better fucking fill this pussy again,” she growled as she reached between her legs and teased my balls. They immediately tightened sending me over the edge!

“Holy fuck!” I screamed as exploded in her once again!

She continued to slam herself back against me, driving my cock into her pussy as my cum spewed forth. I begged her to stop but she wouldn’t! I grabbed her hips and pulled her tight, trying to regain control. She struggled against my restraint, still slamming my spent cock into her pussy.

When I finally got her to stop, I carefully pulled out and we both collapsed on the bed. The room was spinning and I couldn’t think straight. Before I knew what was happening, she was over top of me, lowing her well fucked…and filled pussy to my awaiting mouth. I lapped up every bit of our cum, bringing her to one last orgasm as I did.

Satisfied, she lifted herself off me and snuggled in tight, pulling the covers up as she did. I held her tight as we drifted off to sleep, ending a wonderful night of naughtiness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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