Saturdays On Candy

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I wake up everyday now thank the stars above they brought me,Candi Worsham, a smoking hot nineteen year old brunette with a devilish little curl in her lip, contrasting a rather

shy, quiet and brilliant young lady who still knew how to have fun in spite of being a very extremely dedicated and gifted student in the liberal arts. In other words, she is a wallflower with social tendencies and people skills, and believe me..when she gave in to her fun, lighthearted side, she would do so with a vengeance.

Today, however, Candi is bored, restless and oddly achingly horny. While trying on some outfits to pass the time she finds a catholic high school girl skirt with white stockings. “mmmmmmm..” she says. A seedling of a plan takes root in her, though she has no reason to believe she would actually follow through with it. So, content with putting the super slutty short skirt on and maybe finding me just to get a laugh or who knows, maybe one casual fuck for old times sake.

“Gee wiz, I never use that word!” she says to herself, “Well, maybe I’m just in a fuck it mood and it’s a beautiful fuck it day. So there, take that brain”!

My name is Brian, and you see we dated briefly our freshman year and although it didn’t work out the breakup was very amicable and we are even better friends now than lovers, although, every now and then I think about that sweet little body she had and worked hard to maintain. Perhaps, I would not have to just think about for much longer….

Candi puts the finishing touches on her slut suit topping it off with a see through white blouse unbuttoned far enough to give a glimpse of those delicious, full breasts…perfectly round and voluptuous but still perky somehow. As she walks out the door to find me for a little rubbing it in or maybe a little rubbing it on, she remembers it’s Saturday and that a few of the guys from the gym were getting together at my place around the corner from her house.

“Well, the more the merrier!” she says in her mind as she giggles like a schoolgirl.

“I don’t know what is with me today!”

Candy chalks it up to just being in a silly mood and decides to strut like a slut to where the boys are and just have fun being silly and sexy at the same time. “The guys know i never dress this way and will get it. Im just bored and want to lighten it up and loosen up for a change” The plan unfolds just like that in her mind as she strolls through my front yard toward the door…..”think I’ll put this hot skirt that barely covers my tight little ass, these hot white thigh highs, show some cleavage through a cute little blouse and,,,,,that’s when it hit her…in her excitement while putting her outfit together she forgot to slip on something pretty important, especially with this skimpy outfit….her…Panties! Right at that moment is when I spotted here from the wrap around porch where i was having a beer and calling the folks.

First thing I thought was holy mother of all that is sacred, look at Candi! Immediately followed by a hurried goodbye to Mom and Dad. “Something just came up guys” which something did… literally.

“wow!!” was all I could get out as Candi looked disheveled all of a sudden, attempting to turn and walk back toward her house.

“NO WAY, hot stuff. Get your little tush back here and give a hug. Wanna beer?”

She seemed to consider something very deeply for a split second, then I swore I saw that little devilish lip curl up into a grin, and she marched back toward me, apparently not worrying about something that had her blushing and turning tail. I was, and am real glad I caught her.

When we walked through the front door I thought the guy’s heads were going to swivel off. Everyone jumped up, Stephan, my best friend growing up, Rick who we met at school but felt like we had known him for life, Morgan then lumbered up to greet this tasty title treat, Morgan, topping out at 6’6″, is the center and leading scorer on University’s basketball team

Then Trent, stepped up to say hi, checking her out from head to toe from under a raised eyebrow. He says, “Damn, girl, I know milk does a body düzce escort good, but damn Candi….how much milk you been drinkin’ girrrrl!!??”

Not to be outdone, Billy sneaks in from behind and hugs Candi tight with his big athletic arms and shouts,

“Hell yeah girl, you look so good I could sop you up with a biscuit!”

We all, even Candi, busted out laughing and Candi said, “On that note, think I’ll grab a beer, and I got your biscuits right here!” as she slapped her sweet bubbly ass through the fabric of that tiny, thankfully tiny, little Catholic High School girl in trouble skirt that was starting to really catch my eye, among other things.

It’s at the half in our football game and it’s a blowout anyway so we belly up to the bar I built with Trent just last week. We did an incredible job so we didn’t think it’d be right to not go ahead and stock it with top shelf of anything you would want. Trent, comes from behind bar with a tray of tequila shots right then, humming the “catholic girls start much too late” from that Billy Joel song and we all crack up. It had been a while since she had seen the fellas so there was some catching up to do but before it turned into reminiscing or small talk, Bryce comes in out of nowhere, cause we weren’t expecting him that day,…he walks briskly through the front door and past everyone, including Candi, throws two grams of coke on the bar, turns around and says , “Guys, I know, but none of us ever had a problem and haven’t done it since freshman year and I think we need to tear it up a little bit tonight” and without taking a breath looks at Candi, but says to us,

“and guys, by the way, who is this sweet little piece of business in the skirt? If I didnt know any better I’d say shes a ringer for Candi, but you know damn well she wouldn’t get sluttied up just to come get surrounded by a sausage fest!”

“I was just bored, found that old catholic relic and though I would drop by for a laugh. I’ll let you get back to your “sausage Fest” although….it does sound delicious.!”

“o…my…god..,,Candi, you did not just say that!?” said Candi to her brain. She always was a cheap date and a liquor lightweight….so two beers and a shot of Patron just jumped right on top of her I guess. So, feeling something in the air but still not knowing what it was, I just poured her another shot immediately, and to my happy surprise she gulped it like a good thirsty girl, even beating me to the bottom of the glass!

The liquor flowed and we each did a few lines until there we were….the hottest bunch of mismatched mess and there she was, looking like the hottest little sweet tramp with a curvy little mischievous grin I ever did see.

Ahh,, tequilla. After five shots, six beers and a couple of big fat rails of coke each, she was buzzing from head to toe with lip biting anticipation, and probably around the third tequila I believe she had already hatched the plan to let us all get her out of that skirt and shirt.

“they don’t know it yet, but the guys are about to gangbang me six ways to Sunday and I’m gonna cum so hard I can’t fucking wait!” Candy later told me were the exact words she said in her mind, and maybe out loud too…she couldn’t remember.

With the game over and everyone feeling really loose Morgan and I sit next to each other on the couch. Before we hit the couch, though, Candi, races over and plops her sweet litle ass between the two of us, and puts a hand on each of our thighs while the other guys settle in around them on my huge, plush sectional. She then let’s out a woo hoo…let’s go tigers!…pretending to be into the game and the guys all crack up looking at her. And after letting her know that the game had been over for thirty minutes,she says “Fuck It” and throws one leg up on mine and the other on Morgans. All the guys can’t fail to notice her tight, shaved litte pussy is just right there winking back at them. No panties and a short, short, short skirt that rides up her upper thighs to expose her hot little surprise. Looking at their faces she can’t help but throw her head back and laugh, edirne escort sounding like the slut I think I always wanted her to be, then exposing her sweet, perky, juicy tits halfway through her unbuttoned blouse.


It’s obvious at this point that all bets are off and this thing is going to happen. Candi gently kisses me on the neck while slowly sliding her hand up Morgans thigh. Trent leans over and kisses her full and wet on the mouth while she finds Morgans big, black dick with her free hand. She let’s out a little moan when she folds her hand around his huge shaft bulging under his jeans. Rick wastes no time and goes over between Candis spread legs, kneeling on the carpet while he gently reaches under her tight little ass and pulls her glistening sweet pussy to the edge of the couch and slowly starts to kiss her thighs before finally settling on that pussy that is so swollen and wet with slutty desire Candi quivers uncontrollably. Bryce, Billy and Steve look shocked for quick moment, then take the cue that everybody’s invited to Candis little party so they better bring some presents!

The three go behind the couch and start rubbing Candi’s succulent tits from behind, and she takes turn tongue

kissing each of them and grabbing for their pricks through their pants. “Let’s fucking get these pants off guys, everybody is a winner in THIS game!”

Candi yanks Morgans zipper, quickly unclasps his belt, reaches in and pulls out 10 inches of black dick that isn’t even all the way hard yet. Well, not for long…Candi fixes that quick! She spits like a pro on and wraps her little white hand around his huge cock and starts to stroke, pull and wave his dick around, getting it rock hard in a few seconds. She is breathing so hard now and her cheeks are flushed and blush from the hot sweet action she started. While she’s yanking Morgan off Trent comes from behind, gently pulls her head back to feed her his big juicy cock. The surprise makes her moan and quiver, while Bryce is gently biting and licking her nipples. She goes from one hard cock to another, leaning her head back and sloppily sucking down their shafts all the way to their big balls, then taking Trent’s whole sack in her hungry mouth while the other two gently slap her head and face with their cocks, leaving her completely covered and smothered in big thick hard cock.

She then refocuses on Morgan, who has dropped his pants and is patiently waiting, stroking and waving that formidable big cock at her. She can’t wait another second,….repositiong on the couch between the two of us, Candi puts her sweet little bubble ass up in the air right against my throbbing dick and goes down on Morgans big black cock with a slutty vengeance. While she sucks, strokes and spits on her number one cock for now, she reaches with her free hand, spits on it, and takes turns stroking the three dicks to her left, while I eat her sweet pussy and muffin ass while jacking myself off watching her suck, slobber and spit all over Morgans cock. Then I get up, on my knees behind Candi, teasingly rubbing her clit and pussy with his my hard ass cock. Then, when I can’t take anymore, I shove all of my meat into her and it is so hot she starts to moan and scream louder, well, as best she can with two dicks in her from both sides and three dicks in her other hand….she is like a fuck machine that just came to life, and, making sure not to leave any of the big, sweet delicious cocks out of the loop, she trades hands on cock and cock in mouth like a seasoned pro!

Then Morgan takes his cock out and slaps Candi gently with it as he trades places with Trent. Rick comes around from the side of the couch and teams up with Trent to double stuff Candis hungry little slutty mouth when Morgan taps me to let him have a slice of this choice grade a ass. Candi grunts with two cocks stuffing her mouth shut as Morgan lifts her ass higher in the air and fills it up with twelve inches of rock hard black dick. He is fucking her so good she starts orgasming repeatedly and uncontrollably. This hot little train goes on for a few minutes, Morgan elazığ escort fucking the shit out of her from behind, Candi hungrily slurping a double helping of dick in her hot mouth, tugging like a champ on three cocks swinging by her cheeks stuffed with more dick, until she gets up because she knows what she wants next. She pushes Morgan down with his back on the couch, then she gets on top and sits on his big black pole, gently humping and pumping her ass up and down his shaft….then she lays her chest lower onto him raising her ass, arcing as high as it will go with Morgans cock still filling her pussy.

“Dont….uuuuhh… be..uhh., guys,” she manages to say breathlessly, “keep fucking the shit out of me until you all have to cum all over my face! I want it all over me!” she says, panting and quivering. I waste no time and get behind her and both firmly and gently stab her sweet tight little ass with my fat cock. She has to come up for air and let the pile of cock out of her mouth so she can scream in ecstasy, but still not missing a beat by immediately getting to stroking those two poles like she had one of her own her whole life!

Morgan and I double stuff her for a good five minutes until I can’t take it and pull out, leaving Candi just a hot, quivering pile of sex. Without saying a word, Morgan and I jump up and trade places with Brice and Billy while Trent takes a breather, slaps and plays with Candi’s ass, while stroking his cock until she reaches around to tug it with sexwet hands that are dishing out about as much ecstasy as her holes are. Candi’s entire body, every inch of it, is dedicated to this sweet session of the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. Looking at Candi, all red-faced and dripping, I bet she feels the same way.

Bryce and Billy are teaming her ass and pussy and at the same time they made it clear they were going to explode. At the same time we all six were ready to blow full juicy loads of cum on Candi’s hot, hungry face, mouth, tits, hair etc….

Bryce and Billy step up first just as Candi drops to her knees with her face eager for cum and looked up at all that dick she just took. With her knees shaking she manages to say “cum all over my face, come on guys I am such a dirty slut and I love it!”

Well that does it for the guys who pulled final DP duty on her. They stepped up stroking their cocks with Candi gently half swallowing and sucking them, but still letting them finish the job,. Just about simultaneously Billy and Bryce came copious loads perfectly sloppy all over her welcoming doe eyed face. They came so hard Candi chokes a little and had to wipe her eyes that were covered in their hot cum. She takes both of their cocks gently in her mouth when they finish, looking up and smiling what little devil grin you could for the two big cocks stuffing it, still dripping with her spit and their cum.

By seeing that we are all on the verge and don’t want to miss cumming all over that pretty face so while she still draining Bryce and Billy, Steve, Morgan, Rick and I all force our way into a space on that face to where she is completely smothered in hot throbbing about to explode sausage. We all pretty much dropped half our weight in cum all around the same time so that looking down at Candi taking them all it looked like somebody was pouring a barrel of semen all over her and she couldn’t have been happier! As we all drop our loads she is furiously fingering her clit to get one more gasm, after losing count of how many she had already had. So for another ten minutes or so we are getting our breath while Candi’s climax subsides and she sensually, gently and slowly stroke and lightly mouths six very satisfied and spent cocks. As it finally wraps up, Candi manages a devil curl grin with cum dripping like a beard from her chin

“I should have forgot to wear panties years ago!”

We laughed like people who had just had the single most satisfying experience of our lives and we continued through the night, riding high on that tangy, sweet sex high that no drug will ever match. It may take two to tango but there is no I in team, and that night was truly a team effort.

As a testament to the quality of people involved we remain friends to this day. Yes, we regrouped from time to time in different variations based on availability, and for us, it never got old or weird, and there’s very few things in life you can say that about.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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