Savannah’s Hypnotic Socks Pt. 19

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Chapter 23

Savannah smirked as she entered her roommates’ room only to see the girl sleeping deeply still gagged and wearing last nights panties over her head. It was a wonderful sight to behold, she had become so very obedient lately.

Quietly creeping up to the bed Savannah climbed up in a swift motion, planting one leg at each side of Roxy’s body before sitting down on the girl’s chest, still completely naked. After all it was Roxanne’s job to dress her. Instantly Roxanne’s eyes shot wide open, at the perfect time for Savannah to snap a picture which came out perfectly.

“Hehe, good morning Roxy. I think you just gave me a new screen saver.” Savannah said looking at her screen before turning it around so Roxanne could see it. For Roxanne it looked horrible. Two wide eyes staring up around the crotch of a pair of obviously very soiled panties. She shuddered at the thought of that becoming Savannah’s screen saver, after all it was a risky place for an image like that to be noticed. Objecting would do her no good though, not that she could object in the first place gagged as she was.

“Anyways, I have been thinking and I would like to try something new. You know how you have been licking me clean after every time I peed? At first, I thought it would have been too dirty, but well you seemed to love it, now didn’t you?” Savannah asked with a smirk. Roxanne could only reply with a objecting groan.

“Awe, what’s the matter Rox? You don’t have to get shy now. If you are entirely honest you know it just as well as I do. You get sopping wet even at the prospect of licking my pussy clean. There is no denying that. You don’t have to keep up the appearance for me. I know what a depraved slut you are, and I love you for it.” Savannah teased. Roxanne just stayed quiet. She didn’t quite want to agree, but she knew it was true so she couldn’t really disagree either.

“Just as I thought you little perv. Now what I was thinking about was to skip the step of going to the toilet all together. I could just use your mouth instead. I mean it would really help me if I could stay in bed instead of having to go to the toilet or stay on the couch or wherever. You know how annoying it is when you have just found a comfortable spot and suddenly have to pee right? Well you would help me fix that. Look at it as going to the toilet for your Goddess, you drink it all and when you have to go, you go to the toilet. Isn’t that great?” Savannah asked with a very broad smile.

Roxanne’s eyes shot wide open in panic at Savannah’s announcement. Could she fall any lower? Getting demoted to becoming her roommate’s toilet? Playing foot mat for Savannah while she peed was one thing, but actually playing her toilet was so much worse. It was only made harder to process when her pussy started to moisten up in response. She couldn’t believe the thought of it was actually turning her on. Savannah was right, she really was a perverted slut at her core.

“Of course I don’t want to run the risk of you ruining my bedsheets because you can’t keep up with swallowing it all. That’s why I have come here. Instead of going to the toilet we will come to your bed each time, so if you spill you only ruin your own sheets. I think it will serve well as motivation to swallow like a good perv. Especially since you don’t get to wash or change your sheets that day if you spill anything. We will continue doing it this way until you manage to swallow every drop.” Savannah announced with a grin.

“Let’s get that gag out of your mouth so we can begin, shall we?” Savannah asked as she started to peel her worn panties off the girl’s face, before untying the knot in her tights legs which held another pair of worn panties into the girl’s mouth. She just threw everything back to the pile of dirty underwear that she had forced Roxanne to stack in her room.

With a final pull she removed the soaked with saliva panties out of Roxanne’s mouth and held them up for inspection. “My my, would you look at that. All stains have come out of them. Who would have thought that your mouth made for such a good washing machine?” Savannah joked to Roxanne’s shame.

Roxanne just groaned, she actually would have wanted the gag to stay in place if it could have prevented Savannah from using her mouth as a toilet. With her roommate’s full weight pinning her down there was nothing to do but to brace herself for yet another disgusting humiliation which was soon to come.

“Open wide Roxy, it is time for your breakfast tea. I made it especially for you and it’s made of your favourite ingredient, me!” Savannah cried out while laughing loudly. She was having a blast as she rose up right above Roxanne’s face, planting her pussy down into the girl’s mouth as soon as she meekly opened it.

“Get ready because here it comes!” Savannah warned enjoying the instant look of panic on her roommate’s face underneath her. Roxanne felt a sudden urge to prevent this grotesque activity from happening, but she bursa otele gelen escort was helpless, Savannah’s weight pinning her head down made it impossible to get away. While the pussy between her lips made it impossible to close her mouth. Savannah had pressed her pussy tightly enough against the girl’s mouth that closing her mouth would result in her biting her Goddess’s pussy. She didn’t even want to think about the effect that would have and the punishment she would get.

With a loud whimper Roxanne tried to accept her fate. Not that she had any choice in the matter ass soon there after a warm acrid salty taste filled her mouth. The taste of urine she had slowly grown used to over the past week. It was way stronger than she was used to though. The droplets caught in Savannah’s pubic hairs had been nothing compared to the big mouth full she was getting now. Especially combined with the fact that it was Savannah’s morning piss.

In a matter of seconds Roxanne’s mouth had filled up to the point where her cheeks were bulging out and she couldn’t contain anymore liquid. She had known this moment would arrive, but she dreaded it, putting it off as long as she could. It turned out to be a bad plan as her mouth started to overflow when she swallowed. Pee ran out of the corners of her mouth and quickly soaked into her pillow while the majority went straight to her stomach.

Licking up pee had been one thing, but actually drinking it was grosser than she imagined. She cringed as she felt her stomach fill up with the contents of Savannah’s bladder while she lost count of how many mouths full, she had to swallow. It proved to be very difficult to keep anything from spilling out as she swallowed. She failed to get of even one successful swallow. Small amounts of pee just kept on escaping from the corners of her mouth further saturating her pillow.

To her intense shame here pussy was throbbing wildly, wet with arousal as she gulped down mouth full after mouth full of piss. She truly was nothing but a huge pervert if she even got aroused over an act this vile. She couldn’t really say it was a surprise though. Over time she had come to terms with the fact that the depths of her depravity knew no bounds.

At last the steady hard stream of piss started to slow down until it ended in a mere trickle. Swallowing the last mouthful of piss Roxanne sighed deeply. Finally the horrible ordeal was over. Yet Savannah didn’t seem to make any attempts to rise off the girl’s face.

“While you are down there Roxy, I would love to have an orgasm. So get to it, cause I am not getting off your face before you mange to get me off.” Savannah said loud enough so Roxy could hear it while having her head trapped between Savannah’s thick thighs.

Nearly instantly Roxanne started to put her tongue skills to work. She had improved a lot and was still improving every day. True to Savannah’s promise she really was on her way to become the best pussy licker on campus. While she would never have thought so initially, she felt proud of these skills. Proud to the point that she nearly liked getting to eat Savannah out. It turned her on and she was by now so accustomed to the scent and taste that she didn’t mind anymore.

At least not until too strong hint of sweat joined the mix which often tended to happen with Savannah. Even despite that she liked licking her roommate’s pussy. The time where she would mindlessly follow the hints she had been given were past her. She had started to experiment with different orders of moves, she had even taken the liberty to try some new ones she thought would be appreciated.

Her new moves nearly always got welcomed by a praising moan. After all she had spend so much time licking pussies by now that she knew what worked and what didn’t. As she had gotten better Savannah had also allowed her way more freedom. No longer did she insist on getting pleased a certain way. She just trusted Roxy to do whatever she wished when it came to licking her pussy and today she accomplished yet another new personal record. She had managed to make Savannah cum in under four minutes.

During Savannah’s orgasm Roxanne happily licked up her roommates’ juices, using them to get the gross taste of piss out of her mouth. She had really started to derive pleasure out of giving her Goddess pleasure.

For Savannah this change was also very welcome. Giving Roxanne freedom over this task was so much less hassle for her. All she needed to do was sit on the girl’s face or open her legs and demand and orgasm. There after it was Roxanne’s problem. This was way better than a sex toy, she no longer needed to fetch it, had no trouble with batteries, she didn’t need to hold it. All she had to do was issue a command and a shockingly good orgasm would surely follow. That much had been proven yet again as she came over her roommate’s face.

After her orgasm Savannah stayed seated for about a minute, bursa eve gelen eskort slowly coming down from her orgasmic high before finally lifting herself off her roommate’s face. “Aaah that was wonderful Roxy, you’re such a good little perv. Now let’s get breakfast, or are you full already? Lucky you, getting breakfast on bed.” Savannah grinned.

“Yes Goddess, thank you for the breakfast on bed. I am not really hungry anymore though.” Roxanne said meekly, knowing full well that complaints would only bring trouble. Instead she got out of bed and sat beside Savannah on her hands and knees. Her hair was slightly damp from the pee and pussy juices that had run down her face.

Savannah just smirked and picked up Roxanne’s leash that had stayed attached to her collar all night. With that she started walking to the kitchen still naked, pulling Roxanne along on all fours. It wasn’t really anything new anymore. Both roommates had grown used to the odd way their relationship had changed and gotten cemented.

Things were so much easier now there was no more need for worries around appearance even getting clothed was no longer a requirement for Savannah. She could just skip that until she felt like it. For Roxanne clothes in their dorm had been a thing of the past for a while, at least clothes other than the coloured stockings she wore. She couldn’t even choose to wear clothes. She couldn’t really choose anything anymore and yet she was starting to accept that this was her new position in life. At least here behind closed doors.

Neither of the roommates had imagined ever being naked in front of the other, well Savannah had during countless of masturbation sessions. She had never thought it would become a reality, especially not in the spectacular way that it did though. For Roxanne even the thought of seeing Savannah naked would have made her shudder in disgust at the start of the year and yet she now worshipped her roommate.

The pity arguments and the little annoyances they had about each other were gone too. Things were going perfect, at least perfectly to Savannah’s plan of turning her pretty roommate in her toy. It had already become a reality behind closed doors, there were still new things Savannah wanted to do with her toy to really mould her to perfection, but she didn’t really envision much trouble with those going forward. Roxanne had been perfectly obedient for a while now.

One thing that could become harder was introducing Roxanne to being her toy in public as well. Letting the world know that they were together without being too secretive about what their relationship entailed. She planned on making it obvious that she was Roxanne’s Goddess and the girl belonged to her.

Savannah smiled, that was something for after the weekend though now she had two full days to enjoy with her personal little toy. She really planned to make the most of those. Well of course after she dealt with the heart break Roxanne would feel once she spotted the breakup text Chad had sent.

“Alright Roxy, I would love some pancakes for breakfast. When you have them ready you can come bring my plate and get under the table to lick my pussy again. I just want some nice soft pleasure while I am eating, so don’t go straight for an orgasm you greedy slut. I know how much you love me squirting over your face, but I only want that orgasm after my meal.” Savannah instructed, letting go of the leash before sitting at the table.

“Yes Goddess, as you wish.” Roxanne dutifully said as she got up and walked over to the stove. On her way there she picked up her phone to look for a good recipe. Upon looking at it she stopped in her tracks however. Right there between her notifications on her screen sat a message from Chad.

“Hey Roxanne, about this weekend. I actually wanted to go on a date with you because I felt like we were growing apart a little, but that got me thinking. I have noticed that you mind seemed somewhere else when I was talking to you, and that your heart wasn’t fully into it either.

You are a fantastic girl, but I think it is best if we put a stop to whatever it was that we had. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you but going forward I think it is better if we each go our separate ways. Good luck going forward in life!” The text read.

Reading the text Roxanne’s eyes slowly started to tear up a little. Was this the end? Had their relationship ended before it even really started? It seemed like that and she couldn’t really blame him either. After all she had had her doubts herself. Sure she loved him, but was Chad really what she needed in life? Her connection with Savannah just felt that much more special. Who else would put up with her perversions? Would she even ever get off without someone as understanding as Savannah? She doubted it. Her perversions seemed way too deep rooted to overcome, but then again, she had wanted to give Chad a chance.

“What’s the matter Roxy? bayan escort bursa Why are you just standing there staring at your phone like that?” Savannah asked slightly raising her voice in annoyance. She had a good idea of why might have gotten her roommate so shook, but she had to play like she was clueless to the problem. After all she could then jump in to be sweet and compassionate for a change. An image of her being an understanding roommate who put up and even indulged her perversions had already been formed within Roxanne. Now she had a perfect opportunity to add a sweet caring image to that. After all the reality of who she was wasn’t important to getting her roommate’s complete devotion, what Roxanne believed was the only thing that mattered.

“I…I am sorry Goddess, I will make your pancakes. Sorry for keeping you waiting.” Roxanne stammered between two sobs as she quickly rushed to the stove. Now that she had lost her relationship with Chad she didn’t want to fuck up with her Goddess as well.

Savannah smiled to herself seeing the girl rush to serve her even though she was clearly very upset. It meant that Roxanne was very far in the direction of where she wanted her to be. Still Savannah wanted to create a better image of her for her roommate so despite Roxanne’s devotion she decided to step in and take action.

Getting off her chair she walked over to the stove where Roxanne was clumsily fumbling. The girl might have jumped to action, but her mind was clearly somewhere else making it even hard for her to get all the kitchen utensils she needed out.

With a swift motion Savannah spun her roommate around and looked straight down into the teary eyes of the smaller pretty girl who still smelled of pee and pussy. Roxanne was trembling with fear, clearly worried that she was really into trouble.

Then however to her complete surprise Savannah wrapped her arms around her and pulled her into a tight hug. It came as a complete surprise to Roxanne whose most gentle caring contact with her roommate had been washing her up until now. Her head was smothered between the black girls’ big breasts, but she didn’t really care. Instead she found herself returning the hug hesitantly but surely, she wrapped her arms around the bigger girl as well. She was still somewhat worried she would fuck up.

Despite her worries and the trouble of the break up text Roxanne found herself really enjoying the hug. It actually was something she desperately needed, and the fact that it came out of such an unexpected place weirdly made it better. She had had her doubts when Chad first asked her out, those doubts only had been increased with the break up text, but now an answer was starting to form. Maybe she really couldn’t be with Chad because her heart was with Savannah. Up until now she had mainly viewed her roommate as an outlet to indulge her perversions. She had never really considered she might have been catching feelings for her, but now she wasn’t so sure anymore.

After a few good minutes Savannah did break up the hug looking down again at her roommate who was looking like she was doing better already. Clearly her plan was working, so she definitely couldn’t give up now.

In an as sincere sounding voice as she could manage Savannah asked. “So Roxy, tell me. What caused you to be so upset all of a sudden? You can tell me sweetie. I am here for you no matter what. I might act as a stern Goddess most of the time, but that is only because I love you and I see that it turns you on.”

Roxanne’s eyes went wide. Savannah loved her? She really hadn’t seen that one coming and it only confused her even more. Was what they had actual love? She didn’t really know, could she actually love a girl, or did she like being with Savannah because it added another taboo to her perversions? She really couldn’t tell, not anymore. She felt lost, lost for words.

It took a few moments for Roxanne to snap out of it, but eventually she managed to speak up. She wasn’t really or even certain about how her feelings were so instead she just stated facts. “It’s Chad, that guy from the football team who I had a thing with. Well he just broke up with me over text.” Roxanne said softly, tearing up again as she actually said the words out loud. It made them feel so much more final.

Her confession had prompted Savannah to pull her in yet another tight hug while she said. “Oooh sweetie, that’s terrible. What an asshole to break up with you over text. I completely understand why you were acting so upset all of a sudden. Don’t worry, I am here for you. Let’s head to the couch so we can talk a bit more at ease okay?”

Without waiting for a response Savannah took the girl’s hand instead of her leash and started pulling her along to the couch. There she sat down and pulled Roxanne on her lap, pulling the girl back so she reclined against her body, resting her head on her shoulder. For a moment Savannah wanted to throw Roxanne off her lap. The girl’s hair stunk, especially up this close, she never got this close to her face. Savannah did realise however that she would have to put up with it or her whole plan would be ruined. Besides, it was her own smell anyway. It actually made her grin a little deep down as well. Knowing that Roxanne put up with this smell all the time and even got turned on by it.

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