Scanning Pics 03

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Author’s note: This is the last story in the Scanning Pics series. I would like to Thank everyone for their great feedback. My special thanks again to Mign for inspiring me to write this story. There will be a new series starting later this month entitled Edgar and Donna’s Sexcapades. Which will encompass the sexual exploits of this new erotic couple.


As the weekend wore down, and our hunger for sex wore down, not much but it did wear down a bit. The four of us; Denise, Larry and Donna, had fucked and sucked almost every waking minute. I can’t remember eating anything but pussy. I thought the weekend was about the best thing that had ever happened to me. Not only had I fucked and sucked and been sucked off by two of the most beautiful women I had ever met. But Donna, had decided to move in with me, and fulfill my dream of having a sex maniac at my instant demand. Thinking that it couldn’t get any better, I was surprised and delighted when Donna told me she had never had anal intercourse and that she wanted me to be the one to take a cherry ass.

Her request came as we were resting on the rocks and after Donna had sucked the cum from my balls for the umpteenth time. Her sucking of my cock was only topped by my cock buried deep in her cunt. I had no idea and had not thought abut fucking Donna’s ass until she broached the subject. Asking all sorts of questions; “like had I ever fucked a woman in the şişli escort ass? Did it hurt? What did it feel like? Did I use any type of lubricant?” I answered all of questions one at time. Telling Donna as we laid there with my finger sliding in and out of her cunt, that I had fucked a few women in the ass. That answer alone excited her, as she squeezed her pussy muscles on my fingers. I told her that it hurt a little at first, but after a bit her hole would open up to accommodate my dick. I explained that everyone had a different experience when they were fucked in the ass, and I couldn’t explain the feeling she would feel. I also told her that the best lubricant to use would be her hot cunt juice that was already flowing from her pussy lips.

Donna was so hot she was fucking my fingers with an urgency. Her slick cunt was squeezing and sucking at my three fingers. She looked at me with lust in her eyes, saying “put your whole hand in my cunt, fist fuck me Ed, I want to feel you whole fucking hand in my pussy.”, with her urging I put a fourth finger in her, which only excited her more. She told me she wanted more, I slipped my last finger into her pussy, and started thrusting in and out of her cunt. All the while Donna continued to play with her tits, pinching her nipples and lifting her tits to her mouth so she could suck each nipple. My own lust was building watching her fuck hole eat my fingers. My cock was throbbing, thank god taksim escort I was naked cause it would have split my pants. Each time I would push into Donna’s cunt she would push down on my hand taking just a little bit more in to her wet snatch. I could feel her orgasm building, I knew this was going to be a big one since she was panting hard, and screaming loud “ohh fuckkk, oh shit fuckkk meeeee, dammit fuck my cunttttt” and just as her orgasm enveloped her she grabbed my hand and shoved it deep into her fucking hot cunt. My hand was buried in her pussy all the way up to my wrist. Her legs clamped down hard around my arm as her pussy shuddered and her cunt juice came flowing from her snatch and down my arm. I thought she was hurt, she was gasping for breath, and just moaning “oh fuckk, fuck fuck fuck”

Donna finally caught her breath, looked at me with that lusty just fucked look, smiled and said “oh god Edgar that was fucking great. But now I want you to take that delicious cock of yours and fuck my virgin ass”. Donna got on all fours and stuck her tight ass in my face, and said “fuck me honey”, I smeared my cock with her pussy juice and also massaged it into her puckered asshole. Her little brown hole looked so inviting, I gave it a quick kiss then slid one than two fingers deep in to her brown hole. I massaged her hole till I felt she was comfit able with her ass being invaded. I got on my knees behind her, and pointed my topkapı escort cock at anal orifice. I placed my hands on her hips and pushed my cock into her ass. Donna grimaced at first, I stopped my advance on her shit shute and waited for her to tell me to continue, Donna didn’t say anything, but just shoved her ass back on to my dick. My cock was now buried deep in Donna’s ass.

Neither Donna nor I moved for about 10 seconds, only because her ass felt so good, and because she thought my cock in her ass was such a good feeing. Donna moaned “oh baby, your cock feels so good, I never thought anything in my ass would ever feel this good, now fuck me good baby”, I began slowing pumping my cock in and out of her tight ass. Each time I thrust inward Donna would yell “FUCK YESSSS” . My balls would slap against her ass each time I pushed forward, and she knew she was getting the full seven inches of my cock in to her ass. I shifted my hands from Donna’s hips and reached under and forward to grasp her tits, her tits were hanging down like a cows utter, and I just started to squeeze and pull at her nipples. This was all it would take to push Donna over the edge, and she came like a volcano erupting. I let go of her tits, and grabbed Donna’s shoulders and pulled her back hard on my cock, I shuddered and yelled “ohhhh fucckkk I am Cumming” and shot my hot jism in to her cock stuffed ass.

Donna fell forward, and I fell on top of her, we both just lay there panting and basking in our climaxes. When all of a sudden we heard clapping. Larry and Denise were about ten feet away, yelling encore, encore. We looked up at them smiled, and just hugged each other and kissed deeply knowing that this was going to be a very long and special relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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