Scarlett , Violet Pt. 04

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual act are at least eighteen years of age.

Chapter 1

Violet sighed in frustration as another batch of Amber’s filthy jokes popped up in her interoffice e-mails.

Q What’s the favorite pick up line at the lesbian bar? A: Your face or mine?

The pretty twenty year old decided enough was enough and rapidly typed out a reply to Amber Goldman.

“Please do not send me any more of these jokes. I do not appreciate them and find them offensive and unprofessional.”

She hit the ‘Send’ button and foraged through the other e-mails and set her tasks for the day.

The five foot three inch tall woman was not having a good day. She and her nineteen-year-old lover seemed to be having some sort of lovers’ spat, and she didn’t know why. She assumed it was because of all of the weight she’d gained recently; she’d ballooned from one hundred and thirty two pounds to one hundred and seventy seven pounds. Her formerly thirty six D sized breasts were tight and uncomfortable in their size Forty Double D bra and her thirty-seven inch hips were now a pudgy forty inches. Her thighs were fat and looked like cottage cheese from all the cellulite. She blinked back the tears that threatened to spill from her pale blue eyes and pursed her full lips tightly, determined to just forge ahead.


Scarlett Ubelhorn pulled her long black hair back and waited for Paula’s computer to warm up. Paula, Gustav Ubelhorn’s personal assistant, was still out on maternity leave, having given birth to a healthy baby girl nearly six weeks earlier. She knew that Violet Smith was in the next office, and normally Gustav had to go and get his daughter and make her sit still at Paula’s desk.

But right now, she didn’t want to look at Violet, didn’t want to see those beautiful pale eyes, that sweet smile and light blush. She didn’t want to look at the soft blonde hair, or those full breasts, or that soft belly or that round ass.

“Then why the Hell am I thinking about her?” she said aloud, and then looked around, horrified that someone may have overheard her.

The five foot four inch girl, with her peanut butter colored skin and dark almond eyes was in an inner turmoil at this time. She and Violet had been lovers since Halloween and she really did love Violet with all of her heart.

She had been so lonely before she and the shy blonde became friends; being the boss’s daughter meant that everyone was polite to her, but not much more than that. But she also felt horribly guilty for having a homosexual relationship. Lately, she’d been attracted to, and fantasizing about Eric Greene, a Teacher’s Assistant and fellow gym rat at her university.

She had to hit the gym three nights a week. Before Violet moved in, Scarlett lived off of frozen dinners, but Violet loved to cook. If Scarlett was going to maintain her thirty-six D breasts and her twenty-nine inch waist and thirty-seven inch hips, she was going to have to do some extreme workouts.


Ubelhorn & Associates was a Payroll management company. But Gustav Ubelhorn had noticed that a couple that lived in California owned the apartment that he and his mother and his infant daughter shared when they first moved from Germany to Atlanta. He quickly set out purchasing apartment complexes in and around Atlanta and leasing the property management to himself as Ubelhorn & Associates Property Management.

Violet Smith felt a tear trickle down as she entered the database of the property listings.

“Damn it!” she sniffed back another tear.

The only vacancy was for a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment. At nine hundred a month, it was just out of her price range. True, she cleared seventeen hundred a month, but there were also utilities, food, gas, insurance and those little unexpected bills here and there to consider.


Amber Goldman pulled her dirty blonde hair behind her ear and smiled.

“It’s about time you responded,” she thought as she saw e-mail from Violet. Unfortunately, she did not read it, just forwarded another batch of her lesbian jokes to Violet.

Q: What do you call an Eskimo lesbian? A: A Klon-Dyke!


Lori Taylor sat at the rotunda in the lobby of Ubelhorn & Associates and stared at the two dozen long stemmed roses. She pulled her long red hair back and read the card again.

“With all my love, Gustav.”

In her twenty-three years, no man had ever given her flowers. In her twenty-three years, no man had ever said he loved her either. She read the card again.

The bone thin red head silently thanked God for Gustav Ubelhorn.


She had gone out and gotten more than drunk on Halloween night and called in sick the next day. She opened her apartment door to find a scowling Gustav Ubelhorn standing on her doorstep. He wasted no time in giving her an ultimatum; Treatment for Alcoholism or find a new job.

When she confessed to him that she didn’t know who the fathers of her two children were and that she had no one that could care Avrupalı porno for them while she stayed at the treatment facility, he called his mother and she leapt at the chance to baby-sit Suzy and Jake Taylor.

They called the short woman ‘Grandmother,’ and Quan Xi loved it. Quan Xi and Gustav took care of the three-year-old girl and four year old boy while Lori was ‘in the hospital, getting better,’ and when Lori finished the twenty-eight day treatment program, Gustav asked her to move into his large home.

Over the next few weeks, she’d fallen in love with the large man and her two children absolutely adored him and his mother. Christmas day, she asked him to marry her and he’d agreed.

She read the card again and smiled happily.

Chapter 2

Enough was enough. Violet was fuming, a very rare occurrence for the naturally shy and withdrawn woman. It was thanks to her that Amber even had a job at Ubelhorn& Associates.

Violet had filled in for Lori while the receptionist was out on her extended leave of absence and Gustav hired Amber to fill in for Violet in the Data Entry Department. Amber and Violet had gone to school together, had had a few classes together, and graduated together, but the two had never been friends.

But now she assumed that she and Violet were the best of buddies. Just because Violet had confirmed her references to Mr. Ubelhorn. She was a good worker, good at Data Entry, fast and accurate.


“Human Resources, this is Amanda,” Amanda Peterson intoned.

She pursed her lips and listened as the complaint was filed, gave a few suggestions, then entered the notes into both Violet Smith’s and Amber Goldman’s files.


Amber was a little puzzled when she was called and asked to come upstairs to HR.

Along with being a payroll management company for several small ‘Mom and Pop’ organizations, U&A also provided them with an HR Department to take care of insurance needs, 401K planning’s, and other various duties. The Human Resources office occupied the entire twelfth floor of the office building, while the Data Entry, lobby and reception area occupied the eleventh floor. HR even had its own lunchroom, so the two floors rarely intermingled.

The five foot seven inch tall slender girl checked her image in the elevator door’s metal reflection. Her blouse was appropriate; she wore a bra underneath, even though she was a Thirty A cup. Her slacks were snug, but not tight on her twenty-five inch waist and thirty inch hips. She shrugged her shoulders and hit the ‘Up’ button for the elevator.

Lori shrugged her shoulders when Amber asked her if she knew anything about why she as being asked up to HR.


Amanda Peterson looked through the printouts that Violet had provided for her and pursed her lips. She didn’t find many of the jokes all that funny; they were pretty childish, really. She looked up at Violet Smith and shook her head and smiled.

“Well, I can see why these would be deemed ‘unprofessional and inappropriate,’ and I am not invalidating your feelings, but why are you so offended by these?” she asked.

“Because,” Violet faltered for a moment, then gritted her teeth and forced her to say it out loud. “Because I’m gay.”

Amber gasped aloud from the doorway and looked at the blonde woman.

“I had no idea!” she exclaimed. “I mean, look at you! You’re so beautiful! I mean, not that a lesbian can’t be pretty, but well, you know!”

“Amber Goldman?” Amanda asked.

She had to ask a second time as the open mouthed girl was just standing and staring at the now highly embarrassed Violet.


Twenty minutes later, all appropriate paperwork had been filled out and signed.

“I am so sorry,” Amber whispered again as she and Violet waited for the elevator. “I had no idea, I just didn’t know.”

“Drop it, please!” Violet said under her breath. “It’s not like I want the whole building to know, okay?”

“Okay,” Amber agreed and they stepped onto the elevator.


Scarlett looked up, and then looked away as Violet and amber walked past.

“God damn it, I just went through one of the most humiliating moments in my life, and I can’t even go to my girlfriend and talk about it,” Violet thought and felt her eyes tear up.

Amber saw the pale blue eyes water up and felt another sickening lurch in her stomach. She quickly walked away from Violet and to the safety of her cubicle.

Violet sat at her own small cubicle and felt the tears begin in earnest.


Lunch was another agony for both Scarlett and Violet. Even as they sat at the table together, neither one would look at the other. They just nibbled their salads, never looking up.

Amber felt miserable as she sat at a separate table, assuming that the deafening silence was due to Violet and Scarlett’s anger toward her.

Chapter 3

“I’ve had enough,” Violet screamed and flung open the closet door.

“What are you doing?” Scarlett asked as she entered the bedroom Video porno she and Violet shared.

“What do you think?” Violet screamed. “I can’t take another fucking minute of this! You won’t talk to me, you won’t look at me, and you act like I don’t even exist!”

Scarlett tried to stop Violet, which led to a struggle. Scarlett, thanks to three nights a week at the gym, was the stronger of the two, but Violet wasn’t’ giving up without a fight. Scarlett screamed out as a handful of her long black hair fell to the floor.


Amber entered her roach infested apartment, slammed the door shut and screamed aloud in frustration. Until today, she had liked work, had looked forward to going to work, especially since it got her out of the dump she called home, and enjoyed her job.

But today had been an exercise in endurance. She angrily picked up one of Victor’s pornographic magazines and went on a roach swatting frenzy.

She’d kicked the perpetually unemployed and stoned twenty two year old man out three weeks ago. Last week, she’d found his stash of pornographic magazines. Each one of the eight magazines had the theme of large breasted women. She had always felt that her small breasts were woefully inadequate, had always been jealous of those with large breasts, but for some reason, couldn’t bring herself to throw the disgusting magazines out.

“Coming in pretty fucking handy right now,” she smirked and squashed another for or five roaches with a rolled up magazine.


Later that night, Scarlett cried and held the ice pack to Violet’s black eye. She tried again to kiss Violet and Violet passively let her lover kiss her, but did not return the kiss.

“I am so sorry, baby,” Scarlett sobbed.

“Don’t worry about it,” Violet flatly said.


The bedroom also had it’s share of the disgusting insects; Amber would Sometimes wake up in the night to find them crawling all over her. She picked up the can of spray and liberally doused her bed, then left the room to let the fumes dissipate somewhat.

While she waited, she cursed Victor for the hundredth time that month for stealing the television when he’d left. At least she could have watched it while waiting for it to be safe to enter the legroom.


Scarlett teased Violet’s nipples with a cube of ice. Despite her seating anger, Violet’s nipples hardened and Scarlett happily sucked one, then the other into her mouth. The combination of cold then hot excited Violet and she finally gave in and she and Scarlett locked into a sixty-nine position. She groaned in orgasm as Scarlett shoved the ice cube into her tightly clenched rectum.

Chapter 4

“Oh, my God!” Lori exclaimed when Violet got off the elevator the next morning. “What happened?”

“We had a fight,” Violet tersely answered and walked past the shocked receptionist.

She’d wondered all night what to say to her co-workers when they asked; surely some would ask. Lori was the only one to ask that morning, though. The others ignored it, pretended not to see it, that it wasn’t there.

Violet entered the Property Management database and again searched for available units. The two bedrooms was the only one open.

She then searched for any that had leases that would be ending in January. Of the three, two had already renewed and the third was in the same complex that she and Scarlett lived in. She didn’t want to move right down the block from her lover, didn’t want to see her every single day if she could help it.


“No, I think she’s just the person we’re looking for,” Amanda said to her immediate supervisor, Kenneth West.

“But she doesn’t have any college,” he argued.

“Exactly, she hasn’t had all that book gibberish dumped on her and would have to go by her gut feelings, instead of what the textbook says you’re supposed to do” Amanda pressed.

Kenneth shook his head in amusement. Amanda had made recommendations before, and had also advised against other referrals. Without fail, she had been dead right about each one. If she said that this girl would be the perfect replacement for Naomi, who would be retiring at the end of the month, then he would get the paperwork started. But he’d pretend to kick and scream about it the whole way.

Amanda smiled; Kenneth was a fine one to bring up the lack of college education; he didn’t even have a High School diploma.


Violet returned to her desk after another bitterly quiet lunch and again went to the Property database, but this time she downloaded the form for the two-bedroom apartment. She filled out the form, and then e-mailed it to the Property Management Division.

Twenty minutes later, her cell phone vibrated and she answered it.

“When would you like to pick up the keys?” Gary asked her.

“As soon as possible,” she answered and choked back the sob in her throat.

“Can you get me a check for the first and last months’ rent?” he asked and she affirmed that she could indeed.

Gustav Ubelhorn had been extremely generous with his employees with his Christmas bonus. Violet had spent a good portion of her two thousand dollar bonus on gifts for Scarlett, but still had a bit of it left.

She had just finished scribbling her somewhat childish scrawl of a signature when Gary came around the corner with her keys.

“Thanks, it’s a business doing pleasure with you,” he joked and she smiled at the silly statement.

The thirty year old was again struck at how cute the shy, quiet girl was. Unfortunately for him, he was far too shy to ask her out for a date, so he contented himself with his fantasies of her.

“That’s a pretty nasty looking shiner you’ve got there, did you put ice on it?” he asked and she blushed at the thought of ice.

Lynne Ann wanted to ask, had wanted to ask from the moment Violet entered their little nook sporting a shiner, but could not bring her to break her self-imposed wall of nastiness she put between herself and all the others that worked for Ubelhorn & Associates. So she contented herself with muttering obscenities under her breath as she struggled with the delinquent statements.

Chapter 5

Violet passively let Scarlett undress her and allowed her to be touched and kissed. When Scarlett pushed her fat thighs apart and dug three fingers into her drooling pussy, Violet orgasmed and burst into tears. They spent the rest of the night in each other’s arms, crying and kissing one another.


“I can’t talk you out of this?” Scarlett sobbed as the last of the boxes was stacked by the front door.

She could still taste Violet’s tears an hour after Violet had driven away.


Amber sat on the couch and thought again about killing herself. The depression was getting darker and darker. Her horrible surroundings, the tension at work, the overwhelming loneliness was beginning to wear her down.

The worst thing was, she had no friends to talk to. In high school, she’d been very popular, never a shortage of friends. But the moment the diplomas were in hand, everyone seemed to just scatter. Much like the roaches did when she turned on the lights.

Chapter 6

Anthony put on his best smile as the slightly pudgy, but cute blonde woman entered his section of the furniture store. He didn’t like fat chicks, but this woman didn’t need to know that.

“Help you?” he asked and tried to project as much charm and appeal as he could.

She regarded him for a long moment, squinting slightly through a recent black eye, then continued to glance around at the merchandise.

“Okay,” she finally said. “That chair, and this loveseat. These are real leather, right?”

“Oh, yes ma’am!” he said and quickly scribbled their numbers down. “And what color would you like?”

“The black is fine,” she said, then pointed to a coffee table and matching end table. “And those, too, please. Do you have a matching bookshelf?”

Anthony was still pinching himself when the four thousand eight hundred dollar ticket was tallied.

“Hey man, why you get this sale?” one of the other salesmen asked him.

“Because he was the only one that asked if I needed help,” Violet said and signed the charge slip. “I’ve been wandering around in this shit hole for the last hour, and all of you were just too damned busy fucking around to ask a stupid woman if she needed anything.”

The cashier burst out laughing, even though she knew she would regret it later. Violet smiled lightly and they agreed on a delivery time of six thirty the next evening.

Scarlett didn’t pay rent; her father owned the apartment complex, so Violet had been able to save nearly two months worth of her paychecks. Granted, the furniture was a bit of an extravagance, but she knew the better quality merchandise would last a good long time if she took care of it. She would pay as much as she could on her credit card bill each month until it was all paid down.

“Um, have you thought about televisions, or stereo equipment?” Anthony asked.

“No, I haven’t,” Violet admitted.


Anthony sat out on the back loading dock and enjoyed a cigarette. Six percent of six thousand four hundred and fifty dollars was close to four hundred dollars. Most of the time he had to bust his ass all week long to make that kind of commission. And because he was the young kid on the block, the senior salespeople had stuck him close to the rear of the store, so he really had to bust a nut to get any sales at all.

For a brief moment, he wondered what that pudgy blonde would look like, stretched out on the queen sized cast iron bed he’d sold her.

“She had some nice tits, that’s for sure,” he thought and finished the cigarette.


Violet slipped each of the three men that delivered her furniture a ten-dollar bill. It wasn’t much of a tip, but she smiled sweetly at them and they couldn’t help but smile back. The fact that she was wearing a sports bra and nylon gym shorts didn’t hurt their friendly attitude either.

She spent the evening positioning the loveseat and chair and end table and coffee table so that it created a comfortable little nook, a ‘quiet space’ to sit and relax after a hard day at work. The bookcase was a heavy one, but she finally managed to get it against the far wall.

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