Scarlett , Violet Pt. 06

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Big Tits

*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual acts are at least eighteen years of age.

Chapter 1

The bouquet of irises and balloons was waiting for Violet when she arrived for her first day in Human Resources. The card gave no indication of who had sent it. It simply said “Congratulations on your new job!”

The pretty twenty one year old sat down at her desk. A desk. Not just a cubicle, but a desk. In an office. True, the room was only eight feet by eight feet, had her desk, her chair, and two small chairs in front of her desk and a computer. But it was an office. And a desk. She pushed her blonde hair back out of her eyes and turned the computer on.

A quick search through the desk drawers while she waited for the computer to come up revealed all the usual amenities that come with an office; pens, a stapler and extra staples, a box of paper clips and a stack of empty manila folders.

“How do you like it?” Violet heard from her doorway and looked up to see a smiling Amanda Peterson.

It had been Amanda that had recommended Violet for the promotion from Data Entry clerk to HR.

“They’re beautiful, did you send them?” Violet smiled.

“What? The flowers? No, no, I don’t know where they came from,” Amanda laughed. “No, I meant the office, how do you like the office?”

“Love it, ” Violet smiled, then lost the smile and motioned Amanda closer.

The older woman took the two steps from the door to the front of the desk and leaned forward.

“What do I do here?” Violet whispered.

Amanda laughed, a rich laugh that made Violet smile in spite of her trepidation.

“If you’re anything like Naomi (the woman that had just retired) as little as possible,” Amanda laughed. “No, actually, you do insurance, office presentations, that sort of thing.”

“Office.” Violet asked, her blue eyes opening wide in apprehension.

“Yeah, you know, go down to Joe’s bar and grill and tell Joe’s employees about their new insurance program, or 401 K enrollment plans, et cetera,” Amanda said lightly.

“Amanda, I can’t do that!” Violet said in dread.

“Oh, yes you can,” Amanda smiled. “Don’t worry, the first few times, I’ll be right there with you, guiding you along. You’ll be fine.”

Violet noticed that her computer had come up and rapidly typed in her old password and attempted to clock in to the Employee Time clock. Amanda watched, then smiled when the computer monitor flashed that this was inaccessible.

“You’re salary now, honey. You don’t clock in anymore,” she smiled and left the office.

Violet sat and fidgeted for just over a minute, then got to her feet and found Kenneth West’s office.


The lanky African-American was her new supervisor; he smiled up from behind his desk and quickly exited the web site he was cruising before she noticed what he’d been looking at. It was his favorite site, showing large black cocks splitting open blonde pussies and squirting copious amounts of semen over large breasts and smiling faces.

“Good morning, Mr. West,” she said in her soft voice.

“Nah, nah, none of that mister stuff, I’m Kenneth,” he smiled.

He was very glad that Amanda had recommended Violet Smith to fill in Naomi’s vacancy. Most of the HR people of Ubelhorn & Associates were in the late forties to early sixties. The few women that were in their twenties and thirties were militant feminists, Amanda included, and felt that dressing in any way that was fashionable or feminine was demeaning.

Violet, with her large breasts (she was extremely uncomfortable in her forty double D sized bra and nicely rounded backside (she hated the Plus-Size panties she was forced to wear) and lacy, frilly blouses and skirts would be a welcome sight to look at. When he did look above her large breasts, he liked her shoulder length blond hair, round face, pouting pink lips and light blue eyes. When she smiled, she revealed small white teeth and she blushed a light pink very easily.

He knew he wasn’t as well endowed as the actors depicted on his favorite web site, but he could very easily imagine he and Violet engaging in some pretty hot action.

“Um, okay, Kenneth, I’m bored. Amanda says I do insurance, so I need to know how to access that information,” Violet said and stepped into the office a few feet.

“Hot damn! You mean to tell me we got someone that WANTS to work?” he laughed and opened a desk drawer.

He pulled out a folder and handed it to her. He did not stand; the last images he’d been looking at on his computer had given him a noticeable erection. The black cock had been pushing its way into a tiny pink ass hole; the blonde’s face was contorted in agony.

“Access code is ‘IP 2009’ from the main page,” he said. “This is a new proposal for Garden Restaurant, they’re thinking of going with a new provider.”

Violet returned to her office and accessed the Insurance Package page. She compared the old insurance program for the client, and then looked over the new program they were interested başakşehir escort in.

“This can’t be right,” she said aloud, then pulled up the old package again.

From there, she accessed the payroll for Garden Restaurant and noticed that they’d been delinquent several times in the past year. She printed up the payroll records and a comparison sheet of the insurance plans. She then walked back down to Kenneth’s office.

The MPEG was showing the blonde taking on three massive black cocks as they spurted their hot cream all over her breasts, face and pubic hair. He looked up in time to see Violet’s large breasts approaching and immediately hit the ALT and TAB keys.

She smiled lightly; she was a large fan of pornography as well, and now that she had her own office with some degree of privacy, she thought it would be a great time to see what lesbian pornography she could find on the Internet.

“I don’t understand why they want to go with this plan,” she began and showed him how it raised the employee’s deductibles, raised their premiums, and actually lowered their coverage.

“It looks like the only person it benefits is the employer; his cost goes down,” Violet continued.

“God damn,” Kenneth muttered, and then quickly looked up to see if she’d heard him.

“Exactly,” Violet smiled, although she was also blushing.

“What’s this other stuff?” he asked, nudging the payroll history.

“Their payroll history. They’ve been delinquent in depositing the cover for their payroll eleven times out of the last twenty six payroll cycles,” she said. “I really don’t think their employees would go for this insurance package and I don’t know if it’s my place to say anything, but I really don’t believe we should continue to provide services for Garden Restaurant.”

“Not if they’re going to play games like this,” Kenneth agreed and punched in Gustav’s extension.


Gustav Ubelhorn, Junior was a German immigrant. He’d come to America nearly twenty years ago, with his mother and his infant daughter. His mother, Quan Xi, was the result of a South Korean prostitute and an African American soldier.

When she was eighteen, quan Xi had traveled to Germany. Broke, hungry, and not knowing the language, she reverted to her mother’s profession. Gustav Ubelhorn had been her one and only customer, a fifty three year old lifelong bachelor. He fell in love with the diminutive girl and they were wed. He died of a massive heart attack a couple of months before his son; Gustav Ubelhorn, Junior was born.

The only work Gustav could secure in their new country was as a bookkeeper for a small Mom and Pop operation in Atlanta. He noticed that the Mom and Pop operation had a payroll management company take care of their payroll and their insurance needs. Within a year of landing in America, Gustav had his own payroll management company.

He also noticed that a couple that lived in California, but had owned the apartment complex he and his mother and his daughter lived in it managed by a local company. He began to buy up properties and leased the management of these properties back to himself. Human Resources did the HR work for Ubelhorn & Associates and for many of Utah’s clients.


“Yes?” Gustav barked into the phone.

Violet flinched, even though she knew that the large man only sounded and looked fierce. She and Gustav’s daughter, Scarlett Ubelhorn, had been lovers until just recently. But she still felt intimidated by him.

Kenneth quickly relayed Violet’s findings and her recommendation that U&A drop them as a client.

“She’s good, Ja?” Gustav smiled.

“She’s good,” Kenneth agreed.

“Okay, you want to call Sandy, or should I?” Kenneth looked at Violet.

“Who’s Sandy?” Violet asked.

“Sandy’s the owner of Garden Restaurant. He isn’t going to be too happy when he finds out he’s being dropped.

“I don’t want to call him!” she said, face a mask of fear.

He smiled and shook his head.

“I’m just messing with you. That’s what we got Legal for; they’ll take care of that,” he said.

Violet got to shaky legs; the thought of having to deal with anyone made her very nervous. She walked back to her office and let out a deep breath.

“Hey, Violet, think you could take a look at this one?” Kenneth smiled and dropped a thick file on her desk. “Since you did such a good job with the other one?”

She looked up at him and blushed hotly; he must have been walking right behind her the whole way back to her office, probably watching her very ample backside as she walked. Then she smiled widely. Obviously, she’d done a good job with the Garden file.

Chapter 2

She waited by her car for her roommate, Amber Goldman. A moment later, Amber came out and smiled widely at Violet. Violet waved ‘Hi’ to Scarlett, who pretended not to see her.

“So?” Amber asked excitedly as she buckled up. “How was your first day?”

“Hectic,” Violet smiled. “They’ve got me reading insurance beşiktaş escort plans, and I don’t understand half of that stuff.”

Amber was a few inches taller that the five foot three inch Violet, with long dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, a slightly narrow face. She considered herself quite ugly because of her classic Jewish nose, but she was actually quite pretty. She had small breasts, a thin waist and narrow hips, the typical model’s frame, and admired Violet’s round, voluptuous figure.

Scarlett smiled sadly as the two roommates drove out of the Employee parking lot. She wondered if Violet had guessed that the flowers were from her.


Once they were home, Violet quickly changed out of her work clothes and got comfortable in a sweat suit and began preparing their dinner.

“Can I help?” Amber asked.

“Um, no, not really, I’m almost done,” Violet said and slid the small hamburger patties back into the quick gravy she’d made. “When the noodles are ready, so are we.”


“Um, can I ask you something?” Amber asked as they finished their dinner.

“Um, sure,” Violet agreed.

“Um, please don’t take this the wrong way,” Amber started off and Violet laughed, more out of nervousness than humor.

“Well, when you start it off like that, it’s kind of hard not to get defensive, you know?” she smiled.

“Well, how am I supposed to say it?” Amber huffed.

“I don’t know,” Violet shrugged. “I guess, just come out and say it, I suppose.”

“All right,” Amber fidgeted for a moment, and then looked away from Violet. “Um, you know, I’ve um, never been around a lesbian before, so um.”

Violet sighed. She’d never been around a lesbian before either, but on Halloween of last year, she’d worn an Angel costume to work and Scarlett Ubelhorn had worn a Devil’s costume. They’d gotten together, as friends, but before the night was over, they’d wound up lovers.

Then, as their relationship deepened, Scarlett had become frightened, then abusive. Violet moved out, renting a two-bedroom apartment. Amber Goldman had answered Violet’s ad for a roommate, even though just six days earlier, Violet had filed a sexual harassment charge against her, for sending her an unending stream of derogatory jokes, mostly about lesbians.

“And I don’t know what’s appropriate and what’s not, you know?” Amber said and looked down at the table.

“What do you mean?” Violet asked, curious.

“Okay, like, um, you know, the other night, when you helped me put all my furniture together and I hugged you,” Amber said, quite agitated.

“That’s appropriate,” Violet conceded.

“But suppose I don’t want to wait for you to put furniture together?” Amber asked, not looking at Violet.

“What do you mean?” Violet asked.

“Well, suppose I just want to hug you? Do I have to, you know, be all worried that it might be taken the wrong way and stuff?” Amber asked.

“Well, when you’re around your friends, do you worry about hugging them and it being taken the wrong way?” Violet asked in response.

“No, not really,” Amber said and traced patterns with her fingernail in the tabletop.

“Amber, I don’t thick I’ll take a hug the wrong way,” Violet smiled and patted Amber’s tracing hand.

“Oh, good,” Amber let out a deep breath.

Violet, even though she’d not known that she was holding it, also let out a deep breath of her own.

“What else?” she smiled and Amber shrugged her shoulders.

“Um, suppose I sometimes kiss you, you know, like on the cheek? Would that be like weird and stuff?” Amber asked and blushed hotly.

“No, no, I thick that’d be nice,” Violet admitted.

“But if I accidentally, you know, um, accidentally got you on your lips instead, you wouldn’t um, you know, think I was coming on to you, would you?” Amber asked, face blazing from her blush.

“No, probably not,” Violet agreed. “Now, if you shoved your tongue down my throat, then I might start to think you’re coming on to me.”

“Gee, you think?” Amber laughed.

“A little bit,” Violet laughed as well.

“Thanks, Violet,” Amber said a moment later.

“Amber, this is your home too,” Violet said and began to clear the table. “I want you to be as comfortable as possible here.”

“Um, one more thing?” Amber asked.

“Sure, what?” Violet said, pausing by the doorway of the kitchen.

“If I say ‘I love you,’ you’re not going to think I’m you know, um…” Amber asked.

“Do you love me?” Violet asked, eyebrow raised.

“Yeah, I kind of do,” Amber admitted. “I mean, I really couldn’t take another minute of living like that, and you come along and don’t even think twice about it and just help me out and all…”

Amber had been living in a desolate; roach and rat infested dump of an apartment. Even her furniture was ruined and unusable. Violet simply let the girl sleep in her bed until they got Amber her own bedroom suite.

“Well, if you do, then say it let it go,” Violet said.

“I escort love you,” Amber admitted and blushed hotly again and looked away.

“Thank you, that’s very sweet,” Violet said. “I like hearing that, because I love you too.”

She stacked the dishwasher and started the machine. The leftovers were divided into two containers; one for Amber’s lunch tomorrow and one for her own.


“You’re going to bed already?” Amber asked as Violet entered her bedroom.

“No, going to watch a little television, then I’ll probably go to sleep,” Violet said and prepared to close the door.

“What you going to watch?” Amber asked and Violet realized the girl was lonely.

She remembered when she too had been a Data entry clerk; it was very tedious, lonely work. You rarely had any interaction with the person sitting not even four feet from you, as they were busy doing the same thing you were doing and couldn’t handle interruptions.

“I, um, I was going to watch a movie or something,” Violet blushed and admitted.

She was going to watch ‘Lesbian Fist Party,’ and masturbate in the privacy of her room. She’d received a leather corset the other day, with ‘O’ rings to force her large breasts through, and her masochistic side was itching to try it on, to torture her breasts while she masturbated.

“Oh really? What kind of…Oh!” Amber realized why Violet was blushing so hotly and blushed herself. “Um, okay, have a good night.”

“But we can watch a movie in the living room, if you want,” Violet said and walked toward the loveseat. “I’ve got the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, um, that ‘Batman’ movie, the one with George Clooney in it…”

“Ooh, he’s hot!” Amber said.

“Yeah, he is,” Violet, agreed. “Or I have that ‘Crash’ movie, the one where Sandra Bullock is…”

“Oh, I haven’t seen that one!” Amber said.

And hour later, Violet felt Amber’s head on her shoulder. A few minutes later, Amber began to snore, lightly at first, then a little louder.

“Wake up,” she said quietly and lightly jiggled Amber.

“Huh?” Amber said and looked around.

“Bed time,” Violet said and turned off the television.


Violet masturbated with the hand held showerhead, and then finished her shower.

Amber sleepily hugged her ‘good night,’ lightly kissed Violet’s cheek, then wobbled into her own bedroom.

Violet lay in her bed and relished the memory of Amber’s hug and kiss, even though she knew that Amber meant in friendship only.

Chapter 3

In the employees’ parking lot of Ubelhorn she missed her terribly. But she was trying to live life as a heterosexual. She pulled her long black hair back and slapped her hat on; steeling herself for the January wind.

“Good morning,” Violet and amber said pleasantly to Scarlett as they waited for the elevator.

“Good morning,” Scarlett said flatly, not making eye contact with either one of them.

At the eleventh floor, Amber turned to Violet and kissed her quickly on the cheek.

“Have a great day,” she enthused and got out of the elevator. “Love you,” floated back as the doors slid shut.

Scarlett felt her insides turn to stone when another woman kissed her girlfriend. When the other woman said ‘Love you,” so casually and easily, she tensed, then turned back to the elevator. The highly polished steel doors showed her horrified reflection.

She felt the tears coming on, but managed to turn away and retreat to her desk.

She wanted to call Joshua and cry on his shoulder; but knew he wouldn’t understand and most likely would get irritated with her for calling him at work.

“No, but it’s okay to call you if I want to fuck,” she thought bitterly.


Joshua was very attractive, very sensual (when he wanted to be), but other than sex, they didn’t seem to have much in common. He enjoyed her attention to his manhood, and didn’t mind giving tit for tat. He also didn’t balk at her suggestion that he use a condom as a few of her earlier relationships had.

But if there was a sporting event on, he was more attentive to her large plasma television than he was to her. He was also pretty critical of her inexperience in the kitchen.

She attempted once to fix smothered steak for a Sunday lunch; Violet made it look so easy, but had burned the meat to a crisp. He had not let her live that one down.

She’d would have called Violet and asked her for tips on how to cook, but just the sound of Violet’s sweet voice cut through her like a knife.

Joshua was pretty surprised and shocked when she’d tearfully dragged him into her bedroom and forcibly shoved him onto her bed. After just a moment’s hesitation, she guided the head of his cock to her anus and sat down on his cock.

“Oh!” she shuddered through the orgasm. “Oh, God, that’s good!”

“Gee, you should fuck up your cooking more often,” he said, spoiling the intimate moment.


Violet gritted her teeth as she studied the proposal she and Amanda would have to try and sell to a small natural remedies health foods store. It was a good plan, but it wasn’t very cheap. She pulled up the payroll for them and smiled as she recognized Amber’s service number in the corner. The average salary was just over ten dollars an hour; this plan would take a substantial bite out of that.

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