Schooling Ashley – chapter 3

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Outwardly, she appeared normal, smiling and chatting like any young woman, but her inner turmoil was growing. Her friends has begun to talk about what they would do when the school year ended, some mentioning university and others talking about jobs or maybe marriage. Ashley listened to their chatter and laughed with them, but slowly began to realize that none of these things were what she truly wanted. There was a part of her that wanted to be owned, possessed, bound and controlled. She felt ashamed of it, because it had been drummed into her head for years that men and women were equal and that women should be independent and strong.

Late one evening, she found herself in the corridor that led to the Headmaster’s office. His last words to her repeated over the over in her head, “I can teach you things that most women will never learn in their entire lives, show you a way to live that will afford you more pleasure than you can imagine, but it has to be your choice… If you do choose to come back, it will be to stay. No changing your mind, no second chances.”

The office door was unlocked and she entered, finding the room in semi-darkness, light by only the desk lamp. “Sir, are you here? I…I need to ask you…” The door to his private quarters opened and he came into the room, dressed more casually than she had ever seen him, barefoot, in black jeans with a white shirt, open at the collar and cuffs. “Ashley! I am surprised to see you tonight. What can I do for you?”

“Please Sir, I need to talk to you. I am so confused….” Tears began to fall as he guided her to a chair and handed her some tissues.

“What are you confused about, little one?

“Those things you said to me Sir…I just keep thinking about it. I know that I shouldn’t want it, but I just can’t help it. I can’t help thinking…. I feel so different from my friends and I wonder if it’s because… if it’s because I am a weak person, someone who needs to be told what to do all the time.

His laughter startled her and she looked up at him, wondering if he was making fun of her. “You, Ashley, weak? I don’t think so. It takes a strong person to know what they want and to get it. It takes a strong person to go against what is “normal” and make the decision, the choice, to submit to someone else.”

She began to cry in earnest then and he waited patiently until her sobs tapered off and finally stopped. “Feeling better now, Miss Gracen?” She nodded, not looking up. “Is there anything else you need tonight?”

There was a minute of silence but finally, she slid from the chair onto her knees, assuming the posture he had taught her only a few weeks ago. “Please Sir, teach me.”

“Are you sure, Ashley? I have told you that there is no going back if you come to me.”

“I know, Sir.”

“I am asking you one more time Ashley. Are you quite sure about this?”

Her voice was small but steady, as she looked up, meeting his eyes and replied, “Yes….Master.”

“Come with Escort Çankaya me then.”

His hand on the back of her neck felt reassuring as he opened the door to the next room. Entering, she was startled to see two people in the room, one of the Headmaster’s assistants, and one of her own classmates, nude and kneeling at the man’s feet.

“Ashley, I think that you have met my aide, Richard, and I am sure that you know Gina. The two of you have a geometry class together, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir, we do, but I…”

“No more talking pet, unless I ask you a question. Do you understand?”

Ashley nodded and looked down in confusion, unsure what to do. Her eyes flicked back to Gina, who knelt unmoving, her dark skin glowing in the golden light of the room. Richard’s hand moved to her breast, pinching the nipple and Ashley heard a slight gasp, but nothing more.

“Take off your clothes Ashley, lay them over on that chair and then come to me.”

She moved automatically to obey him, her mind almost blank as she removed each piece of clothing, folding them neatly and placing them where he indicated. Returning to stand in front of him, she met his eyes briefly, then sank to her knees, her hands held behind her back, eyes cast to the floor.

“Richard, I plan to start each of Ashley’s sessions with a spanking, just to remind her to be obedient. I know that you were about to punish Gina, so let us make one serve for both. Please have Gina come over here.”

Richard motioned to her and the dark girl crawled toward Ashley, finally kneeling beside her. Firm hands pushed both of their heads toward the floor, shoulders down, asses raised and vulnerable, dark and light side by side. Ashley heard the hiss of a belt being drawn through loops and seconds later the leather landed on her flesh with a stinging impact. She jumped and found herself pressed tightly against Gina, their backsides being reddened and warmed by leather and hands. Finally, her ass throbbing and hot, Ashley was told to crawl forward a little, then turn and watch as Gina received her punishment. She winced as a leather paddle cracked sharply against Gina’s already glowing ass and thighs, causing her to cry out and finally, tears to flow.

“Go to her Ashley, comfort her now.” Ashley crawled to Gina and gathered the sobbing girl into her arms, stoking her head gently and making small noises of comfort. Gina’s skin was soft under her hands and the other girl quieted quickly, pressing close, until Ashley could feel their breasts rubbing together. Gina’s hands began to return her caresses and Ashley gasped as Gina rubbed over her erect nipple, causing a bolt of pure pleasure to shoot to her wet pussy. The two men watched with interest as the women became bolder, hands roaming more freely with lips finally meeting in a passionate kiss. Ashley’s fingers slipped into Gina’s wet slit, fascinated by the feel of her slippery wetness and the firm nub of her clit that swelled under her touch. Çankaya Escort Exploring further, she found Gina’s opening and boldly slipped her finger inside, enjoying the moan of pleasure from the other women. Ashley’s eyes closed in bliss as she felt her touches reciprocated, Gina’s fingers rubbing her clit gently.

Laughing, Richard remarked, “Well it seems like these two little sluts have decided to have their own lesson this evening!”

“Yes indeed. This is quite entertaining, but I had another lesson in mind for Ashley tonight. You and Gina may certainly watch or may entertain yourselves as you wish.” The two girls felt strong hands fasten in their hair and they were pulled apart, with moans of disappointment. Ashley was quickly positioned on her hands and knees.

“Ashley, the last time you were with me, you refused to submit to my wishes. Tonight, you WILL submit, and you will learn to take pleasure any way that I choose to give it.” She felt slick fingers over her ass and jumped slightly. This was followed by a sharp blow from his hand to her ass cheek as he cautioned her to remain still.

“Since this is new for you, I will help you submit tonight. Put your head and shoulders down, hands between your legs and grasp your ankles.”

Ashley did as he directed and soon found herself bound, wrists to ankles, unable to move, her ass and sex exposed. He placed a small pillow under her shoulders and made sure that her face was turned so that she could see the other pair in the room. She felt his strong arm encircle her waist to keep her still and then felt a cool hardness against her ass pucker, followed by pressure and a burning, stretching sensation as her ass opened to the dildo that was forced past her resistance and into her back channel. She cried out at the invasion and began to pant, trying to ease the pain a little. He held the dildo there, moving it only slightly in and out, allowing her time to adjust to the intrusion.

“How does that feel now, Ashley?”

“It hurt a lot at first Sir, but it’s better now.”

“Very good. Lets see how you do with this one.” She felt the dildo slip from her passage, to be replaced with another, larger than the first. The burning pain returned as he pressed it into her hole, causing her cry out and struggle against her bonds, but she was held immobile.

“Try to relax Ashley, don’t fight against it. Bear down a little as if you are trying to push it out.”

Crying, she did as he instructed, gasping when the larger object slipped further into her ass. The pain began to ease somewhat and she became aware of a feeling of fullness and that her clit had become swollen and was throbbing in time with her abused asshole.

Ashley looked toward Gina and Richard and saw that Gina was also on her hands and knees. Richard had freed his cock from his pants and had slicked it, positioning it at Gina’s back entrance and then pushing in, in one smooth hard stroke. Gina moaned loudly and then Escort Bayan screamed, “Sir, I am cumming, I’m cumming now!” Richard began to pump her in a steady rhythm and Gina bucked back against him, obviously enjoying having his cock in her ass. Ashley felt the dildo in her butt begin to move and became overwhelmed by the pleasurable sensation of fullness, enjoying the slick slide of the sex toy in her passage, although there was still a bit of burning as she was stretched open. Fingers brushed her clit and she began to pant and moan as he stimulated her ass and clit until she felt a tightness in her belly. “Please sir, I think I am going to cum.. Please let me cum soon!”

“You may cum if you like, little pet.” Stimulation of her clit increased as did the sensation in her ass. Looking over, she saw Gina’s hole being pounded as Richard’s pale cock slid in and out. Her clit swelled and begun to pulse under Sir’s talented fingers, her orgasm racing through her body, causing her back channel to clench around the pistoning dildo. Her screams of pleasure sent Richard over the edge and he came with a shout, shooting his load deep into Gina’s backside.

Leaving the dildo buried deep in Ashley’s ass, Sir stood and quickly removed his clothing. Ashley moaned at the sight of his nude body, his long hard cock jutting proudly. He positioned himself behind Gina’s still kneeling form and entered her pussy slowly, as Richard lay to the side, his head propped up on his arm, watching with evident enjoyment, occasionally reaching over to tweak an erect nipple. Gina voiced her pleasure at the penetration.

“Ooohhhh….Thank you Sir, thank you… Please fuck me Master, fuck me hard!”

“You have been a very good girl tonight Gina. You took your punishment well and you may come again if you like”. He set up a hard steady rhythm which soon had Gina moaning and crying out beneath him as she came. A few more hard thrusts and he came as well, buried to the hilt between her dusky pussy lips.

He returned to Ashley’s side, reaching down to remove the dildo, rimming her stretched hole with his finger as he did so, noting the way she moved into his touch. “This is lovely pet, very nice. One day soon, your Master will get great pleasure from taking you this way.” He released her from her bonds and, at her sigh of relief, took her into his arms and held her. “Do you see, Ashley? I told you it would feel good. You must learn to trust me. Some of your lessons are going to be very hard to learn, but you must trust that I know what is best. I won’t promise you that there won’t be pain, because sometimes pain is part of the pleasure, but I will never allow you to be injured.”

A short time later, Ashley and Gina were sent off to the wash room to clean up before going back to their dorms.

“I think that perhaps Gina and Ashley should share a room from now on. It might help them both to have someone to talk to and we can use one to help reinforce discipline with the other, don’t you think?”

Richard nodded his agreement and stated, “I think you chose well. Ashley is going to be fantastic!”

“Well, there is much potential there but our Ashley still has many lessons to learn.”

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