Secretary to Slave Ch. 02

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She arrived at work the next day earlier than usual. She was finding herself eager to get things started with her new Master. She felt sexy without panties, as ordered. She sat at her desk, and started to get her day going. About 5 minutes later, he showed up. He walked past her, and smiled, without saying a word. She thought he was looking quite sexy today, and it almost bothered her. Was she letting herself get into this too much?

He sat at his desk, and got his day started. He pulled her panties from his pocket that she had left him the day before. He just felt them in his hand, thinking about what he wanted to do next. He finally went out to the lobby, and locked the front door. She watched, wondering what he was doing. He walked over to her, turned her chair around, and stood her up; he touched her cheek, and then kissed her lips. He then turned her around, and had her bend over the reception desk. He pulled her pants down, revealing her bare ass. He smiled seeing she had obeyed him.

He let his hands roam her ass, and then down between her legs, spreading her lips open his fingers played in her moisture. She was wet when she had gotten to work, thinking about her next assignment. She had no idea it would involve this. She was ready to put a stop to it. She wanted more, but was feeling guilty. That’s when his finger tips found her clit, doeda and he rubbed it softly. Her mind went blank, she closed her eyes.

He played with her clit more, then slowly slid two fingers into her warm hole. Sliding in and out, her juices began to run down her legs. He stopped, and knelt down, licking the juice from her thigh. He then stood up and went and unlocked the front door, and went back to his office. He smiled to himself; he knew she was confused as hell right now.

About an hour later, he repeated this process, almost identically; from locking the door, to standing her up and bending her over, then playing with her clit and wetness, and finally leaving and going back to his desk again.

This process went on all day, every hour on the hour. Finally, the final hour came. This time once her pants were down, he sat her down on the desk, and knelt in front of her, and pulled her womanhood towards his face, and without hesitation dove tongue first into her moisture. His lips and tongue played with her clit, and lips. His tongue kept diving in her hole, and back out. He was drinking in every drop of her sweet nectar. He brought her to three orgasms, the chair and his face soaked. He then got up, and went back to his office, and told her he would see her tomorrow. That was the first time he had spoken to her all day.

The eş değiştirmeli porno next day, she got ready for work, and almost called in sick. She was liking the idea of what he would do too much, and it was scaring her. But, she got dressed and left. When she got to work, he was already in his office. She got to her desk, and found a small box. She opened it, there was a note. It said she was to put it on immediately, and leave it on the rest of the day. She looked in the box and found a small vibrator, connected to panties. When she put the panties on, the toy would slide into her pussy, but there was no way to turn the vibrator on. She went to the rest room and did as she was told. It felt good inside her, but she almost wished it was vibrating.

About 20 minutes after she was working, when the toy started violently vibrating on a high setting. She put 2 and 2 together, and finally realized these must be remote control panties, and he had the remote.

He sent her a message online asking her if she was ok. She replied she was, and was enjoying the gift. He smiled to himself, and at the same time, started to feel bad. He had been going further than he expected to. However, she was still doing it. This was just a game, and she could have stopped any time. But she wasn’t.

He then made genç porno his mind up and sent her another message. “I know we said it would be 2 weeks, but, that may be a little harsh. You’ve done well and obeyed me on everything. So I am cutting your sentence down to 1 week. That means we only have 1 more day left. You should be relieved.”

She was, but at the same time, she was disappointed. She knew it was better off though. He was making her do things she enjoyed, but was always too chicken to do on her own. She liked that she could pretend as if it was “forced.”

Throughout the day, he would press the remote, sending tingles all through her body. She orgasmed at least 4 times through the day. He would smile when she came to his office for work related things, because he would push the button. He could see her face change, but she never missed a beat. She kept going with her conversation like nothing was happening.

The day finally ended, and she asked him what to do with the toy. He told her to take it off and leave it in her desk drawer. She did as she was told and left for the day.

She wondered what the final day would hold. She wondered how much more “wrong” it could get. Her guilt always set in on the drive home, but, she told herself there was only one more day.

He sat at his desk as she was leaving, then got up and went to get the toy. Her scent was still covering the device. He took it back to his office, and began to think about the next day. How would he end the game? What would come next? He may have already gone too far. Should he back off? Should he push all the way?

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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