Seduced By My Neighbor

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My wife and I had been married 22 years and as a result the kids had grown and moved out. Our lives had changed since the kids were now gone. I had suspected, but could never prove, that she was having an affair with her boss at the bank. She just laughed it off whenever I mentioned it. Needless to say our sex life sucked, no pun intended. After about three years of this she deceided she wanted out and so she left me with the house, the cars, everything, including the bills.

I am 41 years old, 5′ 11″ 175 lbs and my passion in life is to keep myself physically fit. I go to the gym everyday at 5 am and then it’s off to work at my accounting practice. Day in and day out that’s about it.

I decieded to call in sick one sunny day and just lounge around the pool. I had a book that I wanted to read. John Gresham is my favorite author and his latest one proved to be spellbinding. I greased up with baby oil grabbed my Oakleys and headed out my favorite lounge chair in antcipation of a very relaxing day.

I was totally engrossed in Gresaham’s book when the phone rang.

“Shit, that better not be the office”, I mumbled to myself. I checked the caller ID and to my suprise it was Mary, my nextdoor neighbor.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Greg? This is Mary. What cha doing?” she inquired.

Everytime Mary called she asked this question. I suppose that’s her way of breaking the ice. But it has become a game with us. Everytime I call over there I ask the samething.

“Nothing just chillin’ by the pool.” I said.

“Well I just saw your truck in the drive and was wondering if everything was alright.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I just didn’t feel like going into work on such a pretty day. By the way, what are you doing home?”

“Same, I couldn’t stand another day cooped up in that stuffy office so I took the week off as a vacation week.” she replied rather bubbly.

“Where’s Steve?” I asked. Steve is her husband and is an airline pilot.

“He’s in Japan. Left last night. He won’t be home until day after tomorrow.”

“Oh, another lonely night huh?” I joked.

“Yep, looks like it. Well, I just wanted to check and see if you were alright.”

“Thanks Mary, I’m fine.”

“Ok, see ya later.”

“Bye Mary.”

I returned to my book but couldn’t atakent escort concentrate. My mind kept drifting back to Mary. She is 43 years old, about 5′ 7″ tall, 125lbs, blonde hair and piercing green eyes. We joke around with each other all the time. Telling each other dirty jokes and just enjoying each others company. She has a beautiful smile and long legs. Her titties are small but the nipples poke through her blouse leaving nothing to the imagination.

I was daydreaming about her and starting the first stages of a hard on. I decieded to take a dip in the pool to cool off and dove in and swam my normal 20 laps. Getting out I heard the phone ringing. I wasn’t going to answer it and that was final! I dried off and went into the house to make myself a drink. I took my bathing suit off and hung it in the bathroom. I returned to the kitchen naked and poured some bourbon over ice and took a sip. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the smooth burning sensation as the liquor slid down my throat. I stood there for a few seconds with my eyes closed and when I opened them I was looking at Mary standing at the door wide eyed and blushing. I quickly grabbed my towel from the counter and wrapped it around me.

“Mary, I’m so sorry, I was just getting ready to take a shower.” I said as I opened the door.

“You’re sorry? I’m the one who should apologize. I’m sorry for invading your privacy. I called and you didn’t answer. I just wanted to know if you needed anything from the store? I didn’t expect to see you like that.”

“Well, anyway, I don’t need anything but thanks for asking. Why don’t you come over after you get back and have a drink with me?”

“Sounds good, but I need to do my daily jog first, maybe after that?”

“Suit yourself, just call and let me know what time.”

“Will do, see ya later.”

She acted like nothing had happened, so I tried to do the same but the whole time we were talking I could feel the blood making my cock swell. She tried to keep her eyes locked on mime but I did notice her letting them slide down my body. I went to take my shower and couldn’t stop thinking her seeing me naked in the kitchen. I got out of the shower, dried off and slipped on some old cut-off sweats without the ataköy escort underwear.

Two hours and several bourbons later the phone rang. It was Mary. She was out of breath from her running and said she would be over after taking her shower.

“Well it’s now or never.” I thought to myself.

“Why don’t you come over and take a swim in the pool to cool off?” I offered.

“Hey, that’s not a bad idea. Let me get changed and I’ll be right over.”

“See ya in a few” I quipped.

Ten minutes later Mary was standing at the door to the kitchen. I opened it and invited her in. She had some cut off shorts, t-shirt and sandals on.

“You’re going swimming in that?” I asked.

“I have my suit on under it. How about that drink?” she smiled.

That smile could melt the coldest of hearts. “Sure thing, what”ll it be?”

“Scotch on the rocks bartender.” she laughed.

“Scotch it is.” I said reaching for a glass.

She took a sip and moaned as it slid down her throat. She then drained the glass.

“SMOOTH! How about another one?”

“I got as much as you want.”

“Are you swiming in those?” she nodded to my cut-off sweats as she took the glass.

“No, I’m water logged after my swim earlier.”

She pouted, “You mean I have to swim alone?”

“I’ll be out there with you.” I said.

“Well, if I have to.” she pouted again poking her lower lip out.

I laughed at her and we made our way out to the deck of the pool.

“No peeking!” she said as she removed her t-shirt.

My eyes were bugging out of their sockets as I saw what she was wearing under that shirt. A neon yellow g-string with triangle patches barley covering her hard nipples. She bent over with her back to me and slowly peeled her shorts off. The string of her bathing suit was buried in the crack of her ass and left the tan cheeks shining in all their glory. She dove in the pool and swam a few laps as I watched the sun glisten off her smooth tan skin. She finished her laps and climbed up the ladder, water dripping off her body as she walked over to the lounge chair where I was sitting. I handed her a towel which she thanked me for.

“Looks like you could use some cooling off too!” she nodded to atalar escort my shorts.

I didn’t realise it but my cock was semi-hard and the head was sticking out of my shorts.

“Sorry, but what did you expect, that bathing suit really looks good on you.”

“Thanks, I wore it just for you.”

She sat down beside me and took my face in her hands. She guided my lips to hers and started exploring my mouth with her tounge. She slid her tounge deep into my nouth and I returned the kiss our tounges innertwining. She slowly let her fingers slide down by chest, stopping only to circle my nipples, and then continued to my now raging hard cock, her fingers gripping it and sliding up and down it’s full 8″. She broke off the kiss and let her tounge slide down my body to my cock.

Licking the head and the slit, she moaned and then engulfed the whole shaft. It was my turn to moan now. Her wet and warm mouth felt so good on my dick. She bobbed up and down for about a minute and sensing that I was about to explode, she stopped. She raised her lips to mine and we kissed deeply. I could taste the pre-cum on her lips as we explored each others mouths.

I reached around her and untied the string of her top letting it fall to the ground. I pinched her rock hard nipples as she groaned into my mouth. I kissed my way down to her breasts and sucked her left nipple into my mouth, gently biting down on it. This was all it took, she screamed out in pleasure as her whole body shook. She had an orgasm and I hadn’t even put my hand in her bathing suit bottom yet! She moaned and groaned for what seemed like ten minutes but was really only about two or three. When she calmed down she looked at me and smiled.

“They are very sensitive.”

“I guess so.” I said.

“Now it’s your turn.” she said as she lowered her mouth to my cock.

She took my dick once again into her mouth and started in on it like there was no tomorrow. She sucked and licked until she had me in a frienze. I held her head as I felt the familiar tingle in my balls. I exploded in her mouth more cum than I have ever let go in my life and she swallowed every drop.

“MOM!!” I turned my head to see Mary’s 19 year-old daughter, Lindsey standing not ten feet away. “What the hell are you doing!” she screamed.

My cock popped out of Mary’s mouth as she realised what was going on.

“Lindsey! Oh my god!” Mary exclaimed.

She jumped up and wrapped a towel around her body as she followed Lindsey out the gate and over to their house.

There is a second part to this story and if I get enough feedback I will post it. Thanks for reading. Aubie

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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