Seducing Anya Ch. 02

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This is the second chapter of a brother-sister romance, seen through the eyes of the brother’s bisexual girlfriend. To recap: Valerie, a cute blonde twentysomething, lives happily in a lakeside town with Cal, her loving and well-hung boyfriend. However, when Cal’s tall, beautiful younger sister Anya comes to visit, Valerie finds her bisexual tendencies aroused. She begins to fall in love with Anya, and fantasises about seducing her.

The incestuous relationship is built up more in this chapter, and the lesbian/bisexual elements between Valerie and Anya also get much more explicit. Be aware, there is also a lot of pissing in this chapter, as well as a backstory involving abusive relationships. Comments are welcome.

Warnings: Piss, Lesbian Sex

All characters involved in sexual situations are aged over 18.


The darkening skies were reflected blue and grey in the still waters of the lake. It was early in the evening, but the sun was sinking fast and the street lights were coming on across town. The Saturday night crowds were beginning to gather on the waterfront, bustling into the bars and clubs that overlooked the water. The air was cool, verging on chilly, promising a cold night ahead.

Valerie sat in the passenger seat of Cal’s car as he drove her and Anya to their evening drinks. She watched distractedly as the town went by through the window, the flashy shopfronts and new-build apartments of the lakeside giving way to the quieter streets of the suburbs and the dark, ragged outline of the surrounding pine forest. She glanced over her shoulder to see Anya, tall and quiet and palely beautiful, sitting in the back seat of the car. The younger girl was wearing a pretty, long-sleeved blue dress whose cut nicely flattered her slender curves. That familiar ache of longing rose up in Valerie again. She couldn’t wait to have Anya alone to herself.

It had been a deeply frustrating week. Work had been absolutely hectic – Valerie was beginning to silently regret her promotion; it seemed like her twenty percent raise had come with a hundred percent workload increase. She and Cal traded lustful text messages every lunchtime, but for her it was more out of habit than anything else. All she could think about was Anya, and coming home to see that tall, luscious girl lounging around in her dressing gown, so close yet just out of reach, was nearly unbearable.

Valerie and Cal still fucked every night, and she made sure to moan and cry out at the top of her lungs each time. There was no way Anya couldn’t hear them, sleeping in her cosy guestroom just down the corridor. Valerie hoped to provoke the younger girl out of her comfort zone, bring out her more sexual nature. But Anya was clearly too shy to mention it, and she kept giving Cal those furtive, desirous looks when she thought nobody was watching. Her attitude to Valerie remained as it was before – good-natured, courteous, but quiet and totally platonic. It seemed hopeless.

Now, though, the weekend was finally upon them, and things were looking up. Some of Cal’s old school friends were visiting for the first time in months, and he wanted to have a boys’ night on the waterfront with them. It suited Valerie perfectly, as it gave her an excuse to take Anya for some drinks of their own. Cal had agreed to drop them off at Valerie’s favourite haunt, an upmarket wine bar on the outskirts. “You’ll have to get Anni home, though, babe,” he’d warned Valerie as they set off. “Pretty sure I’m gonna be too drunk to drive in a couple hours.”

“I’ll take care of her,” Valerie promised him.

As the car rounded a corner onto a winding, tree-lined lane, Valerie looked back at Anya again, trying to catch her eye. When Anya met her gaze, she smiled faintly, and Valerie’s heart fluttered. She wanted to kiss her so very badly. She felt a quick jolt of guilt, remembering that Cal was right next to her. It seemed like so recently that he’d been all she wanted, and the thought of his leanly muscular body and his huge, beautiful cock still gave her a tremor of inner delight. She hadn’t stopped wanting him, she tried to reassure herself. It was just that she wanted his sister more.

The wine bar was a hidden gem located on the very edge of town, where the neat suburban streets gave way to the dark pine forest. It billed itself as a quiet but trendy escape from the everyday bustle, and attracted a wealthy, relatively young clientele. Valerie had always preferred that sort of place to the packed, deafening clubs of the waterfront. Cal pulled up in the bar’s little gravelled parking lot to let the two girls climb out. Valerie was in high heels, but Anya just wore some neat white plimsolls. She was obviously quite self-conscious about being so tall, and in heels she would have even rivalled Cal in height.

“Have a good night, babe,” Cal said, kissing Valerie goodbye as she got out of the car. “You too, Anni.” He smiled warmly at Anya, whose answering smile was, as always, faintly sad.

Cal drove off, and Valerie led Anya into the warmly-lit, Anadolu Yakası Escort understated interior of the bar. It wasn’t too crowded this early in the evening, and they found a cosy booth near the back, out of sight of most of the other patrons. Valerie insisted on buying their drinks. “You’re the guest, Anni. This is my treat,” she said. It was more than just generosity that motivated her. She was eager to get Anya to open up, and she trusted alcohol to be the necessary social lubricant.

It turned out that Anya really liked her wine – she drank several large glasses of pale chardonnay, in surprisingly quick succession. Valerie, meanwhile, paced herself with a half-bottle of good Australian shiraz. She watched Anya’s reserved manner grow more and more loose and cheerful as she drank. After the younger girl had been so shy all week, it was a genuinely pleasant sight to see her happy. Valerie also found it quite titillating to see her drink so much, knowing that she would have to piss it all out later on.

No longer so reticent, Anya chatted happily about herself – her dancing, her language studies, how it had been growing up with Cal in their luxurious country home. She blushed as Valerie told her a few scandalous stories from her wild teenage years. She was meeting Valerie’s gaze more readily now, and wearing a quietly happy smile. She was so beautiful when she smiled; her delicately pretty face lit up with such warmth and sweetness that Valerie couldn’t help staring at her.

“I like you, Vali,” Anya said as she finished her fourth glass. Her soft voice was a little louder and her words faintly slurred from the wine.

“Awww. I like you too, honey,” Valerie replied cheerily.

“You make my brother happy. He loves you. I can see it. You’re so cute together.”

“I love Cal,” Valerie said, not quite knowing if she was telling the truth and feeling guilty for it. “He’s the best thing in my life. He’s given me everything.”

“I’m so glad he has you. I…I wish I could…” Anya trailed off. She seemed to have lost her train of thought entirely, because she sat there for a moment, then suddenly giggled like a schoolgirl. “Um, you and him are…really noisy. At night.”

Valerie grinned at her, secretly pleased that Anya’s thoughts were turning to sex. “Oh, do we disturb you? Sorry, Anni, you know how it is.”

“He makes you moan so loud.” Anya’s smile was adorably shy. “I know he’s…um…”

“What?” Valerie feigned a look of total innocence.

“Oh, you know. Like…” Anya looked down sheepishly. “I shouldn’t say it. He’s my brother.”

“Don’t be shy, Anni, you can say anything to me.”

“Um…you know. Big.”

“His cock, you mean?” Valerie replied teasingly, enjoying Anya’s obvious surprise at hearing the crude word. “Big doesn’t even describe it. Your brother’s hung like a horse.”

Anya giggled. “Yeah. I can see the bulge it makes when he walks. And he used to bring girls home…they were noisy too. He made them scream.”

“I bet he did, those lucky bitches. He keeps me up all night.”

“Really?” The curiosity in Anya’s voice was undeniable.

“Oh, like you wouldn’t believe. Multiple fucking orgasms,” Valerie said with a broad smile. It wasn’t just because she was glad Anya was loosening up – some very hot memories were playing through her mind. “He’s amazing, Anni. I get fucked at least three times a day. And it’s not just that big dick, he’s so good with his hands too. And his mouth.”

Anya was blushing very cutely now, but clearly listening with interest. As far as Valerie was concerned, there was no doubt about it any more. Anya didn’t just have a childish crush on Cal. She genuinely desired him.

Valerie decided to up the ante a little. “And he’s a little bit kinky. Just the way I like it,” she went on. “Not scared to play around sometimes, if you know what I mean.”

“Kinky? Like…what?”

“This and that. Holding me down. Pissing on me.”

Anya’s eyes went wide with surprise, “He does that?”

Valerie nodded happily. “It’s so much fun after sex. He just stands there and pees all over my face and tits. Sometimes he washes his come out of my pussy with his piss.” She felt a warm tingle of arousal between her legs at the mere thought.

“Oh my God,” Anya murmured. “I’ve never done anything like that.” But it was clear from her gaze that all the alcohol and talk of sex was awakening something inside her. Her eyes had a little gleam of desire in them when they met Valerie’s. It was almost like the way she looked at Cal, Valerie thought.

“You should try it. It’s a lot of fun.”

Anya shook her head, her smile fading. “The guys I meet just want to fuck me,” she said dully. “Once they’re done they just…aren’t interested. Or they…um…” She trailed off. Valerie leaned closer to her, concerned.

“What, honey?”

“My last boyfriend. He would…when I was asleep, he…” Anya stumbled over the words. “He used to…never mind.” The look in her lovely blue eyes Bostancı Escort was suddenly sad and distant.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to,” Valerie said gently, resting her hand on Anya’s arm. So these were the bad relationships Cal had been talking about. She didn’t want to push Anya on this, not when it was so clearly a sore subject – and when it might kill the sexual tension between them.

“Yeah. Thanks,” Anya mumbled. “I just…I wish I could meet someone good. Someone who wouldn’t hurt me.”

“Someone like Cal?” Valerie ventured. Anya seemed to hesitate for a moment, then nodded shyly.

“You will, Anni. You’re so beautiful. You just need to look for a better kind of guy, you know?”

Anya smiled back at her with gratitude – and, Valerie noticed happily, ever more affection.

Valerie had finished her shiraz now. She felt a warm, fuzzy tipsiness that was just short of being actually drunk. “Want another glass?” she asked Anya.

Anya shook her head drowsily. She was obviously some way beyond tipsy now. “No…no, thanks. I think I’ve…I’ve had enough.”


“Yeah…I think we should go home. I-” Anya hiccuped. “Oh. I’m really feeling it.”

“Mm, you did put it away pretty fast, honey.”

“Too fast.” Anya winced and gave Valerie a pained look. “I…I feel kind of dizzy.”

“Let’s sober you up before we go, then,” Valerie said kindly. She went to the bar to order a large glass of cold water, and brought it back for Anya to gulp down. She was delighted that she was going to have Anya all to herself, but she needed her more sober than this. Also, she thought naughtily as she watched Anya drink, all that water would go straight to her bladder.

“Come on, honey,” she said, picking up her handbag and shouldering it as she left the booth. Anya rose to follow her, obviously swaying from the wine now – she had to steady herself on the table as she stood up. Valerie guided her out of the bar, dodging through the gaggle of smokers and vapers at the door, and they set off down the road. It wasn’t so late yet, but the sky was pitch dark and a chilly autumn wind rustled the tops of the tall pines that crowded densely by the roadside. Valerie shivered slightly. Her blouse and skirt were really a bit too thin for this weather. Goosebumps stood up on her skin as they rounded a corner and were suddenly all alone, lit only by the sporadic glow of the sparsely placed streetlamps.

She let Anya lean close against her as they walked, savouring the scent of her perfume and the soft fall of her long black hair. When Anya swayed drunkenly and seemed about to stumble, Valerie slipped an arm around her slender waist to steady her. “Careful, honey, don’t fall,” she said.

“Sorry,” Anya murmured. Her lovely blue eyes were half-closed and her words were a little slurred. Clearly, the wine had hit her pretty hard, and the water hadn’t done much to counteract it. “I…I don’t mean to be…trouble.”

“It’s okay, Anni, you just had a bit too much to drink,” Valerie said, carefully steering the tall, beautiful, inebriated girl along the dark street. It was getting colder now, and a faint mist was forming in the pools of white light cast by the streetlamps. It was generally a pretty safe town, but Valerie still wondered if it was a good idea for two attractive young women – one of them very drunk – to be walking around at night on such an isolated street. She considered calling Cal and asking him to pick them up, but she knew he’d be drunk with his friends by now, certainly in no state to drive. And anyway, if Cal came to get them, she wouldn’t have Anya to herself any more.

Anya swayed again, veering into the street, and again Valerie had to hold on to her. “Whoa, careful, Anya. Careful.” Though she was slender, Anya was so tall that it was difficult for Valerie to steady her. Clearly it was going to be a bit of a struggle to get her home. Valerie spotted a wooden bench standing in a little brick alcove on the side of the road, illuminated by the bright streetlamps. She guessed they were still a mile or so from the apartment – it wouldn’t hurt to have a little rest.

“Come over here, Anni.” Valerie tolerantly guided Anya across the road to the bench, looking around nervously for any passing cars. Fortunately, there were none. “Sit down here, it’s okay.”

Anya gratefully sat down on the polished wood of the bench, and Valerie sat beside her, letting her rest against her shoulder. While she enjoyed Anya’s warmth against her, Valerie was feeling increasingly frustrated. She wanted to make an advance, try to get a real sexual response from Anya, but now the younger girl was so drunk it seemed like it would be futile. Still, maybe some time sitting in the cold night air would sober her up. It wasn’t too late yet; Cal wouldn’t be home for hours. She sat with Anya in companionable silence, propping her up so she wouldn’t fall asleep on the bench, and watched the mist rise in the lamplight.

“I’m glad I came here,” Anya said after Erenköy Escort a while. She turned and smiled tipsily at Valerie, her beautiful face framed by the sweep of her long raven hair, which gleamed in the harsh light of the streetlamp. Valerie looked deep into the inviting blue of her eyes. She wanted very much to kiss her right then, full on those luscious lips. She wanted to tear Anya’s dress off and free her firm, round tits. She wanted to taste the wet warmth of her cunt and make her come screaming.

“I’m glad you did, too,” Valerie replied, as nonchalantly as she could. “I’ve had fun tonight.”

“It’s been…hard for me,” Anya went on, oblivious to the lust she was evoking. “I get sad if I’m alone. Just, you know, thinking about those guys. Being with you and Cal makes me happy.”

“That’s sweet, honey. Having you here makes us happy too.” Valerie flashed her an encouraging smile. “Cal was so excited for you to visit. He loves his baby sister.”

“His…yeah. His baby sister.” Anya sounded gloomy. “I wish-“

“Wish what?” Valerie said, though she knew the answer. It was clear to her now that Anya had one deep, shameful, forbidden wish. She wished her big, strong, handsome brother would see her as more than just his sister. That he would lust for her as she lusted for him.

“I…nothing.” Anya shook her head, blinking in the lamplight, perhaps trying to sober up. That faraway sadness was in her eyes again.

Valerie took the opportunity to comfort her. She stroked the smooth warm skin of Anya’s forearm, feeling the tiny pinpricks of goosebumps in the cold air. She entwined her fingers with Anya’s, giving her delicate hand a gentle squeeze. “Well, you know you can stay with us as long as you want,” she said. “You’re always welcome here. And you can talk to me if you need to, any time.”

Anya smiled at Valerie with shy affection. That little gleam of desire was in her eyes again. They sat together on the bench holding hands for a while as the pines sighed in the wind. Despite the cold and surrounding darkness, it was a lovely moment, quiet and peaceful.

Then Anya’s expression suddenly became pained. “Oh God, Valerie,” she said. “I have to pee. So bad.”

Valerie could not have heard sweeter words right then. “Can you hold it?” she asked, unable to hide her grin. She knew perfectly well there was no way Anya could hold her pee for another mile’s walk. The silly girl had drunk almost a whole bottle’s worth of wine, not to mention all that water trying to sober herself up. Her bladder was surely fit to burst by now.

“No,” Anya moaned. “Oh fuck, I should have gone at the bar. I have to go so bad, I’ve been holding it too long.”

Valerie could see there were actually tears in her eyes. Relishing it, she said in her sweetest voice, “Oh, honey, are you sure? We’re only a mile from home.”

“I can’t…I can’t wait that long,” Anya said. “It hurts. I have to go now.” She was actually crossing her legs in desperation.

Valerie’s pussy was soaking wet now – she could feel it on her inner thighs, and she shivered with quiet pleasure in the chilly air. Her nipples were sharply erect, and certainly not just from the cold. The most gorgeous girl she’d ever met was within her grasp, and dying for a piss. It took all her composure not to lick her lips with anticipation as she said, “Okay. Don’t worry, Anni. Nobody else is around. You can pee in the street if you have to.”

Valerie half-expected Anya to protest, or ask for Valerie to look away. Instead, to her surprise and delight, Anya gave her a heartwarmingly grateful smile. “You…don’t mind?”

“Not at all. You know what, I need to go too.” It was true – Valerie had drunk a good amount herself, and her bladder had been clamouring for relief ever since they’d left the bar – but she would have said it even if she had nothing but the barest trickle inside her. No way was she going to miss a chance to piss tandem with Anya.

Valerie led Anya over to the edge of the sloping pavement. Her handbag on her shoulder, she stepped deftly out of her heels to stand barefoot on the cold ground, and tugged her underwear down to her thighs. She saw Anya unsteadily pull her own panties down. As Anya hitched up the hem of her dress, visibly wincing at the pain of her cruelly full bladder, Valerie peeked quickly between her slender thighs. She caught a brief, tantalising glimpse of a beautifully smooth, shaven vulva, with the cutest little slit of a cunt she’d ever seen. They squatted down together, and Valerie slipped two fingers down to her own pussy – both to part her labia in preparation for her piss, and to gently stroke herself in arousal. She watched intently while Anya gave a soft moan of pure relief and began to urinate.

It started as a drizzle of golden droplets from between Anya’s legs, then became a steady trickle wetting the pavement around her plimsolled feet, and finally a strong stream that gushed onto the tarmac and ran down the gentle incline of the road like a river, gleaming in the lamplight. Valerie silently stroked herself at the sight of it, then spread her cunt lips wide and happily released her own piss. Their twin streams splashed and trickled in the night, the only sound apart from their soft breathing and the wind in the roadside trees.

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