Seducing Jennifer Pt. 28

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Part 28

Jennifer and I were in the kitchen cooking breakfast when Tommy and Mary Louise came out of the master bedroom, holding hands and exchanging secretive smiles.

“Did you two have a restful night?” I asked pleasantly.

Tommy and Mary Louise exchanged a lingering glance. “Restful?” Tommy smiled. “Not exactly…but I’m not complaining.” Mary Louise was blushing to the roots of her crimson hair.

“I need to visit my dressing room,” Jennifer said. “Mary Louise? Could you help me with something for a minute or two?” They disappeared into the princess bedroom and I heard excited giggling as the door closed.

“I guess things went well, then,” I said to Tommy as I turned the frying potatoes in a skillet.

“You could say that, Dude. You could definitely say that.”

“Did you sleep at all? Or…”

“Oh, a little bit here and there. I hated to close my eyes, afraid she would disappear, I guess. And whenever I did doze off, I had the strangest dreams…”

“Like being in a place where people called you ‘Ya-na-sa?'” I asked casually. “Because they thought you looked like a buffalo?”

Tommy’s eyes widened as he stared at me. “You hear me talking in my sleep?”

“No. These bedrooms seem to be nearly sound-proof. But I heard you talking in my dream. And so did Jennifer.”

“That is wild, Dude.” Tommy leaned over the kitchen bar, lowering his voice. “You’re not fucking with my head, are you?”

“No. I don’t expect you to believe it, though. But give it a chance, and you’ll see. I can’t explain it…but it’s happening and it’s been happening to Jennifer and me for a while now.”

“That’s just too freak for words, Dude. Maybe it’s some kind of mass hypnosis thing?”

I shrugged. “Whatever it is, it’s happening. And it has to mean something.”

“Convince me a little more, Dude. When we were all in this dream-place, uh, how did we meet?”

“Jennifer and I watched you pop Mary Louise’s cherry, to be brutally frank.”

“Damn! Now that’s really spooky. Even more spooky, I actually got a thrill out of it when I saw you were watching.”

“We all did,” I smiled, “Except maybe Mary Louise, because she was flying too high.”

“Wow. So maybe the dream is telling me I am actually about to get laid?”

“Kind of looks like you already did. Only thing you don’t know yet is what it feels like in this world.”

“I’m pretty sure it’s going to feel damn nice, dreams or no dreams.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re right, Dude,” I said. I began transferring breakfast food to serving plates and placing them on the counter. “How about setting the table, Dude?”

Soon everything was ready but the girls were not yet back. We waited as the food cooled. I called out, “Come and get it before I feed it to the dog,” but got no response. I tapped lightly on the door to the princess bedroom and got no response there either. I turned the doorknob and it started to catch, as if the lock had been only partially engaged, then the door clicked open and swung inward an inch or so. And I had a clear view of Jennifer and Mary Louise, naked on the princess bed. Their whispered conversation was audible, but barely so.

Mary Louise was reclining on the bed, propped up by pillows, her legs close together but her scarlet bush still clearly visible between her plump thighs. Jennifer was kneeling next to and facing her, her small hand on Mary Louise’s cheek.

“I’ve always felt fat,” Mary Louise was saying. “When I was little people used to pinch my cheeks and tell me how cute it was. But now,” she hesitated, “it’s not cute anymore. And I can’t seem to lose weight no matter what I do.”

“Oh, Sweetie!” Jennifer said, fingering Mary Louise’s wavy Ankara bayan escort red hair, “You don’t need to lose weight! You’re perfect just the way you are. Everything in perfect proportion.” She slid her tiny hands across Mary Louise’s shoulders and around her full breasts. “And these…I so envy you these. Mine look like flea-bites next to yours.” She squeezed Mary Louise’s breasts and caressed the pink nipples with her fingertips.

Mary Louise’s face started to turn as pink as her saucy, stiffening nipples. “I’d trade with you any day,” Mary Louise said, raising a hand to touch Jennifer’s small, firm mound of a breast. “Yours will never sag. Mine will be slapping against my knees by the time I’m 30.”

Jennifer shivered. “That feels so good,” she said, “it gets me so hot when Jack does that to me. But with you…it’s different. Calmer and less demanding, I guess. But it still makes me hot for him.” She continued to stroke Mary Louise’s breasts, teasing the nipples into rigid, blunt points of carmine.

Mary Louise sighed softly and stroked Jennifer’s cheek. “I know this shouldn’t feel good, and I should be ashamed, but it does feel good, and I’m really not…”

“Hey, Dude—what the hell is keeping you?” Tommy said, coming up behind me. “Are you peeping again? And why wasn’t I invited—Holy Hannah! I can’t believe—” Tommy’s eyes widened as he absorbed the scene through the crack in the doorway.

Jennifer leaned over to touch her lips to Mary Louise’s. “Nothing to be ashamed of, really,” she whispered before their lips met again, more urgently. I saw that one of Jennifer’s small nipples was brushing against Mary Louise’s larger one.

“Goddam, Dude,” Tommy moaned. “This really is a place where dreams come true.”

“You’re not going to have a problem with this, are you?” I whispered. “Because if you are we ought to just bang on the door so they can quit before it goes any farther.”

“Problem? Fuck me, Dude. I’ve always wanted to watch two broads getting it on. It’s so innocent and so nasty all at the same time. Now keep quiet and watch. We might learn something.”

I vaguely wondered if this was Jennifer’s way of punishing me for my lapse with Italia. If it was supposed to be punishment, it wasn’t working very well. My dick was advising me to barge in and fuck both of them. But maybe the punishment part was in knowing that I was not going to get to do that.

Jennifer rested her golden head on Mary Louise’s pillowy chest. “This is so sweet…not like kissing a boy at all.” She kissed one of Mary Louise’s nipples, extending her pointy little tongue to taste it. “Mmmm…so sweet.”

Mary Louise’s breathing was becoming heavier. “Your touch is so gentle and soft,” she moaned. “I almost wet myself the first time Tommy touched me there…but it would have been nicer if he had been more delicate about it, at least at first.” She ran her fingers through Jennifer’s hair as Jennifer moved to savor her other nipple. “But we should stop, because this seems to be going somewhere…I want…but no, I know that’s wrong.”

Jennifer reclined next to Mary Louise and kissed her alabaster throat. “I understand. But this seems so natural and non-threatening, at least to me. I’ve never really thought of other girls in a sexual way…but I’m starting to wonder if I’ve been missing something.”

Mary Louise pulled Jennifer closer to her and kissed her lips again. “We were going to talk about the boys, what they want to do to us, and what we’re going to allow, weren’t we?”

“I think we both know what they want to do,” Jennifer said. “And we both know we’re going to allow them to do it, eventually. In the dream last night….”

“I still can’t get my head around Escort bayan Ankara the dream thing. It’s all so incredibly—”

“Preposterous?” Jennifer giggled. “I had trouble believing it too, at first, but I can’t deny it any more. I wonder if everyone experiences these…episodes…but just doesn’t talk about it?”

“I doubt that,” Mary Louise said dryly. “What happened last night in our dreams was almost more vivid than reality. And a whole lot more satisfying than what actually happened.”

“So your night with Tommy was not all you had hoped it would be?”

“No, it was…fun, and almost unbearably exciting, but I was too scared to relax. I’ve been told so many times never to touch myself…down there…and I panicked when he put his hand in my panties. And again, he wasn’t as gentle about it as he should have been. Oh, I know he didn’t mean to be rough, but his fingers are so big, and he doesn’t know where the really sensitive places are…”

“We have to show them that kind of thing, while making them think they discovered it on their own,” Jennifer agreed. “It’s not easy but it’s worth it when they finally get it figured out.” She ran her hand across Mary Louise’s peaked breast, across her rounded belly, and brushed her wiry scarlet pubic bush with her fingertips. Mary Louise’s plump thighs parted slightly and her breath caught in her throat.

“The problem is that I don’t know what to show him,” Mary Louise sighed. “He accidentally hit one spot that almost put me into orbit. If I had known about that before…oh God! That’s it!”

Jennifer had slipped one slender finger past the tight curls covering Mary Louise’s pussy and was running it gently up and down her slit, pausing near the top to circle her clitoris. “I know,” she whispered. “Jack showed me where mine is. And I was so annoyed that no one had mentioned it before.”

“So do you…” Mary Louise was beginning to breathe heavily, and a noticeable flush was rising on her breast and neck, “do that to yourself?”

“I do,” Jennifer said. “It helps relieve the tension sometimes. But it doesn’t really make me want Jack any less, so I don’t feeling like it’s taking anything away from him. Here; just try it.” She took Mary Louise’s trembling hand and placed it on her auburn bush. “Just one finger. Explore a little and see what feels good.”

Jennifer removed her hand to allow Mary Louise’s hand to replace it, but continued to pet her sensitive inner thighs. Mary Louise gingerly slid a finger along her own slit, shuddering when she reached her clitty. “Now WHY do they insist on trying to keep this a secret? What do they think gives them the right…It’s my body…don’t I even have the right to touch it?”

“Of course you do,” Jennifer said, capturing Mary Louise’s nipple in her mouth while keeping her gaze focused on her exploratory finger. “And you have every right to let other people touch it too, when you feel like it.”

“Oh God! I’ve been so brain-washed! How could I have been so stupid as to not question…Oh my. This is so…but when you did it, it was even more…”

Jennifer slid down to watch more closely as Mary Louise began using two fingers to gently massage her clitty. I imagined I could hear sloppy squishing noises all the way out in the doorway as Mary Louise’s thighs began to quiver and her hips thrust involuntarily toward her own hand.

“Holy Hot Cock, Robin!” Tommy whispered. “I think she’s going to get herself off! I worked on that thing for hours last night, but I don’t think I did it for her. She was close, but then she just kind of gave up. Didn’t help that she wouldn’t let me take her panties all the way off, or let me get anything more than a fingertip inside.”

“Who Bayan escort Ankara says you get to be Batman?” I whispered back. “And just shut up and watch. I think she’s about to show you how it’s done. And it has nothing to do with getting a finger, or anything else, inside her.”

Jennifer’s angelic face was very close to Mary Louise’s pussy, and I noticed that she had slid one delicate hand down to explore her own small blond patch.

“Oh!” Mary Louise moaned in anguish. “I feel like I’m right on the brink of something really wonderful, but I can’t quite…the same thing happened last night with Tommy. I wanted more, but I was ashamed, and I was afraid he was getting bored with it…he was all sweaty and…I finally just asked him to stop.”

“Let me help you this one time,” Jennifer said, sliding between Mary Louise’s parted thighs. “Jacky has done this to me once or twice…” She lowered her face to Mary Louise’s pussy and extended her tongue, pushing Mary Louise’s hand firmly out of the way. “He seems to like it. And I know I do.” Her pink tongue disappeared into Mary Louise’s obviously slippery slit.

“Oh God!” Mary Louise gasped. “I feel like I’m…I don’t know…oh my God! Are you sure this is something we should be doing?” She squirmed and tilted her voluptuous hips to give Jennifer easier access to her cunny.

Jennifer did not reply verbally, although her tongue was very busy, slipping into Mary Louise’s tight snatch, then moving up to flick at her protruding clitty while gradually sliding a slender finger into her.

“This is where you should be headed next, Dude,” I whispered to Tommy. “Box lunch at the Y.”

“I’m taking down the directions right now,” Tommy said.

“Oh, please!” Mary Louise moaned. “I think you should stop now, because I’m…I’m losing control…oh, I don’t care! OH MY GOD!” She shuddered violently, arching her back as her first-ever orgasm seized her. Jennifer continued her tender ministrations through a couple of after-shocks before withdrawing her finger and her tongue from Mary Louise’s pussy. She slid up to rest her head on Mary Louise’s shoulder.

“Just relax now,” she said, kissing a tear from the corner of Mary Louise’s eye. “Let me hold you. Just float…it’s the best part, really.”

“But shouldn’t I, uh, do something for you? I mean, aren’t you just…a tiny bit frustrated?”

Jennifer giggled. “Not really, and that is kind of surprising. Especially since Jack and I haven’t been…you know. Not last night, anyway. Now when I’m with him, I get horribly frustrated. But with you…it just seems like pure, innocent love. And I’m just so proud to have given you this. You’ve been a good friend, and you deserve something nice for that.”

Mary Louise kissed Jennifer firmly on the mouth. “But maybe I want to…give you what you have given me,” she said shyly. “I think I want to taste you. And feel you respond…do you think I could do it for you?”

“I’m sure you could,” Jennifer said. “And if you still want to, maybe we could do that later. But right now, let’s just hold each other, Okay?”

I eased the door closed and stepped back.

“Motherfucker,” Tommy breathed. “I never thought Mary Louise would go for that. Damn. Now I KNOW I’m in love.”

“I hear you, Dude.” My cock was throbbing miserably and I wondered if it would be too crass to go into my dressing room and give it some attention. But perhaps Jennifer would now be more willing to help me with that…I could only hope.

“So now what?” Tommy asked, adjusting himself in a vain attempt to hide his own raging boner. “I have a feeling they’re not going to be coming out of there any time soon.”

“I guess we could eat our cold breakfast,” I said. “Unless you’d like to go down to the restaurant for something hot.”

“Ha-ha, Dude. Forget that. Let’s just nuke this shit and eat here. Because whenever they do come out…I think they might be ready for us to finish what they started in there.”

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